Fifty-Two: Haunted Past, Haunted Future

Contains harsh language and a scary dream.

“Mr. Haas, I’m the only one who can save your daughter. She needs my expertise in order to survive this illness.”

Rage erupted on Vaclav’s face.

“You just do what you need to do to help Kat. But stay out of my way… and stay the fuck away from my wife.”

Aubrey’s eyes widened. Crawling beneath her daughter’s bed seemed like a good idea.

“Mr. Haas, I’m only here to do one thing: my job. That is all,” he slowly enunciated. Was there a trace of sarcasm in his words?

Ignoring Hunter, Vaclav went over to Kat’s bedside. He held her hand.

“We’ll be using an experimental treatment for the I-DAS,” Hunter said. “As for the damage to Katerina’s liver, she will receive injections of healthy stem cells from human embryos to help reverse that damage. The injections will go directly into her liver.”

Aubrey cringed, imaging how painful the procedure must be.

My poor baby Kat.

“Don’t worry, she will also receive a topical anesthetic to numb the area,” he said as though reading Aubrey’s mind.

Vaclav curtly nodded.

“I promise you… I will do everything I can to help your daughter.”

“I will treat her as if she were my own daughter. After all, I’ve done it before.”

Aubrey stiffened; then shot a look at Vaclav.

Those cold eyes seemed to hurl sharp projectiles at Hunter.

A bluish moon drifted over the star-lit sky.

It fit everyone’s mood that night.

Finally, dawn came. Then Katerina suffered through a full day’s treatment cycle.

That night rushed in, along with nightmares so vivid they could’ve been hallucinations… hallucinations of the most macabre variety.

Bathed in gloom, the corridor materialized ahead.

A trail of bloody footprints led to the next room.

The scarlet substance stuck to her bare feet.

Kat halted, staring at the ghastly contents of the room. A quick breath escaped her lips.

Snakes slithered and curled, their forked tongues darting. Bones of the deceased glimmered in the dimness, alongside eyes of wolves who stood guard over the entire decaying mess.

She watched in both fascination and horror, wondering what awful things had come to pass in that room.

Had someone been sacrificed there? Had several people succumbed to such sacrifices in order to appease a fiendish god?

Snake eyes glittered an unnatural amber hue.

A woman’s body, her dress still intact, lay across the wall strapped to some sort of medieval device.

One of the wolves glared at her, growling.

Curiosity winning over fear, she advanced further.

A sudden, blaring noise stung her ears. It was high-pitched, like a perpetual scream. Then it stopped and a transformation caused the room to flicker and change.

She took a step back. The light was bright, blinding, searing her eyes.

The carousel slowly turned, like the minute hand on a clock. It was the strangest vision her mind had ever seen. Ghoulish, distorted carnival music played.

Then they appeared. One leaned against a horse, the other just stared ahead.

The one leaning next to a horse was… quite beautiful. Yellow eyes, like cat eyes, ogled and sent chills all over her body.

But then one emerged from between the two. He did not look as friendly.

He snarled and hissed, his eyes demonic and powerful.

He was powerful. She could feel it deeply within her soul.

She ran from the room.

Those bloody footprints ended at the mirror. Hand prints marred the wall. She looked into the mirror and the horrible, shrill sound followed again.

Jamming her finger in her ear, she chanted: “it’s not real, it’s only a dream. It’s not real, it’s only a dream. Wake up. Wake up.”

Who was that behind her? And were those dark wings nestled upon his back?

Snakes curled around her feet, slimy scales massaged her ankles.

Wake up!

She shot up, her eyes huge and looking around, as if expecting to see the amber-eyed monsters of her dreams.

None were there, only the racing of Kat’s heart and the pounding of her head accompanied her.

Later, it was time for Kat’s I-DAS treatment. This injection took place in her arm.

“This will only sting for a second,” Hunter said.

“No. It hurts!”

“Too bad! You need this treatment. Just hold still—”


Hunter jerked Kat’s arm forward, plunging the needle into her flesh.


Oooohoooooohhhh… you said it’d only sting for a second!”

“Ouch! It never stings for a second! It stings until you take it out!”

She groaned for another minute until the medication was spent.

Then she sighed in relief.

“I’m sorry, but you really need to hold still whenever I inject the serum. It absorbs better and quicker. And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll get better.”

