Forty-Three: Fallen Angel

Contains language.

Aubrey gazed in the mirror. Her hell had only begun.

She gripped her stomach. The pills she took caused nausea, and she already suffered from a pounding headache.

She darted to the toilet and vomited. Pressure mounted in her head, causing it to hurt worse.

In between throwing up, she rested.

While she rested, she dreamed… of Vaclav’s face. In her dream she wanted to kiss his inviting lips and caress his handsome face; but once awake, she wanted to smash it in.

Her son shuffled into the room.

He looked around, then up at her.

“Mommy wake up,” he said. “Mommy.”

Her eyes opened. She marveled over her son’s resemblance to Vaclav. He looked more like him every single day.

The jagged fracture on her heart grew longer.

Holding Kat, Hunter headed down the corridor to Aubrey’s bedroom.

He tapped on the door.

She sat up, feeling blood rush from her body. She stared at the stain on the comforter.

Just great.

After the spotting ceased, she told Hunter to come in.

Hunter stepped through the threshold. He looked somewhat worried.

She sat at the edge of the bed. Nausea cut into her gut like a blade.

“Aubrey, are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” she rasped getting up. The sick feeling passed and she bent over to retrieve Reznik.

Then she kissed him on his head and strolled over to Hunter.

“I need to talk to you,” she told Hunter.

He looked puzzled. Regardless, they left the bedroom.

As the children played on the floor, Aubrey revealed a secret to Hunter.

“The reason why Vaclav tried to get me pregnant was because… he actually thought I was seeing you.”

“Vaclav knows I’m living here?”

“No. But I think he had a psychic vision of me kissing you underwater.”


“Aubrey, if I really wanted you, a pregnancy wouldn’t keep me from you.” He laughed.


He nodded, smiling.

A warmth surrounded her broken heart. Perhaps a piece of it healed… just a little.

“I have to see Vaclav as soon as this nightmare is over,” she said.

Reznik hugged his sister. She giggled.

One week later, the time came to visit Vaclav.

Aubrey rushed toward the guard. She didn’t even look at Vaclav.

“Let me in,” she demanded.

He stared at her; then apparently decided she wasn’t worth the trouble arguing with.

He turned and unlocked Vaclav’s cell. With a long squeal, the door fell open.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“You look fantastic.”

“Good. Because I want to look the best that I can, so it’ll be harder on you when I leave. Permanently.”

“What are you talking about?”

Do you haveany idea what I’ve been going through the last two weeks?”

“You… made me pregnant again. I had to use birth control pills to try and end my pregnancy. I was sick for days. I bled, I had migraines, I threw up… and while all this was going on, I was grieving over you. You hurt me so bad, you betrayed me… you used me like a dog…”

“I did it because I didn’t want to lose you.”

She slapped him.

“You’ve—already lost me.”

“I’m sorry… I was wrong for doing that. Just listen to me—I’ll be out 22 months from now. We’ll start over with the new baby—”

“Didn’t you hear what I said? There is NO baby! I miscarried a week ago! I had the doctor check my hormone levels! It’s over!

“I don’t know what to say, except that I’m sorry.”

“Stop. Stop apologizing because I’m not ready to forgive you. I don’t want to forgive you!”

“I… I hate you.”

“You’re just upset. You don’t truly mean that.”

He tried to embrace her.

“No, I mean it! I really do hate you! Get the fuck away from me!”

“I fucking hate you! You’re a fucking prick! I hate you, I hate you I fucking hate you!

He backed away.

Against her will, tears streamed down her face. Her hands became fists, tiny weapons that she used against him.

It was like punching an iron wall.

I fucking hate you!”

Ignoring the agony in her hands, she continued pummeling his chest and stomach.

His arms enclosed her. This time, he refused to let go.

“I hate you,” she sobbed, struggling next to him.

She punched his side.

“Since the night I met you, you’ve made my life a living hell!”

Soon she stopped fighting. Her head rested on his shoulder, her knuckles ached and throbbed.

“I love you forever, Aubrey.” His voice broke. “I know of the Shadow you’re harboring.”

Her heart stopped.

“Please don’t tell Lucius,” she cried.

