Fifty-One: Suffer the Children

Contains offensive language.

Laughing and giggling, Katerina, Reznik and their friends exited the movie theater.

They hadn’t watched much of the movie, they were too busy making fun of it and pointing out the many flaws in Twilight.

“I wish I was Bella,” Amanda joked. “I would’ve forced Eddy to give me some dick.”

“What about Jacob?” Another chimed in.

“What about both Eddy and Jacob? Like a threesome?” Kat laughed. Another sea of giggles swept over the small crowd.

“Girls are so stupid,” Keith muttered. Reznik nodded.

“So now what?” Kat asked.

“Why don’t we go to the city? I wanna hunt me some human meat,” Sandra said.

“In what context?” Kat questioned.

“Any and all context,” she replied, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

The group headed for the car.

A wave of dizziness struck Kat. She heaved; then collapsed.

Her friends gasped.

“Shit! Kat!” Reznik shouted.

She drifted in and out of consciousness. Voices echoed around her.


“Katerina! Are you okay?”

Someone lifted her up and carried her to the vehicle.

It was her brother.

Aubrey and Vaclav rushed to the medical facility.

Reznik’s phone call came just minutes earlier.

Vaclav gripped her hand, as though attempting to reassure her that everything would be fine.

Would it?

A nurse greeted them as they entered. Reznik had a horrified look on his face.

“Preliminary tests show that your daughter is severely malnourished, which likely caused the fainting. She’s on an IV drip right now but is still very weak.”

“Malnourished? What?” Aubrey said.

“I don’t understand. You mean she has an eating disorder?”

“Not necessarily. Her symptoms point to something else. We’ll know more in a few hours.”

“Can we see her?” Reznik asked.

“I’m sorry, but not for at least two more hours while we run more tests.”

Vaclav edged his arm around Aubrey and held her close.

There was nothing more to do but sit and wait.

Aubrey fell asleep on her husband’s lap.

Some time afterward, the shuffling of footsteps awakened her.

“You can see your daughter now,” the nurse said.

Aubrey hoisted herself up. Trepidation claimed her, sending her stomach into a frenzy. Tortured thoughts resonated:

What’s wrong with Kat?

Will she be okay?

Is it… a terminal illness? that thought sent shock waves through her motionless heart; perhaps enough to get it beating again…

Kat stirred when they stepped into the room. She covered her face, groaning.

Aubrey approached her.

Tenderly, her hand overlapped her daughter’s.

“I love you so much, Kat.” Moisture gathered beneath Aubrey’s eyelids. She wiped away the tears.

Who says vampires don’t cry? Who says they don’t get emotional? Who says they don’t love, just as much as humans do? If not more?

“She’ll be okay,” Vaclav softly said. “Try not to worry.”

But I’m her mother. I can’t help but worry.

“And I’m her father,” Vaclav said reading her mind. “But it’s useless to worry when her diagnosis isn’t yet known. It could be nothing serious.”

Maybe. Maybe not.

As the minutes ticked, Reznik got tired. Aubrey told him to go home.

Dawn would arrive before long.

A doctor ambled through the door.  Aubrey froze.

She introduced herself as Dr. Peterson.

“More testing has shown that Katerina’s heart has arrhythmias.”

Aubrey glanced at Kat. Panic mode was starting to kick in.

“But that’s not all,” Dr. Peterson said. “Her liver is in the beginning stages of failure, in addition to her kidneys. All this is due to long-term malnutrition.”

“She’s going to die?” Aubrey sobbed; then suddenly raged: “just tell me what the fuck is wrong with my daughter!”

“We think she might have a disorder called Interspecies-Restricted Digestive Ambiguity Syndrome, or  I-DAS. It’s a condition only affecting about 5% of dhampirs. I’ve contacted a specialist to have a look at her. He’ll be here in about thirty minutes.”

“I-DAS? What the hell does that mean?”

“Basically, it means your daughter’s digestive system doesn’t know whether it needs blood for nourishment, or human food. In turn this causes illness no matter what she ingests and her body cannot properly absorb nutrients. This leads to malnutrition, which then leads to organ failure. She’s probably been suffering from stomach pains for a long time.”

