Fifty: The Second Beginning

Now Aubrey knew that vampires existed, and she also knew how they came to be.

Life was the opposite of death… but now she knew there was something between life and death.

It wasn’t living, yet it wasn’t death either… and she lived in this odd state of existence for the next 12 years, fearing for her dhampiric children’s well-being. How would Reznik and Kat turn out living through such a morbid upbringing? Around figurative monsters where the key to survival was to kill… or be killed? And either hurt mortals or risk death from malnourishment?

Inevitably, Kat and Reznik blossomed with the passage of time.

For her fifteenth birthday, Vaclav gave his daughter a beautiful necklace. A shimmering crucifix dangled near its center.

He placed it around her neck and fastened the clasps.

“I love you, my princess.”

“Thank you, Daddy. I’ll never take it off.”

Katerina was getting good at playing the piano. Vaclav and Aubrey had hired a teacher, but it didn’t take long for her to ace Beethoven and other popular classics.

Soon the teacher was no longer needed.

Similarly, Vaclav had hired a mage named Tia to teach seventeen-year-old Reznik how to control his powers. Aubrey needed no more incidents with small explosions around the house. It was becoming too dangerous… and annoying.

“With naturally inherited magic like yours, sometimes it’s only a matter of controlling your emotions, which in turn can control whatever powers you exude.”

“Mm–hm,” he nodded smiling. “So in other words, I’m like that freak girl from the old Carrie movie.”

She paused; then pointed to her head. “Uh, yeah. It’s all up here. You can control it by not getting so pissed off.”

“Then what do I need you for? A shrink can teach me how to control my anger, not a witch.” He laughed.

She became obviously flustered.

“You still need a mage to teach you how to take your natural abilities and use them when and how you want to, as opposed to a random show of magic that’s tied to your moods.”

“Why is the son of an elder vampire born with powers like mine? I mean, it doesn’t make much sense considering my dad doesn’t have these same powers.”

“What the hell makes you think I know the answer to that question?”

“Because you’re the all-seeing, all-knowing mage! You know everything!” he ridiculed.

“Go to hell, you sniveling little piece of teenaged sh—”

“Careful what you say, you might piss me off.”

She huffed in exasperation and stormed over to her spell book.

“Fine. Let’s work on the various ways to conjure fire; aside from using anger.” She flipped through the book, her jaw clenched.

“I believe you already have some ability to control your powers, you just don’t try hard enough to do it,” she remarked.

“Really? You don’t think I try to control it?” he replied. She shook her head. Rage swelled up within him.

A line of fire erupted behind Tia.

“Are you sure I don’t try to control it?” he said.

“Okay, fine. Prove it! Make the fire go away!”

“You’re the mage. You make it go away.”

“Reznik, you little shit! Make it go away!”

He roared with laughter. “Does it burn yet?”

“Reznik! Stop it!” Flames licked at her dress.

“You’re the witch, not me.”


The inferno vanished.

“See,” she said in a trembling voice. “I had a feeling you could control it… if you wanted to.”

“You’ve just passed the first test, although I’m not sure if I can live through another one.”

“Oh don’t worry Miss Tia, I won’t actually let anything happen to you. Just because a few of my other instructors are lying in charred pieces in the cemetery, doesn’t mean I’d allow the same thing to happen to you,” he said. “I like you, Miss Tia.”

“How comforting, Reznik.”

Meanwhile, Katerina sat in her father’s chair upstairs and gazed outside the windows.

It was something she’d done since the age of 10: go into her father’s study, sit in his chair and let her mind wander.

In some ways she ‘d always felt out of place in the Haas household. The main reason was obvious, she didn’t share the physical characteristics with the rest of her family. She looked human. It was weird growing up in such an environment, as though she were a kitten raised in a family of wolves.

Also, each family member had special powers, whether telekenisis or otherwise.

Katerina had none; at least none that she’d yet discovered.

Sucks being different.

Later, Vaclav and Aubrey embraced in the foyer.

