Forty-One: Purgatory

Purgatory: a temporary condition of torment or suffering.

Warning: Contains very explicit sexual content and language.

Whatever Hunter wanted to talk about, he never brought it up again. And Aubrey never asked.

She’d soon wish she would have.

As the weeks passed, Aubrey learned more about Hunter and his history. For instance, she found out he’d completed eight years of college and med school… even though he didn’t look like the stereotypical doctor.

Hunter confided that eventually he wished to use his training and make a career in the medical profession.

In 1999,  just a few months after graduating medical school, he was assaulted by a vampire and forced to transition. 

Lately Aubrey wondered when Hunter was going to leave the manor. He never broached the subject, and she was afraid to. After all, she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. But deep down inside, Aubrey knew that wasn’t the only reason she didn’t ask. Frankly she didn’t want him to leave. She was lonely without Vaclav. Selfish or not, that’s how she felt. And she enjoyed Hunter’s company.

Furthermore, it didn’t look as if Vaclav would be getting out of prison anytime soon.

As for Lucius, he stayed away for weeks at a time attending to the necessities of war.

“Shawn called me a few weeks ago. He said he’s in France.” The words exploded from her mouth like… vomit.

“He did? He said he’s in France?” Hunter asked; then quickly looked away.

“I wonder if I should I tell Lucius and Vaclav,” she said.

“You should do whatever you feel is right, I guess.”

Katerina squealed, sucking on her fingers.

Aubrey sighed. “I just wish this shit would end.”

“Yeah. Don’t we all.”


The next evening, all four lounged upon the floor. Junk food was scattered along with toys and other clutter.

Trouble is a Friend by Lenka ( played repetitively on the laptop in the office. The song drew strong parallels to Aubrey…

Kat pounded her fists on Hunter, but he neither noticed nor cared.

Aubrey marveled at his patience with children. Only a few hours earlier both toddlers were screaming, and Hunter was the one who managed to calm them down.

Kat climbed on Hunter, a mischievous look on her face.

The butler stepped into the room with a disapproving scowl.

Aubrey knew he hated Hunter being there; as if Hunter was trespassing on Haas territory. Actually, he was.  

Reznik glared up at the butler…

who didn’t notice the plastic cup whizzing toward him.

The cup smacked against him and Pepsi exploded all over his face.

Reznik smiled.

Grumbling incoherently, the butler rushed from the room.

An hour later, Hunter ran into Aubrey as she headed to the basement.

He just stared at her. The music thumped in Aubrey’s ears, she had a sudden insatiable urge to turn it down.

♪ ♫ He’s there in the dark, he’s there in my heart, he waits in the wings, he’s gotta play a part. Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine, oh oh! ♫ ♪


“Your kids are great. That Reznik, it’s awesome how he uses that telekinesis shit.” 

Aubrey’s heart skipped a beat.

“You have a great smile.” Did I just say that?

“You have a nice smile too.”

♪ ♫ So don’t be alarmed if he takes you by the arm, I won’t let him win, but I’m a sucker for his charm. ♪ ♫

Awkwardness abounded.  

“But the Big Bad Wolf is getting hungry, so Little Red Riding Hood better run away while she has the chance,” he teased.

“You shouldn’t joke about things like that.”

“What makes you think I’m joking?”

Aubrey bolted.

Of course, she knew he was just bullshitting her.

…or so she hoped.

Breaking out in a fit of laughter, Aubrey skidded to a stop next to the pool.

“Wolves can’t swim, can they?” she asked.

She jumped in. A resounding splash followed as white foamy rings floated outward.

Aubrey swam to the other end of the pool.

“Wolves can swim,” he called.

So come and get me.

“Gimme five seconds and I’ll be there!” 

Then he dove in.

He rushed toward her. Before she realized, he dragged her beneath the surface.

Water rushed in her ears, chlorine stung her eyes, the silence was deafening. It was like a different world underneath.

Instinctively, she was drawn to him, drawn to his lips… she went with it.

Their lips met. His were cold but sensual.

♪ ♫ He sees what I see and he knows what I know, oh oh. ♪ ♫

Aubrey hoped Vaclav didn’t ‘see’ her kissing Hunter. Vaclav was like the eye in the sky…

Barely a peck, and Hunter jetted to the surface.

She must’ve made him uncomfortable… but then she understood.

Morning light glistened on the bubbles. He was hurrying to beat the rising sun.

Aubrey got out, relieved to know Hunter didn’t leave the pool because of her.

