Forty-Eight: Freedom Part I

Twenty-one months passed.

The war was over.

It was almost time for Vaclav to come home. Moreover, Lucius prepared for his imminent dethroning, as he knew Vaclav would take his place as leader.

At 4 1/2 years old, Reznik was tall for his age. Katerina had grown into an energetic 2 1/2 year old.

Aubrey couldn’t believe how quickly the last two years had passed.

The coveted talisman nestled upon her chest. She’d worn it since the day Hunter had left.

Hunter. Sometimes she still thought of him… of their heated week together, of their friendship before that. So sad that the friendship had to end along with their love.

She missed him terribly for the first couple months. Gradually it got easier. She filled the empty spaces of her heart with visits to Vaclav. At first, Vaclav didn’t say much. There was a sadness in his eyes that intermittently flashed darkness. He felt betrayed, despondent and angry. But soon that despondency gave way to an acceptance, and a desire to work through their issues.

Aubrey told Vaclav about Jakub’s being alive, and that Lucius didn’t believe her. Vaclav replied mysteriously: “once I’m free, I will repay Lucius for his undying loyalty.”

One evening in early Spring, Aubrey sat upstairs reading a novel.

Then came the slamming of the front door, followed by screams of joy.

She closed the book.

Slowly, she made her way toward the joyful sounds.

Vaclav sat in the chair cuddling the kids. He looked up at Aubrey.

“Honey, I’m home,” he said.

For the longest time, she simply stared at him wondering if her eyes were playing tricks.


She ran up to him, thrusting her arms around his neck.

Her shoulders heaved as she sobbed against him.

“I–I missed you so much,” she cried. “I missed seeing you here–in this house.”

He returned her embrace.

They were together again… that was how it was always meant to be.

Once the kids went to bed, Aubrey and Vaclav cuddled on the sofa. The room fell silent between chatting.

Vaclav gazed at her and she thought he was going to kiss her.

He didn’t.

As the night passed, she wondered why he didn’t initiate a hot lovemaking session. After all, it’d been a long time.

Then it dawned on her. He wasn’t quite ready to forgive her about Hunter. With a little more time, maybe he would trust her again. Even though he’d given her ‘permission’, her betrayal caused a huge rift in their relationship… like its foundation had been nuked.

The following night, she and Reznik awaited Vaclav’s return from the vampires’ nightclub. Supposedly he’d gone there to meet with the top Haas members to discuss his reinstatement to leadership.

“When’s Daddy coming home?” Reznik asked.

“I don’t know. He should be back any time.”

“I want Daddy to come home!”

“Please don’t get mad,” Aubrey said. “Remember what happens when you get angry.”

Suddenly the door flew open.

“Daddy!” Reznik exclaimed.

“Holy shit…”

“What happened to you?” Aubrey questioned.

“Daddy’s got blood all over him!” Reznik chimed in.

“I killed Lucius. He put up one helluva fight.”

“I have to go take a shower,” he added walking away.

Aubrey’s eyes followed him.

“Daddy’s bad,” Reznik said.

That night Aubrey had a nightmare. She shifted in her sleep, then woke up.

Something was amiss…

Aubrey sat up and slipped out of bed.

She glimpsed a note on the night table.

She read the note, stunned at its contents.

“Oh, God,” she groaned.

Aubrey got dressed and tapped the number for a cab.

“I need a ride to the airport.” Her voice trembled as she spoke.

Right before leaving, she stopped.

Should I take off the talisman? It won’t protect me against Jakub… and he’ll just rip it off and it’ll be lost again.

She meandered over to the bureau, taking off the necklace.

Gingerly, she placed it upon the surface.

Minutes afterward, she was in a cab headed for Port Newton in the next city.

She would try to board the next flight to Bordeaux, France.

She tried to ignore the intense anxiety swirling in her stomach. It felt like a fireball, slowly consuming her from the inside out.

Will I die after arriving in France? Will Vaclav already be dead by the time I get there? Are we totally screwed?

The yellow cab raced up the road, veering around each tight curve.

Aubrey waited two hours for an available flight. Finally, the time arrived and she boarded the jet.

As dawn reared its scarlet face, Aubrey found herself in France.

She awaited dusk at a hotel. Then she would search for Vaclav.

Aubrey gazed out the window, her eyes scanning the gorgeous French scenery. Of course she couldn’t really focus on its beauty.

She watched from the window as the sky and landscape gradually edged into darkness. It was a painstaking pace, and she attempted to keep her apprehension at bay.

