Eighty: Immortal Games


Contains language and POV switches.

Gavin lurked around the corner of the house observing Vaclav.

Vaclav halted a moment.

Leave. Leave. Leave. Fuckin’ leave already!

Finally he left.

Justin and Tristan wailed. Kat covered her ears.

Like this is going to help, she thought.

“Hunter, I need your help…”

He padded down the stairs.

“For shit’s sake. Honey, they’re probably just tired. It’s… late.”

He scooped up the twins.

“They’ve been home for seven months. You still don’t know when they’re hungry, sleepy, or wet?”

Meh. Fuck you too.

“I’m afraid I’ll do the wrong thing and make it worse. What if I screw up?”

“Only you and your mother could screw up changing a diaper.” He laughed as he headed for the nursery.

Kat didn’t find it amusing.

And for your info, Hunter, I have changed their diapers. They tend to pee in my face. It’s not fun.

“I’m just joking. You’d do fine, honey. Just stop worrying so much about it. No one’s a perfect parent,” he said.

Moments later the two were in their cribs, sleeping.

“It’s not my fault. My mom puts these ideas into my head,” Kat whined. “She’s been telling me shit since I was a few months’ pregnant, saying I’d never be able to handle having twins.”

“So stop listening to her.”

“But she’s right! I can’t handle the twins. I mean, I love them and everything—”

“Honey, we need to have a little chat.”

Meanwhile, Gavin lurked outside the nursery.

Voices drifted from the house, rising to an argument. Gavin ignored them.

I’m going to get you Kat, Gavin reflected. And your little boys too.

A car pulled into the driveway.

Shit! Shit! Who the fuck…

Gavin spun and dove to the ground.

Once he ensured the woman in the car wasn’t looking, he glided up to the rooftop.

Shit. Now it’s almost dawn.

He watched from above.

“What are you doing here, Lauren?”

“Just thought I’d stop by for a visit. You busy?”

“Nah. Just arguing with the old man.” Kat chuckled.

Hunter stormed up the stairs.

Gavin worried about the imminent sunrise.

Hurry up, bitches! A change of plans might be in order.

That moon was slowly getting lower… lower… and lower.

“He told me to learn how to be a mother. Said it wasn’t that hard. I could’ve slapped him.” Kat rolled her eyes. “He said I need to stop using my mother as an excuse. He thinks I’m just being lazy! It’s not like I haven’t taken care of the boys at all!”

“What does he expect?” Lauren said. “You had them when you were seventeen. It’s not your fault he knocked you up.”

Lauren grunted and Kat gasped as each tumbled to the ground.

“Come with me, or I’ll slit both your fuckin’ throats. Quickly.”

The girls didn’t argue.

With Lauren pinned to his back and Kat cradled below, Gavin torpedoed from the property.

Would he make it before full sunrise? If not, the girls would end up on the ground with several broken bones, while Gavin turned to dust and the wind carried him away.

Either way, it wouldn’t be good.

As it turned out, it was all good.

Just not good for Kat and Lauren.

“What is this place?” Kat asked looking around.

“Welcome to your new home,” Gavin answered.

“For how long?” Lauren chimed in.

“Don’t worry about that. Just get over there and get in the hole,” he said.

“You first, Daddy’s Princess.” Gavin pushed Kat.

Kat shrieked as she fell into the chasm.

Kat’s ass banged on the ground.

She stood, rubbed her smarting rear end.

What the hell is this place? And why did this asshole bring me here? What did I do to deserve this shit?

Another thump resonated behind her. Lauren.

Next came Gavin as he swooped into the cellar. He ushered the women into the next room.

“This is it, girls.”

Gavin enclosed them in the cell, locked it.

“Enjoy your new pet.” He turned and left.

“Shit!” Kat said. The viper hissed in return.

“We are so totally screwed.”

“Why did he bring us here?” Lauren asked. “What does he want with us?”

“I have no idea. I don’t think I even want to know.”

They began backing away from the snake.

Undeterred, it slithered toward them.

Kat fought back panic. She remembered what Hunter did once to a snake.

“It’ll be okay. I’ll just—kick its head in.” Twinges of nausea rose from within.

Eww. Okay, just hurry and do it.”

“I am.” Kat stomped its head. This is what I think of my new ‘pet’, you asshole. So shove it up your Dempiric ass!

Oh, oh, this is so disgusting!