“Lucius already knows. That’s why he came home two weeks ago. I asked him to see if a Shadow was living there. But I told Lucius not to kill him if he found him.” He paused. “Lucius came back here the next evening to tell me a Shadow was hiding in the basement, inside a casket. He could smell his blood.”

“Why didn’t you have Lucius kill him?”

“Because I love you. I want you to be happy. I did feel guilty for doing what I did to you, but it was already too late. I can’t forgive myself, and I certainly can’t expect you to forgive me.”

“But I can allow you to get what you need from the Shadow. Until I get out of prison, or until you can forgive me.”

Their love bound them together like chains, a padlock in its center. There was no key to freedom. That’s how it was always meant be.


Thanks for reading! ♥


26 Responses to “Forty-Three…”

  1. Yeah…I am shocked! Vaclav is hot and cold! He told her before he understood if she saw someone else, then knocked her up to keep her from seeing someone else, now he is allowing her to “get what she needs” from Hunter? Why an I worried?
    I have to hand it to Aubrey, I would have done the same thing! Walked in there with the shortest, tightest dress just to tell him he can’t touch it anymore! Please say she has more for him! More pay back!
    I still have a grin from Hunter saying a pregnancy wouldn’t stop him! I LOVE THAT!

    • haha, I figured you might be. Well, V. is torn between his desire to keep Aubrey happy, but yet he doesn’t actully want her to cheat on him… he can’t seem to make up his mind, lol. But he’s trying. He does feel guilty over what he did, he was desperate at the time he did it. >_>
      hmmm, well maybe you don’t have anything to worry about. V. is being sincere and he really wants to make up for what he did to Aubrey, even if it means letting her ‘screw around’ basically. Yes, my story is crazy XD
      I would’ve done the same thing too. I would’ve tried to beat the crap out of him, lol. Even if it didn’t hurt him, it would still help, haha. Oh yeah, that too. I would’ve worn the sexiest clothes EVER!! Just to make him drool but wouldn’t let him touch me! XD Oh, you know she has more payback up her sleeve. That will be coming next week, Qui! I’m sure you can guess what it is! 😆
      Aww, I know I loved that part too. Hunter is so yummilicious and sweet! <333

      • You know my heart was pounding when he said “If I really wanted you,” I had a RL reaction! I screamed at my screen “You want her with your sexy ass!” LOL God more than my heart would have warmed looking at that smile! I love how he always has Kat in his arms! I wonder if he told her she can basically “screw” Hunter but secretly didn’t mean it. Hmmm *rubs chin*

        For some reason, I expected him to be angry that she took those pills to get rid of the baby. Maybe he really did feel back.

      • haha! I bet you did! I’ve been wanting to put that part in for a while now, couldn’t wait! Hunter’s so romantic, lol. XD you’re so funny! And Aubrey DOES want Hunter’s sexy ass, you can see it written all over her face! :9 lol, yeah Hunter’s awesome with kids too. 😛 of course V. doesn’t really want her to screw Hunter, but he feels guilty over what he did and would ‘understand’ if she did it… like he’s punishing himself for being a dick, lol. I know all that sounds crazy, but V. kinda lost his marbles since being imprisoned, among other stressful events of late. XD
        Well, he wasn’t thrilled about it. But he knew he was in the wrong to begin with, so he didn’t mention it much. 😛


  2. D’aww, this is so sweet. Vaclav, you inconsistent ass. One moment I hate you, then I’m back to loving you.

    Great job on that though Aubrey! I get a kick from your pixelated payback.

    • lol, thanks Rev! ^_^ I know, I’ve made V. so emotionally unbalanced! He can’t make up his mind about certain things! Jeez, even I get mad at him (lol I’m weird).
      haha, it was fun doing that part. 😀 It made me think of all the times I got real-life payback on exes. 😛


  3. Hmmm get what she wants?? Wow, he got too open-minded too suddenly, lol. I can’t wait to see what she’ll get eventually.