Their children stood only a few feet away and mocked them.

But then Kat doubled over, her stomach seized by a sharp pain. It wasn’t the first time it had occurred.

“Is it your stomach again?” Reznik asked. She nodded.

“You know, you should tell Mom and Dad about what’s been going on.”

“No. Really, I’m okay.”

She straightened, dusted off her shirt.

Reznik looked somewhat puzzled.

Not noticing their children’s potential dilemma, Vaclav stroked Aubrey’s face. It was as if they were cradled inside their own little world.

But perhaps outside that world, something waited.

With glowing eyes, the beast from a tumultuous past awaited the moment when he could return to their lives… and maybe turn it upside down once again.

But perhaps not in the way one might expect.


hehe. Thanks for reading.  🙂  Sorry this one was on the short side, but it’s basically just an introductory thing… but don’t worry, I’ve thought up a whole new set of plot ideas (and sub-plots) to keep the next several chapters interesting and fresh, and it doesn’t involve ALL teenagers.    😀

Now here’s something comical that I noticed a little too late:  Near the beginning of this chapter, Vaclav gives Kat a necklace for her birthday, and she tells him she’ll ‘never take it off.’ Well in the very next picture when she’s sitting at the piano, she’s not wearing the necklace! XD   Poor Vaclav!  😆

Meh, sorry I was so late in saying this, but HAPPY EASTER everyone (even though it’s now passed). >_>


24 Responses to “Fifty…”

  1. Hoe cute did they grow up to be?!! VERY!
    I feel for Kat! She is so pretty! Daddy shall not be too pleased with the little boys.
    Reznik cracked me up! LOL@ her not being thrilled that he likes her!!

    I wonder if that pain is the beginning of her power kicking in.
    Hunter? Hot buns is that you? Where you been sexy beast and what are you planning?!!

    I missed this and miss you 😦
    Glad to see you both back!

    • Hey Qui! LOL yeah they’re pretty cute. ^^
      haha true.
      Yeah, I think Reznik scares the crap out of the mage. XD

      It’s not her power or anything, but it does have to do with the new plot. I’m still not sure exactly what her power might be. :/
      Bwahahahaha! How did you know that was him? >_> hehe you’ll find out soon enough! 😀

      Awwwww, thanks Qui. Just a lot of stuff going on.. I had a cold, and now my left eye is infected!! WTF. Just some bad luck lately. I missed you too. 😦

      Thanks again! 🙂 *hugs*!

  2. I love this! 😀 I especially love Reznik and Tia’s little conversation lol XP Reznik’s a bit annoying really, isn’t he? Unless that’s just with Tia 🙂
    lol about the necklace *facepalm*
    And Katerina is the cutest 😀 I feel your pain Kat 😛

    • But not literally XP

      • Thanks Qui. ^_^ I enjoyed Rez and Tia’s conversation too. XD. Rez is sooo bad, but that’s what I like! 😛 He’s a little like Jakub! hahaha. Yeah, he’s the most annoying whenever it comes to Tia.

        haha yeah, I hate when I do shit like that. But it was pretty funny at the same time!

        Kat is pretty cute.

        Of course not literally! Only Vaclav can do that! XD

  3. Oh my gosh! kat and rez look great! how was your break? i can’t wait for next weeks chapter 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey Carlie! Yep they turned out pretty good, lol. My break was good, but I was sick. 😦 it’s better now I suppose. Thanks for asking!! 🙂

      I’m already working on next week’s chapter. I just wish wordPress would stop glitching on me. It’s pissing me off… >.< it keeps screwing up the order of my pics, and I have to work harder to get them in the right spot. UGH!!!


