Fifty-Six: Propagation of the Species

Contains harsh language.

A patchwork of flowers surrounded them.

Yeah. It was one dream she never wanted to wake up from.

Hunter settled on top, dipping down to kiss her.

His lips just centimeters from her nose…

then she woke up.


But another thought occurred to her…

Some of her dreams could foretell the future. Hopefully this would be one of them.

Speak of the devil. Her heart began its usual thunderous pattern.

Thump thump thump thump.

“Your mother’s here. It’s time to go home. You can get your injections at home and I’ll see you once a week for exams.”

“No. I don’t want to leave,” she said.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Kat. Good-bye.”

“Are you really that afraid of me?” she asked.

He halted. Then he turned and stormed up to her.

Her eyes widened, she slightly recoiled.

“Okay, yes I’m afraid of you! You look like her, you smell like her! It’s fucking with my head!”

“I couldn’t wait to get you away from me! So can’t you just leave and stop being a little bitch?”

Kat scowled, disbelieving every word of Hunter’s hurtful tirade.

“And if you want to tell the staff about my injections, THEN TELL THEM!”

“I won’t be blackmailed by some kid!”

“Okay, okay! I won’t tell!”

She stepped back. So he still loves her… my stupid mother.

He glowered at her, but then softened.

“Look, I’m sorry. It’s just that seeing Aubrey again, seeing Vaclav, seeing you grown up… it’s all so fucked up. I mean, I used to hold you when you were a baby. I’ll never forget that. You’re almost like a daughter to me, Kat.”

She wouldn’t forgive him that easily.

“Just leave me alone, Dr. Logan.”

“And my mother doesn’t love you anymore!” she wailed. “She hasn’t loved you in years! She loves my dad! So don’t even think about trying to seduce her!”

He left without answering.

Kat eyed the vials of blood on the table.

After confessing her love to him on the bathroom mirror, she gulped down the blood.

Vaclav walked the path toward the one who sired him.

One of Vaclav’s subordinates told him two days earlier that a strange creature named Pavel Tkadlec wished to speak with him.

Now he recognized him, this strange demon/vampire that was once… simply a vampire. Now what was he? 

“What are you doing here? And what do you want with me?” Vaclav asked.

“Ten years ago I moved to Shadowvale to live among the other night stalkers,” he said. “I believe that, ultimately, you and I could rule this land together. Perhaps eventually the outer regions as well.”

“No. I appreciate the offer, though.”

“I understand how you feel, but with our powers and clans combined we could potentially rule the world. Even you cannot deny the mortal population in Shadowvale is dwindling.” He paused. “Do you not want absolute power?”

“Again I appreciate the sentiment, but the whole idea makes me nervous.”

Pavel’s eyes were like lifeless yellow stones. “This isn’t over. Perhaps you’ll change your mind.”

“Yeah. Perhaps.”

Indeed, the idea was tempting… but what’s that saying? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Meanwhile, Aubrey noticed that Kat didn’t seem very happy to be home.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah. My stomach just hurts a little.”

Aubrey’s brow furrowed with concern. But if Kat wasn’t well enough to go home, Hunter wouldn’t have signed for her discharge.

She headed outside.

Then wondered why the hell she kept catching Reznik and Keith kissing.

Either way, Vaclav would never know. But if the two kept going with their public displays of affection, Vaclav was bound to find out.

She felt hands on her mid-section.


“Wha—what are you doing?” Her eyes darted to Reznik and Keith…

Oh, Jesus. Thank God. Maybe he didn’t see them kissing.

“Did I scare you, my essence?”

Kinda, but not in the way you intended.


“Do you realize how beautiful you are?” he said.

Just seven little words and she was ready to jump into bed with him. He knew exactly what he was doing.

They went inside the house and into the piano room.

Then they made out like horny teenagers.

Reznik’s sexuality was long forgotten. Now the only thing that mattered was Vaclav’s sexuality, and how much Aubrey wanted to have sex with him.

