One Hundred and Forty-Seven…

glitter-graphics-roses-032316In the End

One Hundred and Forty-Seven: In the End

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Credit for Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep: poem written by Mary Frye.

Credit for Azura’s date: Eric by Jax (thank you Jax!).

untitled - Copy

He’d finally done it.

Vaclav had devolved into a monster and killed.

Lauren was dead.


He went through the motions of the funeral, burial. Like looking in from the outside, Vaclav observed everything as a bystander. No emotion confronted him. Not guilt, sadness, grief. He hardly noticed his family’s dirty looks… especially Kat’s.

He was hollow. Dead inside. Seemingly heartless.


The only time he came alive was when he thought of Aubrey. Then he remembered her broken portrait.

His family later forgave him for killing his wife. What else could they do? Vaclav was the family patriarch. Lauren never deserved to die, but she’d done some bad things. Things that ultimately drove Vaclav to the edge.

At first Reznik wasn’t sure of what to think. Azura, of course, missed her mother. As did Lucifer. Vaclav realized how difficult it was for them to forgive him, or at least act like they had.


Lance had not forgiven him. After discovering what his father did, Lance left Shadowvale.

One would normally anticipate Vaclav’s prompt arrest and prison term, however Shadowvale was anything but consistent with law and order.


Furthermore, Vaclav practically owned Shadowvale.

In the end it couldn’t have gone any other way. For vampires are inherently creatures of darkness and no amount of humanity could stop them from acting on those evil impulses; no matter how deeply such urges are buried in the undead’s subconscious. Particularly in an immortal well over 300 years old, such as Vaclav Haas.

untitled - Copy

Roughly eight months elapsed since Lauren’s death at the hand of her husband.

Justin and Tristan got along for the most part.

Justin had moved back into the Logan house months earlier.


Someone pulled up the Logans’ driveway. A knock came at the door and Kat answered.


A girl introduced herself as Adyson. She looked like she’d been crying, and a toddler squirmed in her arms.

Adyson asked to see Tristan. Bewildered, Kat called him into the room.


“Adyson? Is that you?” Tristan asked.

“Yes. It’s me.”


The little girl chattered. “This is Asia,” Adyson said. “She’s your daughter.”


“Adyson, she’s not mine.”

Adyson backed away.


“Don’t give me that bullshit. I know she’s yours.”

“Wait—you don’t understand.”

“I understand perfectly.”



“I have to leave Asia here with you. I can’t take care of her anymore. I’m sorry.”


She put the baby down as they watched in quiet disbelief.


“Don’t worry,” she said. “Asia is Tristan’s baby. Look at her eyes.” Her voice broke.

Adyson left.

Justin came into the room. Asia toddled up to him and yanked on his pants.




“I’m not your daddy,” Justin coldly said.




“You’re such a dick, Justin. You know that’s your baby. You slept with Adyson almost two years ago pretending to be me. Remember?”

Justin shook his head.


“Yes you did. You know you fucked Adyson.”

“Tristan, stop,” Kat said.


“Gotta go.” Justin beamed as he hurried out.

“Dickhead,” Tristan whispered.


Asia stood, gave them all a cute show that helped prove her heritage.






“She’s cute, but what the fuck are we gonna do with her?”

“Stop saying the F-word around her,” Kat said.



“So it’s true?” Kat questioned. “She’s Justin’s?”


“Of course it’s true, Mom. Like Adyson said, all you have to do is look at Asia’s eyes.”


Yes it was true.

Tristan went over and crouched down.


“C’mere, Asia. That’s right.” Tristan was a natural with kids. Asia walked right up to him, smiling and babbling.


“Yeah. I’ll be your daddy, sweetheart.”


“Are you sure about this, Tristan?”


“Yeah, I’m sure. She’ll never know who her real father is. I was supposed to be with Adyson that night, anyhow.” He picked her up.

It makes sense, Kat thought. Justin is the near opposite of his brother. Tristan has a nurturing side to him, while Justin was always free, wild and unattainable. 

Tristan would make the better father. No doubt.


“Dad, Mom, say hello to your granddaughter.”


“She’s beautiful.”

untitled - Copy

Three couples began their lives united in marriage.


Their ceremonies were held at the vampires’ nightclub.

It was a triple wedding involving Lucifer’s union with Mila, Reznik’s with Elijah, and Cody’s with Paris.


A huge occasion with many dark guests, Vaclav also showed up; more out of a sense of obligation than anything else.


His heart was an empty slab of stone.


Nothing could fulfill it, not even watching his sons get married or seeing his grandson Sam, who was now 10 months old.

Vaclav would always be reminded of Lauren’s death whenever Sam was around, for his birth coincided with Lauren’s murder.


Bitterness cast a somber cloud over the otherwise joyful occasion.

Once in a while he dared to lift his gaze and observe.


It was the younger ones who insisted on a more traditional ceremony. Flowing white gowns, tuxes, pink flowers everywhere. Enough pink, yellow and red to make one vomit.

But… how pretty Mila looked in her dress. What a perfect couple she and Lucifer made.

They posed as the wedding photographer took a series of shots. Flash, flash flash went the camera, lighting up the area all around.



As for Reznik and his partner, Vaclav had lived long enough to learn not to allow any trivial prejudices regarding homosexuality. Not a flicker of disappointment concerned him when he found out Reznik was bisexual years ago.

Vaclav had endured too much life experience to truly give a shit. There were far more important matters to think about. Sexuality was never one of them.

One did not decide to become attracted to the same sex, particularly during those decades when the stigma peaked and then the so-called ‘Gay Cancer’ surfaced. No one would choose to become an entity that was incessantly persecuted. And you cannot help whom you fall in love with.

Again, homosexuality was not a choice. Anyone who said otherwise were completely and utterly full of shit.


They made a beautiful couple.


More flashing as pictures were taken.



Cody and Paris also resembled a couple from Bride magazine; not that Vaclav ever read any of that silly nonsense.


Justin chose to make a spectacle of himself by trying to kill the faux butterflies.


He threw up his hands and clapped at empty air.

Vaclav stifled the urge to chuckle. Hunter laughed for him instead.

How proud you must be, Vaclav thought. Your son not only ignores his illegitimate daughter Asia, he’s an idiot otherwise.


Tristan was a doting father to Asia. Amazing how he was the complete opposite of his identical twin.


Vaclav cleared his throat.

Of course he knew his own children were far from perfect. Jakub was a travesty for a son.