      • Oh no! thats no good is it! being sick while your having a break :/ i bet thats annoying! it would piss me off too, i have a really bad temper so it would really annoy me. heck its annoying me thinking about it annoying me, lol. hope you can get it sorted! you have a full week to get it working anyway so i’m sure you will sort it out by then xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Wow is Kat ever the spitting image of Aubrey. Except I think she has Vaclav’s nose but for sure his hair colour; the rest is all Aubrey.
    Lol, yeah the mage is terrified of Reznik, and did I see him say like in italics? Hmm your teenage sexy ways of scaring her aren’t going to help you out there buddy. Tone it down.
    Although, it’s sweet to see him so concerned over Kat, cause I was started to not like him. But I’m chalking up his attitude as his unsuccessful flirting with the mage.
    Hmmm Kat’s pain is interesting. I wonder what little plot twist you have going there????
    ZOMG HUNTER!!! *glomps glowing red eyes* I missed you.

    I’m sorry to hear that you were sick on your week off. That sucks. And now you have an eye infetion 😦 I’m sure you have meds, so here’s hoping they work fast!

    Great chapter as usual. Was wonderful to read first thing on my holiday day off ^_^

    • Hey Cinnamon! Yep, Kat looks like Aubrey and Rez looks like Vaclav. Pretty cool, eh? I have tweaked Kat in CAS (master controller) to ensure her features stayed feminine, LOL.

      LOL that poor mage. XD Hahahaha, yep he said he liked her in italics! How observant of you! XD so funny!

      Yeah he definitely loves his sister. But Kat is a little jealous of him because of all the attention he’s gotten over the years… Again, I can’t believe how observant you are, regarding him and the mage! >_>

      hehe you’ll find out in the next chapter! LOL I missed Hunter too. Maybe before too much longer he’ll find his way back into the story.

      Awww, thanks!! It’s better now, and my eye infectin is improving too. Don’t know what the heck was going on with all the bad luck! Well I DID have some meds, but ran out. LOL. Ibuprofen works well now, though. 🙂

      THANK YOU so much!! <3333 And glad you had a day off! 😀 *hugs*!

      • I don’t know how you are so lucky with genetics… oh that’s how… lol. I do love Master Controller.

        It makes sense that she’s jealous, I really feel bad for her. Being a lone sheep in a family of wolves is not easy. Though I’m sure you have great plans for her.

        Hee hee ^_^ Well, I was observant this time. I’ve missed tons of things in the past -_-

        Good *snuggles Hunter* cause I’ve missed him for a whole… what? Three chapters? Lol.

        Yay for getting better! Lol, yes, yes it does.

        I’m glad too! *hugs*

      • Bwahahahahaha, yeah that’s how. I tweak them until they look OK. Actually I didn’t mess with Rez at first, but then noticed his chin was a little… big. XD (so was Vaclav’s before I tweaked him too a while back). Yes, MC rocks!!

        Oh yeah, I do have great plans for Kat. 🙂

        lol I see that! 😛 Well, don’t feel bad. Sometimes it’s easy to miss things, especially if it’s a story like mine. O.O and I hate when I make silly mistakes in it. >.<

        hahaha, yeah Hunter wasn't gone for too long! Of course it might be a few more chapters or so until he comes back! XD

        Thanks!! 😀 and yeah, good ol' Ibuprofen, lol. Doesn't work quite as well as… say something like Vicodin, but hey… 😛

        Aww *hugs back again*!! ^_^

  5. They both grew up cute (Especially Reznik) lol :P! Good way to start the next part of the story :)! So is the sickness that Kat has going to end up being a part of why she has powers later? Reznik sorta reminds me of Jakub, but at least he cared about his sister.

    Great chapter as always :D!

    • haha, LOL what are you doing home? 😛 Are you fakin’ sick again? ACK!! Nevermind. Today’s Good Friday. But my middle kid still had to go to school today to make up some snow days!


      Ohhhhh yeah Reznik’s a little hottie indeed! XD (I’m so bad…)
      Anyhow, thanks!! Yeah, I got lucky with the kids. Not too bad, although a little bit of editing in CAS (via the MasterController) always helps. 😛 Reznik’s chin got a little too big…

      As for Kat’s illness, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. But that’s a good idea. 🙂 Yeah, Reznik does have feelings, so he’s not a lost cause like his half-brother. >_>

      Thank you Mike!! ^_^ Now I just wish WordPress would stop glitching! >.<

      • Lol no, it’s Good Friday, so I got it off like you said :P! Aw that sucks that she had to go to school! You should have complained lol XD! Lol no you aren’t bad, he is :D!

