Fifty-Five: Fire & Brimstone

Contains harsh language.

Two months coasted by. Kat was recovering from her illness, but not cured and never would be. She would always need treatment, and Hunter was the only one qualified to give it to her.

Reznik got better at controlling his powers, but still had some occasional flare-ups.

Neither Aubrey nor Vaclav knew about Reznik and Ashton’s relationship. The two hid it well. Eventually, however, there’d come a time when it would blow up in everyone’s face.

Kat ate the nasty, pasty stuff specially made for her so she wouldn’t get sick. She would be destined to eat it the rest of her life.

She stared down at it. It tasted very plain, not bad, but it still sucked. It was almost like eating liquified cardboard.


Her heart went into a frenzy as soon as Dr. Logan entered the room.

Thump thump thump thump thump.

Her knees felt like the consistency of the mush she just ate.

“Great news, Kat. I think you’re well enough to go home now. You can get your treatments on an out-patient basis.”


“No happy face?” he asked. “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to go home?”

“I kinda wanted to stay a little longer.”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t know. I guess I like it here.” I like being around you, you idiot.

“I’ve never known anyone who’s wanted to stay in a hospital.”

“Well now you do.”

“Yeah, well… I have to go speak to your mother but I’ll be back in a few minutes, ok?”

Kat nodded as he left.

Afterward she got up and went over to the door.

She watched as he spoke to her mother.

Then they embraced.

She opened the door, debating over screaming at both of them to cut it out.

Instead she trudged back to the bed and sat down.

She glanced at the vials of blood on the table. Maybe she should ingest some of it, just to get sick again so she could stay at the clinic.

It just might work, she thought.

He came back several seconds later.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” he said; then motioned to the chairs near the window.

“I think I know why you want to stay.”

Her eyes lifted to his. It was pretty obvious what he was going to say, and her whole body quaked with the thundering of her heart.

Meanwhile, Reznik expressed his undying love to Ash.

…or his version of undying love.

“I’ve never felt this way about any girl before,” he gushed.

He kissed her.

“Rez, there’s some things about me you don’t know.”

The familiar tightness of anxiety formed in his stomach.

“I’m pregnant.”

“You’re… what?

“I’m pregnant with your baby. You have to promise me… swear to me that you won’t tell anyone. Not your parents, not Katerina, not Keith, not even the bug crawling on your bedroom floor. Do you understand?”

Do I understand? Do I understand?!

A small inferno erupted on the bed.

“Shit!” Reznik dashed over to put it out.

He remembered what the mage told him… to concentrate all his energy to quell any flame he’d caused. He squeezed shut his eyes, elevating his hand over the fire, telling himself the pain wasn’t real. Heat seared his face, hand, and arm.

Then it vanished.

Once again he turned and regarded Ash.

“But it’s okay though, right? I mean, you’re a full vampire and vampires cannot carry babies past a few weeks.”

“I’m sorry to say that I’m glad you’re going to lose the baby, because I cannot be a father right now. Maybe not ever.”

“You should’ve thought of that before. You refused to wear a condom. Over and over you refused.”

There’s that tightness in his gut again.

“WHY are you acting like you’re going to carry it the full nine months and give birth to it?”

“You just have to trust me.”

“Ash, you’re really starting to make it hard for me to trust you. You ARE a full vampire, right? You’re not a dhampir?”

“Stop yelling at me!”

“Show me the test, Ash.”

“Fine. I will,” she said heading to the bathroom.

She came back a second later.

“You wanna see the test? Here! Here’s your fucking test!

She threw it at him.

“Choke on it!” she continued.

Reznik caught it.

He glared at it. “Two lines means you’re—”

“Yes, you moron!”

“Tell me right now… are you a dhampir?” he shouted.

“Fuck you!”

She ran off.

Reznik struggled to keep that fireball of apprehension inside him, instead of allowing it to show up in reality.

What the hell just happened here? One second I was telling her how I felt about her, the next thing… it all goes to hell.

“Kat, you have to understand that I’m too old for you. Way too old. You’re fifteen years old, you need to go home and have fun with your friends. Be a teenager. You’re lucky you made such a big recovery from the I-DAS.”

“But—but you told me two months ago that you’d kiss me if I was a little older.”

“I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. I’m sorry if I misled you.”

“You’re sorry you misled me? I can’t believe this. And by the way, I’ll be sixteen in only eight more months.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

How could he be so cold about it? He was ripping her heart to shreds and didn’t give two shits.

It hurt so bad she could’ve thrown up.

