One Hundred and One…

One Hundred and One: Unrequited Desire

You know the drill. First scene ‘shows’ Vaclav playing with himself. 😀 Nudity and explicit stuff.

Reznik gave his father some Playboy magazines the other day. Some of them dated back a few years.

Vaclav was glad to have the chance to try out his bigger prick since feeding. Before that, he didn’t have much of one; considering he was skeletal.

He tugged on his penis a few times. It thickened, grew hard. He stared at some blonde woman in the centerfold.

She had nice breasts. Huge. But once you’ve seen one set, you’ve seen them all.

His gaze wavered from the centerfold girl. Though the intensity was building in his erection, his mind raced for another source of stimulation. The magazines weren’t cutting it.

He was an old-fashioned man and should’ve known photos wouldn’t do the job. Not like the real thing, or…

He stood in front of the toilet.

Don’t do it, Vaclav. I know it’s tempting, but…

Oh, God. Is it ever tempting. Aubrey’s alluring visage flashed before his mind’s eyes.

There was no going back now.

Yank, yank. Jerk, jerk.

Just when his dick couldn’t possibly get any harder, larger, or hotter, he came.

After not getting off in a year, it was a good one; like a nuclear explosion.

Ah, yeah. Godyeah.”

Vaclav trembled. Immediately he regretted fantasizing about Aubrey.

It was almost like being back at square one again.

“When will I ever fully get over you, Aubrey?”

Vaclav entered the den. He held hands with some strange woman.

Who was she? And why were they holding hands? A sickening sensation hit Lauren deeply in the stomach.

“I’d like to introduce Adrienne. She’s my date tonight. She is also the one Reznik fixed me up with last week.” He cleared his throat. “Adrienne was kind enough to allow me to feed from her.”

“Have a good time,” Lauren said. And I’d let you suck my neck anytime, if you’d give me a chance.

Vaclav leaned over and kissed Adrienne.

Lauren quickly looked away.

“Don’t wait up for me in the morning,” Vaclav said turning. His arm forcefully turned Adrienne with him. She was almost like a mannequin or puppet, didn’t care how Vaclav treated her as long as she got to date a vampire.

As for Vaclav, he was probably using her for sex. His last statement only helped to prove it.

The door slammed as they left.

“That woman couldn’t hold a candle to Mom,” Reznik muttered.

Lauren twisted around.

“Then why the hell did you set him up with her?”

Reznik gawked. One eyebrow slightly lifted.

Lauren was surprised at her own anger. Hurry up and back-track, she told herself. He’s looking at me funny.

“All I mean is… why didn’t you fix him up with someone better? Anyone would probably be better than Adrienne.” How lame.

Reznik acted as if he didn’t know what to say.

Exiting the room, he tossed her an accusatory glance.

Lauren simply shrugged. Screw it.

Two hours later Vaclav was still out. Rez was doing God knows what, and the children were sleeping except for Azura.

Lauren’s daughter nestled on her lap. The little girl’s presence comforted her.

My sweet baby girl. You’ve no idea what I’m going through, and I don’t want you to know what I’m going through. Ever.

Men suck.

Azura gazed at her with large, luminous eyes. She was so innocent.

I don’t want you to grow up and find out about the evil behaviors of men.

Azura stood. “Mom,” she said. “Mom. Mom, mom, mom.”

Lauren’s mind drifted to Vaclav…

Why did you kiss me? Why lead me on like that, if you were only going to disappoint me by dating that… woman? I don’t get it. I don’t understand men. What makes them do the things they do? Is it just me? What is wrong with me? Why do the Haas men treat me like some fucking disease? Even when they start out loving me, they end up hating me.


And what did your kiss mean? Was it just friendly?

A tear rolled down Lauren’s cheek.

Your kiss didn’t seem friendly. It seemed loving. Something I’ve needed for a long time.

Azura turned to her mother. “Cry,” she said. “Mommy cry.”

Then Azura started to cry.

“I’m going to spend the weekend with Kat and Hunter,” Lauren said.

“I’ve already called her and she said it was okay. It’s just for two days. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I don’t care what you do.”

Of course you don’t care.

A full moon shone down on Kat and Hunter’s home.

Kat chatted with her husband. Lauren wasn’t really listening to their conversation.

Her mind was on other things. Like, how it’d only been a day and she already missed Azura, Louis, and Cody. Although another part of her was glad for the break. Lauren was also glad to get out of the house, be away from Reznik and their problems.

Lauren gathered the boys into her arms. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s being a mother.

She couldn’t sleep early that morning, however.

Sounds of Kat and Hunter making love drifted from the next room.

Wonderful. Now I have to listen to them getting it on when I can’t get any myself. I can’t get any real love, let alone sex.

So depressing.

She rose up on the bed.

I love you… so much,” Hunter moaned.

You too,” Kat returned as the bed creaked.

I wish I could have a love like that, Lauren thought, then felt guilty for ever begrudging it to her friend. Kat deserves a love like that, after all she’s went through trying to get Hunter. I’m truly happy for her. I only wish I could find someone stable too.

Either way, Kat can never know I have a crush on her father.


Hearing kissing sounds coming from his son’s bedroom, Vaclav was horrified.

Who is he kissing? Lauren’s not home. Vaclav stood outside the door. Should I open it or not?

More kissing sounds and short, soft gasps of pleasure. Jesus. I hope he’s not having sex with her; whomever she is.

How could he do this to Lauren? She’s such a sweet girl.

Before thinking any further, Vaclav plowed through the doorway.

He looked.

First thought: Dear God. She has her shirt off.

Second thought: Christ, that’s NOT a girl!

A few more kisses passed between them, as if Vaclav weren’t standing in the room.


“Dad! Get out of my bedroom!”

“No, I will not. What are you doing?

“Don’t judge me; we were only kissing. I’m bisexual… and haven’t been with a guy in years. I missed it.” He hesitated. “I still love Lauren but I’m confused right now, alright?”

“No, it’s not alright. Either you tell Lauren or I will. She has a right to know. Lauren’s a wonderful girl who doesn’t deserve this.” Vaclav shook his head in disbelief.

Reznik frowned.