Reznik had contributed his fair share of wrong-doings. The worst he’d committed was Lauren’s sexual assault. Vaclav couldn’t judge him. He was his son, but different from Jakub in that Reznik felt remorse for his actions. He’d grown out of his despicable lack of empathy once reaching adulthood and undergoing therapy.

In fact Reznik was so remorseful that he tried to kill himself after hurting Lauren, though that still didn’t make it okay. It was never okay to hurt someone in such a way. However, Vaclav was not in any position to judge.

Seemed like the family was always torn apart about one thing or the other.


Azura was dating a decent creature named Eric. He was a dhampir and treated her well; although their displays of affection could be obnoxious.

Vaclav paid for all the birth control Azura needed, because the very last thing she needed was to get pregnant again.

Sometimes he could see the sadness in her eyes. She still thought of Stephen, her little son who was stillborn. Perhaps someday she’d gain enough maturity, stability to get married and begin a suitable family of her own.


Vaclav peered into the background. Lucifer dipped Mila, showing off before the photographer.

Mila’s giggles rang out like the sound of chimes.


Lucifer looked so happy. With God’s grace hopefully his life with Mila would never turn sour, bitter.


Before Vaclav realized, Lucifer cut the wedding cake. Everyone happily shared in the festivities.


Lucifer crammed a piece of cake into Mila’s mouth. She laughed, blowing out crumbs while wiping her mouth. Her cheeks reddened.

Soon it would be time for a family portrait. It was a shame that Lance couldn’t be there. Not that Vaclav blamed him.


Further memories were created as each newly married couple clowned around.

Effortlessly, both Lucifer and Cody hoisted their brides upward.


Lucifer said something to Mila. Vaclav could not decipher his words but it was obvious they were meaningful.

Their eyes positively sparkled as they gazed at each other.


Reznik pretended to feed from Elijah.

Again, Vaclav stifled laughter.



Vaclav glanced all around. Smiles, bright eyes and laughter filled the room.

Was he the only one who thought of those missing from the party? There were a few who couldn’t contribute their joy and smiles.


untitled - Copy (2)

Time came for portraits.


He felt out of place, like a stranger who didn’t quite belong.

Vaclav was a murderer amidst younger immortals who tried to do right and abide by unspoken rules… though all of them, at one time or another, have accidentally killed while feeding from humans and bitten their mates during sex.


Surrounded by a sea of couples, Vaclav realized why he was heartless.

His heart had died long ago with Aubrey.

It was she whom possessed it, clutched it as she lay inside her crypt. Aubrey would never give it up.

And the longer she was gone, the more heartless he’d become. He only hadn’t realized it.

Lauren wasn’t much more than a band-aid used to fix it.


Snap, flash.


That moment was frozen forever…


untitled - Copy


Do not stand at my grave and weep,   
I am not there; I do not sleep.   
I am a thousand winds that blow,   
I am the diamond glints on snow,   
I am the sun on ripened grain,   
I am the gentle autumn rain.   
When you awaken in the morning’s hush   
I am the swift uplifting rush   
Of quiet birds in circling flight.   
I am the soft starlight at night.   
Do not stand at my grave and cry,   
I am not there; I did not die.


I am not there; I did not die.

Such a lovely poem that was written in the early 1930’s. For some reason Vaclav had thought of it as he stared at Aubrey’s framed likeness.


The poem was bullshit. For Aubrey was dead. Aubrey was also lying still in the nearby vault. Of course he was smart enough to recognize the symbolism, he just didn’t feel like acknowledging it.

Pointless stupid bereavement poems. Pointless, stupid fucking immortality.

He struggled not to shake.

Vaclav jerked around and headed out of the mausoleum.


Lucifer and Reznik confronted him at the front doors. After spending hours at the tiny, dreary death house, something had gone dreadfully wrong.

“Wait. Don’t go in there yet,” Lucifer said holding him back.


Vaclav took another step forward, his brain not understanding what the holy hell was happening.

“Dad, hold on. We have to talk to you about something.” Reznik shoved him back.

What the—

Third step forward.

“Dad! Stop. It’s about Mom.”

Mom? You mean Lauren? What? Vaclav shook his head, then plowed through his sons and stumbled toward the dining room.


Fourth step.

Fifth step.


It was like trudging through six inches of mud.

“Dad!” His sons’ voices resonated from behind as if registering through a filter.

Then he knew.

Vaclav knew seconds before he got there.


But he still couldn’t fathom it.




“Aubrey.” Vaclav’s legs buckled.


Aubrey. Aubrey. Aubrey.


She… she’s not even a fucking vampire! It can’t be real! It can’t!


“What is this?” Vaclav asked after dragging his sons into the family room. “What the hell have you two done? Is this more of your black magic-hocus-pocus-fucking bullshit?” Now he was definitely shaking.


“That’s why we tried to stop you,” Lucifer said. He and his brother talked at the same time. Vaclav was more confused than ever.

“Start making sense before I lose my mind,” Vaclav demanded.


“It was Lucifer’s idea. I didn’t want to go along with it because frankly I didn’t think you deserved to have her back.”


“Which you didn’t deserve her. On the other hand, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for you. Not sure why, but it was the only thing that really made sense. I think I did it for myself as much as for you.” He paused. “I guess it was time for me to have my biological mother back.”


“You know how Reznik spent all those extra weeks on his honeymoon in Europe?” Lucifer added.

“Yeah. I needed a certain rare ingredient for alchemy that would bring Mom fully back to life. She wouldn’t come back as a vampire either,” Reznik explained. “I spent most of that time searching in Spain.”


“Reznik found the herb he needed, so he made the elixir and poured it onto her body. She came back unconscious and we had to carry her to the house. That was two days ago. While you were gone at the mausoleum, we had time to wake her up. We used more magic to do it.”


“Now Dad, you need to understand something. Listen closely, okay? Mom is no longer a vampire because the resurrection brought her back to a state before she was turned. If you remember, you turned her when I was about 5 years old. This means her memory is gone all the way back to that time. Lucifer and I haven’t told her anything, except she thinks she just got back from Paris after being knocked out fighting those enemies. She also doesn’t know who we are.” He gestured to Lucifer and himself.

“We need to slowly tell her what’s happened. Slowly work to get her memory back, but there are some things best not mentioned,” Rez continued. “We do not want to make the same mistakes we made with Lauren. Do you understand?”


“This is too much.”

“No shit.” Reznik chuckled.