“What if my mother asked you to kiss her? I bet you’d do it, wouldn’t you?”

“Your mother is a lot older than fifteen.”

“My mother is also married.”

He threw his hands up. He seemed to be losing patience.

“All I’m asking for is one kiss. Just one and I’ll leave you alone.”

“Can’t do it.”

“Would you do it if I threatened to tell the staff about the injections you secretly use on yourself?”


Back at the Haas manor, Reznik vented his frustrations to his BFF Keith.

“I can’t see you as a dad. Seriously,” Keith said.

“Yeah, you and me both.”

“I’m so sick of girls and their bullshit,” Reznik said.

Keith laughed. “I never did like girls.”

What’s that supposed to mean?

                                                  *Aubrey’s POV*

She’d been searching all over the house for Reznik. There’d been a call concerning Tia the Mage. She was sick and wouldn’t be teaching Reznik for a while.

Aubrey smiled to herself, wondering why Tia couldn’t just snap her fingers, wiggle her nose and get over whatever illness she had.

Tia’s boyfriend acted strangely over the phone. He behaved curtly, as if he were angry about something. Almost as if he blamed Tia’s illness on Reznik…

She knew she should’ve knocked. She just didn’t… think.

Um, yeah.


Quietly, she left the room and closed the door behind her.


Thanks for reading!!

And yes, Rez is bisexual.  ^_^


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  1. OMMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Reznik is WHAAAAT?? NOOOO!! Lol. Ahh, and as for Hunter… I really do understand Kat. He’s just so amazing!! But to threaten him just for a kiss? This girl seriously lacks self-esteem. Perhaps because she has always been feeling “lesser” than Rez.

    • Hey Sfe!! 😀 Yes, Reznik is definitely ‘what’, haha. 😆
      Yes Hunter is amazing. If I were Kat’s age and had a doctor who looked like HIM (fat chance) I woulda died… she does lack self-esteem, plus she’s getting desperate. I guess because she was a little ignored over the years by her parents, she craves adult attention THAT bad, lol. Maybe it’s a father figure thing… or something.


  3. :O :O :O :O :O :O thats all i can manage to say right now

    • haha, woke you guys up with this chapter, eh? XD

      ♥ ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Defo lol. Just got to say i loved the way you use P.o.v switchs it was really effective xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Aww, thanks Carlie. ^^ It finally got old using the same POV all the time. I think I strictly used Aubrey’s POV for the first million chapters. XD

        *hugs* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Sweet merciful crap! Reznik likes men?!? That’s hilarious. He’s still sexy though. Kat has problems, she’s being a crazy pants.

    • Ah, hell I think the fact he’s bi just makes him even hotter. 😛
      He’s just totally OUT OF CONTROL at the moment… and it’ll get worse. LOL @ crazy pants! I think if I had a Dr. who looked like Hunter though, I’d be so desperate to get a piece that I’d threaten him too! O_O

      <33 😉

  5. O_o

  6. XD! Awesome chapter 😀 (And I’m not just saying that because there was guy on guy action)! Lol Rez and Keith are really hot together xD! I wonder what’ll happen with Ashton and Rez’s baby, though? And how V. will react to him being bi!

    Kat has some serious self-esteem problems wanting a kiss from Hunter so badly (Then again, who wouldn’t minus straight guys)! I wonder if it’s because she feels neglected that she wants it, or if it’s because he’s just hot lol xD!

    Awesome chapter! Can’t wait to see more of Rez. and Keith :p!

    • Hi Mike! Thank you!! Oh, lol I know you’re not just saying that because of that! XD I know, they make a GREAT couple, don’t they? Then again, Rez seems to make a great couple with a lot of people… haha. Bwhahahahaha, about V.’s possible reaction to Rez’s sexuality! I don’t think I’m going to have Aubrey mention it to him!! 😛

      Oh yes I know. Poor Kat. Teenaged angst at its worst, and it really WILL get worse later. 😦 Could be both, her being neglected AND because he’s HOT!!

      Thanks again! Don’t worry, there will be more. I’ll have to work on the situation between him and Ash too, though. 😉 Poor Aubrey and V. are going to have heart attacks by the time this shit’s over!


  7. gahhh!!! I. AM. ASTONISHED. Seriously, this 9blog keeps me on the edge of my seat,lol. pllzzz, i cannot wait to c wat happens, r u sure u cant put up a new chapter BEFORE next friday?? *crosses fingers* 🙂
    great, wait, scratch that… AMAZING story!!!