The Haas family had a visitor the following day. He seemed very angry about something.

“Let me in! I need to talk to Reznik!” he shouted banging on the door.

“Who the hell are you?” Vaclav asked.

“This is Tobias! Tia’s boyfriend!”

Aubrey’s body felt like it was sinking into a pit of despair. She could only imagine what Tia’s boyfriend wanted with Reznik.

She glanced back at him. He behaved very nonchalantly, like he didn’t have a care in the world. Meanwhile some guy threatened to beat his ass.

“Let me in!” He pounded on the door.

“Fuck off.”

Tobias kicked the door in.

He headed straight for Reznik. Vaclav grabbed him and held him off.

“I’m going to kill the little fucker!” Tobias struggled against Vaclav.

“You’re not going to kill anyone…”

“Reznik, what did you do?” Aubrey whispered.

“He got Tia pregnant! She finally admitted it! She’s home bleeding all over the place!”

“Oh, my God.”

“Um… sorry?”

“What does that little prick have that I don’t? What did she see in him?

“A bigger dick?”

Tobias had a crazed look on his face. Like he was so beyond pissed, he couldn’t see straight… except maybe his own desires to murder Reznik.

“Tobias, I’m sorry my son did this,” Vaclav said. “But you need to leave. I’ll deal with Reznik.”

“No. I want to deal with him myself.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Tobias was silent.

To Aubrey’s shock, he burst into tears…

“He’s destroyed everything I had!” he cried.

“Uh, Tobias,” Vaclav awkwardly began. “It’ll be okay…”

“No, it won’t! I loved her so much! Now she’s having a miscarriage after some kid knocked her up!” he bawled.

Reznik snickered. How cruel he was acting!

Tobias calmed down, although fresh tears streamed down his face.

He quietly left. The newfound silence was eerie.

Vaclav spun around.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Vaclav shouted.

“Nothing. I’m only following in your footsteps, Dad.”

“More like your brother Jakub’s! Now I’m going to beat the shit out of you!”

“No, you’re not,” Aubrey said, now holding off Vaclav. It was a strange game they played.

Vaclav settled down, but continued glaring at Reznik. They would have to figure out what to do with their wayward son.

Then Aubrey saw the rage on Ash’s face.

What did she have to be angry about?

She slapped Reznik.

As always, he was unfazed.

Total clone of Jakub. Aubrey shuddered.


“Dr. Logan, there’s something in the bathroom you should see,” Nurse Patterson said. “Also, the blood vials are missing.”

Moments later, he stared up at the words written in blood.

Oh, God.

“Aubrey, Kat needs to be brought back in. Immediately.”


Thanks for reading. 🙂


24 Responses to “Fifty-Six…”

  1. Woo, first commenter?!
    Wow, I loved this. But Kat..oh dear:S

    Have you got Generations now? The release date is today in the UK, but I won’t get it until probably tomorrow, or the next day D:
    Is it good? What are your thoughts?:)

    • hi Emma! Yeah poor Kat. 😦 And thanks!!

      Yeah I got Generations on Tuesday. I keep getting lucky with that, because hubby said there were only TWO left at Gamestop, and none at all at Wal Mart! 😀 Aww, I’m sorry you won’t get it until tomorrow or so.

      Yeah I like it. It has TONS of new stuff, and new clothes and hair. I kinda like the clothes, and even the hair. The toddlers have a bunch of new stuff too in CAS. They were still kinda lazy though. Not enough new romance interactions and they didn’t bring back the slow dance. I give up on that, though. I haven’t thoroughly checked out the EP yet, been busy. But mostly seems great so far. I had Aubrey and V. woo hoo in the shower without the mosaic thingy, lol. The shower moves, but the couple just stood there meshed together. XD


      • how did you get the mosaic thingy to go away?

      • If I remember correctly, it’s the no-mosaic hack… there are actually several versions of it on various download sites. I’m not sure which ones, though… sorry I’m not more of a help. I just don’t have time to search for it, tbh. If you try to google it, a few things should come up.

