Update 5-2-14: Yep, it’s been almost a full year since I’d decided to venture out and try self-publishing.

Uh, yeah. Anyhow by the time June 1st arrives, I will have made a grand spankin’ total of $1100 to $1300 in self-pubbing.

So how is everyone doing? 😆

lol, lol, lol, it feels sooo good to be back here. I’m absolutely giddy about it.

ETA: TenderWolf, thank you for your kind words, and I’m sorry I hadn’t been around until now to reply to your comment. You are very sweet as always.

I’ve missed you guys on here, and I’ve missed being here. ♥

Update 10-26-14: If you’ve left a comment, I’m sorry I don’t have time to leave a reply. At least not yet. I’m busy with another story and shit load of other things.

1-31-15: I have deleted a few pages on here because they were needless rants. I need to learn to take things in stride and get over myself. LOL   And sorry I still haven’t gotten around to replying yet, a lot’s been going on, especially in the past few weeks. Basically I’m trying to get my shit together, to make a long story short.

Bloodlust is the story of a troubled college girl who meets her wingless savior from heaven.

This ‘angel’ isn’t who she thinks he is.

Bloodlust spans four generations of the Haas heritage over the course of 147 chapters.

Lance Haas, son of the family patriarch, sets out on his own leaving the paranormal world behind.

His story is below and is a ‘tentative’ continuation of Bloodlust.


Lance’s Story






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Warning: This story contains explicit sex, violence, harsh language, nudity and is only for adults. Thanks. Also, I DO NOT condone sex between minors and adults, nor teen pregnancy, nor any other ‘politically incorrect’ behaviors or illegal activities.

My stories are just that… only stories.

♥ One of the nicest comments I’ve ever received for this story; really made me feel validated for the work I’ve done on Bloodlust:

So I have just spent the past 3 nights reading all of your stories. My husband has been side eyeing me because I’ll gasp or laugh at something going on in the story and he’s wondering what has my attention. I can’t wait to read more of Bloodlust and any other sim stories you come out with. You are such a great writer and I am officially hooked on your work! ~Jay

♥ Oh, and I love this comment too:

I love your stories I’m always trying to find well written sims stories and yours are the best by far. Can’t wait for the next chapter of bloodlust! I’m officially obsessed with your stories!

Amanda said this on February 9, 2012 at 5:58 am | Reply (edit)

Kathleen said (thank you Kathleen! ♥):

I just discovered your story today and so far have read this far [chapter 32]. Wow, just wow! The story is amazing and so are the pictures. Sometimes I’m looking at the pictures wondering just how did you do that? Anyway, great job! I’ll enjoy reading the rest!

Thank you all for reading this story. And I do appreciate all the previous comments from everyone. Not trying to snub anyone and their particular comments. ♥

 About me: I absolutely love to create stories. Romance is good, violence is better. 😀 And sometimes I have to throw in a bad boy here and there. I love Quentin Tarantino movies (except one or two), and Clive Barker’s genius. Wes Craven is awesome as well. If all three decided to write a movie script, I’m sure I’d love it. 


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  1. one day?! Wow, in the UK we have to wait until the 29th. D; I’m going crazy here!

    • Oh, I’m sorry. lol. I heard people in Australia are already getting it, but theirs wasn’t supposed to release until the 28th! O.o so you never know, maybe you’ll get it early as well.

  2. Happy upcoming Chicken day to you too! XP
    can’t wait till Monday 😀

  3. Thank you! I luvs chicken & turkeys. 😛 Well, just a few more hours and I’ll upload the next chapter! 😀

  4. good story.

  5. It’s still not letting me comment on the new blog.. it says your need to be a member to comment, whatever that means lol, so I’ll comment here instead 😀

    Totally loving this, and of course I’m following… nothing wrong with a bit of dirty every now and then lol 😛
    The prison visit chapter was awesome, and the pics… I don’t know how you managed to get those but they were amazing, and fitted it perfectly. I loled at the fact Aubrey could only fit 2 thirds in her mouth.. Vaclav must be a big boy rofl *chuckles and thinks naughty thoughts*.

    Oh I posted another chapter of the Stone’s, I’m on a roll this week, hoping to have another out within the next couple days and a special valentines one. 😀

    • Hey Kim, I didn’t realize you left a message on here! Sorry about those comments not working. It works on posts, but not the pages. :/ maybe that’s normal, I’m not sure. I’m pretty technically challenged, lol. I wonder why it says that?? You ARE a member! And yeah, I did set it up to do that, but like I said you’re already a member. I don’t know WTF it’s doing, but it’s annoying.

      LOL you’re so funny! I feel the exact same way… I was going to start another chapter tonight, but never got around to it. I’m a little tired too, my schedule’s f*cked.

      Me love a bit of dirty too, every so often! *displays big, huge shit-eating grin*

      Aww, thank you Kim! haha about the 2/3 thing! LOL, I had Aubrey sit down at a picnic and eat… a hotdog, rofl. That’s how I got the animation, and wow, even when I unpaused it, from behind that’s EXACTLY what it looked like she was doing! Awesome 😀
      LOL, yeah he’s a big boy! mmmmmmm. XD

      Yay! Another chapter already! I see you’re on a major roll this week! Can’t wait to read it, and thanks for letting me know! 😀


      • I’m not sure either lol, mine has never done it, but then it could be because I have my comments set so that everyone can leave a comment. Awesome, can’t wait for the next chapter, and I love that it was the picnic animation, so funny you noticed that lol, I would have never picked up on it lol. 😀

      • lol, well not only am I technically challenged, I seem to have bad luck as well. 😦 I don’t know what could be causing it. Could be a bug with Blogger but I doubt it. You know that could have something to do with it, maybe I should let anyone comment. I’ll think about that… the reason I didn’t before is just because I was worried about some asshole getting on there and saying I’m a sicko or perv. Yeah, I’m a perv but that’s my perogative, lol. But anyhow, yeah, I’ll try to fiddle with that s’more.

        Well thanks! I might have some time to at least take some pics. I kept putting it off earlier, XD. Oh, and that was another great chapter of the Stones too! 😀 Can’t wait till the next updates, and the special Valentine one! ^.^

  6. You git a cold just when you were on holiday? That sucks 😦
    Oh well, you must have anjoyed some of it 🙂
    I can’t wait until chapter 50! 😀
    *stares at computer screen and waits impatiently til Friday*

    • Hey Tiny. Yes, I got a cold, it SUCKED big time. 😦 at least it’s better now, although now I have an eye infection for some stupid reason…

      Yeah, it was nice relaxing and not having to worry so much about cranking out ideas, although I cranked out ideas anyhow XD but I wasn’t feeling so much pressure to do so.

      Thanks Tiny!! ^.^ at least now it’s up, LOL. 😛


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