Aubrey’s mouth went agape.

“Holy shit,” Vaclav said staring at Aubrey. Even he was shocked.

“So how is it treated? Can it be reversed?”

“Again, a specialist will be in soon to give you more details about treatment. I’m sorry I can’t tell you any more.”

“Has she been like this since birth? I mean, how has she survived this long without having any problems? How did we not know she was in so much pain?”

Kat bolted upright.

“I never told you how bad it hurt… because you and Dad were too busy worrying about Reznik.”

Aubrey looked at her daughter, not hearing the doctor’s next statement.

Flashbacks invaded, declaring war on Aubrey’s mind…

When Kat was six, she’d run through the house excited about her new dress; complete with fluttering wings on the back.

“Mommy! Look!”

“Not now, Kat! Reznik’s started another fire!”

“Damnit, Reznik! Look at what you’re doing! Can’t you just stop?!” Aubrey screamed.

“Oh! I hate you, Reznik!”

He didn’t react.

“Reznik, when I’m through with you, you won’t be able to sit down for a week!”

“But Daddy would never punish him,” she presently said. “You both just let him get away with everything. He’s spoiled… because he was adopted by the other clan and you got him back. You appreciated him so much that you couldn’t see what you were doing to him, or what you were doing to me. And I couldn’t tell you anything was wrong because you were too involved with his problems.”

“Kat, I’m sorry. I never realized how much our preoccupation with Reznik affected you.”

Aubrey nodded, blotting her tears. Words couldn’t express her grief entwined with the guilt she felt.

“It’s okay,” she said laying down, sighing. “You and Mom have enough to worry about. I never should’ve brought it up.”

Dr. Peterson broke the uncomfortable silence that trailed Kat’s words.

“Symptoms of I-DAS peak in adolescence, when the dhampiric child is growing the most.”

Then Dr. Peterson checked her watch. “The specialist should be here any minute. I have to go and tend to another patient.”  She rushed out.

Meanwhile, another doctor rushed in.

At first, Aubrey just stared at him.

“Good to see you again, Mr. and Mrs. Haas. I’m the specialist here to see Katerina.”

“You’re not coming anywhere near my daughter.”



Vaclav is able to read Aubrey’s mind because their psychic bond has grown stronger since she’s turned into an immortal. Also, her mind is easier to read when she’s upset, similar to before whenever she’d get really emotional and Vaclav could see what she was seeing. Make sense? Probably not, but I’m trying.  LOL

And yeah, the dude at the end is Hunter…


40 Responses to “Fifty-One…”

  1. AHHHHHHHHH! Hunter! YOU’RE BACK! …ya jackass.

    Poor, poor Kat.. 😦

  2. Oooooo. great chapter. Guess who’s back, back again hunters back LOL. Sorry a bit up beat this morning, too much coffee i think. POOR KAT! i had a feeling that maybe her belly pains could be to do with the fact that she is part human, especially because last chapter you said that she felt like she didn’t fit in with the family and i thought maybe she is more human than vamp? anyway, like i said great chapter 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey Carlie 😀 Thank you!! No problem, glad yer excited about Hunter being back 😆 haha. Yeah, pretty much she feels more human than vampire (and looks like it too, obviously lol).

      Thank you so much again!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hunter is back! And he’s a doctor..?!
    Wow..I hope Kat turns out okay. She was always my favourite out of her and Reznik tbh ;3
    Aubrey is a great vampire as well.
    Vaclav just gets hotter and hotter – same as Hunter really:L
    LOL…can’t wait now!!!!
    xxxxx <333333

    • Yep, he’s back! As for him being a Dr. remember in the earlier chapters i mentioned how he’d gone to medical school (lol) and that’s how he was able to save Jakub? So now he’s putting all his training to good use… hehe

      We’ll see how she fares in the next few chapters. >_> maybe Dr. Hunter can save her. 😛 Yeah the vampirism looks good on Aubrey, haha.