“For years and years I wanted her back. So badly. Now that she is, it terrifies me.” I know I’ll screw it up. If I do, my world will return to the hell I’ve known for so long. Or maybe Shadowvale was already hell?

No. Shadowvale isn’t hell itself, but perhaps the sole gateway that leads there.


“Why are you so afraid?” Reznik questioned.

“Because what if I do repeat those same mistakes? I’m scared I’ll mess something up again. I’m scared I’ll be too possessive since she was lost for so long. I’ll shelter her and watch her every move.”

“You won’t.”


“You’ll take good care of her, Dad. Lucifer and I will make sure of it.”


“What’s the big secret?” Aubrey asked breezing into the room. “Are you guys talking about what happened in Paris?”

Dear God. Even her voice fired chills up his neck and arms. She was strange and unfamiliar, yet very familiar all at the same time.


“You never told me. Did we win the war?” Her hand cinched his shoulder. More chills followed, and something else…


“Yes. We won the war.”

“I figured. You could always whip up on Shawn and Jakub.” She laughed. Vaclav froze.

Gently, she turned him until he faced her.


Placing her hand upon his chest, she said: “Don’t worry, Vaclav. You might be a vampire but you have more heart than any human I’ve ever known.”


He grabbed her hand, hoping she didn’t notice his trembling.

“It’s so weird,” she said. “I know I was knocked out and everything, so why doesn’t my head hurt?”

“I don’t know.” The statement barely rasped from his lips.

“Well it doesn’t matter. Does it? All that’s important is that we survived. We survived and we’re together. Forever.”


Yes. Together forever.

It was so easy and natural to embrace her. Most of his terror faded and vanished into youthful, innocent eyes of baby blue.


Eyes that were now closed, lips parted and ready for his kiss.

“I love you Vaclav.”

“I love you too, Aubrey my essence.” Tears surfaced.


In their bedroom, they would finish what was started.

An entire legacy that began with a mere sweet, but very forbidden kiss.

Six generations commenced with Aubrey’s grandmother, who’d fallen for a mesmerizing wingless angel with fangs. Vicious, dangerous, unearthly and beautiful.

Like moths attracted to the flame, many women fell under the spell of Shadowvale’s monsters.

Some lived. Some died. Most spawned halflings who tried to do right.

Lucifer was the only purebred vampire who ever lived.


During his birth, Lucifer had taken the life of his mother.

In the end, he gave it back.


Do not stand at my grave and cry,   
I am not there; I did not die.


* * * *


Hopefully these were mostly minor, but I do realize Bloodlust had its share of little imperfections: plot holes, crutch words, bad picture editing, ellipsis abuse, plot mistakes, ‘head-hopping’, general mistakes, occasional ‘rushing’, continuity errors, semi-colon/comma abuse and misuse.  However I did try my best about 98% of the time. I was more focused on getting the story told than worrying about certain details.

*edit 3-8-13: speaking of dumb mistakes, I just now corrected one in this chapter. Now I’m looking for any more… *sigh* I absolutely hate finding stupid mistakes so long after already posting a chapter. And I’d proofread this fucking chapter so many times before posting it. I do not understand why I sometimes don’t notice mistakes. I hate that because fuck-ups just ruin the whole thing.*

Here’s one ‘plot hole’ that can be explained: Cody’s cat, Whiskers, died of old age. 😛 Also, some of the continuity errors I blame on EA games. Why? Because when Supernatural came out and I installed it, fangs and neck tats were missing from some of my vampires/dhampirs and I didn’t realize it until screenshots were already taken, chapters already written. I had to go back into CAS to tack them back on. THEN when Seasons was installed, the same fucking thing happened! That is why the fangs and neck tattoos are inconsistent in the later chapters.

A few times I’ve gone back to edit the first several chapters. Thing is, every single time I read over them I find something else I want to change. There comes a point when you just have to be satisfied with it. It’ll never be perfect or totally fulfill your expectations.

On the other hand, I think Bloodlust is pretty decent considering it’s ‘just a Sims story’. Almost 150 chapters and I had no editor, no help in writing it or thinking out storylines (I hope that doesn’t make me sound full of myself, because I do know I’m not the greatest writer); though I may have used readers’ suggestions/desires which sometimes influenced what I wrote. I’ve had my moments in being in a bitchy mood, but usually I do take readers’ thoughts into consideration.

As for credits, I do have those listed on a separate page in addition to listing them at the end of relevant chapters. Unless I’m too damn tired to do it, of course.

I definitely want to say something about all those amazing poses, along with their creators. Seriously if it weren’t for you all, stories like this wouldn’t be worth bothering to write or worth the effort. Same with Twallan’s mods, including Animator. I couldn’t do a story without the Animator mod.

And Cmomoney from Mod the Sims, you are a genius. I don’t know you, but I could never thank you enough for coming out with that pose player. It was an absolute life saver.

I also want to mention how awesome it is that Bloodlust ended almost as its views reached 200,000. Can’t ask for a better conclusion than that.

Thank you guys for everything. And those who’ve been there for me through quite a lot, thank you especially. You know who you are and you are truly, truly amazing people. You’ve helped me and listened to me vent (probably even though you knew I was overreacting to something). You guys have tons of patience, sympathy, empathy and understanding.

I hope you guys can hold onto those awesome qualities as you get older.

Please don’t change. The world needs more people like you.

I ♥ y’all. Thanks for sticking with me after all this time.

Credits for most of the poses used in this chapter:

Wedding poses

Twilight poses

Romantic poses

Finally, here’s the first chapter to Lance’s Story. Lance Haas’s story begins at the time just before he flees Shadowvale. I don’t like using Second-Person POV any longer. His story will be written using First Person POV. At times, I will switch to his love interest’s POV. Again, hers will (obviously) also be in FP POV. That will give a little variety to the story regarding other characters’ views. Doing it this way is much easier for me.

One more thing: Check this out from Wiki: Samael  It’s a page about the ‘angel’ Sammael, whom Lucifer’s son is named after. Very interesting stuff, at least to me. It mentions Sammael taking the form of the serpent, and then seducing Eve and getting her pregnant with Cain (Jewish lore). It is also said that Sammael is the angel of death (busy guy according to Wiki). Yes I realize Wikipedia is a lot of BS, but I still found the article interesting.

I did not get the name from Wiki, I used a different site to research the names of ‘fallen angels’.




Here is the Family Tree. Please don’t add any details/sims to it. It is for viewing only. Thank you. 🙂

Also, sorry about all the info dumps in this chapter. I was trying to wrap up most of the ‘loose ends’ of the story.