Still, he seemed a little aloof as he rushed off.

Particularly since they just shared a kiss.

Aubrey tried to get some rest but couldn’t. She fetched her clothes out of the dryer and dressed.

Then she found herself outside the guest bedroom where Hunter slept.

She tapped on the door.


Maybe he won’t get mad if I come in for just a minute.

Great. Now I’m a creeper, watching over guys as they sleep.


She sat on the edge of the bed, careful not to awaken him.

She brushed her fingers over his cheek. She never realized how incredibly handsome he was until now.

She nestled beside him.

Wow, if there ever were a cure for loneliness and heartbreak…

She fell asleep. Hours later Hunter awakened in Aubrey’s arms.

Embarrassed, Aubrey rushed from the house to see Vaclav.

It was time to get her head out of the clouds, forget about Hunter and try to get Vaclav out of his desolate prison.

This time, he was shirtless and wore jeans. Aubrey’s pulse quickened.

“Has Lucius tried to get you released early yet?” she asked for the millionth time that month.

“Lucius is working on it.”

What does that mean? she thought frowning.

Vaclav turned to the guard, who watched over the two like a hawk. A very annoying hawk.

Vaclav suddenly lost his patience.

“Let her inside my cell!”

He chortled.

Vaclav’s eyes blazed with fury.

“Let her in here or I’ll break out of this cell and twist your fucking neck until your head falls off!” Vaclav lunged one arm through the bars, warping them.

“Don’t fuck with me. I may no longer be the leader, but I can still command Lucius to cut off your balls.”  The gap grew larger as Vaclav’s muscular arm manipulated the bars. Then he gripped them and rattled the entire iron frame.

The noise was horrifying.

“Alright! I’ll open the damn doors to let her in. Just shut the fuck up and stop making so much noise.”

Vaclav settled down, but paced to and fro.

He stepped over and unlocked the entry to Vaclav’s cell.

The guard leered at Aubrey as she sashayed past. Vaclav’s piercing eyes also followed her. Hunger reflected in them…

Sliding one arm behind her, he yanked her into an embrace.

“I haven’t held you in forever,” he said. “I haven’t touched you in forever. I haven’t kissed you…” His eyes stared deeply into hers. His mouth opened wide revealing his fangs and emerging tongue.

Greedily, he worked his mouth over hers, his cold tongue thrusting.

Aubrey felt the guard’s eyes on them.

Awkward much?

She also felt something hard pressing against her.

Vaclav’s lips went to her neck and sensually sucked the flesh. Goosebumps flourished along her body.

He grunted, grinding against her.

That familiar rush of excitement swept throughout her tummy.

“Oh, dear God I love you,” he cried. “I want you… so bad… right here, right now. Please.”

He lapped at her neck; then ran his tongue up to her earlobe and teased it. His hand glided up her skirt and rubbed her rear.

Aubrey could hear the sound of her own rapid breathing, becoming faster…

“Come on. I need you,” he pleaded.

“What about the guard? He’s watching.”

“Screw the guard. Just pretend he isn’t here.”

Aubrey noticed his crucifix necklace on the floor. She picked it up and put it around his neck.

He smiled; then unzipped his jeans.

After lowering his pants, he backed her up to the bed and pressed her against the mattress. 

Then he got on top. With trembling fingers, he raised up her skirt and entered her.

Aubrey grinned, savoring the feeling of him inside her.

It’s been a long time…

She closed her eyes.

Vaclav didn’t waste any time. He went fully after it; softly moaning as he rode her.

The old, crappy mattress and bed groaned, squeaked and squealed. The incessant noises made Aubrey uncomfortable and self-conscious. She knew the guard was still watching.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but enjoy Vaclav’s lovemaking. He knew how to do it well, and do it right.

Fifteen minutes passed. Streaks of sweat glistened on her thighs.

His fullness grew harder. He was going to climax very soon, but he showed no sign of pulling out.

“Wait,” she said.

Instead of stopping, he only moved faster.

What is this? Why are you pulling a Jakub? Aubrey squirmed beneath him.

Too late.

Vaclav slammed into her body as he came.

Ah, Aubrey,” he cried out, clenching the sheet with one fist.

She wanted to cry, but not from pleasure.

He still moved it, seemingly oblivious to her anguish.

A few minutes later…

“Why did you do that?”

“I’ve reason to believe you’re seeing someone else.”

“I’m not… but even if I was, what does this have to do with that?”