It was time to find Vaclav. Actually, how would she find him?

Aimlessly, she wandered down the street looking to and fro for any sign of Shawn’s hideout.

She didn’t see the cloaked figure watching her.

His eyes glowed a fiery amber.

She felt those eyes upon her, making her skin tingle.

Meanwhile, Vaclav was trapped in an underground room.

Rocked by a sudden sensation, Vaclav jerked his head to the right.

Then he was seized by a vision…

He felt her confusion and terror.

Aubrey! his mind raged. What the hell are you doing here in France?

He focused all his physical and mental energy onto her, funneling every power he could muster until he could telepathically communicate with her.

‘Fucking go home, Aubrey.’


‘Yes, it’s me. Fucking go home!’

‘Fuck no, Vaclav.’

‘I mean it! Go home! You’re in danger here!’

‘No. Where are you?’

‘Go home!’


He sighed, beyond exhausted from using so much mental energy; then he struggled to project an image to Aubrey’s mind…

The numbers on the residence mailbox.

He didn’t have a choice. Either way she was in danger of being killed.


To be concluded in the next chapter.  :p  And sorry this chapter was on the short side.

In order not to give away a spoiler, I’ll give credit to the creator of the ‘cloaked figure’ in the next chapter, if that makes any sense which I’m sure it doesn’t.  XD

Oh yeah, I think that torture chamber set came from Garden of Shadows…

EDIT: I should probably clarify that Aubrey left the kids with the butler… hehe (hi Pixxi). Also Aubrey occasionally brought the kids to visit Vaclav in prison, and that’s why they still remembered him (hi Kim)  😛   sorry about not being clear about it before. I’ve been somewhat distracted of late…. >_>  Will definitely try to do better on next chapter…



30 Responses to “Forty-Eight…”

  1. CLIFFHANGER!!! Vaclav is such a guy! How do you consent to your wife sleeping with someone else then get mad when she does it? That’s like sitting a slice of cake in front of someone and telling them they can have it but hope they don’t! LOL
    The kids are too cute! I love how they love their dad!!
    I don’t blame Aubrey for going after him! The last time Vaclav disappeared he came back with news that Jakub was dead and had to serve jail time! BUT that cloaked dude creeps me out!!!
    Siting on the edge of my seat until part II!

    • XD what can I say, Vaclav is a strange fellow. XD 😛 and that’s a great way to put it, that reference to a slice of cake! 😆

      Oh yeah, Kat and Reznik really favor V. Maybe because he’s had centuries of experience with kids (well, sort of). >_>

      haha I hear ya! I’d be following his stupid ass too! Vaclav needs a baby sitter. 😛 Well, if he kills Jakub this time maybe he won’t go back to prison. LOL

      Thanks Qui!!

      • I hope he doesn’t go back to jail! He needs to make up for time lost with his family!
        You know, on second thought, I can see why he is upset! He has Creepy eyes tell them to stop banging which is still freakin funny to me, and they continued! That had to be a extra stab in the heart. I agree with the below comment that Aubrey needs some kind of fighting skills if she is going to be following V to the ends of the earth! She is part vampire. It’s distant but still there. She better aim for the nuts and haul-ass out of there!
        It was good seeing Vaclav again! God I want to bite him!

      • Well I can’t say much about whether or not that’ll happen, because it might give away a spoiler… lol

        haha good point. So yeah, that didn’t help with V’s anger. He really does want to work through their issues, but just having a hard time showing his affection atm. Maybe that will get better shortly.

        lol yeah Aubrey’s kinda foolish to be following V. like that. She’s like his babysitter, desperate to keep him out of anymore trouble!! XD That’s it, she needs to aim for the nuts (like she had in the past LOL) and get outta there! 😆

        LOL I want to bite him too, and perhaps he’d bite back! Your comments are so funny! XD

  2. wow what a awesome story i am so glad that Vaclav is finally out of prison and he and Aubrey and the kids can finally be a family again
    Hugs Claudia

    • Hi Claudia 🙂 Yeah, it was nice to have them all together again, even though it didn’t last very long. 😛

      Thanks and glad ya liked the update!