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  1. I always wanted to leave a comment since the last one, but never found the right time to do it, especially with college and all that stuff (hope u understand it hahaha) I was very sad when u decided to end Bloodlust, but to be honest you did an amazing job really =) You were my first Sims story I ever read on my life hahaha, and I don’t regret it at all. I would love if Bloodlust will be a soap opera hahaha I’d go for Aubrey’s role xD Anyway, I already read your other stories (all of them seriously) and I can just tell you I love them, so please keep writing =)
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    I wish you the best on everything ❤
    You have my full support even if I don't write so often =/ hehe
    I also had to tell you my brother registered a game on TS3 hahaha, seems the kiddo wanted to join the forums with my codes hahahaha anyway, so if you want to add me I'm Jkp83 or something like that I think xD Could you believe he even put a girl avie? Seems he wanted to make a prank to my boyfriend and I since he has the games to, and an account, he also put a siggy for him -.- God, I don't know why he registered that and never told me or asked my permission (Yeah he got punished a lot, but still.. Don't even know what he posted 'till I search it..) Back on topic (sorry!) I do enjoyed all of your stories my friend =) Even if I didn't know Bloodlust since the beginning I really appreciate I did on time to catch up with everything and felt anxious about the ending and all your wonderful job ❤
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    CONGRATULATIONS JENNY/BIG R =)! You're one of the most amazing writers ever and one of my favorites too.
    God bless u and your family, hope to read from you soon!

    • hi greenstar, 🙂 Oh jeez, trust me I totally understand. LOL that’s why it took me forever to start replying to these comments. Actually I was busy writing the first chapters of Lance’s Story. :p Then I need to update Platinum, and then Firestar. *facepalm* I got too many stories.

      Aww, sorry you were sad that I ended this story, and thank you for saying I did an ‘amazing’ job on the end! I really appreciate that. *hugs*

      REALLY? This was the first sim story you read? Wow. Well I’m certainly glad you enjoyed it! Haha, I WISH this could be a TV show/soap opera. 😛 I wish, wish, wish. Of course there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. XD lol you’d go for Aubrey’s role? Hmm, me too. Or maybe Lauren’s.

      Aw, thank you! And yes I’ll surely keep writing. I’m way too addicted to making up stories to stop. It’s crazy, really.

      Yep I was diagnosed in Nov., started suspecting I had it weeks before, but they say adults don’t actually ‘get’ adhd, that it’s a childhood condition but sometimes carries into adulthood. But anyhow, I had the same issues as a kid so… it’s too bad I never knew I had it until now. My back is absolutely great now, thank you! It actually stopped hurting a few weeks ago, thankfully. Not sure what the heck happened to it. It hurt for about 4-6 weeks. Anyway, thank you so much for reading my stuff all the time, you are really sweet. ^_^ I hope you keep enjoying whatever I write. Haha, so you put my story before your work? LOL. I put writing my stories before housework, though I’ve gotten better at not slacking off. 😛 Like I said I don’t blame you about the comments or anything. I know people are busy, especially students like yourself. And holy crap, you were reading this blog before 5 in the morning? You sound like me. My sleeping schedule gets very messed up…

      I hear you. I found that poem by accident, sort of. And when I read it, it made me want to cry too. It’s just amazing the way it plays on your emotions. So I HAD to use it for the last chapter. It was a perfect fit.
      Thanks for your congrats! Haha, I once thought I was going to go to 1000 chapters, seriously. But I had other stories to do, including a new one, and I got busier with real life stuff, and figured that Bloodlust was due for some closure. All of that factored in on my decision to end it. At least it’s not entirely done, though.

      Aww you’re sweet, thank you for that. I wish you the best on everything too ♥
      Really it’s okay not to comment! Tbh I usually don’t have much time to reply to them anyway. I used to be active in receiving/replying to comments, and then once in a while I’d act really stupid about not getting enough comments. I cringe whenever I think back to some of the things I used to complain about; just stupid stuff.

      So your brother registered a game on the Sims forums? LOL @ him using your codes, and the girl avie! That’s crazy that he wanted to play a prank on you and your BF! I will def add you whenever I get back on there. I just haven’t been on there in a while because I don’t like those forums anymore. I feel like the moderators don’t ban certain people that they should, to put it nicely. LOL. Do you ever post on there? Or read some of the stuff? Anyhow, so your brother posts on the forums? Uh oh! lol. And he also made a siggy? Haha. Well at least he got punished for it! XD Oh, no apology needed. You’re welcome to post anything OT. That makes me sound like a moderator, doesn’t it? >_>

      Well thank you ♥ for all those awesome compliments! I really enjoyed writing this story, from start to finish (unless I was distracted, which didn’t happen too often).

      Wow, and thanks for that, about the *hug* and that this story always cheered you up! *hugs back* 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it so well! So sweet. Thank you, thank you and thank you. That really makes me feel awesome that a few parts even moved you to tears! I’ve been waiting to hear a comment like that… for quite some time. Though others have given me amazing comments too before (so as not to sound like I’m leaving anyone out).

      You definitely weren’t the first to mention wanting to know more about V and Aubrey. 😛 I guess I was a little abrupt on ending it. I told some others I’d probably try to do a short update sometime in the future.
      lol thank you again! haha, yeah ‘jen’ is just a random pseudonym, and Robin is my real name. Big R used to be my pet name IRL, sorta. LOL.

      Thanks so much again! ♥ Really glad you enjoy my stories. 😀

      God bless you and your family as well. *hugs* <3333

  2. wow.. so sad it’s over *gulp*..
    and – it didn’t end at all how i thought it would! beautiful happy end, man i can’t believe Aubrey is back! this is one ending nobody expected.. for myself, after Vaclav killed Lauren, with Lance realizing, and especially since the sequel is about Lance, i was sure he would kill Vaclav. this would be the end of the patriarch of this legacy, and a new start for a bitter young killer..
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    • Hey Portisheart 😀 yup it’s all over. Finished, done done, bye bye. XD
      Really? You didn’t think it’d end like that? That’s probably a good thing, at least. And thank you for saying it was a ‘beautiful happy end’! Yep, Aubrey’s finally back, for good. She hasn’t been a non-vampire since chapter 49.
      Ohhh that’s an awesome idea, for Lance to have killed Vaclav. I guess it never occurred to me just because I wanted V to reunite with Aubrey at the end. But if it weren’t for that, that would’ve made a cool ending… if not an unhappy one, lol. Eh, on second thought, I’d rather it have a totally happy ending, even though the thought of Lance playing hero like that sounds amazing. 😉 He’ll have his chance to play ‘hero’ in his own story, however.