“I want to get you pregnant so he knows who you belong to, and perhaps he’ll be more inclined to leave you be. By the time you have the baby, I could be out of prison. You’re mine, and you’ll be mine for eternity. I’ll do what I have to do to ensure that.”

“You’re just like Jakub was!” she shouted. “And you trying to get me pregnant is like a dog pissing on its territory!”

“Don’t you understand? I love you! I declared war over you! I’d fucking do anything for you!”

“This is what you call love? Seriously? I don’t want another baby! Not now, not ever again!”

Vaclav looked away as Aubrey cried.

Meanwhile, the guard chuckled.


Vaclav’s gotten grumpy since being a jail bird.

Also, he ‘saw’ a flash of Aubrey kissing Hunter underwater. Obviously that’s why he suspects her. In his current twisted way of thinking, he thinks the Shadow won’t want Aubrey if she gets pregnant by Vaclav.  Vaclav is a little desperate of late, feeling like he’s losing control since being imprisoned. This is his way of trying to gain it back, crazy as that is.

Of course he could just tell Lucius to kill the dude. But I thought maybe this plot line would be a little more interesting, and besides I don’t want to kill off Hunter. XD  Also, Vaclav is torn between his desire to let Aubrey be happy (allowing the Shadow to keep her company) and his jealousy and possessiveness.

Sorry to ramble, and thanks for reading!! 😀


46 Responses to “Forty-One…”

  1. *mouth agape* Did he really just…no he didn’t!
    While I was reading this first thing I thought was “no condom” and then he just…I am in shock! Hunter seems to be really comfortable with the kids and seems as if he is growing to love them. If only Vaclav could see that! Getting her pregnant is not going to stop anything from happening! Look at when she was pregnant with Kat! Then again, Shawn thought he was the daddy.
    BUT OMG! Crazy thing is the reason he gave her! Well, we can at least say Vaclav is honest!
    That was very selfish of him! She had to go through her pregnancy with Reznik on her own and possibly this one…damn. I am in shock!

    Oh that Big Bad Wolf comment Hunter made was super sexy!

    • LOL, hey Qui! Um, yeah. I was a little hesitant about publishing this chapter, because of what happened near the end… but, erm.
      All I can say is, V. is desperate to hold onto Aubrey, in any way he can! >_>
      Yep, not only is Hunter a nice guy, he’s also good with Aubrey’s children! 😛 he’s perfect all the way around, lol. Maybe too perfect. Yeah, Shawn thought he was the father, but V. would’ve loved the baby just the same had Shawn BEEN the actual father! V’s losing his marbles…
      haha, it was a very crazy reason! @_@ rofl V. is brutally honest! Good point. V. is being a prick atm, totally. If I were Aubrey I’d dump his ass, so his plan would backfire horribly! Actually, I DO plan to have Aubrey dump him. Later Vaclav will have to do a lot of grovelling! hehe.

      lol you’re so funny! I did love writing that in the update! I thought it was smexy too! *wink* 😛

      ❤ 😉

  2. I’m really disliking Vaclav in this update, he’s such a selfish pig. He knows Aubrey is lonely and that it can’t be easy looking after their kiddies on her own while he is in prison. Yeah, I know she shouldn’t have kissed Hunter, but come on V… To be honest after the Big Bad Wolf comment I think I would have done a little more than kiss him lol 😛

    • LOL, I really don’t blame you! I’ve made him really horrible in this update! I took a risk knowing a lot of readers would no longer like him 😛 and I’m going to have Aubrey dump his ass. Later V. will do some grovelling. Hahahaha, I agree with you on that! I would’ve done more than kiss him too! So sexxxxxxxxxy!!!

      Hunter… mmmmmmmmmmmmm 😛

      I also agree with you on V. He was a total prick in this chapter!
      (but see, it also gives her the perfect excuse to get it on with Hunter). >_>

      ❤ 🙂

  3. Oh, I understand Vaklav’s condition but that was wrong. Not to mention extremely selfish. I hope Aubrey won’t get pregnant AGAIN!! I think I’m now officially a Hunter fan 🙂

    • yeah, I kinda know where he’s coming from too, but it was still very wrong and he should NOT have done that. If he truly cared about A. he would’ve just left it be. :/ He’s gone psycho. O.o

      Welcome to Team Hunter!!!! haha 😛

      ❤ 😀

  4. Whoaaaa! Aubrey was wrong to kiss Hunter (he is mine after all ^.^) but Vaclav should NOT have done that! I think Aubrey is more suited with Vaclav but he can’t freaking do that to her!

