One: In the Beginning

This is the ‘introductory’ chapter, and will be short.

ETA 11/10/12: this story began in 2010, before there were any special poses and such. Also I did not use game mods until a year or so later. This is why some pictures/sim facial expressions (for the first 40 or so chapters) are not perfect.

The questions were as old as time. Where do we go after we die? Is there a heaven, or a hell? Do angels or demons exist? Is there truly a god?

In a heartbeat, everything could change. Something could challenge the answers to those questions; because sometimes when people die, they don’t ‘stay’ dead. Like Lazarus from the Bible, they can come back.  

For there are those called vampires, those mythical creatures fancied by generations of humankind. They are immortal, they never die. But how did they become the undead in the first place? At some point, their body died and the vampirism took over.

It reminded one of an essential resurrection. But the real question was: are vampires real? Do they exist? How could one find out?


Life… the opposite of death.

…as was birth.

Aubrey Cooper blew out a series of breaths, struggling not to faint due to labor pains.

I’m only 18. How could this have happened? she wondered.

“Aubrey,” Dr. Johansen began. “It’s time to push.” He looked down, preparing to deliver the infant.

Aubrey exhaled, then pushed as hard as she could. An excruciating tearing sensation followed.

“Almost there,” Dr. Johansen said, maneuvering the baby’s shoulders.

Aubrey continued pushing, wanting it out of her. The nurse reprimanded her, for the doctor wasn’t finished rotating the baby.

“But it HURTS!” Aubrey wailed.

Blessedly, the child exited Aubrey’s body. After snipping the cord, Dr. Johansen handed him to the nurse.

The nurse swaddled him in a blanket, her back to Aubrey.

“Can I at least see him?” Aubrey complained.

She only shot her a curt glance; nothing more.

Then she carried the infant to a scale. There was no mention of his weight.

“Fucking bitch,” Aubrey muttered leaning back.

She remembered the nurse carrying the baby outside the room.

And that was the last time Aubrey ever glimpsed her son.

She had recurring dreams after that, of standing in a dark tunnel. A little boy stood near the end, staring at her.

Aubrey knew it was her boy.

He gazed up at her, his eyes shimmering like coins.

He looked like an angel; he looked like his father.

She never wanted to give him up for adoption, but her parents forced her to. If only she could’ve told her son that, so he’d know that she loved him and had bonded with him before birth… for now, she only had her dreams.

Aubrey was now a freshman in college. Only a month before, she met Shawn Taylor. Naturally, she’d fallen madly in love with him. He was a sophomore majoring in science, the same subject as Aubrey.

The couple strolled through campus, a hot-air balloon drifting in the distance over Sunset Valley.

“How did you like Professor Plum’s speech?” Shawn asked.

She gazed at him for a second; then said, “it was the most boring yet.”

They laughed.

All the students called Professor Jacobs that name. It stuck because he resembled that character from Clue, and once wore a purple suit during Halloween.

Pausing a few steps away, they turned to each other.

Her heart raced as Shawn drew near, pressing his body against hers.

He kissed her, taking her breath away… literally. She felt as if she couldn’t breathe.

“What would I ever do without you?” he said.

“Likewise,” she replied; but Aubrey would soon be confronted by his question, in the most tragic of ways.

*And there you have it. Start with a little supernatural, add a dash of mystery, a smidge of romance and what do you have: this story.


The next chapters will be longer.

One more thing: I’m going crazy waiting for Late Night to come out. As of 8-26, we have 61 more days. Ugh…


54 Responses to “One…”

  1. I love those first few pictures and the last one! Really creepy.

    You’ve got me curious. I’m really looking forward to this story. I’m also really excited for Late Night and all that comes with it. Why do they torture us by telling us about the EPs so long before they come out? xD

    • Hi again Pentameter! hehe. Thanks for following me over here to this one!

      Thanks! Glad ya like it so far! 😀

      I hear ya about Late Night. Like I said, I’m going crazy already waiting for it!!! I wish it would hurry!!! lolz. That was the exact same thing I wondered: why the hell mention the EP so soon before release??? Which reminds me, remember when ‘Late Night’ was just a rumor on the forums? Somehow they released the info to peeps in UK or something, at the same time Ambitions came out!! Just think if it woulda been confirmed back then!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe.

  2. Can’t wait for the first chapter!! I started reading your Riverview stories the other day and I didn’t stop until I reached the last chapter! I really like your stories! They’re soooo good! Nice pic at the end, btw! Really cool!