      Oh I have to agree with that! I love V’s new hairstyle, it’s the same one I’d put on Hunter before the flash forward. It’s awesome!! And yeah Hunter is still hot as always. Must be nice to be a vampire and not have to age! XD

      Thank you Emma!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3333333333333

  4. YES YES YES YESS the main hottie is back 😀 oh god he looks even sexier then before

  5. Just had a MAJOR “Oh shit” moment! HE LOOKS SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hot buns! How I missed thee!
    My heart goes out to Kat for feeling the way she does! Maybe now that her health is in danger she can get the attention she needed. It’s sad it came to this! I hope she’ll be ok!

    Vaclav is not having it! LOL I can’t wait to see this unfold! There comes a heavy choice! Let him help Kat or watch her fade. Vaclav isn’t going to let another daughter die.


    Oh and I’m with that! Jacob and Edward sexy sandwich!

    • Hi Qui!!! Bwahahahahaaa, you just had a major ‘oh shit’ moment?? lol you’re so funneh! haha yeah Hunter is as hot as EVA!!

      LOL, hot buns indeed! Like I mentioned somewhere above, maybe Kat will soon get an ‘accidental’ eyeful. >_> After all, Hunter still has a few secrets that he must keep under wraps, and daily injections in his (hot) ass helps. XD 😛

      Me too. I’ve been really sick before and it sucks, let alone being sick for years but too afraid to say anything because your parents are too involved with your sibling. Yes, Dr. Hunter will do all he can to help her. BTW I don’t know if I’ve ever came up with a last name for Hunter?? If I haven’t, his last name will be Logan.

      So… Dr. Logan. lol

      hehe, it’ll go waaaaay beyond that, I have a shit load of sub-plots in store for this part of the story!! Squeeeee, lol. So even if Vaclav doesn’t make that choice now, somewhere down the road he might be forced to…

      But no, V. won’t let another daughter die.

      😛 Hot Buns sez ‘thanks Qui’. 😆

      Oh I hear ya. That would’ve been the best possible scenario in Twilight, hehe. 😀


      • Aubrey and Vaclav have come a long way but she is CRAZY if she doesn’t let him bite her cookie just once with the way he looks! Damn Good! He looks damn good!

        As a baby Kat was always up under Hunter anyway. I wonder if she remembers him. Them? Romance? INTERESTING!! Boy would Daddy be P.I.S.S.E.D PISSED!!

      • Hmmm, we shall see how that goes… hehe. O.o

        I don’t know how she contains herself being around him, actually. I bet she wishes to RIP that bleached white coat right off Dr. Hottie! lol, lol, and lol.

        Hahaha, I know it. Kids are so cute, how they get crushes IRL just like that! I know my middle child used to like my husband-at-the-time’s 18 yr. old cousin and used to favor him a LOT, and she was only like THREE! So cute. Actually I favored the 18 yr. old too, but that’s a whole other story. Bahahahahahaha!!! JK.

        Hmmm, good point. I haven’t really thought about that aspect, but really Kat would’ve been way too young to remember him. I do plan to have a conversation between her and her mother about it though, not sure how it’ll come about yet…. >_>

        Indeed, Daddy V would be totally pissed…..

        EDIT: Qui I am truly sorry I hadn’t been commenting on your vampy story. 😦 There’s just been so much shit going on for the past MONTH, I was lucky for the last two weeks to even be able to get on the internet or use the laptop at ALL (eye infection). BUT I have been reading it and checking it out for new updates but saw you seemed to have stopped at chap 12. Did you just lose interest? If so I understand and know exactly how that is. Well you know I know, because I never went past chapter 10 on my Malignant story.

        Well I just wanted to say that. You may not be back on here to see or reply to this, tho…

  6. Ooooer! Will there be Hunter and Kat romance? This could be interesting. Is this story going to focus on Kat or both her and Reznik? I’m looking forward to see what the both of them are like.

