One Hundred and Twenty-Four…

One Hundred and Twenty-Four: Brothers

Contains violence, language.

Introducing this character: Avie by BadnessDefined:

“That’s it. Come and get some, pussy.”

Justin punched Tristan in the chest.

And so it began…

Tristan fought back, hit and kicked Justin.

Justin crouched upon the floor. He wasn’t out of the game yet.

“You don’t wanna fuck with me too much… I have absolute control over my lycanthropy, and I’ll tear you apart.”

“So that’s the only way you can kick my ass? That makes YOU the ultimate pussy. Not me.”

Justin flew at him.

Tristan dropped as his brother nailed him in the jewels.

“Come on. Get up and fight me, pussy. What’s wrong? Does it hurt?” He laughed.

“Not as much as you’re going to hurt.”

He stood but felt woozy.

“What are you waiting on, mother fucker?”

Tristan stumbled back. Malice flashed in Justin’s eyes.

He lunged, grabbed Tristan’s neck and squeezed.

He slammed him into the wall. Bits of plaster and dust tumbled to the floor.

“Get… off me… pencil dick!” Tristan rasped. His lungs burned from lack of oxygen. His face swelled, grew hot.

“This pencil dick of mine is what fucked your girlfriend and got her off,” Justin said. “Now she doesn’t want any other cock but mine.”

Tristan tried to punch him but missed.

So he kneed his brother in the crotch.

Karma’s a bitch.

Justin rolled around on the floor, groaning.

“Goddamn you! I’m gonna tear your fuckin’ head off!”

Tristan dashed over to him, yanked him around and belted him.

“No. I’m gonna tear YOUR fuckin’ head off, you mother fucker.”

Punch. Hit.

Punch, punch punch punch punch.

Once Tristan started, he could not stop. All he saw was red. The stale, pent-up rage he felt toward his brother unleashed through his fists.

He’d no idea how much time had passed. He only finally realized how exhausted he was.

Wearily he stood. Fists unclenched, fell to his sides.

“Oh… God. What the hell just happened?” Tristan said.

The front door opened.

“Tristan! What’s wrong with Justin?” Kat cried.

“We… had a fight. I just couldn’t stop hitting him.”

Hunter leaned over his son, checked his pulse, palpated all around his stomach, face and head. He also pried open Justin’s right and left eyes to check for fixed, dilated pupils.

“He has a strong pulse. There’s no sign of internal bleeding or head trauma,” Hunter said. “He’ll be alright. He’s just pretty well beat up.”

“Don’t you think we should take him to the hospital? He’s unconscious.”

“He should wake up within a few minutes. I’ll watch him around the clock to make sure he stays lucid and doesn’t get any new symptoms. You’re forgetting I’m a doctor.”

Kat frowned.

“I’m sorry,” Tristan whispered.

Hunter easily scooped up Justin and carried him to the bedroom.

“He’ll be fine,” Hunter said. “Those two are just into dick measuring contests right now. Probably a territorial thing, due to the lycan curse.”

“I don’t care why they’re doing it. I just want it to stop before they kill each other,” Kat said.

Azura descended the steps from the Haas property.

Every once in a while she liked hanging out in the nearby mausoleum. Not her grandmother’s final resting place, but another one.

This place of death belonged to some of her grandfather’s ancestors, who’d moved to America sometime after Vaclav did.

She hadn’t even known about it until a few years ago. She always wondered what family ‘resided’ inside it.

Hanging out at the shitty park was no longer an option. All it did was bring back bad memories of Chase Garland.

So a mausoleum seemed like a cheery place to be.

Um, yeah.

She stared at one of the name plates.

Alzbeta Navratilova. 1870 – 1910.

Forty years old, Azura thought. Forty years old when she died. Why didn’t Grandpa turn her into an immortal? That’s just stupid.

She felt a chill drift to her neck, and goose bumps galore followed.

She was afraid to turn around. What if one of the dead rose from their crypts??

She drew in a quick breath. Icy fingers touched her.

“It’s okay. It’s just me, Brent.”

“Brent? What are you doing here? Did you follow me?”

“I slid out from inside one of the empty, broken crypts. Does it really matter?”

