Fourteen: Of the Flesh

Warning: contains naughty content. Reader discretion is advised. The naughty stuff starts when Aubrey and Vaclav go to the nightclub, in case you wish to read up to that point, because Vaclav and Aubrey’s dialogue reveal quite a bit about the story.

Aubrey squirmed next to Vaclav as he drove her through the city. The ride was quiet, which made her nervous.

Actually, Vaclav made her nervous.

At the department store, Aubrey tried out a few outfits; almost enjoying the simple pleasures of shopping again. It’d been quite some time.

Vaclav stood on guard, as though any second a rogue vampire would snatch Aubrey up and take her to his hidey-hole in hell.

Why was he so protective of her? Then again, a small part of her found it comforting. Aubrey had never felt that comfort as a child. She was mostly ignored.

Aubrey came back from the dressing room for the last time, dressed in a tight number. Vaclav’s eyes followed her as she neared him.

His desire for her was becoming more tangible with each passing minute.

Aubrey knew that feeling; it was powerful and all-consuming. Amazing how something as seemingly shallow as desire could turn into a physical need.

Several minutes later, Vaclav took her to a diner. It was a nice gesture but he never bothered to ask if she was hungry.

“I just haven’t had an appetite since I’ve been to Shadowvale,” she said, feeling guilty for the wasted drive. “I’m still having a hard time dealing with all this, so food is the last thing from my mind.”

“I understand,” he said. A moment later he added, “I want to talk to you about our son, but not here.”

Puzzled, Aubrey nodded and they returned to the car.

Once they arrived at his preferred destination, trepidation turned her blood to ice.

What was he going to say?

“What is it?” she asked, unable to wait any longer.

He turned to her.

“I have another son, an adult son named Jakub. He’s also a vampire.”

Aubrey’s eyes widened in crazed frustration. “What were you going to tell me? About our son?”

“Jakub confirmed that our son is being held by the rival clan,” he said. “I was told a few hours ago.”

“They won’t hurt him, will they?”

“No, they won’t harm him,” he said. “Because the son of an elder vampire has special powers. Powers that will strengthen as he grows older.”

“What are you saying?”

“The Shadows are raising him to use as a weapon later. A weapon against us.”

“Well, we’ll—get him back. It’ll be okay. We’ll just…”

“That’s not all,” he interrupted.

Aubrey stared at him. What more could there possibly be?

“Our son’s fate was decided before his birth. It was all planned out by the Shadows. My clan won the last war, but the Shadows schemed with your father to take our son as their own. Since your father’s a surgeon, he convinced the obstetrician to deliver the baby right into the Shadows’ hands, which is why he and Dr. Paulison worked so hard to keep you quiet. They didn’t want word to get around, or to get back to me.”

“It was something I’d suspected for a long time, but wanted to be absolutely sure before telling you. I’m sorry.”

“My father? But why? Why him?

“Because your father is a dhampir.”

What the hell is a dhampir?

“Half-vampire, half-human. Your father’s mother was human, but his father was the vampiric leader of the Shadow Clan,” Vaclav revealed. “Your father once supplied them with blood from the hospital.”

Aubrey’s eyes fixed to his.

It wasn’t true. It couldn’t be true. Could it? Those angels her grandmother always believed in were vampires?

Now Aubrey realized where she got her selective blindness from.

“This means I’m a descendant from the rival clan,” she muttered.

“Yes, you are,” he replied.

Slowly the numbness dissipated, replaced by a profound emptiness.

“How long have you known about this?”

“Before I met you,” he said with guilt in his eyes. “That night two years ago when the war first began, I came to your home to kill your father… but I couldn’t do it. Then I saw you, watched you. I saw what you were going through and something came over me.”

“I fell in love with you.”

“Take me somewhere to get a drink.”

“Okay,” he said embracing her.

“I feel like my whole life was fake,” she cried. “Like I don’t really exist. Everything was a lie.”

Instead of going to a nightclub in the city, Vaclav took her back to the vampires’  nightspot.

“So our son is part of both clans?” she slurred, giggled.

After some glasses of scotch, her earlier buzz had turned into full-fledged drunkenness.


“Do you want to dance?” he asked a moment later.

Aubrey was so drunk, she was willing to do anything with him.

She staggered over to the dance floor. The room spun around her, and the lights seemed brighter, creating an ethereal ambiance.

Fast-paced electronica music thumped all around.

Vaclav danced like a pro, moving and swiveling his hips. Seducing her with a mere look.

As the minutes wore on, Vaclav edged closer to her.

His mid-section thrust against hers.

She felt him get harder and harder. At that moment, yeah, she wanted him.

Who wouldn’t?

They paused in the dangerous dance that bordered on foreplay, their fingers intertwining.

When they parted, she thought she would faint; her knees felt weakened, her whole body turned to jello.

Vaclav led her to the restroom…

Moans echoed throughout as Aubrey’s outer shirt drifted to the floor.

Vaclav lifted Aubrey onto the counter, positioning himself between her legs.

His shirt came off; then he unzipped his jeans.

Aubrey gasped. He moved against her hard and fast.

Only seconds later, they climaxed together.

“Oh, no,” she breathlessly cried.


“We weren’t supposed to do that.”

Nevertheless, they proceeded to an adjacent platform of sorts where they had sex for the second time.


Aubrey awoke with a splitting migraine.

Then she remembered what happened the night before.


Yes I’m a perv; as if everyone didn’t already know that.