      Oh, I like the sound of that too, ‘a new start for a bitter young killer’ sounds awesome, lol. Glad I’m not the only one with a dark mind, hehe.

      Yes indeed! Couldn’t end it without a bunch of characters tying the knot! 😛
      As for Azura, she’s slowly getting over stuff. Of course she’ll never forget about her baby. If it were real life, she’d also never forget about the one she ‘terminated’. Good question about Asia and Sam. Like I’ve told some others on here, I’ll have to do some kind of an update. Maybe post it on Lance’s story blog. Yeah, in a way V deserves the happy ending with Aubrey, and on the other hand he doesn’t. But it’s always best since Lucifer, Rez, and Kat have their mother back. 😀 And yes, vampires indeed. They’re eeeeevil. XD

      Well thank you for reading, Portisheart! Glad you enjoyed it! 😀 ♥ ♥

      PS: we bought Hotel Transylvania the other day and watched it. It was hilarious; but anyway, saying vampires are eeeeevil reminds me of what people mocking Dracula did in the movie: “BLEH, B-B-B-BLEAH B-B-B-B-BLEH!!” And then Dracula would get pissed and say he doesn’t act like that. 😆 It was also funny whenever one of the characters called Drac a ‘control freak’. I swear if this story was ever made into a spoof, it’d be just like that movie.

  3. So sad it’s over, but what a wonderful ending! Thank you so much for writing this, it is my favorite sim story ever. I can’t wait to see where your other stories go, you are an incredibly talented story teller:)

    • Thank you Amber! 😀 And it is kinda sad. I thought I’d be writing this forever, but finally figured it was time to move on, at least for the most part. Aw, well you’re welcome! thank you for reading it! And that is truly awesome that this was your favorite sim story! That really makes me feel good. ^_^ ♥ Also makes me blush, lol!

      Thank you again for all the amazing compliments. *huggles*

  4. I just read the final chapter, and it was very beautiful. I love how Aubrey has been brought back as a human. A perfect end to a wonderful story, and I loved reading every word. I will be reading your other stories, because you are such a talented writer who knows how to keep their readers attention, or at least mine. Will any of the characters in BL, make any appearances in Lance’s Story?

    • Hello Pinky! 🙂 Awww thank you, that means a lot to me. 😳 I agree though, I couldn’t wait to bring Aubrey back to life (fully back). It was awesome writing that part. Really the endings are one of the best parts of writing.

      Thank you so much for all the kind, sweet words, LaBlue (or Pinky!). I really appreciate them. ♥ Also thank you for continuing to follow my stories! As for the characters making an appearance on Lance’s Story, I’m not sure yet. Likely I will, though! 😀

      Thanks again! *hugs*

  5. I’m not going to leave a long comment because then I’ll be sad that this is over. I’ll just say that I loved this through and through. I remember when I discovered it. I ended up reading all night and had to thank God I was sick at the moment so I could stay home and read the rest of it!

    I had no clue how you were planning to end this but is was absolutely perfect! Congrats on telling an amazing story!

    • Great to ‘see’ you on here again, Qui. 😀 Hope you’ve been doing well. Yeah, it’s over… sorry you’re sad about it. In a way I was sad about ending it too (though Lance gets his own story). Just thought it was about time. Thank you Qui, soooo happy you liked reading this story. I know you’ve been following it for a long time. Thank you for that too. ♥ haha, I also remember whenever you first commented on it, and that also seems familiar that you were sick around that time. Haha, I’m glad the story was worth your time even though you were sick! But at least you also got to stay home! 😛

      Yep, I’d decided sometime in Dec. to go ahead and end it. Thank you for the compliments about the story and ending! 🙂 I truly appreciate it, Qui! ♥

  6. Wow, it took me 3 days to catch up to 145, and about a week to finish all of BL (since I had to wait for chapters 146 + 147 to come back)

    I knew you would make Aubrey alive again! That seemed the most logical thing to do, anyways. But omg, I hate how Justin just abandoned his baby to Tristan! Ugh. I wanna smack Justin, LOL. (Lol you jerk, Justin, blah.)

    For the wedding, I was satisfied, as most of the couples have gotten married. (Yay for Lucifer! ♥)

    But overall, the whole reading of BL seems so.. surreal. It only took me a short time to read everything… I got caught up in all the chapters, and now, my break is over :c.
    I’ll definitely keep a watch out on Lance’s story c:

    But seriously, asdfghjkl; will you ever do a BL sequel or spin-off that allows us to see the BL cast again? (other than Lance’s story)

    – Angie

    • Hello Angie! 😀 That’s pretty fast that it only took you a few days to catch up! 😯 lol I can tell you really liked it, so thank you for checking it out.

      Haha, you knew? LOL I suppose it was a little on the predictable side, eh? 😛 True, though, it really was the most logical thing to do. And I hear ya about Justin… he’s very baaad. D: Like his brother said, Justin’s a d**khead and asshole. >_> Sadly there’s a lot of guys like that IRL, even though that’s OT. Anyhow, yes Justin DOES need slapped, lol.

      I agree! I had to get the main ones married! Especially Lucifer & Mila, and Rez & Elijah. 😀 Couldn’t leave their relationships hanging!

      Well again it sounds like you enjoyed it, so I’m glad! I’m so sorry your break is over though. 😦 I know how that feels, and it’s NOT a good feeling. Ugh.
      Thank you for watching out for Lance’s Story! Hope you like! ♥

      haha, maybe I’ll do some kind of an update on the characters! 😆 If I do, I’ll post the link on Lance’s Story so no one will miss it. 😛

      <3333 thanks for your comment, Angie!

      (oops, I committed smiley abuse)

  7. OMG. Such a perfectly amazing ending, despite it is sad it has ended! I loved it, you did a good job of rounding things off and such.

    I remember you saying to me a while ago that I would like the ending? Well, you were right, I did 🙂

    All the kiddies are looking adorable, as always though. And I loved the wedding shots, and the variety in weddings, it was just so cool 🙂 Plus, I couldnt help but Vaclav views on sexuality, I wish everyones views were like that. Because after all, it is just love, no matter what form it comes in! 😀

    The ending, wow, was not expecting Aubrey to return, but it was nice and I am glad Vaclav can finally feel happy again, because he hasnt really been happy in so long. Despite the fact I was mad at him for killing Lauren, that was when he pushed the line.. :L I liked her, depsite how she had done wrong, but she still had done right too.