    • 🙂 hey Megsy, nice to ‘meet’ you, hehe. Hunter and Kat romance? That would surely make a sweet storyline, but only time will tell. 🙂 lol even if that was in the plans, I wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. I think I just made a pun… >.>

      This will focus on all the characters, but especially Kat. Reznik will be focused upon 2nd. I’m glad you’re looking forward to reading more, I think you’ll find it interesting what I have in store for the future of Bloodlust! ^^

      Thanks for reading & commenting, Megsy! 😀 <3333

  7. How did Hunter become a doctor without eating the patients? 0.0
    lol only joking XP
    Kat! Don’t die! *cries*

    • Bahahaha, that’s a good one! XD Seriously though, that really is a good point. That’s one of the things that will come out later, (no, not that he gobbled up one of his patients!) but somehow he might be preventing himself from turning into a wolf, aside from not getting hungry. BUT No more hints!!! XD

      Well it was a funny joke Tiny! 😆

      Hmmm, maybe she won’t. 😛

      Thanks for commenting again Tiny! 😀 <3333

  8. Sorry I haven’t commented for a while, been so busy getting things ready for the baby that I haven’t had time to do any reading 😦

    I’m feel so bad for Katerina, feeling like that through her childhood, it can’t be good. Hopefully Dr Hunter *yummy* 😛 can help her. So glad he’s back 😉

    • Aww that’s OK, I figured you were busy getting ready for the little one! So no problem, Kim. 🙂

      Yes, poor Kat suffering like that, all because Reznik’s a spoiled shit. lol, at least he isn’t ALL bad, I suppose, unlike his brother Jakub. Hehe, Dr. Hunter indeed. I think I’m going to have his last name be Logan. Hunter Logan has a nice ring to it, LOL.

      I’m glad to have him back in the story too, 😛 even though he wasn’t missing for too long!


  9. Mmmmmmmm Hunter *warm fuzzies and the largest grin ever*

    Aww Vaclav, be nice, he’s probably the only one who can help your daughter right now. So how about instead of hurting her more, you be nice and let her get the help she needs *glare*

    The part about her fairy dress was so cute and yet so depressing. Both Aubrey and Vaclav should feel guilty. I know exactly what Kat is going through (having the problem brother get all the attention and having to be a grown up and deal with all of yours yourself), so I hope that she is grown up enough to tell her dad to shove it.

    Also, I figured out about Aubrey and Vaclav right away, and if I hadn’t your explanation makes loads of sense.

    • lol I hear ya, I couldn’t stand to have the BBW out of the story for too long! (bbw: big bad wolf, lol).

      Exactly! Hunter is the only one talented enough to help Kat. Plus, human doctors wouldn’t know jack shit about her condition! 😆 haha, that’s funny. No glare can compete with a woman’s glare! I’m sure V will back down soon, considering he doesn’t want to lose another daughter. He’ll leave the past where it belongs and get his head out of his ass. XD

      That was a pretty sad part. Kat looked so adorable in that dress. btw I got that from the Sims store several months ago and that was the first time I’d used it. Anyhow, poor Kat. Stupid spoiled Reznik. V shouldn’t have said he’d punish him if he wasn’t going to go through with it.

      Oh wow, so you identify with Kat because you had the same situation IRL? Not that that’s good, that’s awful and I’m sorry. I just found that interesting. Anyhow, I’m sure there WILL come a point in time where Kat will tell her father to shove it, indeed. I always had issues with my mom and stuff, and when I got old enough to stand up to her, I was ALWAYS telling her to shove it! LOL. Sad but true.

      Well thank you Cinnamon! I’m glad to hear it, sometimes I have trouble trying to decide if I’m giving enough info or not, and trying to balance all that out. They say in writing not to give out ‘info dumps’ so I get worried about stuff like that. 😛

      Done with rambling for now, LOL. O.o

      ♥ ♥

      • Lol, well that’s good. I can’t wait to see this “eye full” that Kat will accidentally get from the bbw 😉

        It’s true, women glares are the strongest things ever. My boyfriend can tell when I’m glaring at him without me being in the same room 😀

        Lol, well I’m glad you got to use it cause it was freakin adorable! She’s such a cute fairy… even though she’s a dhampir. And yes, I hate parent who say, don’t do that or else… and there never is an ‘or else’. Hmmm where was Reznik’s crush in this chapter? Will she be making another appearance soon?

