One Hundred and Two…

One Hundred and Two: Forbidden Fruit

Contains explicit sexual content, and nudity including full-frontal male nudity while ‘aroused’. Read/look at your own risk.

note: I did a poll, and more people voted to see male FFN in this story.

A full week passed since Lauren returned from Kat’s house.

She detected something was wrong almost as soon as she’d entered the door. Vaclav and Reznik weren’t speaking. One week later, they barely made small talk.

Lauren tried not to concern herself with it. Though she couldn’t help but wonder what had happened while she was gone.

Lauren joined the ‘I’m Not Speaking to Rez’ Club, after the way he treated her before she left.

In fact she tried to dress up a little bit, show some leg in the hopes Vaclav might notice her. Sometimes he did; sometimes he didn’t.

His eyes were on her as he passed by.

Lauren’s heart skipped.

Seemed as if he wanted to talk to her about something, but didn’t know how to begin.

Hopefully the King of Shadowvale feels the same way about me, as I do him. And of course he can’t mention it. His own son is my lover.

But not much of a lover anymore.

Reznik looked preoccupied with his own thoughts. Bothered by something… what could it be?

Two days afterward, Reznik went on a trip to Leesburg to discuss a few things with Dr. Hatcher. Or so that’s what Rez had said. Lauren wondered if he was lying and really planned to go somewhere and screw around.

Lucifer, Cody and Azura left with Kat and Hunter. They would spend two nights at the Logan home. Lauren was very grateful for the break.

Lauren and Vaclav were left alone at the manor.

Left. Alone. Together.

Vaclav joined her in the piano room. He hesitated next to the entry.

Then he circled around to the sofa and sat.

He cleared his throat.

Nervous. He’s nervous. Though likely not as nervous as I, Lauren thought.

She squeezed her fingers together, noticed what she was doing and stopped.

Vaclav scooted closer to her.

Lauren’s heart beat harder. God. I hope you can’t hear my heart going into a frenzy. That’s how it once reacted whenever Reznik walked into the room.

He glanced over at her. She looked away.

Relief took hold of her when Vaclav finally spoke.

“I have to tell you something about Reznik.”

About Reznik?

“What is it? Is it bad?” she asked.

“Yes. No. I mean… ”

Lauren had never seen Vaclav act so flustered.

“It’s nothing,” he said. “I’m just a little worried about your relationship. That’s all. You both seem distant.”

“You noticed?”

“Yes, but I know this is none of my business so I’ll just leave it at that.”

“No. It’s okay. We can talk about it.”

Slowly, Vaclav shook his head ‘no’.

But why? I want to talk about this with you. I need someone to spill my guts to. I haven’t even told Kat!

He got up. “I can’t talk to you about my son. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. Forget it.”

Lauren went for a swim.

The beautiful surroundings of the backyard resort sank into each of her senses. Water massaged her skin, her body as she floated amidst the gentle waves. Bubbles soared to and fro, some popping.

Somewhere far off, an owl hooted an eerie tune.

She swam to the other side.

Lingering next to the huge fountain, she wondered where Vaclav was and what he was doing.

At least swimming helped get her mind off her problems; if only for a few moments.

“Mind if I join you?” Vaclav asked. She turned.

There he was. Lauren never thought she’d see the day when Vaclav wore a pair of swim shorts.

Laughter rose up in her throat. She stifled it.

He dove into the water.

Vaclav stayed beneath several seconds, then suddenly erupted at the surface.

“Ah, yeah! This feels great,” he enthused.

She regarded him.

It was weird swimming with Vaclav. But he appeared even more attractive with water-soaked hair and skin.

Droplets rolled down his handsome face. Then Lauren realized she was staring.

Embarrassed, she swam back to the other side of the pool.

Vaclav followed.

He splashed her and laughed.

Interesting. I’ve never seen you act like a kid before.

He grew serious again.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I only think it’s best you speak with Reznik about your problems. I should stay out of it.”

“You don’t have to keep apologizing. Really, it’s okay. And you’re right. If I have a problem with Reznik, I should talk to him about it.”

“You’re not angry with me then?”

Vaclav was worried she might be angry? That stunned Lauren.

“I think there was only one time when I was ever angry with you, Vaclav. I’m certainly not angry now.”

“Good.” He smiled, asked if she wanted to have a silly ‘breath-holding contest’.

Although Vaclav would obviously be the winner, Lauren agreed. They ducked beneath the water.