    Anyways cant wait for more on Lance’s story, so excited!

    • Hi James! 🙂 Why thank you very much, glad you liked the ending! I loved writing it. Pretty awesome that V and Aubrey, etc. got closure.

      Aw, so glad you liked the ending! I figured you would, like you mentioned. 😉 ♥

      haha yep, all the kids are cuties! It’s always fun whenever the babies grow into toddlers, and then you can really tweak their looks. Yeah, I enjoyed taking all those snapshots of the wedding, and then editing some of the portraits. So much fun! I got as many as 17 sims on that ONE lot!! And it’s only supposed to be up to 9, I think.
      I know it, James (regarding V’s views on sexuality). I honestly wish everyone could be like that too. Yes it’s just love, but some people have to act idiotic about it. My oldest sister is gay, and has gone through a LOT in her life. And I’ve believed since I was a TEENAGER that people are born like that, and will always believe it. So whenever anyone behaves stupidly about homosexuality, it tends to rub me the wrong way. And here’s a word of advice: keep staying off the sims 3 forums. ’nuff said. >:| (I mean there are too many ignorant fucks on there). << sorry to vent, it makes me angry whenever I think about certain threads on there and how they ended up.

      That's great that you weren't expecting Aubrey to return! I was kinda afraid that part was predictable. True, he hasn't been entirely happy in AGES. I don't blame you for being ticked at him when he killed Lauren. That was not right… to say the least. You are so right, Lauren did do a lot of good things, like raising Lucifer as her own. I really, really worried sometimes about having V. kill her (just like I worried to death about having Rez hurt Lauren in a ‘sexual way’)… he snapped, but I still see it from your view.

      Thank you James! Hope you like Lance's storyline too! 😀 *hugs*! <333

      *edit: I see that I abused exclamation marks yesterday morning. Must’ve been excited about something… anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I deleted that link to your new story BUT I have another link to it on my actual ‘favorite blogs’ list near the bottom. Just wanted to let you know that so you wouldn’t be wondering what happened. 😀 I cleared out a lot of stuff from the front page, and also trashed some pages to make the blog look ‘neater’ basically, since I’ve finished the story. Or maybe I’m just being OCD. *shrug*

  8. Nope. It didnt end. Nope.

    I loved this. All the way. And as usual, eagerly waiting for updates from the other stories, including Lance’s.


    • Aw, hello thecreativeblock. Sorry it ended! D: But seriously, thank you for reading and enjoying it. I’m thrilled that so many seemed to like it. 😀

      Thank you also for checking out Lance’s Story. Hope you like! Actually, come to think of it you’d clicked the ‘like’ button on one or two chapters… so thank you for that! ♥ ♥ Hope you keep enjoying it.

  9. GAH! Such an amazing way to end such an AMAZING story. Seriously Robin, I haven’t found a chapter of yours that I did not enjoy. All of it was just simply breath taking. I felt SO bad for V, even though he did wrong, and I just wanted him to be happy. Lucifer is such an amazing son! Bringing Aubrey back was the best thing he could have ever done for his father. He will hurt no longer and he can basically “start over” with the love of his life. It’s true, once you love someone… and I mean TRULY love someone… it’s hard to EVER find someone to replace that love. They can help fill the void, yes, but never in a million years will they take that spot in your heart.

    The wedding was just breath taking. I loved all the decor and the colors. I love red and black (my favorite colors) so it I just thought it was gorgeous. Oh my dear word… Asia and Sam are BEAUTIFUL! I would have loved to see them grow up… But every story has to come to their end. I’m just glad that I got to follow this story for so long and continue to follow it until it’s end. It makes it feel that much more special.

    I’m not surprised that Justin just took off like some little unruly child and that Trist took over as Asia’s father. They’ve always been polar opposites of each other. I am glad that Asia will have a very loving, doting father to raise her. Also I feel SO bad for Lance. It’s just not fair that he had to see his mother be killed right before his eyes. I don’t blame him for taking off to find a new life. (Read the new chapter for his story, loved it 😉 )

    Well, I guess this concludes my comment. I loved this story, and I don’t think I’ll ever find another one like it. Thanks for writing such an amazing piece of work, Robin. OH and thanks for using my simmy!! ❤ That was unexpected. It meant a lot.

    Love yah! ❤

    I bid thee adieu Bloodlust.

    – Jax (:

    • *sigh* I usually copy my whole post to notepad in case my reply gets deleted. Well I only copied the first few paragraphs… and the rest got deleted. I’m really pissed right now, I’m sick of WP’s glitches. SHIIIIT. I had a super long comment too… damnit! Sorry to vent.

      Jax! Hi there! 😀 (and sorry I haven’t checked my emails in forever. Probably about time I FINALLY did, eh? I’ve been pushing to get this story finished, and then I wrote a few chapters on Lance’s story, lol). THANK YOU SO MUCH! Such awesome compliments, and I’m so happy you enjoyed this story! *HUGS* ♥ You are such a sweet person, Jax. Truly. And you make me 😳 blush, lol.
      Really? You felt bad for V? That’s not a bad thing, necessarily. I tried to make it so Lauren sounded more in the ‘wrong’, about her refusal to drink the elixir, seducing Rez, always removing Aubrey’s portrait, etc., so that readers would feel sorry for V. However, I knew it was a long shot for anyone to sympathize with him after he killed Lauren in such a way. D:
      I get what you mean. V is bad, but in a way it was ‘mitigating circumstances’. I wanted to give him a happy ending too, especially if it meant bringing back Aubrey. Plus Rez, Kat, and Lucifer would have their mother back. 🙂

      ^ Unfortunately I’m gonna have to cut this short this time (since WP screwed me out of my longer comment) because I have to get to my other comments… took me 5 days just to start replying. *FACEPALM*

      Basically, I loved reading your comment and your sweet words truly meant a lot to me (not to sound cheezy but you know what I mean, lol). *HUGE HUGE HUGS*!! ♥ I also really enjoyed reading what you said about ‘true love’, and yes that is sooo true. Vaclav could never get over Aubrey, though he’d forgotten about his past ‘loves’.