        Lol I hate when their chin’s get too big. One time in Sims 2 I had a teen who had a HUGE chin! It was creepy. Lol that’s good that you didn’t make Reznik too bad like Jakub!
        Yep, I hate it when these sites glitch too!

      • Cool. I bet you were glad. Yeah, she had to make up some snow days that she had off. 😦 Haha, yeah that’s true. Well my daughters ALL had today off though (Monday) because my stupid eye infection got worse during the weekend, so I didn’t feel like sending the middle one to school nor home-schooling the other two. Ugh, this weekend was horrible. But the good thing about it is I finally got antibiotic eye drops for my eye and more painkillers. So that helps so far.

        We had a freakin’ tornado warning on Saturday, so we had to go in our storm cellar. Two tornadoes touched down only a few miles away, but we got lucky because the storm path changed. Ugh!! THEN that night our freakin’ electricity went off!! THEN Sunday evening we had a tornado watch and a shit load of MOAR storms!!

        This is how it is during springtime living in Tornado Alley! I despise it. Sometimes I feel like moving back up to Ohio!

        now back OT: LOL I know, and Vaclav’s chin was kinda big there for a while, XD. Reznik inherited that, I guess. So did Jakub, so I changed him too. Um, AND their noses. 😛

        LOL, seems like they were always deformed in Sims 2, no matter how normal their parents looked. Yeah I didn’t want to make Rez too awful, lol.

        At least I found out that other people were having the same issues. Hopefully WP fixed it by now! It’s been days.


  6. Ahhhhhh! I loved loved loved it! 😀
    Kat is so gorgeous. Just like her mom. C:
    Rez grew up well too!
    His teacher Tia is super pretty 🙂
    Vac and Aubrey still goin’ strong? Dayyyyyyyng. xD


  7. Thank you Angie!! 😀

    Yeah I really think Aubrey’s beautiful since turning into a vampire! Definitely suits her. Kat is pretty too, but doesn’t match anyone in the family. O.o

    lol Reznik grew up quite well. 😛
    Rez probably thinks his teacher’s pretty too. >_>

    Yep they sure are! They’re as horny as ever! hehehehe 😆

    Thanks for commenting!! 😀


  8. YAAAAH! IT’S HUNTER! *hopefully*
    Aha, I love Reznik. Snarky teenage humour always makes me laugh.
    Can’t wait for all these new plotlines!<33333

    • hehe, maybe it is. You might find out soon.

      I love Reznik too. He’s such a cutie, although a somewhat bad cutie. 😛 Teen humor FTW! 😀

      Aww, thanks Emma! Hope y’all like them. *nervously chews fingernails* lol

      <3333333333333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. awe what a awesome story love it awe Kat and Reznik grew up to such cute teens and Aubrey and Valclav making up all those months and years apart awe how sweet. can’t wait for the next story to see what happens next
    Hugs Claudia

  10. Reznk and Kat sure grew up fast! Kat is beautiful, as is the witch who’s trying to help Reznik. I hope he manages to control his powers, at least around those he cares about. I wonder what’s wrong with Kat. And she looks human and has no powers…probably because she got her human mother’s DNA more than her father’s. I hope she’s okay! And it looks like Hunter is back! Yay for wolves! I wonder what he has planned this time…can’t wait to find out!

    • LOL yeah they did. Yeah, Kat turned out very pretty. ^^ yep, she’s pretty too. LOL, I think all my characters are good looking. 😛 Maybe Rez will manage to control his powers.. time will tell! Yeah, Kat has more of her mother’s genes or whatnot than any vampire ones. hehe, maybe Hunter will be back. I hear ya. wolves FTW! You might be surprised how this turns out! 😀

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