Kat picked up the limp carcass and tossed it outside the bars.

“That was so gross!” She shivered in disgust.

“Thank God. Now we just need to find a way out of here.”

This fuckin’ sucks, Kat thought. Way worse than when Hunter and I were stuck in the clinic basement.

Kat leaned over…

succumbed to exhaustion.

Fuck my luck. Daddy, you need to come now and get us out of here… please!

Thanks for reading.


32 Responses to “Eighty…”

  1. Not what I expected, but I was right Gavin still hasn’t killed anyone. Though Kat’s locked up in his basement (that’s not creepy or anything, lol).

    • Nope, he still hasn’t killed them (yet). πŸ˜› Poor Kat and her friend. Lauren doesn’t even have anything to do with anything, but Gavin took her anyway. 😯

      Well, maybe the basement’s kinda creepy? haha.

      Thanks for commenting, Bobby. πŸ˜€

  2. Woah, that was a twist πŸ™‚
    Hunter’s being a bit harsh :I He should really help her learn if she doesn’t know how, not yell at her for not knowing :I

    • Hey Tiny, thanks. πŸ™‚

      Hunter’s being a jerk again, but Kat should help out more. They’re her kids too. But I definitely get what you’re saying as well. Kat’s also scared of screwing up since her mother put all those ideas in her head. O_O

      Kat will likely get tired of Hunter being a jerk, though. :/


  3. Oooo! Interesting πŸ™‚ Cant wait to see what happens really good job well done! πŸ˜€

  4. oh no. i hope hunter and v come to the rescue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Maybe they will, or maybe someone else will. πŸ˜€

      lol, sorry for the lame comment(s), it’s been one of those weeks…. :/

      <333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Nice twist! Glad the boys are alright…for now. And yeah Hunter is on the ass wagon again…Wedding going to be called off??? Cannot wait to see what happens next..and how they get out of this mess πŸ™‚

    • Hi An πŸ™‚ Thank you! Good point, at least the twins didn’t get ‘kidnapped’. Poor Lauren, though, she doesn’t deserve it either. Then again, neither does Kat. 😯

      ROFL @ ‘Hunter being on the ass wagon’, that’s a good one. Thanks for the laugh! πŸ˜† I’m still giggling over that one. Hmmm, not sure if the wedding will be called off. Maybe they’ll make up before then, though, if Kat escapes Gavin’s clutches.

      Really don’t know how Kat and Lauren will get away from Gavin. >_> πŸ˜›

      Thanks for commenting! πŸ˜€ *sorry for the sudden smiley abuse*

  6. Maybe the unicorns will save them…

    • Hahahahahahaa, wouldn’t that be a hilarious turn of events?? Seriously, since I hated having unies in the EP, that would make one seriously funny spoof of a chapter. πŸ˜† Actually I don’t hate the unies anymore. I found one in the game just today, and was disappointed because I didn’t see any special effects. Not sure what’s causing that…. 😦 GAH!!


    And intrigued. How you say…moar moar moar? XD And yay, snake killing. I’m also quite surprised that they were kidnapped. I NEED MOAR ASS-KICKING.

    And…I’ve created OCs for your story world :c

    Damon and Jason are their names, if you’d like to know. ^-^

    • LOL, nope Gavin’s ass not kicked…. yet.

      Why thank you! Sometimes I wonder how y’all don’t get sick of this story. 😯 I get sick of it… but now I’m fixing to get back into it again, after a month of not updating ( I was ahead by 7 chapters, now up to only one chapter ahead LOL). :p

      Yup, snake killing. Now (with Pets) I can use real snakes. That will be cool. Sadly, this will HAVE to be the last EP I get though. My lappy cannot handle any more. And sorry to ramble and get OT… as always. As for MOAR ass kicking, that should come in the next chapter, hehe.

      Aww, that was nice of you, and flattering to me! Thank you! πŸ˜€ BTW Jason is the name of my hubby. 😯 Seriously!



        Yes, I did just watch the Shining.

        And yay Pets! But, gawd, that sucks. Our laptops…we love them, but they never love us.

        OH WOW THIS JUST GOT CREEPY. Not because my character is named after your husband, but because he’s basically a…erm…humanbloodfridgesexslavethingtoDamon.

