About ‘Jenssims’

6/6/12: changed my avie slightly. ^

Now on to some fun pics:

Oh, hell yeah!

See the big, huge grin on my face? hehe.

Vaclav’s inappropriate trait came out… in the form of smooching me. *snickers*

“Thank you,” I say. “I’ve always wanted to be kissed by a 300-something yr. old vampire.”

“You’re welcome, Jenssims… err… Robin. Whatever the hell your name is.”


Anyhow, I’ve been writing since I was about six years old.

Tried to write novels as a teen but could never finish them. *edit: I recently was diagnosed with ADHD but even with that disorder you can concentrate and focus on one thing at a time as long as you really enjoy it, or you’re ‘self-medicating’ to help focus. I didn’t start stimulant meds until a couple days ago (as of 11/11/12).

This from webMD:

Anyhow, I tried publishing. Out of 4 novels and two short stories, made $100. (edit: that figure went up to around $130 *edit 5-2-14: figure increased to approx. $1,400) πŸ˜›Β Β  But you know what they say, practice makes perfect and I’ve had a lot of practice writing shitty books (yes, even though I bitched at reviewers in the past for rate-hating on my book. Long story. And I paid dearly for my behavior). My first two books were the worst and I’d never, ever link to them due to sheer embarrassment (haha). As for the third one, it contained too much controversial content.

I wrote 4 novels and two short stories before starting my sim stories. Actually, one short story I wrote while writing Bloodlust.

First Book: about 100,000 words (royally sucked)

Second Book: 95,000 words (royally sucked)

Third Book (paranormal romance/vampires): about 93,000 words (a little better written than the first two)

Fourth Book, sequel to third one (paranormal romance/vampires): 85,000 words (well written *edit 5-2-14: no it wasn’t well-written after all)

Fifth Book (short paranormal story): about 15,000 words, wrote and edited it in 4 days, so if I were competing in the NaNo contest I would’ve written 60,000 words before 3 weeks. πŸ˜›

Another short story from 2010: 5,000 lousy words. (sucked)

Grand Total: almost 400,000 words! And that’s why I’ll never do that again. Major burn-out, plus the publishing industry sucks ass.

Started blog stories in April or May of 2010. Loved it ever since! ^^ I’d estimate that Bloodlust has roughly 150,000 words, bigger than your average novel.

It’s so weird looking back at my Riverview story, where there weren’t any comments for the first 20 or something chapters… but I kept going. Slowly it spread and I only had to promote on the forums a couple of times. Posting in General Disc. really, really helped (even though you’re not supposed to do that, lol. I only did it once, but that’s all it took haha).

Lastly, thank you all for reading my shit. πŸ˜€ Glad I’m not the only one who likes heroes with flaws, and who behave like total assholes at times.

The Proverbial ‘PIC SPAM’ (except this is RL pics):

New car πŸ˜›

Me and family in TX. The girl in blue is my oldest, so I made her a YA. She’s 17 anyhow. πŸ˜›

(OKAY so obviously that’s not a RL pic ^^) πŸ˜†

RL home

Hubby (Jason) and a random horse. See, the horse liked to run away from its owners next door. I have no idea how it escaped through the fence.

Apparently the fence had been fixed since because we haven’t had the horse’s company in quite some time… though, strangely, the neighbor’s llama visited a few months ago (seriously).

Youngest daughter’s B-day party.

So cute.


The cat from hell.


Middle daughter getting a B-day gift.

Youngest daughter with her eyes closed. πŸ˜†

Oldest daughter. She is so pretty. I am very proud of her. πŸ™‚

update: she moved out several months ago, and turned 18. She moved back up to Ohio.

cute niece during Christmas at Grandma’s.

fat black cat on windowsill.

Our pond during winter in ’09.

…and pond when it’s not frozen. It also dries up totally during the summer.

New bedroom TV. ^^ Had to beat the 2012 after-Thanksgiving rush. πŸ˜›Β  btw see those paintings above the fireplace? My sister painted those. No, really. She did. πŸ˜€ Also one can tell I just started my amphetamine meds during this time, since my eyes are somewhat big. Just a little amped up…

note: I edited this post (some of it was written while I was feeling hyperactive or something… too many exclamation points make me seem like an overly excited kid), along with cutting a few outdated pictures, personal info and tangents.