      I’m so sorry I’ve had to cut this short, Jax. I feel like I’m cheating you… like I said, I had a huge comment finished. What I did was try to highlight one of your words so I could paste it to the closing of my reply, and WP switched it to edit YOUR comment, for some f**ked up reason! Then I could NOT get back to my own reply… * highly pissed *

      Anyhow, I love you too, Jax. You are the best. ♥ ♥ *huggle* 😀 And you’re welcome about using Eric, thank you for letting me download him! ♥

      And lol @ ‘bidding adieu to Bloodlust’! (btw that was the part I tried to copy and paste to my reply).

      ~ Robin (sorry again this was so short, Jax) *HUGS* thank you again for all the wonderful compliments. <333

  10. i don’t want it to end. im about to cry, honestly. to be honest, i thought vaclav was gonna die at the end. when i saw aubrey, i thought she’d kill him. one of the greatest stories ever told, i think.

    • Hi there! Awww, seriously I’m so sorry. 😦 Wow, though, thank you for that, about ‘one of the greatest stories ever told’! I wish it was, lol. You are really sweet though, and that’s a helluva compliment you wrote.
      Oh no, wasn’t gonna have Aubrey kill him, though V. probably should be killed, haha. 😛
      As for crying, I could’ve cried when I finished writing the chapter before this one… but it was a happy sort of thing, knowing I was finally going to give closure to this story! ♥

      • as for the plot holes, i didn’t notice them. i dont mean to be advertising or anything, but i really need support on my new blog,, and i would really appreciate it if you could at least check it out 🙂

      • Well thank you very much for that, karateyoung. 🙂

        It’s ok about your blog. I’ll put it on my blog roll if I haven’t already, and sure I’ll check it out asap. ^_^ ♥

        ** edit: OK, checked it out. Very good stuff! You write extremely well. LOL probably better than me… 😛

        So keep up the great work! 😀

  11. Comments!!!! Wow, that was one hell of an ending!!! I’m so sad to see it over, though. 😦 But you didn’t disappoint! That was a great ending; congrats to all the newlyweds, and I’m so glad to see Aubrey back! Hopefully she and Vaclav can have a happy ending this time. Perhaps we’ll get to see that? Or maybe Lance will forgive his father? I wonder if Aubrey will ever know the truth and what happened beyond her restored memory. This is such an incredible story, and I looked forward to reading it every week when it was going! So sad to see it end but it was a great way to conclude the amazing series. Great job, this should win a Nobel prize!!! *cheers* Off to read Lance’s story! Looking forward to it! And reading more of Platinum and Starfire. 🙂

    • Hello TenderWolf, glad to ‘see’ you again! 😀 Yup, I HAD to open up comments on BL’s ending, definitely. Aww, well thank you! Hope you liked it. I really enjoyed writing about V and Aubrey’s reunion (lol I keep repeating myself in the comments). Thank you, I’m glad I didn’t disappoint with the ending! And hell yeah, I absolutely HAD to have the 3 main couples get married! Couldn’t have ended BL without that. 😛 I was kinda wondering if some of you readers wanted me to elaborate later about V and Aubrey’s ‘happy ending’. I suppose I didn’t wrap it up well enough, and I worried about that TBH. This last chapter probably gave off the ‘rushed’ vibe a bit, eh? Sorry about that. D: As for Lance, he might forgive Vaclav later. I’m not sure yet about that. Then again, you know me; I usually have my characters forgive but not forget. Oh yeah, I debated on that myself, about Aubrey’s learning about Lauren and Vaclav; and how V. killed Lauren. That is a major, major thing. Then again, Rez told Vaclav that ‘some things are better left not said’, and whenever I wrote that, I hinted at Vaclav never telling Aubrey about his murdering Lauren. Lying by omission, basically (if it were real-life, Vaclav wouldn’t tell her anyhow lol). But I do know what you mean, there are a few more loose ends that technically should be tied up. *facepalm* I keep going back to what I learned a couple years ago, about writing. An editor had told me to ‘resist the urge to explain’, and I took it to heart. Now a lot of times I don’t explain enough.

      I could do a quick update without pictures (LOL I’m being lazy). I’ll take that into consideration. 🙂

      You are so sweet. 😳 thank you for all those amazing compliments! I’m so happy you really liked this story and looked forward to it every week. ♥ Glad you also enjoyed the ending, even if it was somewhat ‘incomplete’, lol. Oh and thank you also for reading my other stuff, including Lance’s Story! 😀 Haha, Nobel prize!! I wish! 😆

      *hugs*! ♥ ♥

  12. I loved reading bloodlust! I also wanted to know if you are going to continue to write platinum?

    • Hey there Danielle, thank you so much! 😀

      I likely am going to continue writing Platinum, sorry it’s been taking me so long. I’m a little overwhelmed with stories right now. I’ll try to get to another update soon, though.

      Thank you again! ♥

  13. So I’ve really enjoyed reading this story. I came across it while on winter break and stayed up late the next couple of nights reading until I was all caught up. I’ve always enjoyed writing so you’ve inspired me. I want to start my own stories now. They’ll probably never get as big an audience as yours but thats fine as long as I have fun doing it. Wonderful job and I was very happy to see Vaclav and Aubrey back together 🙂

    • Hi there Marissa! 🙂 Thank you very much for reading this story! So glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ lol I’ve noticed that I gain the most readers during the holidays, especially in January for some reason. It was like this last year. But wow I’m glad you really liked it. I always love getting new readers, of course! 😛 Also glad I’ve inspired you to write your own! You should totally do it, writing sim stories is sooooo much fun. I’ve been writing sim stories off and on since 2007. I wrote up to 69 chapters on a Sims 2 story, but did not publish any of it online (had no internet back then, and then when we finally got internet it was way too slow to upload anything. We didn’t get faster internet until around 2009). Then I started the first S3 story early in 2010. Anyhow, good luck with starting your own! If you’d like I’ll do a link to it on my blog roll. 😉

      Oh Jeez, I wouldn’t worry too much about a big audience. It took me forever to gain more than 30 readers per day, lol. If you want, you could always promote once on the Sims forum, in the General Discussion area. That might help; it helped me start getting a lot of views. It never helped me to promote in the Stories/Legacies section. That forum is way too busy, lol. And really, like you said, all that matters is that you enjoy writing the story; which I guarantee you will!

      Thank you so much! ♥ I hear ya about Aubrey and V., I just loooooved writing that ending where they reunited! 😀

  14. me? a dark mind? noooo, where? hmm.. maybe here? XDD

  15. oh my,i feel all emotional.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this story,it has been a part of my life for a fairly long time. I will miss it, but the ending was perfect.