        Yep, me with the dirty mind. I’ll go retreat into that dark corner…over there…

      • haha, not only does that remind me of the Shining, but it also reminds me of some bratty nieces I know (oh, I know that’s mean…). But I’m glad you’re not getting sick of this story. I try to keep it interesting… 😯

        There was another movie I was going to ask you if you’ve watched, but now I forgot it. >.<

        So true about our lappies, eh? XD I noticed that now mine is laaagging. Yay! πŸ™„ I couldn't get another EP even if I wanted it. Just too many EP's. But yeah, I still love Pets. ^^

        πŸ˜† you gave me a serious case of the giggles with that. So your character (named after my hubby lol) is a humanbloodfridgesexslavethingtoDamon? (I copied/pasted all that). πŸ˜†

        Well, don't feel bad about the 'dirty mind' thing. You certainly aren't the only one. And damnit, I really get pissed at people who try to suggest that (those like us) are weird or perverted. They can just fuck off. (And at least your game sounds interesting, lol).

        *gets off soap box now* and sorry about that rant at the end….

      • Forget about it, I love making fun of my family. REDNECKS, ANYONE? They asked me to go muddin’…and I said yes >.<

        I enjoy movies! I recently had the infamous "Stay Up Until Six In The Morning Watching Scary Movies" Halloween thing. I'm tired, but it was so worth it.

        Yours, too? Go, lag, go!

        I live to give people giggles. And yes, he is. I worked the whole story line in my mind. Basically, both of their lives are planned exactly to the point. Let's just say this:

        Jason was a human boy who was kidnapped in the VERY ILLEGAL sex trafficking ring, and was promptly auctioned off to Damon, who he had once gone to school. Damon had been turned into a Hunter in one of their last-ditch efforts of recruit. He keeps Jason as food and an outlet, but eventually finds another feeling that SHOULDN'T BE THERE. Damon's only friend is another Hunter, Denna, who is actually Xeri disguised as a Hunter before dempires rose.

        ….There's more, but I'm also ending my rant there.

        I like soap boxes. -Grab- And I am perverted! -brick'd- Okay, maybe not. I just…yeah, I have a completely normal dirty mind .-.

      • *Replace Hunters with Shadows….That sexy man confused my already fevered brain >.<

      • tehee, so you make fun of your family? I do too. Well, at least the ones up north. Oh yeah, and I guess the few down here too. XD I ‘married’ into my Texan family. His family’s like the one in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Hmm, maybe that’s the movie I was going to ask if you’ve seen? πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

        JK. His family’s not like that. >_> No, really they’re not. <_<

        Rednecks indeed. They asked you to go mudding? hehe. I swear that actually sounds like fun. O_O

        Yay! I've done that before, watched scary movies all night. I love the movie The Scream, it's one of my faves. Every Halloween I channel surf to see if there's any good ones on, but personally I can't ever find any. I've already watched all the old Halloween movies over and over, and I didn't like the third one at all. 😦 Seems like they used to play a better variety of movies!! Maybe it would help if I had HBO or something…

        Oh, yes. The stupid lag. So I went and changed the water to where it would no longer reflect. BOO. It helped, but still BOO!!!!

        Haha, you're giving me the giggles with just you saying that you 'live to give peeps the giggles'. Did that statement make any sense? Probably not. As for doing the 'storyline' in your mind, I did the same thing all the time on Sims 2, and a little bit on S3. It's fun, isn't it?

        The first line of your story explanation made me LOL. πŸ˜› so freakin' funny. "He keeps Jason as food and an outlet, but eventually finds another feeling that SHOULDN'T BE THERE", lol, lol, lol!! Well, you'll have that. Especially if you live with someone, eventually you might find yourself attracted to that person. Even if he IS a prisoner or whatnot! πŸ˜† And so Xeri is playing Denna? O.o Either way, it sounds like quite a story you've come up with. No sarcasm intended. You must be my very first reader who's come up with a sort of 'fan fiction' from Bloodlust (even though it's not actually 'written' fan fiction). I'm quite flattered, and your storyline sounds very intriguing. πŸ˜€

        Bwaha! Get off my soapbox! Give it back! JK. Yes, you have a perfectly normal dirty mind. It's OK, just means you're human. πŸ˜›

        I know that peeps are entitled to their opinions about certain content, it's just the ones who call others 'weird' or 'perverted' that bug me. Just to clarify, of course. πŸ™‚

      • OK, about replacing ‘Hunters’ with ‘Shadows’ LOL, I thought that was what you meant, but now it’s official. I understand! πŸ˜† Actually, I also thought you might’ve meant a lycan, like Hunter is. Oh yes, and Hunter is sexy, I don’t blame you for getting confused! Even though he’s been an ass of late, I think he’s the hottest character in my story. Which is very ironic, considering I normally prefer blond characters. *eye twitch*

      • Yes, it was fun. Four-wheeler and cold mud in the middle of a summer rain? Hell yeah.

