Twenty-Two: Righteous & Wicked

First, this will be told from Vaclav’s POV; then Aubrey’s POV. Contains violence and language.

Vaclav’s mind worked overtime for over six weeks, wondering where Aubrey was. What happened? Jakub said the last he saw her, she followed a wolf outside the property. It was as though she’d been hypnotized, Jakub had said.

Vaclav also looked for her. He just knew the Shadows had something to do with it, yet no trail led to the rival clan.

Could it be an inside job?

He stood pondering in the piano room when a sharp pain shot through his skull.

Vaclav dropped to his knees… it was the same thing that happened whenever Aubrey was having sex with Shawn, whenever Aubrey gave birth to her son, whenever Aubrey was in any great pain (or pleasure)… her pain became Vaclav’s, and Vaclav could see everything happening to her; if only for a few moments.

Those visions were not something he could control.

John Lansing crouched over Aubrey, his fingers like talons as they reached for her.

“I believe I know where Aubrey is,” Vaclav told Shawn. “Are you coming?”

“Where is she?”

“I don’t have time for this shit. Are you coming or not?”

“No I’m not. Just go,” he shot back. “Go save your fuck buddy.”

“You’re lucky Aubrey loves you. If she didn’t, I would’ve killed you a long time ago.”

“I wish you would have. I’d be dead right now if you hadn’t had one of your underlings bring me back. Or did you already forget about that?”

“I have to go… but this isn’t over,” he warned.

“So fuckin’ kill me, Vaclav! I want to die!” Shawn yelled.

“Be careful what you wish for,” Vaclav muttered walking away.

“Jakub!” he called.

“I know where Aubrey is. John Lansing has her,” he said. “Are you coming?”

“Can’t you see I’m a little busy, Dad?” he replied.

Fucking unbelievable.

Vaclav spun around and left the house.

Shoving thoughts of Shawn and Jakub’s petulance from his mind, he focused solely on what he was prepared to do to John Lansing…

It was not going to be pretty.

Moments later, he arrived at John’s house.

John hovered above Aubrey like a predator over his prey.

The scene lit a fire of fury inside Vaclav.

John turned around. Aubrey’s blood marred his lips. “Of all the luck, Vaclav. You and Shawn get to taste this every night,” John said.

Vaclav headed toward him. That fiery rage grew to an inferno.

Vaclav’s fist shot forward…

propelling John across the room. Unfazed, he laughed and mocked Vaclav, looking like a sadistic clown.

He smacked against the wall and slid to the floor.

Not yet finished, Vaclav sprinted over and kicked him.

John didn’t move, but Vaclav knew he wasn’t dead.

Regardless, there were other pressing matters.

He knelt over Aubrey.

God, please let her be alright. It’d been over a century since he prayed; since his small daughter became infected with TB and slept at death’s door.

He felt her neck for a pulse… a pulse that no longer existed.

“Oh, fuck no,” he moaned in disbelief.

One hand cradled her face.

Don’t panic, he told himself. But what about the baby? What about the baby?! How much time did she have?!

His hands moved to her chest, where he began CPR.

If only his lungs could take in oxygen, he could breathe into her mouth. But Vaclav hadn’t efficiently used his lungs in centuries.

He continued the chest compressions, tears flooding his eyes; another thing he hadn’t done since his daughter died: cry.

“Damnit, Aubrey! Come on!”

It’s all my fault… all my fault. I never should’ve lured you here to Shadowvale.

Gasping for air, she bolted upright.

His arms tightly enclosed her. Relief flooded his entire body, his mind praising God.

“Blood,” she rasped.

“What?” he asked.

“I need… blood.”

He darted to the kitchen and threw open the refrigerator.

John’s stash of blood packets.

Holding a mouthful of blood, Vaclav returned to find Aubrey lying supine again.

Bending over, he opened his lips over hers. Blood slowly trickled into her mouth.

*Aubrey’s point of view*

A rush of warm blood entered her mouth. It smoothed down to her stomach, filling her with sudden vitality.

She awakened with Vaclav’s lips over hers, like a dark Prince Charming.

She rose.

“Is she moving?” Vaclav worriedly asked. “Is the baby okay?”

“Yes,” she answered falling into his arms. As if the blood rejuvenated the fetus as well, she squirmed and kicked.

“Thank God,” Vaclav cried. “I thought I’d lost you both.”

He lifted her up and cradled her to and fro.

“I love you so much,” he told her.

His words sent chills up her spine, as a cluster of butterflies danced in her stomach. The baby joined their flittering movements.

John gradually stood in the corner.

Levitating, he glided over to Aubrey and Vaclav.

A twisted, sardonic smile etched his face, the blood making him look even more macabre.

“I must admit, your chivalry is impressive,” he mocked. “Care to fight to the death now? It’s time for you to defend the heroine’s honor.” He laughed.

In one swift motion, Vaclav leapt forward while pulling a knife from his jeans. He swung the blade.

“Oh… my…”

John’s headless body slumped to the floor, the head rolling next to it.  Aubrey quickly looked away.

