One Hundred and Eleven…

One Hundred and Eleven: Bad Boys

Chapter 112 will be posted Monday, June 25.

Azura sat next to Chase at the abandoned playground. It was their third time meeting there.

They’d talked for over an hour, then finally ran out of things to say.

Or did they? Maybe a discussion was no longer needed. Maybe Azura’s first kiss should come next. It was all she could think about for the past few days. Meeting him again at the park, and perhaps getting that first kiss.

“Wanna go to the abandoned factory?” she asked instead. *facepalm*

“Sure. As long as I don’t get murdered by a fanged freak.”

“Well, I can’t promise anything…”

As they headed for the crappy structure, Azura told Chase that she wanted to help the girl who was trapped there. The one being used as food for Brent Novak.

A sinking feeling told her it might be too late.

It was.

Azura gaped at the woman’s drained body. She’d probably been dead for a day or two.

“Damn. I should’ve come back that same morning to get her. How could I be so stupid?” she said.

“It’s too late for her, but there’s another girl here,” Chase replied.

“Who are you two? Will you help me get outta here?” the girl asked. Her hands were tied to a post.

“Yes,” Azura muttered staring at the dead below. She couldn’t look away.

“I have a really bad feeling about this,” Chase said. “I think we need to hurry, Azura.”

She turned to the imprisoned girl.

“How long have you been here?” Chase asked the girl as Azura untied her straps.

“Two days. Some vampire or hybrid with black hair and red eyes took me and brought me here. Said he owed some vampire named Brent a favor.”

Black hair and red eyes? Sounded like Cody.

Yes, that’s right. Cody was supposed to start bringing fresh young prey to Brent. Both of them are bastards. Can’t believe I’m related to such filth as Cody.

Azura struggled with the straps. The last knot was being a pain in the ass.

Hurry. Hurry! Damn!

Straps fell away and the girl was free. She peered down at the corpse.

“He killed her yesterday,” she said. “He had me, so he said she was now expendable or something.”

Azura shivered.

“Okay. We seriously need to go now. I think it was a bad idea to come here.”

That girl was the first to run. Chase and Azura followed.

Only a few feet later they froze in their tracks.

Shiiiit,” Chase said.


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Azura chanted to herself. Or as I walk through the valley of Shadowvale, I will fear no evil. For you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

God help us.

“Just leave me alone! Can’t you find another way to get your blood?” the girl whimpered.

“Run,” Azura whispered to her. The girl didn’t move.

“I said fucking run!

She bolted.

Brent’s eyes shifted to his fleeing prey.

“No. Do something, Chase. Stop him!”

Brent raced after the girl. A door slammed shut as she escaped.

Chase hooked his arm around Brent’s, halting him. But Azura knew Brent only slowed down long enough to give Chase payback.

Brent spun around, grappled Chase’s neck and lifted him.

He went flying across the room.

“No,” Azura cried. “Chase was only trying to help that girl!”

Quietly, Brent approached Azura.

The look in his eyes shot fear in her heart, and cold chills up her spine.

Those eyes were haunting, menacing, conveying danger.

Yet she was afraid to move.

Brent plowed into her. Her bones crackled from the pressure.

She blocked out the pain.

“I’ll give you something a helluva lot better than your boyfriend could give you,” he whispered. “Your lover. Poor little weakling human. Nothing more than a broken, pathetic heap in the corner over there.” He briefly smiled.

“You’re a sick fuck. I hate you,” she said.

You won’t hate me forever. I promise you that.”

He went for her neck.

He was only pretending, however.

His lips took a quick detour to hers. Prying her mouth open with his, he gave her a full on, mouth-open-wide lip locker.

Brent’s fingers edged down to her bare belly and stroked. Like a snake, his tongue slid inside her mouth.

Waves of pleasure swept throughout her body. Intense feelings that confused her.

She started to relax. Brent drew back.

“You liked it,” he said with a grin. “You fucking loved it. I could tell.”

Vigorously, she shook her head.

Denial. Denial. Denial.

He fell down to her lips again, smothering them with the same fervency as before.

Stop it. Stop it. I can’t take this anymore.

These things I feel… are too intense. It almost hurts. It’s terrifying!

Azura kneed him in the balls. And since his penis had hardened, it probably hurt twice as badly.

“Fucking bitch!” he ranted.

She stood up and watched him suffer. Then she remembered Chase.

