One Hundred and Twenty-Seven…

One Hundred and Twenty-Seven: Coming of Age

Contains sexual content.

Underlings searched for Esha’s whereabouts while Reznik skimmed through his spellbooks looking for immunity spells. It was difficult considering Esha’s potential curse was a specific and unusual incantation (powered with the skull), and Rez had no idea what to look for in his books. It’d be something regarding lycan curses but so far he hadn’t found anything.

He was getting frustrated.

Esha was also quite elusive. She could not be found. At least not yet.

Time was running out.

Six months… Four months… Two months

Those hands of time seemed to be in a rush.

Not long ago Azura turned 17.

She and Ezra horse-played in the back yard.

Azura’s laughter echoed in the vast, barren area.

Barren save for the small forest next to the property.

“I’m gonna rip your wing off,” she shouted grabbing it.

“No you’re not.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that. What if I did? What are you gonna do about it?” She jerked on it.

“OUCH. Stop that shit.”


“You better get the fuck away from me… if you know what’s good for you.”

Oooh… sexy talk!”

“Sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy!”

He spun around and tried to grab her.

Azura took off.

His footfalls thumped behind her.

Shit! He’s catching up! I’m totally screwed! Haha!

“Azura!” he called. “Don’t be afraid. I’m only gonna bite you.”

Promise?” She laughed again.

“You bet!”

Azura halted.

What the…

“Aww, look! I didn’t know Shadowvale had unicorns.”

“I’ve seen a few hang out in this area before,” he said.

“Wow. So pretty.”

Slowly, she headed for them.

Her hand eased to its head. She tried not to scare it off.

“Atta boy… or girl.” She didn’t peek beneath to clarify its gender.

Animals’ privates are yucky, she reflected.

She continued stroking its luminous fur. Soft like silk.

He or she was gorgeous, hypnotic.

“See, I won’t hurt you.”

It whinnied, pawed the earth.

“So pretty,” Azura whispered. “I can’t keep my eyes off you.”

Yet, she pivoted around. Ezra approached.

Now she couldn’t keep her eyes off him.

Maybe he felt the same way. For his eyes of gold locked with hers.

They embraced.

Though his skin exuded a chill, there was a warmth about him.

She saw it especially in his eyes.

A sudden silence enveloped all around.

Not even a cricket chirped.

“Unicorns are beautiful. This whole place is beautiful,” she breathed gazing up at him.

You’re beautiful,” he said.

Sheer disbelief. Did he really say that?

I must be hearing things.

“I love you.” Ezra drifted closer.

Even though it took you months to say it. But she didn’t care, she melted in return to his sweet words. Melted in return to his gentle touch.

Ezra’s lips met hers. One gentle kiss evolved into a sexier one, as his tongue brushed hers only for a second.

More kissing. Rougher, but not too rough.

An amazing lip locker. The kind that brought out those little sensations of pleasure.

His tongue slid farther. Lips circulating, his body commanded submission as it leaned forward.

Need, desire, temptation overpowered her.

She gave in.

He lowered her amidst the carpet of perennials. Their lips never parted.

Emerald grass. Amber blossoms.

Mmm.” Ezra’s kisses shifted between ferocious and sweet.

Soon they stayed ferocious.

She wanted more. He prepared to give it.

Ezra rose up long enough to begin undressing.

So did she.

Now naked, his full, heavy weight pressed against her. Muscular abs squished her.

That was fine.

Wings flapped.

When he was fully ready, Ezra’s wings fell and cradled her body, pushing her even closer to him.

Something her daddy said tried to break through her memory. She chose to let his words dissipate.

Azura was feeling way too good to think about familial lectures.

“Oh my God… Ezra…

The gorgeous vamp/demon’s hips pumped. Hard-on stroked in and out, going deep.

His mouth gaped, cat eyes rolled back with bliss.

He clutched blades of grass, other debris and pulled.

Azura raked her nails over his bucking backside.

Ezra cried out. His cock pulsed, hard as steel as it burst inside her.

Strangely, he never bit her.