“You were saying?” Vaclav muttered at the corpse.

He returned to Aubrey.

“So… Shawn decided not to come with you?” she asked. What she really wanted to ask was why he hadn’t come.

“Shawn… was busy. I’m sorry.”

His hand slipped beneath hers.

Even though she told herself how much she hated Shawn, it didn’t make his nonchalance any less painful. Didn’t she mean anything to him?

As for Vaclav, he saved her life; and the life of her baby. She held an entirely new respect for him.

The sun rose, leaving the couple trapped in John’s home.

“Come on,” Aubrey prodded. “I want to show you what’s down here.”

Vaclav followed her to the basement, and then to the nightclub beyond. Meanwhile, Aubrey told Vaclav about the rogue she’d befriended.

“This is where several of the rogues are kept,” he said motioning at the door. “Whenever there’s war, the rogues are herded into here and trained to fight like soldiers. This must be where John found Lars.”

“That’s why there’s a huge door with a secretive trigger separating this area from the nightclub,” he continued. “To keep out the Shadow Clan.” He paused and then said: “as to why John built an underground tunnel leading here, I don’t know.”

“Regardless, I’m not going back to that house. I won’t sleep in the same place John did, or sleep near a headless body. I’m scared shitless.”

“I can’t blame you for that,” he muttered looking at the room. “I’ll find us somewhere to sleep.”

He dragged out a huge coffin.

“I’m not sleeping in that.”

“There’s only three choices,” he muttered getting in. “This, the floor, or John’s bed.”

“It’s really not so bad,” he said. “In fact, it’s very comfortable.”

“Come on, Aubrey. Don’t be afraid… and don’t be shy. I won’t bite.”

Was there a seductive undertone to his statement?

She stared down at him.

Reluctantly, she climbed in.

He nestled close, softly kissing her shoulder.

He draped his arm around her as they drifted to sleep.

I love you too, she thought.


Thanks for reading!! ♥ Chapter 23 coming this Monday!


22 Responses to “Twenty-Two…”

  1. Urgh…that is disgusting 0_0
    Sorry, but headless sims freaky me out lol 😀
    Poor Aurbrey. Sleeping in a coffin? Help!
    lol XP

    • hehe. 😛 what can I say? John finally got what was coming to him. XD

      Yep, she didn’t have much choice. It didn’t bother V. though. 😀

      Thanks for reading/commenting Tiny!

      😉 ❤

  2. Hurrah…go Vaclav! Shawn is such a pig-headed git, it’s pretty obvious he only wants Aubrey to get at Vaclav, she will soon see that, hopefully.I had tears in my eyes reading Vaclav’s part of this chapter, you really portrayed how much of a connection he and Aubrey has, and how much he really does love her. Can’t wait for the next chapter 😀

    • hey Kim 🙂 yep, V. saved the day! (lol, too lazy today to spell out his whole name! XD) Shawn is an a-hole… poor Aubrey. And thank you for the compliment about how well I portrayed V’s love for Aubrey. ^.^ Glad you enjoyed this chapter as well.

      Thank you also for reading!! ❤ 😀

  3. Awww! Vaclav and Aubrey are so briilliant together! Can’t believe Shawn was so mean! Poor AUbrey, can’t she see that Shawns a annoying *bleep bleep bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* and that she deserves better! Abd why is Vaclav covering for him? Why doesn’t e just turn round and say “Yeah, your husband would rather be dead than be married to you.”

    Lol at Jakub and Riley (I think it was Riley) “can’t you see I’m a little busy” 🙂

    can’t wait till monday! hugs and ❤ xxx

    • 😀 hi! They sure are brilliant together, hehe. I did make Shawn pretty mean in this chapter… it just goes back to him being jealous of V. and frustrated, and selfish. He just doesn’t love her enough to set his own needs aside. 😦 (pretty much like Kim said). Hmmm… I think Aubrey is going to see it soon, the fact that Shawn is an uncaring, cold *bleep*, lol.

      Oh, V. is covering for Shawn so that Aubrey’s feelings don’t get hurt. V. hates Shawn, but cares enough for Aubrey to spare her that. 🙂

      hehe. Yes it was Riley! :O I had to slip that one in there…

      Awww! thanks! At least it’s just a couple days! Thanks for commenting!! *hugs*! ❤ xxx ^_^

  4. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME are my only words while reading this. I really want Vaclac to have aubrey cause shawn is a HUGE bitching dick 🙂

    • thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! lol XD 😀
      haha, I agree. Shawn’s behavior has gotten a lot worse lately. 😛
      Anyhow, thanx so much for the nice comment and for reading this!!