    • Hey Emma! LOL, no Hunter’s MINE! Just kidding, of course. >.>
      I know it, Aubrey probably should’ve smacked him (I would have). Jealousy is not a good thing, nor possessiveness. :/
      Yeah, they do make a better match… in some ways it’s almost like incest since Aubrey is ‘related’ to Shadows, and Hunter is a Shadow. 😛 Ewwwww. But not really though. 😛

      ❤ 😀

  5. It just trips me out that Vaclav told her he understood if she sought attention from someone else but then he turned around and did that! Prick isn’t the word! Then he tried to justify it with love. I hope Aubrey will be ok after this. That has to be painful. Knowing he tried and could have possibly gotten her pregnant out of jealousy. I love her with Vaclav but I just can’t let go of this thing with Hunter. Even if it ended up being a fling I’d be happy!
    Meant to ask…Does baby Kat have a little crush on Hunter? that would be too cute lol

    “Your kids are great. That Reznik, it’s awesome how he uses that telekinesis shit.”
    Made me lol and won me over even more!I swear I can hear him talking to me! Mmmm Dr. Hunter, save me from the Big Bad Wolf! LOL

    • haha, IKR. V. doesn’t know whether to please Aubrey, or to torture Aubrey! XD Methinks V might’ve panicked when he ‘saw’ her kiss Hunter… hehe. But still, he’s a collossal (not sure how to spell that, LOL) PRICK! And true about him trying to justify his behavior, there’s no excuse for his craziness. Anyhow, if I were in Aubrey’s shoes I’d be crying my eyes out. 😦 She’ll be okay, but emotionally hurt for a while. It would serve V. right if she dumped him.
      I can’t let go of this thing with Hunter either. 😛 But I’ll say one thing: even if she and Hunter don’t end up together, I promise that Hunter will ALWAYS stay in the story… hehe. I already have future plans for him in Bloodlust. 🙂 Can’t say much more than that! *winks*

      Oh, that’s cute that you mention that! Hahahaha! CUTE!!! I never thought of it, but from that pic she looks very mischievous! I think if she were about 2, that would be perfect! A cute innocent crush! ^.^
      haha, thanks! glad you liked that part of the conversation! I try to make Hunter not too uptight (like V) and more relaxed, just like any dude. LOL, Dr. Hunter! That’s awesome. 😛

      btw I’m getting closer to finishing BBW!!! <333

  6. YES YES YES!!! I sense that something bad is going to happen to V!! 😀 I sure hope that am right!! Hunter is my new favourite!! GO WOLFY!!! GET THE GIRL PREGGO!

  7. Vaclav’s gone craaaazy! He is worse than Jakub. Sorta. Vaclav was being possessive while Jakub, in his sick, twisted little way was kinda helping others. Had to lol at “pulling a Jakub” though made me laugh.

    Hmm, I’m not sure if I’m completly team Hunter yet he just seems . . . too good. He’s good with kids and rediculously nice but he just ran away when Aubrey kissed him. With any of the other guys that never would of happened. There doesn’t appear to be a relentless passion between them, but who knows, maybe it will grow and maybe he’ll become more badass (good old evilness always scores massive amounts of points with me, as you well know) and I’ll belong in team Hunter.

    Go Reznik with awesome power type stuff! I love how he still acts a little bit spoilt. I wonder if Ktas gonna start causing random wierdness to happen soon, two toddlers running around with superhuman awesome powers could cause a lot of mayhem 😀 yay, destruction!

    *hugz* and <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 xxx

    • Bwahahaha, you’re still taking Jakub’s side, even after this!! XD But yeah, he’s batshit atm. ROFL! Jakub was ‘kinda helping others’!! LOL, I’m laughing my ass off! Dang so funny! Jakub also helped himself to Aubrey’s vagina! Sorry that’s not really funny but I couldn’t resist… >.<
      haha, I had to make Aubrey think that! That's exactly what I'd think if I were in her shoes (about V pulling a J)!
      Yeah, he's good alright! But I don't blame you for being suspicious! As for him taking off and his aloofness, he might have some reasons for that (well aside from the sun coming up, lol). Those reasons might come out later. As for him being badass, I do have a part coming up in the story where… he's a badass. Well, he'll be in his wolf form though. But it should still be pretty cool.
      That's it! Reznik ftw! XD LOL about both running around as objects fly to and fro behind them! 😛 hehe. But nah, it's just Reznik with the super powers! Because I'm sexist, lol. jk. In my story it's only the son whose born with those powers. Thank goodness, 'cause it would be too much of a pain for Kat to have them as well! And destruction FTW!! lol!