“Chase? Are you okay?” She held him upright, cradling him. “Please be okay.” I’ll never forgive myself if you’re…

“I have a horrible headache and backache, but I think I’m okay,” he said. “Can we just get the fuck out of here now?”

“I’m so sorry about all this,” Azura said as they staggered to the door.

“It’s… okay. It’s not like I didn’t expect some drama to happen in Shadowvale. It was my decision to come here.” He rubbed her backside.

Morning light filtered through the windows.

Behind them, Brent rolled up in a fetal position while holding his genitals.

Outside, Chase nudged her against the wall. He stepped on her foot.

“Sorry.” He chuckled, but grew serious again. His fingers threaded through her hair. Gently, his mouth pressed her forehead. More strange, fiery sensations ignited within her.

He tipped her face up until their lips met.

It would’ve been her first kiss, had Brent not stolen it from her.

What disturbed her even more were those feelings Brent had unleashed inside her body.

What feelings? she lied to herself.

Denial. Denial. Denial.

Cody was ready to try out the magic skull.

First up, two teen guinea pigs. Cody wanted to start out with a small number first, then work his way up to creating a larger population of shifters.

These two were friends of Tristan and Justin.

Cody began reciting words. As he did, the skull exuded a bright greenish hue.

“I beckon the deities ruling over this skull. Metamorphose the two before me. Complete their transformation into Shadow wolf form.”

The boys’ skin melted away, revealing dark fur. Limbs shortened and hands changed to paws.

The wolves dropped to the floor.

Hell yes. It worked.

Cody now felt drained of energy.

One of them howled.

Of course there was a problem. Cody still hadn’t killed his father, like the witch wanted him to. He had no desire whatsoever to kill his dad. Maybe he should just kill the witch instead.

Yeah. There’s an idea. He laughed.

The front door burst open. In walked Azura and Lucifer.

Lucifer stared at the wolves.

Cody’s little sister glared at him. He would deal with her in a moment.

“What the hell is your problem?” Lucifer griped. “Why did you threaten me the other night? Since when is Carla and Mila’s home your territory? Huh?”

“Since I started screwing Carla,” Cody shot back. “You need to just stay the hell away.”

“No. I won’t. I have just as much right to see Mila as you do Carla.”

Cody snickered. “Mila doesn’t even know you exist.”

“Also, I’m under massive, massive stress right now. The kind of real-life stress you wouldn’t know about because you’re just a damn kid.”

Speechless, Lucifer’s gaze lowered to the floor.

“You’re an asshole,” Azura said to Cody.

Cody stepped up to her.

“Who the hell do you think you are, Azura? What made you think you could go to the factory and set that girl free?”

“I didn’t want her to die or get hurt! I’m sorry if I care about people. Unlike you, Cody.”

“Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect girl Brent wants? I worked fucking hard to find her! Then I had to smuggle her ass to the factory without anyone seeing! I should beat your little ass for that stunt you pulled.”

Also, it’s too dangerous for you to get involved. Cody didn’t want to admit that aloud.

“Stay the hell out of my business, Azura.”

“You know what, Cody? Go suck a lemon.”

Both she and Lucifer left the apartment.

Go suck a lemon? Really?

He LOL’d his ass off.

Vaclav supervised as Lucifer performed the long-awaited spell.

They had to wait until Lauren was gone. She went out hunting for prey, since Vaclav purposely let the blood packs run out.

Yes. He felt guilty. Yes he was a horrible, horrible creature. However, his love for Aubrey could not be switched off like a light.

Vaclav remembered the spell from the book. He thought of its entrancing words…

I command the gods of unearthly power
And the gods of all earthly elements.
Transform this spirit into comely human form.
Revert this soul to flesh and bone.
Revert this soul now, I command thee.
I command thee.

Warmth hovered at Lucifer’s feet, luminescence swirling and twirling.

Aubrey glided upward. Translucent skin evaporated. Healthy, living flesh flourished in its place.

Neither Lucifer nor his father could speak.

Aubrey spoke for them.

“Lucifer, thank you. I feel so… incredible. So alive.” She hesitated before continuing. “Please allow me some time with your father first. Then I’ll spend time with you.”

She turned to Vaclav.

“My husband. Come to me and hold me. I need you.”

Oh, sweet Jesus. I’m coming, my essence.

I’m coming.

* * * *

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