And Chapter 15 coming this Monday, Nov. 8th. … thanks for reading!!   😀


24 Responses to “Fourteen…”

  1. Awes0me !!!! I loved it and by the way can you please put Aubrey ready f0r d0wnl0ad I want her!!!!! 🙂

  2. OMG awesome chapter. If you’re a perv, then I don’t know what to classify myself as rofl 😛 I can’t believe she is a descendant of the other clan, huge huge shocker. Her father sounds like a very bad man, maybe Vaclav should have killed him when he had the chance. 😀

    • Forgot to say, I LOVE the orgasm faces picture. Awesome shot! 😀

    • hi Kim 🙂 awww, thanks!! well it always makes me a little nervous doing dirty chapters like that… >.> afraid of what people might think, lolzers. 😛 BUT glad you liked it!! Yeah, I liked putting that little revelation in there. I always planned for her dad to be part vampire, but it’d just dawned on me that it meant Aubrey was related to the other clan. DUH!!

      Yeah, her father def has his priorities mixed up. Ironically, Aubrey always got along better with HIM than with her stupid mother. @.@

      Well maybe someday Vaclav will get that chance again… or something!

      Thanks for reading/commenting as always, Kim. ❤ 😉

      EDIT: about the ‘orgasm faces’ lol:
      hehe… ty :O when they’re making out, if you separate them, that’s exactly what it looks like!


  3. brilliant chapter, inly dampened by the fact that just when things were getting interesting my mum arrived home which mean I quickly had to open a new web page since she is the kind of person to look over my shoulder and then go chat to her BEFORE i could finish. I’m done now though!

    So if Aubrey’s dad is half vampire, does that make Aubrey quarter vampire? And her poor son wold sort of be 3/4 or something. Speaking of I wonder who he thinks his parents are . . .

    • Hi Pixxi! Thanks, glad ya enjoyed the chapter. 😀 LOL, sorry about your mother. Reminds me of my hubby; he’s nosy like that 😛 glad you got finished though!

      LOL, I’m not sure about that (never was good in math!). Anyhow, I’m sure you’re right, it would be something like that… Meh, poor kid probably hasn’t a clue; he probably considers the rival clan vamps as his parents. O.o (that part of the storyline will be figured out shortly!)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! ❤ 😉 Oh, and like your new avatar!

      • Oh god, In my head I’ve gone all sciency about repressive and strong genes, I’ve killed my brain. Basically everyone is part vamp, lets go with that 🙂

        Thanks about my avi 🙂 she’s my late night simmy who is ever so slightly pregnant at the mo 🙂

      • That sounds good to me! 😛 lol

        No problem about your avi. And congrats on her pregnancy, lol! XD

  4. Great chapter! The story is getting so good now! I can’t believe that Aubrey’s dad is half-vampire!
    You write in such an amazing way, are you planning on being a writer? I think you’d be amazing at that job; you always come up with brilliant ideas.
    I was also reading the comments above, and noticed that you said Aubrey didn’t upload because of too much cc? Is that when the error sign comes up? Because I’ve been having that problem for a while and was wondering if the solution was using less cc.
    You are bringing out the chapters really fast now! Not that I’m complaining, LOL!! Your stories are my favourite out of ANYTHING, LOL.

    • Hi Emma!! 😀 Thank you! ^.^ Glad you like the storyline so far!

      Awww, well thanks. ^_^ I’ve been writing since I was a kid, then tried to go pro a while back and hated it. 😛 That’s why I’m back to writing sims stories, it’s sooo much better and more rewarding (thanks to nice, sweet peeps like YOU, not to be a kiss-butt type but it’s true)!! 😀 I appreciate the nice thoughts though!!!

      I THINK that was why I got the error launcher at first. :/ Because when I got rid of some of her CC, it allowed me to upload it at 10 mb (she was 35 mbs. before). I guess the file size was too large. I’m assuming the solution is not to upload anything with too much cc. Too much CC = too big a file.

      LOL, thanks. Yeah, once I come up with a juicy storyline, I find myself always updating, plus it helps to have the actual EP with real vamps in it. XD

      Thank you so much for all the awesome compliments, I really apprecaite them. You’re very sweet!! 😀

  5. omg! this blog is so awsome, and in my head im all like “omg, the next chapter will not be better than this! there is no way!”, but it always just gets better and better!

  6. WOW I was reading the VA series just before reading this and jumped up and down as soon as you said dhampir :p

    Lol at there faces, when will Aubrey learn? 😛 Amazing twist 🙂 Loved it!

    • LOL, thanks! But I had to look up exactly what ‘VA’ meant, and realized you read the ‘Vampire Academy’ series by Richelle Mead. I’ve definitely heard of that series. 🙂 The ‘dhampir’ part I got from my daughter though, since she knows everything about vampires, lol. (she’s a teen, but won’t give out exact age ’cause everyone will know how ancient I am. I’ll just say I had her pretty young, 😛 ).

      Anyhow, thanks for the great comment as always!! Also, if I were Aubrey and drunk like that and Vaclav moved like that on the dance floor, (and I was single) I’d do him too. 😛 😉 😀

  7. U are such a perv lol…. It funny…… amazing chapter keep it up!!

  8. WOOOO-EEE! SEX!!! hahahaha Sorry. 😀 Wow you’re a very talented writer! Even without the pictures, I could easily see everything happening in my mind, which is what makes a good story to me. 🙂 Great job one again!

    • hehe, hell yeah. 😛 you don’t have to be sorry. Sex in literature is awesome. Awesome to write, awesome to read. Awesome IRL too. Now I’m sorry. TMI. O_O

      Aww, thanks TenderWolf. I try. That’s cool you could still get the picture in your mind. I used to REALLY write with tons of description, then I learned you’re not supposed to do that… eek.

      Thanks TenderWolf!! <333

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