One Hundred and Seven…

One Hundred and Seven: Bloodlust’s New Generation

Azura, 14: girl on lounger

Lucifer, 14: boy casting spell

Cody, 18: tallest one standing in front

Justin, 16: boy on right

Tristan, 16: boy on left

Xander, 22: blond one standing in back (with mask)

This chapter contains harsh language.

Cody, Justin, Tristan, Xander and Lucifer hung out at the local bar.

It was Lucifer’s first time being there. He felt a little out of place.

As for Xander, he’d moved to Shadowvale from France about one year earlier. He mentioned the desire to know his vampiric relatives as the reason for his return.

“Remember, no using magic. That’s cheating,” Cody told Xander.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Meanwhile, Lucifer gazed at the blonde head of a girl.

Hmm. Pretty hair, he thought. Wonder if the girl is just as pretty?

“Cody, do you know who that girl is?”

“Yeah. That’s Mila. Her mother comes here all the time looking for vampires to bang. Actually, I’ve fucked her mother.” He grinned, nodded to the lady sitting at the bar. “As soon as dear hubby leaves for work, she comes straight to the bar with her daughter. I don’t know why she drags Mila with her. That girl’s scared shitless of vampires. She always sits at the table over there and hides her face.”

“You really banged her mom?” Lucifer asked, incredulous.

“Yeah. I’ll prove it,” he said. “Watch this.”

Cody strolled up to the older woman.

“Carla,” he said touching her arm.

She turned and stood up.

Cody started kissing her.

“Ew,” Justin said.

“I know. She’s so… old,” Tristan chimed in.

Nausea rose up in Lucifer’s stomach. Yet, another small part of him thought the tongue action was awesome. That mixture of feelings confused him.

Cody sauntered back up to the pool table. Behind him Carla clutched her chest, looking flushed.

“Justin and I turned into wolves the other night,” Tristan declared.

Flustered, Cody missed the shot.

“Are we still keeping that dumb pact we made when we were kids?” Justin asked.

“Damn right we are.” He laughed. “We’re going to make a whole army just like ourselves.”

“Are you serious?” Tristan asked.

“How? How are we going to do that?”

Cody snickered, winked as he chalked the cue tip.

Just then, the girl and her mother exited the bar. Panic took hold of Lucifer.

Oh no! They’re leaving! I never even got to see what Mila looked like!

He ran up to the bar.

“Hurry up and get me a bottle of blood!”

The bartender didn’t rush to do anything.

“I said hurry up and get me blood!” Lucifer repeated, growing hot with anger.

The bartender slid a scarlet-filled bottle toward him.

Lucifer took it and downed it.

One year earlier, by accident Lucifer discovered that ingesting blood gave him certain magical powers. And with the natural abilities he already possessed, blood made those abilities stronger.

He was different from any other creature in Shadowvale, in that he could gain sustenance from either blood or human food.

Lucifer ran out of the bar. He would catch up with Mila and her mother. Furthermore, he’d find out where they lived.

He morphed into a snow-white wolf.

The women entered the car and drove off.

He followed.

He was able to run much faster while in wolf form. Not to mention his stamina increased exponentially.

Lucifer chased the vehicle up the street, around a winding road, and up a few more hills.

Hurry! Don’t lose them.

He followed them right past the edge of Shadowvale, almost surprised when the border didn’t suck him right back into Undead Land; as if Shadowvale were some black hole in the earth.

Mila and her mom lived roughly 1/4 of a mile from Shadowvale.

Lucifer loped up to one of the windows and peered in.

Bingo! It was Mila’s bedroom.

She sat in a beanbag chair next to a stack of faux cupcakes.

He finally got to see her pretty face. Yep. She’s just as pretty as her wheat blonde hair.

Definitely a girl’s bedroom, though. Lucifer fought off waves of nausea. Too much pink.

Either way, he had to find out more about her. Something told him that Mila would someday be his mate.

A few weeks before Lucifer’s fifteenth birthday, he decided to visit his mother.

She was now resting peacefully inside her very own mausoleum.

Lucifer’s father had decided several years earlier to move the body. He figured a mausoleum would be more suitable for his late bride.

Vaclav did not move the body himself. He hired others for that job.

Lucifer entered the shadowy structure.

Since the time he was old enough to talk and understand what was going on around him, Lucifer wondered why his real mother died.

His father only told him a vague account of what happened after Lucifer’s birth. No details.

Another thing that puzzled him: why did Lauren call him Louis? She refused to call him by his real name. Which brought up another question… why did his father name him after one of Satan’s aliases? It pissed him off whenever he found out what ‘Lucifer’ really meant. Maybe that was why Lauren refused to call him that.

Lucifer grew up calling Lauren ‘Mom’, and thinking of her as his mother, but deep inside he missed having that biological connection to a maternal figure. Always curious; always wondering about a mysterious, beautiful woman named Aubrey.

He had an aching need to know his real mother; to find out as much about her as possible.

“Mom, why did you die after I was born? I know women vampires can’t normally carry babies, but why did you die? I don’t get it.”

“I wish I knew you. I never got the chance.” Sometimes I feel like an orphan.

I have to ask Dad what happened. I’ve already put it off for too long.

It’s time.

He strolled into the dining area of the Haas Estate.

“Dad… what exactly happened to my mother?” Lucifer asked, then sat in the other chair.

“Are you absolutely sure you want to know?” Vaclav said.

He nodded. At least I think I want to know…

“As you know, your mother died not long after giving birth to you.”

“But she didn’t actually give birth,” Vaclav said. “You tore your way out of her body. Don’t ask me how. Aubrey had been in agony for many hours afterward… she could no longer tolerate the pain and wanted me to assist in her death.”

“You’re trying to say I killed my own mother?

“Not technically. And you’re the one who asked. Did you want me to lie about what happened?”

Lucifer lunged up and stormed out of the room.

Killed my own mother? No fucking way.

That morning, he sat awake upon his unmade bed.

He thought of his mother. There were way too many unanswered questions.

And he still didn’t believe he tore out of her body. Had he been that anxious to be born??

Maybe there’s a way to get you back, Mother. If I can transform into a wolf after drinking blood, along with my other powers, would it be possible to resurrect you?

I want to try. You’re the only one who can answer all my questions.

I want to get to know you, Mom.



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