Chlorine stung her eyes at first.

Silly, silly Vaclav. He had such an unfair advantage over her.

At times, one’s feet and legs brushed against the other’s. Whenever his leg touched hers, currents of desire fired throughout her body.

Surreptitiously, Lauren’s eyes lowered to the area between his thighs, hoping to catch a glimpse of his dick and/or balls.

No such luck.

Being so close to him, with the water all around caressing their bodies, she wanted him.

Wanted him badly.

Time to quell those flames.

Lauren propelled to the top.

Sucked in a breath of precious air.

He stayed under several minutes longer. She started to get bored.

Vaclav broke through.

Yes. I’m better at staying underwater longer than you.” He chuckled.

Lauren returned his laughter.

Silence ensued…

until Vaclav headed toward her.

“What are you doing?”

“I wasn’t going to tell you this, but you don’t deserve the way my son has been treating you.” His eyes penetrated hers. “You deserve better, Lauren.”

“I know.” She stopped breathing.

“I love my son,” he said. “But I love you too.” His arms draped around her.

“You love me?”

“I’ve told you that before.”

“Friendly love? Or love-love?” Oh no. Shouldn’t have asked that.

“I’m not sure what you’re asking. Love is love, isn’t it?” He embraced her.

Then he kissed her on the cheek, lips; driving her crazy.

Do you want me or not?! Stop playing these games.

Finally Vaclav claimed her mouth in a deep kiss…

Time stopped. Vaclav’s cold tongue invaded her mouth; tasting, licking.

Yes. He definitely wants me.

His kiss just went on, and on, and on. Lauren never imagined that one day she’d be making out with Vaclav Haas in his backyard pool.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I can no longer hide how I feel for you.”

Lauren stroked his face. “I don’t want you to hide it anymore, Vaclav.”

“I swear, it would be much easier to forget you if my son loved you like he should.”

“But he doesn’t, so… please don’t stop showing your love for me,” she said. “I need it. I’ve needed it for a long time.”

“I have too,” he replied. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed the feeling of being in love.”

“Yes. I do know.”

“Of course you do.” He smiled and grasped her hand. Vaclav pulled her to the fountain at the edge of the pool.

They kissed as droplets rained down upon them.

His left hand slid down the side of her thigh. Caressing, loving her like his son should have.

Tears flooded her eyes. She held in a sob, unsure if her emotions had to do with joy or despair, or both.

“I can love you,” Vaclav breathed. “Oh, God… I can give you love that you’ve never imagined.” Vaclav unfastened the back of her bikini top.

Keep going. Lauren squeezed her eyes shut. Tears streamed out.

Her top fell off and floated away. Vaclav yanked down his shorts, then slowly tugged down the bottom of her bikini.

“Are you sure you want my love?” he said between kisses. “My love is possessive, obsessive… but you will never be neglected. That I can promise.”

“Yes I’m sure.”

His rock-hard erection poked her down below. If they weren’t careful, it’d find its way inside her.

Maybe that’s what he wanted. Maybe that’s what she wanted.

Yes. Yes it was.

She glanced down. Vaclav grabbed his penis and tried to jab it in.

It was awkward, partly because they were in water.

Ah, ah, ah...” Warm fluid met her inner thigh as he ejaculated. “Fuck… I wanted to be inside you. We… must’ve made out for too long. Either that, or you turn me on too much.”

Lauren panted, gasping, trying to catch her breath.

“I can get hard again in a few minutes,” he said. “If you still want to make love.”

“Yes. I do.”

Vaclav laid out a blanket. Lauren sank to the ground; he climbed on top.

As promised, it didn’t take long before he was ready again.

He eased it up inside her.

Lauren wrapped her legs around him, her body moving in sync with his thrusts.

Lauren, you are so… beautiful,” he said. “So sweet… so innocent.”


He trailed soft kisses all over her face, neck; not just having sex with her but truly making love to her. Lauren had never felt so needed or loved.


This must be what heaven is like…

Vaclav, my love. This is everything I dreamed it would be.

I know I can’t compare to your beautiful Aubrey. But I will do my best.


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  1. Robin! *squee* You got them together! I was SO hoping you’d do that. Lauren deserves someone like V. He’ll treat her right! Plus Rez was cheating so she has every right to be with her dad! Humph!