  4. Hmmm not sure what Vaclav’s reasons are for being how he is. It’s as though he wants her to see why he did what he did by allowing her to be happy without him he’s hoping she will miss him and forgive him, but I think once Hunter gets into her heart she’s going to have trouble letting him go and Vaclav back in. Two years is a long time, I hope Vaclav knows what he’s doing by allowing her to be with Hunter in that time. He does seem sorry for doing what he done, but I’m still not convinced. 😀

    • Hey Kim 😀 wow you bring up a lot of great points. Yeah, Aubrey is still pretty pissed at V. even though she still loves him… like I said at the end, no matter what they do to each other, they’ll always love each other (crazy as that is, lol). It’s kinda like an abusive relationship or sumthin’. Anyhow, V. really does feel badly over what he did and is trying to make up for it. And like you said, it won’t be easy to give up Hunter… but we’ll have to wait and see exactly what happens! 😀

      <333 😉

  5. this chapter was beautiful 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  6. Im offically confiused O_o cant wait till next friday!! 😀

    • sorry Leblebi! 😛 It’ll get better, and I’ll speed up the story within the next few chapters to where V gets out of prison, lol. Then he won’t act so inconsistent and crazy.

      XD <33 😉

  7. Interesting chapter :). Wow though. So he’s going to let Aubrey screw around now? I guess it’s his way of forgiving, but I wonder if he realizes that she might decide to stay with Hunter. Maybe he does, and if she does fall for Hunter, he’ll just kill him when he gets out?

    • Thanks Mike! Yep, that’s basically it. 😛 As for Aubrey wanting to stay with Hunter after it’s all over with (and V. gets out of prison), we’ll just have to wait & see. 🙂 LOL, maybe V. won’t have to kill Hunter… but oh the twisted tales I weave, lol.

      Thanks for commenting! 😉 hope your weekend’s going well.

  8. Oh Hunter… how I love you. “A pregnancy wouldn’t stop me” my stomach flipped when he said that. What a man.

    It looks like Aubrey still can’t make up her mind as to whether she wants Vaclav or wants to leave him. Her conscious mind follows her emotions and tells her she hates him, while her subconscious shows her love for him (her dreams).

    I feel bad for Vaclav, he’s loosing Aubrey, his clan, his children, his life, all of it because he loves her. It’s too bad that he continues to act without involving her and causing even more trouble for himself. If only he confided more to her, told her more of the picture then perhaps she would understand and even learn to trust him.

    Great chapter as always. I shall be anxiously awaiting next weeks.

    • Hey Cinnamon! haha, how I love Hunter too.. and all the rest. 😛

      Aubrey wants both, lol. She hates him and ♥’s him all at the same time. And great point, it’s pretty much exactly like you said. 🙂

      Very true. V’s been though a LOT the last several months! Probably no wonder he’s lost a few of his marbles. He has done so much for Aubrey… another good point, he needs to share his feelings with her more, instead of just ‘acting out’. Like you said, she’d be more inclined to trust him. 🙂

      Thank you so much! Glad you’re enjoying it! ^^ <3333

  9. this reminds me of Katy Perry.


    forget the rest of the lyrics. xD


    • LOL, V. sounds just like that! I looked up that song on YouTube (yes I live under a rock) and it was awesome. The video was sooo funny! XD and the song matches A and V’s situation PERFECTLY!! Love it!
      And V.’s gonna be mad at you for sayin’ that… JK! I don’t blame you! ❤
      😛 ❤

  10. also…once i get back to my normal computer, i be working on a present for youz. ^___^

  11. Noooo, Aubrey, don’t leave Vaclav!
    Hunter ish mine >.<

  12. Uh oh, she lost the baby! That bites, but at least Vaclav seems to feel guilty about what he did. I wonder if Aubrey will start going with Hunter. I don’t know if she really hates Vaclav so much as what he did to her and why. I wonder if she really will leave him, or if this will blow over…can’t wait to find out! Will read more later! 🙂

    • Yeah, she lost it. but that’s what she wanted, sadly. Personally I believe in abortion, as long as it’s very early on and not used as birth control. So I can understand Aubrey’s situation. For the record, partial birth abortion is monstrous, IMO. But that’s another story. I shouldn’t talk about politics, LOL.

      Anyhow, yeah V finally feels guilty for doing that. Hmm, you’ll have to find out, maybe she will. True, you know how people say things they don’t mean when they’re furious. So you’re right. She hates what he did to her.

      Cool! Glad you still like the story so far! 😀

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