    • Hi Gabby! 😀 Awww thank you so much!! ^^ well, I would put up another chapter early, but I’ve been kinda lazy lately, and also I’m afraid if I put one up early I might rush it too much and I don’t want to mess it up! lol. I have other stories you could read… but don’t want to do a link here in the comments in case you’re under 18. My other stuff is raunchy except for my Riverview story…

      But next Fri. will be here before you know it! 🙂

      Seriously, thanks again Gabby. So glad you guys are still enjoying this story/series…

      <33 *hugs*

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I didn’t know that he was bisexual. That’s quite a good add-on, hehe:-)
    Oh, Kat..she didn’t drink that blood, did she? I hope not, Hunter is WAAAAAAY too old for her!

    • Yep you were right! 😆 at the tender age of 17, Rez is already spreading his seed. 😛

      Thanks, lol. Reznik is a very hypersexual being, he just wants everyone. >_>

      Nope, hasn’t drank it yet… maybe she’ll change her mind and decide not to do it in the next chapter. Yes Hunter is too old for her, poor Kat. 😦

      <33 xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I’m awake.
    Now I am.


  10. lol Rezniks face ‘what’s that supposed to mean?”
    lol 😀
    lol at Aubrey walk in on that *cringey*

    • LOL, so funneh. 😛 So cool when the facial expressions actually match their thoughts!

      Very cringey! Poor Aubrey. If I were her, I would’ve walked right back out too!

      <333 ;D

  11. Hey,
    Love your story its amazing. And OMG!!
    But I cant see any of the pictures in this chapter, I read it through but its not the same 😦 Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me ??

    Anyway Keep up the good work, cant wait for the next chapter.

    • hi there! yay another reader. 😛 thanks so much!! 😀

      It’s weird because I was having issues with pictures showing up on other blogs earlier, but thought my internet was messing up. IDK, but glad it’s working now.

      Thanks again! I’m trying to keep up the good work… lol

  12. Oh Its working now! Ignore what i said about the pictures 🙂

  13. Am catching up. Will post more next chapter. I love how in the third last shot the CD case is strategically placed. Well done.

    • Hey there! I see you’re catching up!

      So funny! I wondered if anyone would notice that! In the actual picture it really doesn’t show it, but it does look like it would. I did take the pic like that on purpose, though, because that poster is very suggestive! Then again, this whole story is suggestive…. >.<

      Thanks! 😀

  14. OMG what an amazing chapter!!! Pls can you read mine and my friends legacies on and tell us what you think. (they dont compare to urs tho)


    • Aww, thank you Nayana! Yeah I’ll check it. I’ll also add it to my blog roll. Maybe it’ll help you get some readers. 😀

      I’ll leave a comment on your blog asap, and thank you for commenting on mine!


  15. OH DEAR GOD! That was a surprise! Actually, those were several surprises! I wonder if Hunter will give in to Kat’s requests since she threatened to expose that weird serum he was injecting into his body. Ash is pregnant, oh joy…I was afraid of that. I wonder if she is a dhampir after all…she isn’t saying otherwise so that makes me think that she is. Which means she can have Rez’s baby. Rez, who is bisexual. OMG that “Um yeah” part was hilarious! Aubrey had bad timing! This will be interesting!!! And not to be perverted, but if Reznik is bi, that could make for some interesting threesomes. lmfao!!!!! Time for the next chapter!

    • Hunter might give into Kat’s silly request, but who knows. You’ll find out soon if he succumbs to blackmail. As for Ash, yup, she’s knocked up. On the baby wagon. LOL. My characters are always on the baby wagon. XD
      Poor Rez, he doesn’t want a kid. although that’s his own fault for not using protection. Anyhow, yep, Rez is bi. 😀 LOL, thanks. That part was pretty funny, haha. Very bad timing! That poor woman! O_O And thanks! I figured you’d find this new storyline interesting! You know that would make for some awesome threesomes, I never even thought about that… I do need a good, hot threesome in this story sometime. That’d be awesome. If I use Rez in it, I promise to give you credit for the idea at the end or beginning of chapter. <33

  16. Oh Ash! to blame it on Rez! Sure, he refused to wear a condom but she still had sex with him without one, and should have known better… unless she was trying to get pregnant? And I wonder if Hunter will give into Kat?

    • I hear ya. A LOT of readers did NOT like Ashton. D: Not that I blame them (truly). She’s not one of those characters that most ladies can identify with. Plus, she can be a bitch. XD As for Hunter and Kat, you’ll find out soon enough! 😀

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