      ❤ & *hugz*

  5. YES, finally Aubrey was rescued by Vaclav ;D
    I was kinda hoping that Shawn wouldn’t help, because then Aubrey would be like, grateful to Vaclav and that xD
    The sight of the headless corpse was kind of scary… that stuff just freaks me out lol!
    How could all of the vampires have been so uncaring about Aubrey? At least she’s got Vaclav, and I’m so glad that she now hates Shawn and loves Vaclav 🙂
    I’m excited to see their son even more now, and their daughter! Is it definitely gonna be a girl?
    I loved reading this – can’t wait for more 😀

    • hehe!!! Yep, I’m glad that part is over too. John is now officially in hell!! 0.0

      Yeah, I def didn’t want to have Shawn help, that way Aubrey could hate him more, lol. V. had to be the hero in this one. Actually, Shawn would’ve been too chicken to help anyhow. XD

      LOL, sorry about the headless guy. Just a little bit of photo editing is all, and probably not a very good job of it! XP

      Good point. As for Jakub being so cold, that will be explained later…. >.>

      Yep, def gonna be a girl! 😀 just a few more chaps and Aubrey shall have her! I can’t wait to write that part. Sims giving birth is so much fun, lol. 😛

      Well thank you so much! And thank you for reading this!

      ^.^ ❤

  6. …Wow, go V 😀 Shawn and Jakub are butts :/ I won’t go into how far I’ve thought about that, but well things are looking dark in my brain :p

    That last pic makes my heart go all warn :3 Even if it is Shawn’s I’m sure he would love her 😉 Lol great chap!

    • hi Rachel! Yeah, Shawn and J. are definitely asses. And they’re becoming close friends as well… no, you perv, not in THAT way, haha! 😛

      As for you thinking dark things about Jakub, you’re probably correct. That will come out more in later chaps. One thing I’ll say right now: Jakub doesn’t like his dad very much.

      Awww, thanks. I tried to make it pretty sweet. Yes, if the baby were Shawn’s, Vaclav would still love her the same. 🙂 ^.^

      Thank you Rachel. Glad you still like reading my shit!


  7. Wow. John finally got what was coming to him. His headless corpse freaked me out though lol! That last pic was really cute. That was sad that the other vamps didn’t want to get Aubrey. Anyways, really good ch. Jen :]!

    • Mike?? You’re on here??? Well coooooooool. 😀 how’ve you been?? LOL about the headless dude. I almost feel sorry for John. NOT. Anyhow, it was just a quick pic edit, nothing fancy. hehe.

      Thanks for the compliment about that last pic! Glad ya liked it. 🙂 And yeah, Jakub and Shawn are pretty cold-hearted. Riley likes Aubrey, but was kinda trapped beneath Jakub. LOL. Otherwise, she probably would’ve went with V. Then again, V. is old-fashioned and probably wouldn’t have let Riley go with him (since she’s female, lol). Of course, I’m rambling again. Bad habit.

      Thanks for reading, Mike! ^.^ Sorry I haven’t been on your c-box lately! Been ate up with this story and the EP… >.<


  8. I’ve been alright. I’m glad cause I think I managed to get a B on my math test, which I thought I was going to fail, so I’m happy about that. Even though As are better lol.

    How have you been :] ?

    • Hey Mike. That’s great about your math test 😀 A’s might be better, but B’s are better than D’s and F’s, LOL. 😛 Anyhow, I’m doing pretty good. Thanks; like I said I’ve been doing a lot on this story and even making some Sims 3 videos. Not very good at it though. I’m making a second video right now, and it’s better than the first. 😀

      ^.^ Nice chatting with you again. 😀

  9. Yeah. This story is awesome and so creative. Especially the writing and the poses. Honestly I don’t even know how you could even get some of the poses of the Sims in here lol. Anyways good talking to you too :]

    • awwww, thanks Mike. You had a great legacy as well. 🙂 I read on your blog that you’re coming out with a vamp legacy, and I’d like to read it. Any links yet? I tried searching for it but couldn’t find it on your blog. Maybe I’m blind. 😛

      As far as the poses go, I use moveobjects on. I really need a mod, it’d be far easier. Usually I have to delete whatever object the sim is using, then go to live mode, then back to buy mode and move the sim around. LOL. Other times I do that, PLUS cut and paste, plus edit in GIMP, etc. It’s crazy.

      I just cannot stand how limited the game interactions are, especially the romantic ones! I have to try to make it look as different as I can… -.-

      Talk to ya later, Mike! 😀

  10. Oh wow really? I figured you must have had a really good mod or something lol.. Anyways they’re very creative.

    And for the legacy, I just meant in my game lol. I’m not planning on releasing a legacy just a family in my game. Sorry for the confusion lol.

    Talk to you later :)!

    • Nice that I didn’t notice this comment until THREE months later. Oh well, better late than never…

      Even though this is late, THANKS for the compliments!!!! >_>

  11. Mmm, decapitation, yummy. Glad Vaclav got Aubrey back and took care of John! I think it’s sweet that she still loves him – he’s much more loyal than Shawn if you ask me. I think Vaclav is a much better boyfriend. 🙂 I can’t wait to see when the baby comes! And when we find out for sure whose it is! Eee!!!

    • LOL, yummy indeed. And a very bad representation of it. XD
      Yep, ol’ V. saved the day! ^^ True, V. is more loyal. Most of my readers thought the same thing, they liked V better than Shawn (in regards to BF material for A). Of course V has his flaws though… O_O

      Wow, you have a LOT to find out… 😯

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