“I know… but it hurts so bad.” Her chin quivered.

She rested her head against his chest.

“I’m so sick of being… sick.”

“I know,” Hunter began. “But the injections will help.”

When will they help?”

“It takes time, Kat.”

She stood back. Her tears blurred Hunter’s face. She blinked away those tears… and gazed at him as if seeing for the first time.

There was something familiar about him. How could she not have noticed until then?

“I’ve seen you before, haven’t I?” she said.

Memories emerged, regarding snippets of conversation…

‘You just do what you need to do to help Kat. But stay out of my way… and stay the fuck away from my wife,’ her father had said.

And then, two visions from long ago:


“Kat, stop crying. It’ll be okay.”

“Yes, I do know you. So—who are you?”

“Ask your mother.”

Fine. I will.

And later, she did.

Aubrey sat down and began an explanation. Of course, she didn’t go into too many details concerning her relationship with Hunter. Only the basics (the details would’ve consisted of: kiss, hump, orgasm; kiss, hump, orgasm, and so on. Obviously things Kat didn’t need to know).

Soon, a whole new world of understanding would open up to Kat.

What would she do with such information, if anything?



Thanks for reading! 🙂 And the next chapter WILL be longer.

Credits for this chapter include: Forgotten Territory by Helen. That is where I found the snakes, ribs, etc. that is where I found the carousel. that’s where I got the ‘dragon eyes’ for those vampires in Kat’s dream.


20 Responses to “Fifty-Two…”

  1. I knew she’d remember him! She had a baby crush on him! She was always up under him and attracted to the “bad doggy”. 😉 Me too! Lol!

    Vaclav means business huh? “and stay the fuck away from my wife!” Hunter is bold! Then again he is at an advantage! He is the only one that can save their daughter at this point so I guess he can say what he wants.

    Yeah, snake hotties…can they visit me? Not the snarling one. He reminds me of creepy eyes. I wonder if Kat is able to see future events in dreams. That would be cool. She has dreams like Aubrey did.

    I did see the comment you left. It’s ok! You can read it when you have time. I updated the other day. I stopped for a second because I hand to think about the plot and direction but it’s back 🙂

    BTW: I’m a perv because Hunter’s talk with Kat about keeping still completely went the other way! *smacks hand* such a dirty mind! LOL!

    • Yeah, she was pretty small whenever she last saw him, but he would still likely look familiar to her. Besides, vampires and dhampirs have good memories, LOL. haha who wouldn’t have a crush on Hunter? lol @ ‘bad doggy’! The wolf thing only makes him even hotter. ^^

      Oh yeah. Vaclav forgave Aubrey, but def not Hunter! That is exactly right, Hunter is in charge THIS time, and Vaclav can’t stand it!

      I hear ya. I was glad to find those amazing eyes at MTS! lol the snarling one is actually the one from chapter 49, the leader who sprouted those wings and killed Shawn. 😀 Was that too much of a spoiler? I hope not. Yes, he is a little bit like Lucius. And your next guess is…. awesome, but can’t give away any more spoilers!! You will find that out in the next chapter though, whether or not Kat can foretell the future in her dreams. 😀 True, Aubrey could foretell the future in her dreams, sometimes.

      Yay! I’m glad you’re writing it again. I shall read it and comment. ^_^ And glad ya saw my other comment about it!

      ROFL, no you’re not a perv, because I swear that whole conversation sounded like something else!! O.O I swear I didn’t really mean it to, it just kinda came out like that!! I mean, the whole business with ‘the needle penetrating’, and ‘ouch’ and ‘spent serum’ and all that…. lmao that’s so bad. Oh yeah, also the part where Kat says: “Ouch! It never stings for a second! It stings until you take it out!” O.o

  2. Sorry! Delete the first one please.

    • I sure did. 😛 It’s no problem, it’s done that shit to me before, usually when it goes really slow. it’s annoying as hell. O.O

  3. OMW im not starting to like you, you always giving cliffhangers, grr i would leave ur story if it wasn’t still so good 🙂

  4. AHAHA, Kat has a crush on Hunter! Lool. Well. Maybe.
    I hope she gets better soon:(
    And that WAS a scary dream!!! Weird. I hope it doesn’t come true..?