    Awesome chapter! Can’t wait for more ^_^


    • Oh god, I meant HIS dad O_O

    • hey there! Congrats on the first place win! πŸ˜€ <33 I know it's not really much, but better than nothing (100 simPoints, lol). And thanks for the comment, I really didn't think too many people would agree with V. getting together with Lauren, and I wouldn't blame anyone for that.

      Glad you are happy how the plot turned out, though!

      Lauren does deserve a guy who will treat her with plenty of attention and appreciation. Just kinda sad that Vaclav was the one to do it, considering he's Rez's father, and Rez has always gotten along with his dad.

      Thanks again! ^_^

      • Oh 100 is plenty! It was so very sweet of you to do this! πŸ™‚

        I am happy because it’s nice to see V and Lauren happy. Ah yes, like I told that other reader, there probably will be bumps along the road… but they’ll get through it. Rez apparently did love her enough anyways. He cheated on her for a guy and always ignored her. The poor girl.

      • Ack. I meant didn’t love her enough. Me and my spelling x.x

        Jenssims: crap, it’s not really letting me reply now, I guess ’cause I closed the comments. LOL. Anyhow, don’t worry about your spelling. I don’t care about that shizz. I only care about that when I’m writing, is all. I don’t care about how others spell, especially in comments. Anyhow, you are sweet, and I really hope you like the goodies! πŸ˜€ ~ Jenssims

  2. hello again! oh how i have missed commenting, btw you have done a great job with all th chapters! my username is jewittalex btw πŸ˜‰ xxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Yay! Can comment once again! Rez really sucks. He doesn’t know the meaning of love, unlike Vaclav.

    Always made time to read this, even if I’m in a different country or still in the USA. If not obvious, this is one of my favorites. And I hardly ever talk much.

    • Sims 3 page is:

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  4. Pick me pick me!!! lol

    Yay for steamy chapters! Yum! I’ve been wondering for a while if Vaclav and Lauren would get together. She looks a lot like Aubrey! So sad that she’s no longer with us though. 😦 I wonder how Reznik will react if he finds out his dad and wife did the nasty. hahahaha Great chapter once again, can’t wait to read more! And congrats on over 100 chapters!

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      Thank you for your congrats too! πŸ˜€ Also, thanks for posting the link to your wishlist. I might be able to use that next week! ^^

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  6. I’m so sad, I just couldn’t be happy this chapter. I know Vaclav deserves to be happy but this just depressed me. Him and Lauren can never measure up to Vaclav and Aubrey, their love was epic and beautiful.

    • I usually don’t put my two sense in there but can I just say… I do agree with you on that. I mean, she will never be Aubrey but V does deserve to love someone again and Lauren is an amazing girl. Sure she won’t be Aubrey, but it doesn’t make he worth any less. If anything I’m happy for V and for Lauren. They’ve had no one to love for so long and just deserve some peace and happiness in their lives. I really see this as a relationship that could cause some bumps along the road with other people but it’s clear that they love and respect one another- Just like Aubrey and V did. No relationship is perfect but at least they’ll be happy again.


      • Well said!

        Lauren has had it hard from the start. Jakub played with her. Rez is cheating and depriving her of the emotional connect she was looking for and to top it off, she nursed two babies with no break. She deserves the kind of love Vaclav can give her.

    • hey megsy, long time no see! Aww, well I truly do understand why it might’ve depressed you. I also saw that coming, where readers do not agree with Vaclav and Lauren’s relationship. Lauren is not Aubrey, and that’s the problem. She seems a little childish, in a way, maybe not quite good enough for the likes of Vaclav, who is the big bad King of vampires in Shadowvale. So I do know where you’re coming from, I really do.

      In a way, I feel the same way, and worried about pairing them together because of it. On the other hand, a part of me likes how Vaclav is similar to a father figure for Lauren (not to sound perverted) and how he can ‘guide’ her through life and maybe eventually into the realm of vampirism, if she decides to become an immortal later.

      I agree, V and Aubrey’s love together was epic and beautiful. But just because Aubrey’s dead doesn’t mean it’s entirely the end…. I’ll let you mull that one over. hehe.

      But again, I do understand what you are saying. And thanks for the comment!

  7. Jax and Qui: thank you guys for the wonderful comments. I do appreciate it. I can see the issue from both sides… in a way, megsy is right… but in another way, you guys are right as well. It’s just… all screwed up, basically. Very dysfunctional vampire family. πŸ˜›


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