  2. Umm, Kat? I’m scared! I think she is a little beyond a crush. Not that I blame her though! 😛 That dream looked hot and steamy! Mmmm Dr. Logan! I can’t wait for Kat to age! It would be so cool if when she did the table turned and he’d chase her!

    Reznik… My shock had died so I can talk now lol. Keith. Something about him stood out to me for some reason so I am not surprised!

    Tobias, poor cutie! He can come lay out my shoulder! I wonder if he kicked Tia’s ass since she too willingly played with “that kid” and got knocked up! I’m still trying to figure it out but I don’t trust her and wish for her death. Is that bad?

    Reznik is JUST LIKE JAKUB! So much so that it’s almost scary!

    Looks like Kat got what she wanted 😀
    I just hope that doesn’t fuck with her condition further.

    I love that the kids have their own very different stories!

    Vaclav ruling the world with creepy demovamp, I don’t know why it sounds like such a bad idea but I like it!

    • lol, you think? 😛 I don’t blame her either, I think I’d be writing his name all over the mirror too and saying I love him. Well, maybe not. But he’s still cute.

      Yes it did. 🙂 I can’t wait for Kat to age too… wouldn’t be a good idea to tread too much into pervert territory! haha good idea, that would be awesome for Hunter to eventually chase her!!

      Nothing Reznik does should shock anyone anymore. O_O speaking of Keith, he’s cute. LOL.

      God I hear ya. Tobias is fucking hot. Sorry about my language, but dang he is. I may have to have him return to the story laterz………
      and lol @ laying his head on your shoulder! SAME HERE!!! :p *slobber* LOL yeah Tia’s to blame too, not just Rez! The slut!

      Rez is turning more into Jakub every day! But then again, if Rez shows too much emotion a fire might start. >_>

      Yep, she got what she wanted. It’ll probably make her worse for a while again. Hunter might get pissed at her because of that, or he might feel bad for treating her like he did.

      Aww thank you Qui!!! ^_^

      Yeah, I finally had to get Roy’s story in there again. Also need to explain those new crop of vampires shortly, although it’s kinda obvious how they came to be!

      *hugs and love* lol ^^

      • Just looked over this again and BOYYYYYYY Tobias is hot! Seriously reuse him! I don’t know where but please! I’d like to bite him and pray he bites back!

      • Oooooh I know it! Yes, I am seriously thinking of reusing him, LOL. hahahahahaha! so hilarious! 😛

  3. Wow i loved this chapter. rez really is being a twat tho, so mean. and kat, she going to end up killing herself! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • thanks Carlie!! ♥ he is being a twat indeed! maybe Aubrey should’ve let V. beat the crap outta him! 😆 True about Kat, she needs mental help or somethin’. Meh, teenaged angst at its worst!

      <333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hehe

      • Aubrey should have let V beat him up, with his top off heheee. I know teens these days ey. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • haha, I think she should’ve let him beat the piss out of Rez too. XD

        Uh oh. To me, though, seems like most teens get a bad rap IRL. A lot of them are actually better behaved than some adults! LOL 😛 sad but true!
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3333333333333

  4. Good Chapter, Can’t wait for the next update and I hope Kat’s ok 🙂 Also I really hope Rez doesnt turn out like his brother.

    • Thank you Playermttjms! 😀 Well maybe he won’t turn out to be THAT bad. Maybe his parents can intervene and do something before it comes to that!

      Thanks for commenting, I do appreciate it! ^^

  5. Oh wow, there’s just so much going on. Poor Hunter, he’s going to have his heart broken by another Haas girl.
    Reznik’s reaction is rather terrifying, and the thought of him being like Jakub is not helping.
    I can’t wait to see where this all leads.

    • Hey there! Yeah, kinda looks that way right now. 😦

      LOL I hear ya. He’s pretty cold, poor Tobias. D:

      Thanks Cinnamon! 😀 <333

  6. Kat continues to crack me up. I love how overdramatic she is! PleasePleasePlease Reznik simply can’t join the dark side!!! Sleeping around with everyone is just fine but don’t make him like Jakub! Ahhhhh!