    • Maybe indeed. Only time shall tell. ^_-

      Hmmm, that might take a little while longer, but maybe she’ll start to get better. For one thing she isn’t allowed to eat anything, so I’m sure that doesn’t help. 😦

      Maybe it won’t come true. :/ VERY weird indeed, not unlike this entire story. XD

      Aww, thanks Emma. So sweet! 😀

      ♥ ♥ ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Love this chapter! hunter is looking HOT! yum. xxxxxx

    • Thank you Carlie!! ^.^ I shall have to agree with you on the hawtness of Hunter, of course. 😛 He’s just as studly as ever!

      ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ♥ 😀

  6. Yay! She remembered him so soon! I figured she would remember him eventually though. Then again, he’s so hot that how could she ever forget him? Hehe.. I have a perverted mind xD! And V. will be in for a rude awakening pretty soon assuming Hunter hasn’t had a personality change ;)!

    That dream was weird and awesome :)! Kind of what I imagine an acid trip gone wrong would be like lol. So is this part of Kat’s powers? Maybe it’s seeing into the future? Or is it her being able to see parts of things that are currently happening? You don’t have to answer those; I ask too many questions lol!

    • Yeah, I figured it was the right time for her to remember stuff. LOL that’s a great point, I was thinking the same thing. Seriously, how would she NOT remember him?? XD and no you’re no more of a perv than I am! O.o hahaha, no comment on your next statement! 😛

      Aww, thanks. I had fun doing that part. lol and acid trip gone wrong?? ROFL it really probably would be like that! I was thinking about hinting that her dreams had something to do with the meds she’s taking but didn’t… lol. As far as it being part of Kat’s powers, you’ll find that out in the next chapter! 😀 Aw, nah you don’t ask too many questions. But like I said, I promise I’ll explain all that in the very next chapter!!

      Haha I already got the next TWO chapters finished! yay!! (and they’re good too, not to be full of myself or anything >_>)


  7. It’s a good thing she realized who Hunter was. I think. 😆

    also, when I was reading..I read “..I inject the serum. It absorbs…” as “..I inject the semen. It absorbs…” XD

    would you perhaps be willing to upload Kat somewhere? 🙂

    • lol very good thing. 😆

      hahaha, that’s what I was thinking too, along with some other peeps. It really does sound like a euphemism or whatever. 😛

      Yes I will, just give me some time. ^_^ Glad you’d like Kat in your game. 😀

      Thanks for commenting Angie!! <3333

  8. Okay, so this was the earliest I was able to read your newest chapter lol. I wonder who all the vampires in Kat’s dream are, as I’m sure they will re-appear later on in the story. Also, the vamp in the mirror looked awfully familiar.
    Aww, it’s cute that she remembered who he was, seeing as how she was so young when he was around. Although, his hair doesn’t seem to be as black as it used to be. Am I seeing things, or is that just because of the new hairstyle?

    • Well that’s not too bad since it’s only been posted a couple days ^.^ Hmmm, those strange demon-vampires *might* be back in another chapter. 😛 I don’t think the vamp in the mirror was anyone special, but the snarling guy in her dream was the one from chapter 49 who killed Shawn. >_>

      Oh it’s not as black. I put some lighter highlights in it, lol. so you’re right about that. Eventually I’ll make his hair totally dark again, he looks better like that.

      <3333 😀

      • Ah… well… hmmm…
        That’s it! Well… I like the black… so yay for it eventually going back!

      • Seriously, at first I thought the highlights were cute, but… IDK. I think the total black is better. LOL! I’ll try to get it back to black soon, but I already took some pics that are supposed to occur later in the story (stupid me) and the pics were complicated and I’d have to take them all over if I changed his hair!! O_O

  9. Poor Kat, I hope she gets better. That was a strange dream she had, with the carousel. And again, who the heck is that guy with the wings? lol Oh, and where are you getting the wolves? I want them! 😀 Another great chapter, off to read the next one!

    • Maybe she will. Only time will tell. LOL, that was a very strange dream. haha, you’re in for some interesting new characters in this story. 😀

      Oh, yeah, those wolves. Well I had a link to them somewhere… oh yes, those links are at the end of this chapter, the one called Forgotten Territory has those wolves. 😀

      Thank you so much! ^_^

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