    • Thanks Lyss! I do consider this the first chapter, but also an introductory as well, lol. It’s kinda like what I did with the first chap of ‘Riverview’. 🙂 Anyhow, thank you for reading my stories! Glad you like them so far. ^_^ Much appreciated!

      Glad ya like that pic also, it was fun to make. I do want to include wolves in the story, despite not having a Pets EP yet.


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  4. Hey Jen! Guess who decided to stalk you over here 😉 Me!

    This story looks like its going to be amazing, Im hooked already, Late Night is going to be so amazing, hope my comp can take it after the dramas of installing Ambitions :/ But I go on 😛 Loved it!

    • Hi PlayerRac2! 😀 How’ve ya been?? Well I’m glad you decided to stalk me over here, lolz.

      Why thank you! I was hoping peeps might like it… I was worried cause it’s not as humorous as ‘Riverview’ was… Yeah, I cannot wait until Late Night! the wait is already driving me bannanas (sp? lol) I hear you about the drama after Ambitions, I wound up having to just get another laptop. 😦 Hopefully Late Night won’t mess this one up. Don’t we all go on? lol.

      Thanks so much PlayerRac2. Good to see you here! 😀

  5. Sorry I haven’t commented yet, only just seen this. Great start, I am intrigued and can’t wait to read more. Aubrey is gorgeous, are you using new skin???? 🙂

    • Hi Kim! No problem at all. I wasn’t sure whether to mention it to you on your blog or not, lol. I figured you’d find it soon though… 😀 anyhow, THANKS!!! I was hoping you’d like it. Yes, the skin I’m using is from PeggySims, it came with a sim I downloaded a while back. It was from ‘Danny’, one of the first I downloaded to be one of the vampires in the story. 🙂 It is pretty nice skin, I like the extra detail on it. 😀

      • I tried peggys and didn’t really like it, you should try the one I use by 234jiao it’s wonderful 🙂

        I really can’t wait to see what you do with this story.

        Oh and chapter 5 of generation 2 is up 🙂

  6. Hi again Kim. 🙂 I do like the skins you have (boy,does that sound weird) but I’m kinda dumb when it comes to downloading. I was lucky the Peggy skins came with a sim, lol. And ANYTHING’s better than the in-game skins. 😛 Thank you though. It seems like 98% of downloads are RAR files, and I’ve literally tried (off and on, lol) for YEARS to figure out RAR files; I’ve even tried using winRAR numerous times, tutorials, you name it–still can’t get it. Plus it seems like whatever CAS stuff I download makes my game go wonky. 😛 Anyhow, thanks for letting me know about your new chap, I’ll go check that out ASAP!!!! 😀

  7. Ohai, there. 😉 I had actually already read this before you posted the linkage on your reply to my comment, but I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER OF BLOODLUST!

    Better? 😉

    • Hi Chouxie! lol, thanks for commenting again 😀 and that does sound better, hehe. just joking ^_^

      Thanx for reading! Hope you like.


  8. Ooh…. This looks cool… Write more! This was an awesome chapter! But poor Aubrey…

    • Thank you Lieutenant Butterfly!! I will def write more, but can’t update very often since the EP isn’t out yet. But I’ll try to update about once a week until Late Night is released. 🙂

      Yep, poor Aubrey. Forced to give up her baby 😦 You’ll find out in the next chapter how snobby her mother is 😀 Aubrey may have a few more flashbacks also, revealing more of her history…

  9. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am intrigued!

  10. SWEET BEGINNING!!!!!!!!

  11. 🙂

  12. ^.^

  13. oh hey do you have the gothic set thing ??

    • Nah, just a few items from the gothic set. Too much for the whole thing (I’m a tightwad, lol) so I just got a few things that I liked that I thought would be good for my vampire story. 🙂

  14. well i was thinkin about gettin ya the whole thing…

    • Oh no. You don’t need to do that! That you though, that’s sweet of you 🙂 but I already have enough. No need to waste simpoints on me, lol. But thanks anyhow! ^.^

  15. this is a pretty good page to down lode male shirts

    • Hey thanks for the link. I used to get stuff off TSR all the time, but they have a bad rep now. But I’ll check that out. thanks for the link. As far as I know, I haven’t had any issues with TSR.


      • Hey Teeteekay, I checked out that link and WOW, those shirts are freakin’ awesome. I think I’ll download some of those.. hehe, thanks again for the link!!!

  16. np!!!