    • Hi Megsy ^^ She is kinda over dramatic, eh? 😛 LOL sleeping around with everyone is OK?! haha. Maybe his parents can save him before it’s too late and he turns into Jakub. ^_O


  7. Hm, lol Kat’s really falling for Hunter! Who wouldn’t, but wow 0.o! Poor Hunter, though, it seems like he really likes her, but if V. finds out then he’ll be screwed…. again.

    Aw, Rez. is turning out to be like Jakob was *cries*! Darn, I hated Jakub! Hopefully, he’ll be a little nicer?

    This whole Tia character seems suspicious and bad for Reznik. It’ll be really interesting to see how it plays out, though! Hm, not sure how I feel about V. possibly getting that much power. Seems like he would abuse it.

    Great chapter as always 😀 !

    • hey Mike! Hmmm, WordPress upgraded the comment box on here and it looks really weird. Anyway, oh yeah Kat wants Hunter. Badly. LOL. hehe, yes who wouldn’t? :p

      Hunter loves her like a daughter but he’s confused because she does remind him of Aubrey. And he knows Kat’s too young for him too. Soon I’ll have to do a small flash forward so that can change. 😀 but like you said that will open a whole new can of worms if V. ever found out, haha!

      Rez is having issues. But then again he can’t show too much emotion or he’ll start fires and explosions. 😆 seriously though, he is getting bad. I won’t make him where he’s totally bad as Jakub though! No worries.

      You think Tia’s suspicious? Maybe just a little slutty since she did Reznik while having a BF. 😛 You’re probably right about V, he kinda abused his power the last time, eh? LOL all those poor Shadows!

      Thanks Mike! *GLOMPS* ^^

  8. @_@

    Ummm….hawtness is Reznik, even though he’s gonna turn out like his brother,

    Kat is freaking gorgeous, and I love how melodramatic she makes things,

    Hunter is a jackass and shouldn’t still love Aubrey,

    and <33333333333333333333

    • Hi Angie!

      I hear ya. I still like Reznik. Seriously I’ll try not to make him as bad as Jakub, I know no one really wants that (don’t blame anyone for it either). What I need in the story is a whole new cute but bad character. O.O Maybe I’ll bring Jakub back eventually again….

      Yeah she’s pretty, isn’t she? ^^ haha, teen angst! (I know I always repeat myself, lol)

      rofl you could be right about that! He needs to get over it already!! 😛

      Thanks Angie!! And I still (obviously) have SO many plans for your Roy character!

      *hugs* <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  9. Holy crap! Reznik got Tia pregnant too?! But how? They didn’t have sex, did they? I could’ve sworn they didn’t…unless my memory sucks that bad or he did it (pardon the pun) with his mind. lol Scary that he’s so much like Jakub though. Also, Kat is spiraling downhill pretty fast. She confessed her love to a guy in blood and then drank it, blech. I hope she’ll be okay. Vaclav and Aubrey sure have their hands full with their kids and relationships! I wonder if Vaclav will find out about Rez’s sexuality. Though he may welcome it since he can’t get a guy pregnant. 😀 Time for next chapter!

    • LOL, yes. Haha, I forgot about that! 😛 Rez is a baby making machine. XD
      It didn’t show them having sex, but yeah, they did. I didn’t want to give any hints whatsoever that Rez was also doing Tia. Wanted that to be a surprise. So no, lol it’s not your memory. Bwahahahaha, ‘with his mind’. 😛 Yeah, it is scary that he’s like Jakub. O_O Good point about Kat. She’s being a very emotional teenager, LOL. Maybe she’ll be alright. I hear ya, V and Aubrey definitely have their hands full! It’s very dysfunctional atm. Hmmm. V may never find out about Rez’s orientations. Then again, who knows. haha, nope Rez can’t get a guy knocked up! XD

      You’re catching up! 😀

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