      *hugz* & <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 hehehehe

  8. Oh wow…Jakub was bad enough…. Like father like son, I guess :/

    My jaw litteraly dropped when he said ‘knows who you belong to’…Maybe it’s me, but that is just….WOW.

    Hunter was REALLY growing on me, but now? I think he’s the best thing for the kids, and Aubrey, for a walk he seems patient,hot,caring,HOT,he’s a doctor (hot) oh and did I mention he’s hot? 😛

    Anyway…..Great twist, literally jaw dropping 🙂

    • Hi Rachel! Yep, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, lol.

      Yeah V. is getting desperate and possessive… He needed slapped, lol. 😛

      LOL! yeah, I agree. Hunter is awesome (hot) hot (hot) and sweet (hot)! 😆 hahaaaa! hot hot hot & HOT *slobbers on keyboard again* And yes being a doctor he’s definitely HOT!!!

      Thanks! I was a little worried it would be considered offensive. Well, it IS offensive. I’ve just made the main ‘hero’ into a villain. 😛

      ❤ 🙂

  9. Hey! Another awesome and interesting update :)! Hmm.. starting to get angry at V. now. He is sort of like Jakub with the whole pregnant thing. Hunter is hot and would probably be a better match for her and the kids. But then again, V. could kill him by sicking someone on him. Interesting.

    And I really need to make a definite account! I forgot the old one’s password lol.

    • Hi Mike! 😀 Thank you!! I don’t blame you, I’ve totally made V. into an enemy! I wasn’t going to do anything like that, of course, but had a sudden lightbulb moment, plus I miss having the snakey, villainous aspect in the story (even though V. isn’t supposed to be like that). Sometimes I just like to mix it up. 😛

      Haha, you like Hunter too, eh? He’s a good guy, but maybe there’s a dark side in there somewhere… >_> LOL about V. siccing someone on Hunter!

      rofl I’m always forgetting passwords. Mostly I use the same one over and over so I won’t forget… but that’s not exactly wise, either.

      ❤ 😀

      • Yep! I get what you mean abut wanting to mix it up and stuff. Lol good twist! Yeah I like him, he seems like he could have a dark side though so it’ll be interesting to see where it all goes :D!

        Lol that would probably be better to use the same one over and over.

      • Aw, well thanks. 🙂 Yeah, I love to mix it up every so often, even though this time it meant V. to be a total asshole. 😛 But Aubrey will pay him back, lol. As for Hunter, his bad side (really bad side) will probably only come out in wolf form… thanks again! Glad you’re enjoying the story!

        haha, that’s what I do, but then again, it’s not the safest way either.

        ❤ 😀

  10. Ohjeez. Vaclav, you SOB! I hope Aubrey gives you what you deserve- absolutely nothing!


    • hahaha! 😆 yes I think his little ‘plan’ has backfired, AGAIN.

      Vaclav sure has lived a long time, so you’d think he wouldn’t be so dumb. XD Maybe it’s the blond thing… jk, I don’t want to insult any blonds who happen to be reading this!

      ❤ 😛

      • Yup, none of his plans seem to work! He’s like Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory X]
        Probably! XD Jk aswel~

      • haha, that’s a good one! XD Probably all my vampires are somewhat stupid, 😛 they’re known for their looks, not for their brains! 😆

        hehe <3333

  11. good chapter yet again 🙂 but bad V, very bad. xxxxxxxxx

  12. *Rubs hands for BBW* Yes Dr. Hunter is very hot! I can’t deny how in love I am! The vengeful side of me hopes she goes home and cries her heart out, he comes in and comforts her then they end up in the floor showing Vaclav what he drove her ti. Hell he thinks she is seeing Hunter anyway!
    I understand Hunter’s “run away”. He is from the rival clan, staying in a house full (?) of Haas vampires, he knows Aubrey is married to Vaclav and that spell automatic death if he is caught between her legs. I’d do it for the thrill! lol
    Still a Vaclav fan even though he is acting like a major douche nugget. Maybe prison is taking a toll on him.