“What do you want?”

“I want to know where you’ve been, Azura. I haven’t seen you in weeks. Why the hell are you avoiding me?”

“Why not? I know what you did with that girl. I went to the factory one night and caught you. You said the very same shit to her as you did me, you prick.”

“You mean Brandi? You don’t understand. I say that to all those girls I plan to feed from.”

“It’s the only way to gain their trust. I have to do it since Cody stopped bringing me prey. I’ve no choice.”

“Is that what you were using ME for? To feed from whenever we had sex? IS IT?”

“No, goddammit. I don’t fuck those girls. I only tell them BS stuff, and they usually fall for it,” he explained. “Azura, I’d never hurt you. I love you. I swear to God.”

“I don’t believe you anymore.”

“Then believe this,” he said pulling her close and stealing a kiss.

She tried not to feel anything; kept her lips closed and eyes open. Mostly.

Yet his mouth opened wide, smothering hers, devouring like the monster he was.

Here come those tingly sensations inside her. Her body had its own mind, and wasn’t listening to Azura.

His lips swept to her cheek.

Then another gentle kiss.

He smiled.

She almost smiled back.

“Will you ever let me see you again?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

One more kiss next to her ear. “I’ll never give up on you,” he whispered. “Never.”

Brent left the mausoleum.

I wanted you, Brent. So badly. I guess I still do.

But I never, ever wanted your baby.

The irony of new life thriving so close to a place of the dead.

What the hell am I gonna do? I can’t have Brent’s kid. What if it turned out to be as evil as he?

Just because I’m attracted to bad boys doesn’t mean I want to breed with them.

And I have no clue where my relationship with Brent is going. I’m terrified to trust him.

I simply cannot have this baby.

Meanwhile, an elusive and mysterious Dempire lurked atop the death house.

He had a particular job to do. He’d do his best to fulfill that job.

Miles away, the Logans attempted to get on with their lives. Despite Tristan beating the crap outta his twin.

Tristan’s punishment wasn’t much of one. All Kat and Hunter did was ground him from going anywhere for a while.


Then again, being forced to stay near his evil twin was more than enough punishment.

Tristan looked for something to eat.

If he didn’t find something soon, he’d shift.

He hadn’t bothered with the lycan antidote shots in several days, for fear his brother would attack him as a wolf and Tristan wouldn’t be ready.

It was better than nothing. Tristan knew there was no way he could fight off a powerful wolf… unless Tristan was a wolf himself.

He finally decided on mac and cheese. As always.

Cooking was boring. Especially cooking mac n’ cheese.

Tristan’s olfactory sense detected a familiar scent.

Maybe the food and hot burner from the stove was screwing with his senses.

Or so he hoped.

“Holy fuck.” Tristan jerked around.

Justin howled at him.

“So this is it?” Tristan said. “This is how we’re gonna fight?”

“Don’t you think it’s kinda stupid to start shit with me while I’m hungry? I mean, it’s pretty obvious since I’m cooking.”

He winked and growled.

Okay, Justin. You asked for it.

Tristan charged forward.

“Damnit! Tristan! Justin! Stop fighting!” Hunter lunged at them.

A low, disturbing rumbling eluded Tristan’s throat.

Hunter got between them, struggled to separate the two.

He jerked both animals by their fur. One yelped.

Tristan settled down.

“Enough of this shit! There will be no more fighting between you two!”

Tristan whimpered, but his brother snarled menacingly.

“Quit your fuckin’ snarling, Justin! I’ll kick your ass. I’m still your father and I don’t give a shit that you inherited my issues. It’s not my problem you don’t try to control it or take those shots. You have a choice!”

Hunter turned to Tristan and held up a snack.

“Here! Eat the goddamn thing.”

Tristan scarfed it down, then shifted back… naked of course.

So he bolted from the kitchen.

“As for you,” Hunter began. “I know you have that witch’s skull. Tristan told me you stole it from Cody. Esha let you borrow it after you freed her.”

“Shift back.”

Justin sat and gaped at him.


“I want that skull right now. It needs destroyed. I’m also gonna force your ass to get those anti-lycan injections.”

“Yes, Father.”

* * * *

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