    • Hi there!

      Awww! Well thank you for reading it, jewittalex, and I truly appreciate your kind words. *hugs*

      I suppose the ending was a little abrupt, but again, I really appreciate the compliments! ♥ 🙂 And I’m sorry you’ll miss it. It’ll never entirely be over though… thanks to the heir (Lance). ❤

  16. I found this story after reading the suitor and read the entire thing last weekend, I’m re reading because I loved it so much and I’m all caught up on all of your other finished and in progress stories. You are one hell of a writer! I have loved everything but Bloodlust is my fave because it has vamps!! I’m really excited about Lance’s story he wasn’t really focused on in Bloodlust so I’m loving getting to know him and getting to see Res again and hopefully more of my fave vamps. The way you ended this was perfect. I was in shock when Aubrey died and wanted so badly for V to have his essence back

    • Hello Mcpurdylegacy, lol! I like your avie btw! Thank you so much, I’m glad you found this story, and verrrry happy you’ve enjoyed it! That always makes me happy to get comments like this! Even though it takes me a while to reply… lol. I get lazy and get too involved in writing, and then forget to check the comments. *facepalm*

      Oh wow! You read all my stuff! Yay, lol. Thank you so much. Again, I’m glad you liked all my crazy stories! Aww, I definitely take that as an amazing compliment, about my being a ‘one hell of a writer’, that really does make me blush and verge on tears of joy. Seriously. 😳 Thank you again. You are so sweet! ♥ ♥ I’m also glad so many still seem to like vampires. I know so many stories about vampires have been done to death (since Twi and all that). So it’s good to know some people still enjoy them, and especially my own vamp stories! 😛

      Haha, you noticed that about Lance, eh? That he wasn’t focused on much in Bloodlust? You are so right. That’s partly why I wanted him to have his own story! 🙂 Plus, he turned out to be soooo good-looking, esp. with the new skin tone I’d downloaded… and the hairstyle… and the facial hair… etc., etc. LOL

      Thank you, I know the ending might seem a little rushed to some, but I did try to tighten up any loose ends that I could. I also know there were some things I could’ve done to draw out the story longer… but I really was just ready for it to have an end. And Vaclav and Aubrey needed their happy conclusion!

      Again, you are very sweet! Thank you for all the wonderful compliments! I truly appreciate them. ^_^ ♥ ♥

  17. Hey! Just read this 😛 But it’s amazing! Well written, I loved it. It was pretty weird reading the parts about Daniela, cuz, well, that’s my name. Lol, I was always like, “What?” when I saw my name typed.

    Anyways, amazing story! ❤

    • Aww thank you so much! I really appreciate the nice comments! 😀 So sweet.

      Oh that’s awesome! I should’ve known your name was similar to that, though, since your name is ‘Dannie’ on here. 🙂 Awesome sauce, hehe.

      Thank you again, Dannie! Glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

  18. Hey, are these sims available for downloading? I realy love Hunter for example, but my male sims never get quite as good looking.

    • Hey sorry it took me forever to reply, a lot has been going on this month… D: Anyhow, I can upload Hunter if you still want him. I usually upload to Mediafire or whatever it’s called. I may also have him on the Sims 3 exchange, but I haven’t signed in to that site in months (and don’t care to, really, for certain reasons).

      So just let me know if you still want him; and sorry again it took me so long to reply. 😀 Oh, and I know what you mean about making male sims. It took me FOREVER to start making my own male sims really good looking. It just takes practice, and some good CC, like skintones. 🙂

  19. Took 3 whole days, but I read the entire thing. LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEED IT lol…..I didn’t want it to end. Now I wish Lucifer was in the sims exchange so I can download him cuz he was my favorite and of course he’s gorgeous lol

    • Heya! WOW, seriously wow wow wow!! I love whenever a reader tells me they’ve read the whole thing in a few days! Always makes me feel good, lol. Kinda like the equivalent of a page-turner. 😀 So yay! hehe. AWW and thank you so much for the compliments!! So glad you loved it! 🙂 Well at least, in a way it hasn’t ended, because of Lance’s story, of course. 😛

      haha, you want Lucifer? I’m not sure if I have him on the exchange or not. Let me know if you still want him and I’ll upload him to Mediafire. 😀 And thanks! Yeah, he’s pretty hot!

  20. This took a few weeks for me to read. I wanted to “save” some chapters and didn’t want to rush and finish. I also refrained from commenting until now (which was very hard). I absolutely loved this story and it’s probably the one of the best i’ve read, including real books lol. Aubrey was my favorite throughout and 2nd would be Lucifer. He is such a sweet person, sadly he has to live with an awful name. I love the way it ended, although I wish you could continue with Aubrey and Vaclav BUT I know that won’t happen haha.I could go on and on but I won’t. Thank you for giving me something interesting to read and creating characters I can fall in love with 🙂

  21. hey jenssims! sorry to bother. i read that main bloodlust post, and im sorry to bother when you’re extremely busy. by the way THANK YOU for putting my blog on there. it really means a lot. anyway, i haven’t updated in awhile. i promise i will soon. as for other stories, im working on a new story: untameable. check it out at

    • Hello there,

      Sorry it took me so very long to reply. Just been busy with other ‘projects’.

      You’re not bothering me, hon. No worries. And you don’t have to thank me for putting your blog on my list. I like to help whenever I can, so it’s no problem. Everyone in the sim comm. have been so awesome to me, so it’s the least I could do! (well, obviously not everyone in the sims comm. are nice, haha, but most people are). 😀

      Aww, well you take your time. I know how it goes. Trust me! 🙂

      Cool! I’ll check out your new story as soon as I get time. I’ll put it on my blogroll as well. 😀


  22. Finally able to finish this amazing story. Gosh, I cried at the end when Lucifer and Rez were talking about not going in the room. I just knew you’d bring Aubrey back.

    I didn’t want to read this story on my iPod. I had to read it on the computer, because that’s how I really get the full impact of it. Since I still live at home around small-ish children, it was nearly impossible to finish, but I have.

    It ended reasonably well for everyone under the circumstances. I’m glad that it’s finally done, though, because everything has to have an ending point.

    • Aww, thank you Angel. 🙂

      I’m sorry it took me so long to reply, and sorry this comment is so short. I have a lot of stuff going on right now, but I’m glad you seemed to have liked this story. 😀 Your awesome comments REALLY do mean a lot to me! And I’m glad you liked this story for the most part!


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