    • LOL, I got it published… very very very very very very very very very very very bad. 😛 I’m in love with all the male characters, but especially V and Hunter. O.O I just can’t help it. Fantasy is so much better than reality! 😀
      Hahahahahaha!! I’ve thought about doing just that, but definitely Aubrey will be crying and Hunter will comfort her! He’s such a sweet guy, lol. Not sure about ending up on the floor, though it’s tempting! I have something else worked out for the time being, hehe. But maybe eventually that shall happen… and LOL about V. seeing them do that on the floor! XD
      Yeah, the house used to be full of Haas Vamps, but most left, except for Lucius, who stays away because of the war. However, Lucius MIGHT turn up unannounced in the next chapter. >_> LOL, I’d do it for the thrill too! haha, I love writing hot scenes where the hero/heroine are doing it in the face of danger! It’s awesome!!
      Yeah, I still like V too (after all, it’s ME making him a douche nugget, lol)! Yeah, I think it’s getting to him, all the control he’s losing. I can empathize with that, because he was accustomed to always being in control.

      ❤ 😉

  13. Sex in the face of danger is always hot! You just got me excited!
    I can see and understand why this is hard for Vaclav but damn that was selfish of him to do! You did a awesome job making him a douche nugget for the moment!

    • Definitely 🙂 LOL! Yeah, there’s no excuse for him to behave like that! He hurt Aubrey, someone he’s supposed to love. 😦 It’s a messed up idea of what love should be.
      Well thanks! I love that expression, douche nugget. I’ll have to remember that one! 😆

      ❤ 😀

      PS: I use too many smilies, don’t I? XD

  14. holy flip ona flapjack cough prick cough i said nothing

  15. GO HUNTER!! 😀
    He is the ultimate sexiness. 😉

  16. Hi Jen, sorry I haven’t commented in a while. I’ve read chapters but have been really busy. Anyway I must say love you story so far.

    Also could you check out my blog. I did a story review and your story is the one I did it on.

    • Hi Bria, it’s no problem! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. 🙂

      I think I might have your blog in my faves anyway. I’ll go check it out, and thank you for reviewing my story. 🙂 <33

  17. Opps made a mistake. Heres the sight http:/

    • Thank you Bria! I checked it out and just want to say THANK YOU for your great review!! 😀 You are awesome!! Also, I posted a link to your review on the main page. ^.^


  18. 0.0
    Did that just happen?
    Did NOT expect that! And I thought Vaclav was nicer than that 😦 But I suppose he’s just upset… nope, there is no excuse! XP
    Aubrey is a bad girl lol
    Yet another great story! 😀

    • Hey Tiny!
      I know it. V. is being a baaaaaaad boy. >_>
      I didn’t expect to think up that plot line, lol. XD Don’t worry, vaclav will be doing some grovelling later… some serious apologizing!! And you’re right, there’s no excuse for him acting like that! 😦

      haha, Aubrey is very bad… but Hunter is so sexy!! XD

      Thank you Tiny!! <333 😉

  19. Does this mean YOU’RE on team Hunter??? Since I’m already in this camp, things look pretty good to me…but I know you always have plans up your devious little sleeves lol.
    I shall continue to lurk and see how things go….in the meantime, Hunter = RAWR!
    hee! =p

    • haha, I’m on Team Any Hot Guy. 😛 Seriously though, yeah I’m on Team Hunter atm. Vaclav needs smacked, which won’t happen in the next chapter but perhaps in chapter 43. 🙂
      About those plans up my devious sleeves: mwahahahahahaaaaaa…..O.o

      Well thank you! And I hope you like the next chapter, it has sort of a silly part in it… but still a cool part concerning Hunter. >_>

      ❤ 😉

  20. Oh boy, she kissed Hunter! Naughty naughty! Yeah, Vaclav wants it!!! lol I would too if I was locked in prison for that long. Of course, it wasn’t very nice that he intends to get her pregnant again just to claim her. The nerve! Didn’t he promise he wouldn’t get her pregnant again a few chapters back? Tsk tsk…and Shawn is in France, I forgot. Wonder what his deal is…on to the next chapter!

    • Over half-way now to getting caught up! Yay! Of course she kissed Hunter. Who the hell wouldn’t? O_O bwhahahahaha. Naughty indeed. 🙂 But naughty is GOOD. haha, yep V’s horny. And wants a baby! The idiot. lol. He probably did promise he wouldn’t knock her up again. He’s being very bad, like Jakub. 😦 Aubrey won’t forgive him that easily this time.

      Shawn will return at a later time. 🙂

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