      *hugs* <3333

  3. I don’t think that was the exact home coming Aubrey was hoping for… he could have at least kissed her or even just told her he missed her, that’s not exactly hard, is it V? I can understand why he would be a little hurt, even though he did give her permission to be with Hunter I don’t think he was expecting her to fall in love with him, and I think that’s actually what Vaclav is finding hard to look past, the fact that she loves someone other than him kills him, after all she is his everything. Maybe one day soon, after he’s gotten his revenge he can find a way to look past it and forgive Aubrey and tells her he loves her again. But then again knowing Vaclav he may not forget until Hunter has been ‘dealt’ with…

    The kiddies are too cute, and I love the bond they have with Vaclav, even after his being in jail for 2 years, especially Kat, who shouldn’t really remember him at all.

    • lol I don’t think it was either. Maybe V. will make up for his cold behavior soon, lol at least before the 11 or 12 year flash forward… XD And you’re exactly right, he never expected her to fall for him (or at least he hoped she wouldn’t) but Aubrey is a very emotional woman and it does not take much for her to fall in love with someone, if they pay her some attention, LOL.

      Maybe he’ll forget about Hunter, at least until he comes back into the story. >_> It may not be what you guys expect either, what the new plot will be regarding Hunter. :p

      haha, I thought about that too. They really shouldn’t remember him, but my excuse is that at times Aubrey brought the kids to prison to visit him, throughout those couple years! 😀


  4. Is it weird that the first thing I thought of when Aubrey was leaving was “Has she called a babysitter for the kids, surely she hasn’t just left them alone?!” I think I’m becoming a bit too practical these days :/ but seriously, who IS looking after the kids, and if you say Lucius . . . oh wait the creepy guy’s dead 🙂 (Is it me or did V look really really really sexy all covered in blood?). :O does that mean . . . have you got HUNTER babysitting! Or am I overthinking this and actually vamp children are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves even though the oldest is 4 1/2 years old.

    Hasn’t V learned that he shouldn’t tell Aubrey where he’s going by now? How could he expect her to stay put! And now they’re both in trouble, some one should really try to teach Aubrey some self defense moves so she can try and put up a fight. Actually, how did Vaclav get caught? The master of all Haas Vampires? By chance did someone hit him over the back of his head with a frying pan?
    *hubz back again* ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

    • haha no. She still has a butler to babysit! :p I thought about mentioning that… lol. XD yeah, she just left the kids home alone! hehehehe. LOL, of course Lucius wouldn’t babysit! You are so freakin’ hilarious! I think someone would call Child Protective Services on Aubrey!!!

      Butler, Pixxi, the BUTLER… LOL! I should’ve mentioned it in the story! >.<

      Well that was the clue she needed to go find him! But yeah, good point. XD LOL, yeah one of them hit him over the head with a skillet! 😛 hehe. Well he was lurking around and got caught by one of them (or both Shawn & Jakub). hehe

      Aww, *hugs back again 2 u* & <33333333333333333333333333

  5. Wow, this chapter was great! Aubrey look much more beautiful with her hair like that! glad to have V back. i cant wait for next chapter to see who the cloaked figure is! xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. for the first time.. I had sympathy for Vaclav….. O_o I think I started to love him too…… xD

  7. Shit, I’ve already fallen in love with Vaclav… & Hunter, & Jakub, & Shawn, & whoever else is cute in the story… >_>

    Thanks for commenting!! <333

  8. I’m so glad that their family is back together again. It made me feel all warm and gooey inside. I’ve missed Vaclav terribly, and I’m glad that he’s making Aubrey regain his trust; because frankly what she did to him was torture.

    That being said, I’m not sure I like his completely cold attitude, but I’m chalking that up to, he has a lot on his plate that he wants to take care of before resuming happy family time.

    As for leaving for France, he never should have told Aubrey. Something more vague would have served him better, although I believe you have a reason for sending Aubrey there, so I will wait patiently and see.

    I was wondering if she had just left them alone. It kinda seemed like an impulsive Aubrey move, but then when she didn’t even call someone to take care of them after she was in the cab, it was even stranger. I’m glad you clarified.

    Also, that woman is so impulsive! She has no idea where Vaclav is, she has no idea how to fight. She could have at least taken some Haas member with her! Gah. To prove my point, there is someone in a cloak stalking her. See, proof she should have some vampire protection!

    Also Vaclav, don’t use that tone with Aubrey, you know she gets defensive and doesn’t listen. A ‘Honey, it’s sweet you came, but I am fine and I really need you to go look after the kids’. Hell lie and say they might be in danger, that would’ve worked better.
    For someone who loves her so much, he still hasn’t figured out how to handle her.

    Great chapter as always, I can’t wait to see who the cloaked figure is! VERY curious. Guy? Girl? Hmmm….. I hope that whatever has you distracted is something good. Take care of yourself!