Lucifer and Mila never mentioned what happened when they smoked marijuana. His memory of that night was still foggy.

Though he and Mila were best friends, Lucifer had grown accustomed to the disappointment of unrequited love.

Yes. He still loved her.

As for his recent seventeenth birthday, Lucifer enjoyed his very own personal celebration…

by jerking off in the bathtub.

Oh, yeah. Visions of Mila (and a dozen other hot girls) danced in his head.

Danced… naked.

Of course Mila was the center of his fantasy. The one he’d loved for the past three years.

Up and down went his hand.

He was getting good at it. After all, he’d had plenty of practice.

And suddenly that warmth came to an excruciating release.

That bath water had no idea what was coming.

An explosion that could’ve rocked the mansion from its foundation, send it several feet into the air.


Only a day later he was at it again.

Rubbing, stroking, fucking himself into oblivion.

“Hurry up, Lucifer. I know you’re in there.” Reznik pounded on the door. “All the other bathrooms are taken, dammit!”

“H—hold on a minute. I’m almost… d—done.”

*Jerk, jerk, jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk *

“I know what you’re doing in there,” Rez said.

“Fuck off!”

“No. You do that enough yourself.”

Hurry! Hurry! C’mon! Lucifer’s entire body shook, trembled as he stroked away.

Reznik continued banging on the door.

Shit. I can’t get off like this!

Rez snickered.

Lucifer exhaled. That orgasm crept upon him and completed itself.

Why? He imagined a certain girl’s boobs in his face. It also helped when his brother shut up.

“Okay. I’m done.”


Lucifer glared at Reznik. “Don’t you have an immunity spell to do?”

“Yeah.” Rez laughed. “I finally found one and plan to use it in the next day or two.”

“Oh. Good.” Good for the immediate family. Bad for Mila, unless Lucifer tells the family about her.

Lance already found out about her by accident. He’d caught her leaving the bathroom.

So now both Azura and Lance knew about Mila. Lucifer made Lance swear not to tell. And a little threatening never hurt.

Afterward, Lucifer listened to Rez and his father’s conversation.

“I’ll perform the incantation tomorrow night. Azura called. She wants me to do immunity for Ezra too.”

Vaclav nodded. “I’ll leave everything up to you, son. You know what’s best.”

“At least pregnant women and anyone under 13 will be safe. And Brent Novak, since he’s up Esha’s ass.”

Vaclav chortled.

Damn. What about Mila? What am I gonna do?

Do I tell Reznik and risk getting her kicked out of the house? She’d be in an even worse predicament.

Do I look up the immunity spell myself? That might be the best choice.

He laid in bed and worried. Thoughts flooded his brain.

What if my immunity spell doesn’t work? What if I’m not as powerful as Reznik?

A tapping came from the wall. On the other side was the bathroom.

“Lucifer?” Mila hissed from beyond. “I forgot a towel. Can you get me one?”

He lunged from the bed. “Hold on,” he called.

Glancing around to ensure no one was watching, he brought her the towel.

“Don’t look,” she said. He spun around and she took the towel.

“Thanks.” The door closed.

“Yeah.” He couldn’t hide the disappointment from his voice.

But then he came up with an idea. It was genius… sorta.

He fell into bed and removed all thoughts from his mind. Just before nodding off, the spirit wolf leaped from his body.

Why didn’t I think about doing this shit before? I used to do it all the time when I was fifteen.

Lucifer headed to the bathroom.

Oh. My. God.

His tongue flew out. If he were of flesh and bone, Lucifer knew he’d be drooling.

Brushing teeth in the nude. For the win.

He groaned, awakened.

An odd smile erupted on his face.

Unfortunately, he needed to change his boxers.

Reznik and Elijah met in a quiet, romantic spot to begin their zillionth date.

They knew each other so well that the next step should be marriage.

A nice, slow, sloppy kiss to kick things off.

Later, Rez knew he’d be getting off.

But that’s not good.

“Fuck no,” Rez muttered.

“What? What’s wrong?” Elijah asked.

Reznik only stared.

Those black beasts multiplied before his glowing eyes.