        Yeah… I do… it’s all good 🙂 I just needed to take the back seat a lot of the time. It’s amazing how much influence parents have over their future relationships with their kids, and how they (more often than not) fail to see the impact and lose that child as they grow up.

        Lol, I don’t mind your rambling one bit!

      • I think you might find it interesting. 😛

        LOL that’s funny. Kinda like the saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman—-‘ XD.

        Yeah, I was just scrolling through the outfits and remembered the fairy one, and thought ‘ah ha!’ lol it was the perfect opportunity. EA can really make some cute outfits when they want to. Yeah, some parents are too lenient, <<<btw I'm not even sure if that's spelled right. XD but then some parents are TOO strict, but I know how tough it is to try to find a middle zone. Rambling again. LOL. Actaully I'd be rambling more but my stupid pink eye keeps flaring up and driving me nuts. I can't hardly see the laptop, or the buttons and the screen is too bright and hurts my eyes too. Boo hoo, lol. I'm hoping to get some oral antibiotics tomorrow, since the eyedrops have run its course and didn't help a whole lot. UGH!! Worst month ever, lol.

        Enough of me whining…. THANKFULLY I have most of the next chapter written along with the pics, so it won't be too bad whenever I have to finish it before Friday. O.O

        LOL about Rez's crush. Don't worry, Tia will be back. hehe. maybe not in the next chapter, but she will. 🙂

        Well that's good, and I totally agree with you about how influential parents can be on their (future) relationships with their kids. Seriously! It's pretty crazy. If parents would only just realize what they do, they could change a lot of things for the better. Ugh, still rambling!!

        I'd have written an entire novel if it weren't for my stupid infected eye. LOL

        But yeah, what you 'said' was sad but very true. I hardly talk to my mom, but it isn't even because I'm mad at her or anything. I'm just scared if I have a full relationship with her again that it'll go to shit like it always has before. Meh, that's a little TMI but oh well… lol.

        Well thank you!! haha I get so bad about that though…

      • Oh no! That’s so not fair that your eye is STILL infected! I hope you get some stronger stuff and that it works out a lot better and faster. I don’t know how happy I’d be if I couldn’t see my computer screen, and still updated once a week. (Which frankly is amazing that you do. I can barely keep up with one a month :P)

        Yay! More Rez and Tia drama! I only hope he doesn’t end up accidentally killing her or something.

        We can all ramble from time to time, and I find that more often than not, when we do it’s cause we needed to get something out or off our chests. So… no worries!

      • IKR?!! Yesterday it finally got better, and now today it’s even better to where the light doesn’t hurt my eye, thankfully. The doctor only gave me more stupid eye drops because they say oral antibiotics don’t work on the eye. OK, so I have some OLD Amoxicillen in the cabinet that I started taking yesterday (you guessed it, it’s an oral antibiotic LOL) and that was when my eye REALLY got better. Coincidence? I think NOT… and I’ve only used 2 doses of the eye drops so far. I’ve been using stupid eye drops now for TWO weeks and they didn’t help.

        So yeah, I became my own DR. and ‘prescribed’ my own meds cause I’m fed up with the pinkeye crap. Now I’m MUCH better.

        Stupid docs in the US SUCK. lol

        Indeed it was a nightmare not to be able to get on the computer (OR see it much) because it hurt my eye so bad. I even started to get an infection in the other eye too, but thankfully it cleared up. Now I can finally look forward to FINISHING the next chapter! 😀 Aww, well thanks. I just get so addicted to writing my stories, it’s crazy. 😛

        Oh yeah, definitely more drama with the kiddies. haha. I love drama! Oh no, it won’t be anything bad like that. Nobody will be killed, but yeah he’ll probably still get into SOME kind of trouble, hehe.