    • EDIT: You said HIS eyes, so cloaked guy is… well a guy. So, now I shall wonder about how nummy he looks, lol.

      • lol you’ll find out next week!! Can’t give much more hints than that!

        I really will try to make the next chapter better…. This chapter could’ve been a lot better and wasn’t really all that well thought out, to be honest. >..<

    • Yeah, I’m glad they were reunited too. Too bad it didn’t last long though. 😛 Yeah it was pretty bad what Aubrey did. It was like ‘tit for tat’ there for a while between Aubrey and Vaclav, lol. Not a very healthy relationship…

      Very true, Vaclav really does have a lot to take care of before resuming ‘happy family time’, that is a big part of it too.

      Well yeah I wanted to have a climactic event with Aubrey involved (in France of course) so I thought it would be interesting to have her there too. 😛

      LOL no I wouldn’t leave the kiddos (or kiddoes) alone! XD haha like I told someone else (I think Pixxi) I debated on whether to write that in the story, about the butler watching them but wasn’t sure where to fit that in the chapter… I’m weird. O.o Now I wish I would’ve!

      haha Aubrey is very impulsive… she’s kinda like myself IRL. >_>
      Yeah, Aubrey acts before thinking most of the time. I was thinking about having Hunter go with her, but he’s so long gone that it would’ve been nearly impossible! As for the cloaked dude, maybe he’s not entirely stalking her, hehe.

      Good point about Vaclav! He likes to speak his mind! LOL about him telling her to look after the kids instead. XD True that probably would’ve worked better, but Aubrey is stubborn like he is. :/

      Thank you Cinnamon!! ^_^ Awww, and thanks for the nice comments. Well it’s sorta something good (that has me distracted) but hard to explain without going into detail, LOL… and I definitely can’t go into detail on here.. but it’s nothing bad though, either… LOL


    • You’re very welcome and I’m glad it’s something good 😉 ❤

  9. Ohhhhh lord. Is the cloak guy who I THINK it is?! Shitzola.

    Aubrey….You’ll never learn, will ya?? Ya don’t chase vampys- They’ll catch ya. Trust me.

    And leaving your kids without a babysitter…pffffffffff

    Anyways, sooooo sorry for not commenting the last chapter (or two…can’t remember :s) Life’s been catching up with me XD

    This would make an AMAZING movie. No joke.

    🙂 <333333

    • hehe, ummm… maybe >_> O.O and don’t worry I’ll give credit for him in the next chapter, though probably not until at the very end (still would be a spoiler mentioning who he is at the beginning, lol).

      hahahaha, well maybe THIS time she’ll finally learn… maybe!

      LOL, she isn’t THAT bad of a mother! XD *cough* butler *cough* XD

      Oh it’s no problem Angie. I know how it is. RL stuff sucks. 😛 actually after I post the next chapter I’m thinking seriously about taking an extra week off *ducks from influx of rotten tomatoes* LOL. But if I do I WILL resume chapter 50 the Friday afterward!! And so on…

      Aww, thank you Angie!! What an awesome compliment!! Shizz I wish they’d make my crap into a movie!! 😀

      Thank you again!!!! <33333333333333333

  10. XD I have a feeling I may know who it is by his eyes but for now *zips lips like a WinRAR file*

    Pfffff doesn’t count XD

    Yeah…tell me ’bout it >.___>

    • haha I think you’re right. 😛 XD

      Poor Aubrey, she’ll never live this down… 😦 lol

      well thanks again for that great compliment!! 😀 <333

  11. Wow…I’m SO glad that Aubrey is back together with Vaclav! It’s been too long…;)
    I don’t like Vaclav’s new beard though:(
    And he shouldn’t have gone to France>:| I really want everything to be back to normal with them – but ‘normal’ never really happens with those two, does it?;P
    LOL can’t wait for the next chapter!:D

    • I’m glad too. XD yeah, it’s been quite some time since they’ve been together!
      Maybe I’ll get rid of the goatee when I do the flash forward. I have to change him up a bit since so many years will pass… can’t totally promise though! :0
      lol Vaclav is hell bent on revenge, it clouds his judgment. 😛 haha true, ‘normal’ doesn’t define them or their relationship!

      Thanks Emma!! 😀 ♥ xxxx

  12. Oh dear! They’re in France and Vaclav is trapped! Aubrey is there with a creepy cloaked figure following her, great. Yikes!!! Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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