        AND TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE? It’s like a tradition of my family to watch that whenever we travel to Colorado. Ever since I was old enough to go on those trips…scarred for life. There are some things that five-year-olds should just not see, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of those things. I love all zombie movies. Ooh, especially Grindhouse Planet Terror :3

        I suspected a lot of people did this. It’s how I got the idea for my rainbowcy, and whatnot. And that is true, true >,..,< Even if he is a prisoner.

        Yup, Xeri IS Denna in that sense, when she was actually Xeri the whole time, lying low within the Shadows and whatnot.

        Oh-kay, here a small treat, before I lose nerve:

        He raked his fingernails slowly up from the boy's stomach and across his chest, red lying in wake. Jason whimpered and arched his back, attempting to squirm out of the chains clamping down on his wrists. Damon chuckled and twisted Jason's nipple, sucking hard on his pulse. "I'd love to play with you now, pet," His wandering fingers stopped on Jason's jawline, eliciting another whimper. "But I'm hungry." Damon's fingers were suddenly like metal, clamping down on Jason's jaw and twisting his head. His teeth locked around the boy's throat, and Jason gasped.

        There, for you. ❀ And really? The first? -Toots own horn- 8U

      • Four- wheelers sound like a lot of fun, but maybe not so much in mud. Haha! Especially not at my age! But the rain sounds cool though.

        OMG I love that movie. I know they did a remake, but my fave is the old one from the 70’s. family tradition huh? Cool! Our family tradition every year is to watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Funniest movie ever! πŸ˜› So you have family in Colorado? That’s awesome. Colorado is a beautiful state. I’ve always wanted to visit there. btw you’re right, 5 yr. olds shouldn’t watch TCM, lol. I was probably around that age whenever I first saw it. Now I’m too over-protective of my kids. I don’t even like my 10 yr old to see scary movies, let alone anything with smex in it. *cringes* I thought the last Twilight movie was a little too racy!!!

        LOL I haven’t heard of Grindhouse Planet Terror, but sounds interesting. πŸ˜›

        I know what you mean. I’ll be playing, get ideas in my head, and HAVE to do a story about it. It’s more fun then playing, but that’s only my preference. Well, it sounds like a cool storyline, you’d likely get readers if you did a blog on it. Especially since it’s obvious that you’re a terrific writer, judging by your writing sample.

        LOL, awesome excerpt. But now I’m jealous because you write better than me! >.< Seriously! You could write something and get an agent or publisher. I guarantee it. *fights off moar jealousy* I bet your rainbowcy (sp?) has a lot of readers.

        I've read excerpts from those pubbed by medium-sized e-publishers, and those excerpts weren't as good as what you just wrote. 😯 No lie.

        Yup, you're the first as far as I know. So thank you!! πŸ˜€

        I really meant those compliments I posted above about your writing. It's one of the best-written excerpts I've ever seen in the Sims community. Keep up the good work. ^^ Your ideas are different too from most stories. If you ever decide to write a story and get it published, try Loose ID, I think you’d have a great chance with them.

      • Oh, the mud. The best part was that they had to hose them down.

        Yeah, my parents weren’t so protective of me. They figured if I watched them, I could handle them. They never figured my brother would force-feed me them. …sigh.

        It is VERY interesting. O.o

        Hm, a blog? I dunno. And better than you!? NAW! And a publisher…I wish. I’m still getting my proper book-learning, which means I can only get better :{D

        And that is the correct spelling, yes. I actually have a lot of hits, but I haven’t progressed much. Moar fans are always good…shattertherainbowcy.wordpress.com (:

        Will do! And thanks, really. You don’t know how much this meas to me :’D

    • ROFL! Sounds like a pain, actually. But if I were a teen, I’d love it. πŸ˜›

      Ah, that’s the bad thing about brothers. Seems like 98% of guys (of all ages) love all kinds of horror movies. Well, I do too, but not every. single. one. I don’t want to mention a certain movie Jason watched not too long ago. *shudders*