  17. amazing story! Check out mine called Kiss of the Devil. It’s also a supernatural story.

    • hi Ashlee 🙂 thank you! I was going to check out your story, but it wasn’t available on that domain or something. :/ Anyhow, thanx again for commenting. 😉

  18. Guess what i now have a blog!! 😀

  19. omfg, this should probably be published it is so good 🙂

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  21. Loved the intro. Beautifully done. I have a lot of catching up to do.

  22. Ooo I’m hooked already! I love the cover pic on your home page by the way – it’s like Twilight on crack. lol Great job so far, and I love that wolf picture at the end! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!

    • Hi there! And thanks! lol when I made tha pic on the home page, I was a little afraid some Twilight fans might take offense… but glad they didn’t seem to be (you included)! 😆 in a way, it really is like Twilight… just on crack. O.o

      Glad ya like it so far!!!

  23. Jed here again. 🙂 May I bug you with questions again? I see that Bloodlust isn’t one of the regular legacy thingy-dingies… did you have a solid story idea when you started? I have a vague idea for a storyline I can’t fit with the regular Huckleberrys so I thought why not create a new one but thought I need a little bit more than just a vague idea 😉 Just wanted to pick your brain on how you write.

    • hey there Jed. lol you’re not bugging me at all. Yeah I had just a story idea when I started, or ‘solid’ as you say. Vague at first but a bunch of other ideas soon piled up. :p I never could do legacies, and I tried to on Sims 2. Just couldn’t get into doing a storyline with it.

      Yeah, if I was you I’d just create a whole new story. I do that all the time. The only thing I don’t like about writing two at the same time, personally I can’t put 100% effort into both. Then again, if I only work on one story, then I get a little too obsessive with it. >.<

      When I come up with an idea I write it down, then add onto the idea with sub plots, etc. Makes it easier to remember stuff. Maybe that could help you too. ^_^

      Thanks for asking me, and good luck with your new story idea! Just keep thinking about it and eventually you'll come up with more stuff to support it.

  24. Oh my, this is an awesome story! Just found it and I was looking around a bit… it’ll take a hell of a lot time to catch up! No matter, glad I have something good to read! Added on my blogroll IMMEDIATELY! Love it!
    Maybe you could help me by adding my legacy here? Only if you think it’s good enough 🙂

    • hi there! Thank you so much! 🙂 So happy you like the story so far. ^_^

      Yes I’ll add you to my blogroll. Thank you again for adding my story to yours! 😀

  25. Hi there! I loved ur story eventough it was a little too erotic lol but I definetily enjoyed it. Congrats on it. hahaha I loved it so much I read it when I was on my finale examns lol.
    Anyway, when was ur bday? ‘Cuz I think we were close! hahaha Mine was on May 22. And urs? Congratulations on ur bday btw God bless u and ur family!

    • Hey Greenstar93: Thanks so much for your comment! If you’ve made it to the latest chapter, you know that it isn’t over yet… 😛

      I respect that you think it was a little too erotic. You were very respectful and nice when you voiced your opinion, so I totally understand. 🙂 I try to please a wide variety of readers.

      That’s awesome that you read it during your finals. 😛 I figured a lot of people were trying to squeeze this story in while cramming. 😆

      My birthday was May 21. OMG yours was May 22?? That’s awesome. My brother’s is May 22nd. Yes, we’re only one day apart believe it or not! O_O

      Happy B-day to you!! ^_^ Awww!! And God bless you and your family too!

      *squee* love awesome comments like this!! *hugs*

      • Aww thanks that was sweet 🙂 Yes! I’ve made it to the lastest chapter hahahaha which as I said I read through my finals and to be honest I cared more about Bloodlust than my finals! LOL. But the funny thing is that I just discovered ur blog like 2 weeks ago for a comment u made on a KPST thread I think, so I was curious and found ur blog and loved ur story!

        And omG?? really?? Ur brother’s bday is May 22 too? hhahahaha Congratulations for him too!! How funny and weird, we’re geminis! lol

        I’m glad ur loved my comment ’cause I loved urs too 🙂 and thank u for respecting my opinion, that’s very important nowadays because not everybody cares about that.

        Keep going! ❤

      • Hi again! 🙂 You’re welcome, thank you for the compliments about BL! LOL, wow you cared more about my story than your finals? Haha, now I’m smiling IRL! That makes me feel good. ^^

        OMG, seriously? That’s how you discovered my blog? 😯 That’s awesome! LOL, I’m always going on the S3 forums and posting little pointless comments. 😆 Do you ever post on there too? Just out of curiosity. Maybe I’d know who you are.. I’m just being nosey, lol.