        Aww, so true. Well thanks for listening! ^_^ I know I’ve been whining about my eye infection now for a few days/week. I’ve even gotten grumpy IRL because of it, and maybe somewhat grumpy on the Sims 3 forums too. >_>

      • Well go Dr. Jenn. I’m so glad that you prescribed your own help and it’s working. You should be happy while posing your ever so delicious sims.
        Well, drama and trouble were kind of a given; though what kind I await to be pleasantly surprised. I only wonder if Vaclav will go through punishing him (since Kat’s now ill and all).
        You’re welcome! I’ve recently become extremely grumpy IRL, and am working on changing that. It’s just so damn hard to put on a happy face when you’re not you know? Ah well, c’est la vie.
        Here’s to us, and looking on the better side! Cheers.

      • Thank you Cinnamon! 😀 I can’t believe how much better my eye is now. Also I was able to finish chapter 52! Now I’m thinking about starting chapter 53, lol. 😛
        Oh yeah, happy indeed. 😀
        I’m sure Rez will get some sort of decent punishment… maybe, lol. I’ll have to figure that one out, and of course he’s too old to be spanked (HAHA) or even grounded. Hmmmmm.

        LOL you too, eh? Mood mood has changed exponentially since the pink eye is almost cleared up. But I’m sorry you’ve been grumpy IRL. I can’t see you as being very grumpy though! But i know what you mean, when I’m not happy everyone around me knows it. Sounds like your going through some RL issues or something, sorry. I certainly know how much of a bitch life can be.

        Cheers to you too! Yes, sometimes it better to look on the brighter side. That’s hard for me to say because I’m a pessimist, LOL. Or maybe just a realist? 😛


      • Yay! Well since today’s Friday, I can’t wait to read it.
        Hee hee, Rex being spanked… HAHAHAHA that was too funny to imagine!
        Yeah, I just need to sort out what direction my life is going. All shall be well, I’m already feelnig better ^_^
        REALIST! I’m a realist too! It’s not our fault that most realistic views tend to be pessimistic. *nods*

      • hehe now you don’t have to wait at all. XD

        LOL that really does bring a funny picture to mind, doesn’t it?? Rez probably would prefer to be spanked by the mage, though. 😛

        Aw, well I know what you mean. Seriously. Well I really hope things turn out great for you, I can tell you’re an awesome person and you deserve good things. ^_^ And I’m glad you’re already feeling better, hope it keeps up. 🙂

        Seriously? haha we have that in common then! I hear you! Yes, I don’t think it’s really pessimism, it’s only being realistic! It really is. O.O

        ♥ 😀

  10. Awesome chapter! Yay Hunter is back now :D! That’s sad about Kat though. Hopefully, they’ll pay her more attention now that they know she has that. Hm, V. has a tough choice to make to on whether or not he lets Hunter help Kat! Can’t wait to read the next one :)!

    • hey there Mike! Thank you! 😀 I love having Hunter in the story too, (lol I know I repeat myself too much) but yeah. XD I just thought of another cool plot twist earlier today, btw. Anyhow, my eye is finally a little better but I still had to get more eyedrops. I wish it would just totally eff off so I can finish up chapter 52. UGH.

      Anyway, yeah, they’ll pay Kat more attention now. They’ve learned their lesson. Bahahahaha, but then Rez will probably get into more trouble! 😛

      V. will have to get over it long enough to let Dr. Hunter treat Kat!

      Thanks Mike!! ^^

  11. Oh no! Poor Kat! That bites, I hope she gets better! And Hunter is back, yikes! I smell drama brewing! Off to read the next chapter!

  12. Oh, and lol at the Twilight parts! I’m a Twilight fan but I got a kick out of that! 😀

    • Oh no, sorry about that. I was afraid that might offend some Twi fans. D: glad you weren’t offended though. I’m always, always making references to Twilight in this story… O_O but glad you got a kick out of that! ^^

  13. Yay! Hunter is back! That’s brilliant, of course he’d turn up as a doctor. And the twilight part was funny! Poor Kat

    • hey there again! Of course he’s back! You’ll (maybe) never see the end of Hottie Hunter, lol. 😛 Yes, I HAD to have him become Kat’s DR., it was like the PERFECT plot line!! hehe

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