One Hundred and Thirty-Eight…

One Hundred and Thirty-Eight: A New Normal

Lucifer turned the knob to Mila’s bedroom. It was locked.

“Mila? Are you awake? Dad’s finally gone.”

“Lucifer? Oh, thank god. I haven’t seen you in days.”

Behind him another door creaked open. “What do you think you’re doing?” Reznik questioned.

“Shit.” Lucifer twisted around to face his brother.

“So what’s it to you if I want to see Mila? You’re my brother, not my father.”

“Dad told me to keep an eye on you and Mila.”


“Because you’re being punished for hiding a girl in this house. Own up to it and eventually Dad might let you see her again,” Rez said.

“You’re such a fucking asshole.” Lucifer tried to withhold his rage. He shook with the effort.

“I have to use the bathroom,” Mila cried.

“Fine. Go take a piss.” Rez shrugged. “Just make sure you go back to your room. I wouldn’t want your lover to ravage you with a quickie in the hallway.”

Lucifer wanted to punch that smug look off his brother’s face.

Mila’s bedroom door squealed open.

As she passed by she carried a forlorn, longing expression.

Lucifer’s heart went into a crazed, fervent rhythm. Pound pound pound. His knees weakened and his penis pulsated with insatiable, hot desire… tormenting him with needs he could not satisfy.

Another look of pain.

When would this torture ever end?

Going insane, he stood in his bedroom glaring at the wall.

Lucifer’s fist shot forward.

He wished that wall were Reznik’s face.

Regardless, more torturous weeks came to pass.

Reznik played with magic, learned some new spells and practiced casting charms.

Lucifer still hated him.

Lauren called a few times a week, informing them of Azura’s progress with the catatonia. She was slowly getting better. However, Vaclav mentioned that Lauren was holding something back. He could tell by the sound of her tone.

Gradually, Vaclav became impatient waiting on his wife’s return from the Ashworth Estate.

Lucifer brooded in bed.

There was ONE thing that Rez couldn’t stop him from doing. Thank goodness.

Lucifer used his astral projection form to visit Mila. It still sucked, though, since she couldn’t see him. And he was intangible so they could not touch or feel the warmth of each other’s bodies.

Sadly, the baby was growing and he couldn’t fondle her swelling tummy. He couldn’t feel that sweet closeness to his love.

Only made him hate Reznik more. Someday he’d pay him back for his brother’s insensitivity.

“Just look at you,” Mila cooed. “You’re getting bigger every day it seems like. Cute little hump. I wonder what you’ll look like? Are you a little boy or girl? Hmm?” Her fingers glided over her abdomen. “I don’t care what Lucifer always said. I think you’re gonna be a girl. Can’t wait to buy little pink dresses for you.”

A girl, eh? I think not.

Lucifer awakened.

“Holy shit.”

I’m missing out on too much. I gotta think of something.


“Hey Vaclav. How are you doing?”

“How am I doing? I’m waiting on you to get back home. It’s been weeks. You said Azura’s better.”

“Yeah she is, but I planned to stay a little longer. She likes my being here. Sorry.”

“Lauren, what’s this really about? Why are you reluctant to come home?”

“I told you, Azura wants me to stay. Also I just need some more time to think.”

“About what?”

“About the fact that I can’t stand being around Reznik anymore.”

Thick, tumultuous silence.

Vaclav hung up.

Then he marched into Reznik’s personal space.

“Lauren doesn’t want to come home. She says it’s because of you.”

Reznik whirled around.

“Because of me? Well what do you want me to do about it?”

“Go over there and fix it. This is obviously your fault. I need to see my wife again.”

“I don’t know exactly how you want me to fix it, but I guess I’ll try.”

“Make sure you do.”

“What’s wrong, Dad? You miss hitting that pussy?”

“I won’t dignify that with a response.”

“Too late. You already did.”

Lauren escaped to the courtyard to read a book. Yet another escape… from reality.

A low rustling sound perked up her ears.

Nah. It’s nothing. She continued reading.

‘And the prince of darkness with the magical sword swooped to the young girl. Soft, full lips brushed her mouth. Her azure eyes widened.

The prince’s fingers went to her blouse, cupped her right breast. The girl whimpered. He dropped the sword, while unleashing the huge flaming sword from his slacks.’

‘Her rose lips parted as if awaiting another gentle kiss. The prince detected the rapid beating of her heart.

Then he spread open her thighs…’

Lauren yelped as the book dropped. “Reznik! What are you doing here?”

“Why won’t you come back home? Dad’s spazzing out.”

“I don’t know.”

“That’s a lie. You told him you weren’t coming back because of me. Right, Lauren? Do you still hate me or what?”

Her eyes lowered. She pulled out a pill from her pocket and held it up.

“This… these pills make me hate you a lot less. And I don’t really hate you, Rez. It’s just that sometimes I’m still afraid of you.”

“Several weeks ago you told me you were over that. So was that a lie?”

She didn’t respond, only tucked the pill back in her pocket.

Reznik quietly sat on the other bench.

“Hunter prescribed them for me. He thought I had post-traumatic stress disorder because of—you know.”

“Yeah. I know all about it,” Rez replied.

“I hate going into that room where it happened. I close my eyes whenever I walk through there, hoping I won’t trip. I can’t stand to look, because if I do it brings it all back.”

His eyes lifted to hers. Guilty eyes.

“There’s something I want to try. Something I should’ve thought of years earlier,” he said. “I want to perform a spell to erase your memory of the rape.”

“Are you sure? Do you think it’ll really work?”

“Yes. I believe it’ll work. I wished I would’ve done it earlier. I’m sorry.”

“What if it erases all my memory? What if it gives me amnesia? I’m afraid to try it.”

“Don’t be afraid. Take a chance, Lauren. It’s better than relying on pills or being afraid of walking into the room where it happened. I’m so sorry I did this to you. I want to take it back, the only way I know how.”

He stood and headed for her.

“I’m still scared.”

“Don’t be. After this, you’ll never remember that horrible day. Ever again.”


“I promise.” Reznik told her to kneel down.

“Okay.” She crouched on the floor. He held out his hand.

I trust you. I trust you.

Reznik muttered a few words.

Lauren closed her eyes to the blinding light.

I trust you, Reznik. I trust you.

Slowly, he released her hand.

I love you, Reznik. I always will.

Suddenly she was upright, not remembering how she got there. There were other things she didn’t remember.

Waves of vertigo made her swoon. Reznik looked blurry.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Uh, I think so.”

“Reznik, it feels like I haven’t seen you in forever.” She leaned over and touched his lips.

His very alluring, sexy lips.

“What the hell are you doing?”

She giggled.

Lauren curled her arms around him and kissed him.

He tried to move his head away from her, at first.

Her lover’s hands slid down her back.

Reznik stopped, quickly backed away.

“What’s wrong with you? You act like you didn’t want me to kiss you.” She laughed.

“Dad is going to kill me.”

“Why would he do that? That’s crazy. It’s not like my future father-in-law cares if we kiss,” she said. “After all, that’s what lovers do. They kiss. They love each other like we do.”

“Totally fucking backfired,” he mumbled.

* * * *

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