        Heck yes, his birthday is May 22nd, only one day later than mine. I always thought that was pretty crazy. As a kid, my mom would have us celebrate our B-days together. It was awesome. Good memories. Yep, Geminis! Haha. I’ve always been ‘gothic’ at heart. One time as a teen I bought this sticker with 2 identical skulls on it and it said “Gemini” on the bottom. 😛 I just love the darker side of things… not sure why. I’ve always been that way. I guess it’s the same reason why Stephen King writes horror stuff.

        Anyhow, yes I loved your comment. Even though you’re not one for too much smex in stories, you were really respectful and nice about it. Some people would go ‘omg whyy do you write so much smex in your stories??! Why do you have so many naked pics of sims?!’ LOL. You know what I mean. 😆 I’m lucky, though. I haven’t had many comments like that, thankfully.

        I always care about my readers’ opinions. 🙂 I try to write what they like, or at least do my best.

        Thank you again. <33

  26. Hi I know I’m soo late! hahah sorry for that :$ Yeah I swear I had a marketing test and I was like mmm u’ve already finished.. Let’s read some BL aand hahahaha I finish it one day at 4am I think I had an examn that day too.
    I don’t post on the S3 Forum, but I like to see the forums and topics, and I definitely saw many things including ur comments which are not pointless lol
    U know? When u said “gothic” at heart reminded me of me. hahaha I lovee horror things and horror movies, gosth, vampires.. zombies lol I love the Supernatural expansion that will come out 😛 I even love Halloween so much that when I was a little girl, hahahaha I began doing my own things for halloween like paper chains, pumpkins, bats, spider webbs lol.

    Don’t worry about those comments, u make a warn at the beginning.. So if they won’t want to see smex they should close the window or just deal with it ’cause at the end they open ur page; u didn’t force them. 😉

    Keep with this! It’s amazing seriously! Btw; why did u close the comments on the other chapters? If I can know of course. I wanted to leave my comment there but then I saw it wasn’t available. Anyway I’ll post them here if I have to 😛
    Have a nice week!! =)

  27. Hey there! Sorry it took me a little while to reply too. 😛 It’s ok about your reply. No worries. ^_^ Oh no! You finished once at 4 am?? lol! That’s not good that you had an exam right after that…. 😯

    haha, well thank you. I appreciate that! Sometimes I’ll say stuff like “this is OT, but I like your avie”, or I’ll even tell someone that I like their username! Sometimes the forums can get boring, so if the thread is kinda boring but I like someone’s avie, then sometimes I’ll mention it. 😆

    OMGGGGG that Supernatural EP is going to be the SHIT…. sorry. I had a moment there. But it’s less than 3 months away now! I’m no excited for that I think my head will explode. Hey, I remember loving Halloween when I was a kid too. LOVED it. It was my fave holiday aside from Christmas. I used to pretend I was a witch (LOL) and me and my older sister would somehow make jack-o-lanterns out of apples…. seriously. I don’t remember how she did it. I just remember we had those and could put little candles in them and everything. I guess she cut out the core or something. 😛 And now I’m rambling. But yeah, I know what you mean. I’d make my own stuff too, like spiders and bats. Haha, sounds like you and me were pretty creative as kids. LOL, I’m still a kid at heart, at least most of the time.

    True, I’ve always had those warnings about the content on here. *sigh* You know there’s always one in every crowd… they see a warning, but decide to look/read anyhow, then complain. 😆

    Heck yeah I’ll keep up with this. I’m so ate up with this story it isn’t funny. sometimes I get tired of it, but wow it’s been maybe 30 chapters since the last time I was tired of doing this story. I’ve never been so addicted to writing a story… WTH? O_O

    AWWW!! Thank you for saying it’s ‘amazing’!! Squee, of course I love comments like that. 😛

    Yeah, about the comments, I disabled them around chapter 88 or something. It was getting entirely too stressful to read them. I was going through a family crisis at that time and didn’t need the added stress. I never re-enabled them, tbh, because it’s much more relaxing this way, writing without having to worry about getting comments. But I don’t mind a few comments, you can comment on here if you like. It’s up to you. 🙂

    Hope you had a nice week too; and hope you have a great upcoming weekend. Yay. ^^

  28. Best sims story I have ever read and this is only the first chapter! 🙂

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