      Grindhouse Planet, that really sounds.. IDK, is it like on some other planet where they’re just killing peeps or something? Yeesh! πŸ˜›

      LOL, it sounded better than my writing, IMO. Not just sayin’ that. You won’t have to wish to get a publisher with that writing. Seriously, your excerpt was better than most of the stuff I’ve seen that’s been pubbed. Of course editors are idiots, so who knows. But I still think you have a great chance of making it someday. Well, if you get even better, then damn! O_O

      Cool beans. I’d imagine that you would get tons of hits. πŸ™‚ I hear you, moar fans are always better, but it comes at a price sometimes, like everything else… I think I already have a link to your site from here, but I’ll check anyway. ^_^ edit: agh, sorry I didn’t have it on here. >.< but now it is! πŸ™‚

      Aww, no problem. *hugs*!! (and again, everything I said was true. In the last two years I've found out what kind of writing sells to pubs, and yeah… you write 'strongly' from what I've seen). πŸ˜€

  8. I’m sorry, but I laughed out loud seeing Kat stomping on that snake.

    Yay for Gavin-goodness. πŸ˜‰ Mhm… I see Aubrey isn’t over her jealousy yet. Okay it’s one thing to be ticked off at Kat about HUnter,and telling her s*** during the pregnancy, but now that the boys had such a rough start and are fine now, Aubrey needs to chill. Hey, Aubrey, borrow a page from V’s book.

    Awww, Kat and Lauren are captured. Someone needs to tell V and Hunter….

    Maybe it’s Jakub coming back!!! Or Shawn!
    Oh about those Czech names… I ask you before, but I was just wondering what made you choose Czech names? Homage to Dracula and Transylvania?

    Holy moly 80 chapters!!! You are crazy! πŸ˜‰ But I love this story!!!

    • haha, you don’t have to be sorry about that! There are some funny parts in every chapter of this story. That is pretty funny about her stomping the snake. I also tried to make the part where Hunter stormed up the steps somewhat comical as well… right after Kat told her friend about their arguing. XD

      I think you’ll like the next chapter even better.. hehe. Nah, Aubrey’s not quite over that yet. She needs to be, though. Time for her to grow up. LOL good point, she really does need to borrow a page from V’s book. Seriously.

      LOL, yeah someone needs to mention it to V. and Hunter. If not, then Kat and Lauren are just screwed.
      No comment on your next statement. πŸ™‚

      I’m not really sure what made me choose Czech. I’m weird. XD I do like the idea of foreign vampires, though. I used a German one in my first vampire book, so I wanted to use a similar heritage or whatever in this story, but not the exact same.

      πŸ˜† tell me something I don’t already know, dude (about me being crazy). Thank you Jed. Me loves your stories too. ^_^

      Oh yes, and Liam showed up. I don’t think I have the exact ‘skin’ that you used, but hopefully it’ll do anyway.

  9. Bad Gavin, bad! What in the world is he planning to do with those girls? I’m glad he didn’t get the twins, but still. I hope the girls will be okay! Oh, and Kat’s and Hunter’s house looks great! I really like it! Too bad Hunter is being kind of mean about the mother thing. 😦 That snake, lol she squished its head in flip flops. Yuck! Can’t wait to find out what happens next!!!

    • haha, I don’t think Gavin even knows what to do with them. XD But maybe all that will come out in a later chapter, his reasons for ‘stealing’ them.

      Yeah, very awesome that he didn’t get the twins! πŸ˜€ As for the girls, maybe they’ll be OK. Thank you (about K and Hunter’s house)! I built it and used it for another story. Since it didn’t get much use in the other story, I decided to use it as Hunter’s home. True, Hunter is being crappy to Kat again. They’re both being silly, but I guess Hunter’s being somewhat worse.

      Aubrey also needs to get over herself and stop putting stupid thoughts into her daughter’s mind. Although she did most of that crap while Kat was still preggers. :/

      LOL yeah, Kat squashed that snake’s head in flip flops. πŸ˜› That is pretty nasty, eh?

      Thanks TW! ^_^ *hugs*

  10. I just love their house! is it available for download? oh pretty pretty please? I noticed it was the same house from dancer. its so amazing. I couldnt build a decent house in the game to save my life! lol

    • (I see I missed this comment). Seems pointless to reply 7 mos. later…

      Sorry Kristy… >.<

      Yeah it's the same house from Dancer. I'm not the greatest builder either, tbh.

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