Ten: Dark Utopia

‘When the Count saw my face, his eyes blazed with a sort of demonaic fury, and he suddenly made a grab at my throat. I drew away, and his hand touched the string of beads which held the crucifix. It made an instant change in him, for the fury passed so quickly that I could hardly believe that it was ever there.’
– Bram Stoker, 

One hour on the road seemed like several.

The drive was quiet. Questions burned in Aubrey’s mind, but never asked.

She feared any possible answers.

After pulling the car into a rest area, Reverend Reese studied a road map.

“It won’t be long until we’re there,” he said. His words sounded ominous, striking fear in Aubrey’s heart; yet mingled with excitement.

Could Shawn really be alive and living in Shadowvale?

“I don’t believe in vampires,” she blurted.

Reverend Reese folded the map and tucked it in his pocket.

“I don’t know what to say to that,” he snapped. “Believe what you want, but I know what’s true and what isn’t. And God is my witness.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“You didn’t. I mean, I’m just feeling a little uptight right now. I’m sorry.”

A heavy silence ensued.

“Are you ever going to tell me why we had to rush out of Sunset Valley?”

“I was told that Dr. Paulison and your father were discussing your placement in a psychiatric ward. I was led to believe they’d cut corners and get you committed almost immediately, since your father is a surgeon and possesses extensive clout at the hospital. Obviously, should that have occurred, we wouldn’t have the chance to find Shawn.”

Aubrey looked away, as nausea turned her stomach.

How dare her father… how dare Dr. Paulison, that bastard.

“Are you okay?” Reverend Reese questioned.

“Who told you this?” Her voice was low, faintly trembling. She held back her rage behind clenched teeth.

“It doesn’t matter. But I’ll assure you this person is very trust worthy, and has connections to both Sunset Valley and Shadowvale.” He paused; then said, “Dr. Paulison wanted to commit you to keep your mouth shut about your vampire lover, who fathered your son.”

Aubrey’s heart stopped. Then started.

“I’m sorry to tell you like this, but it’s true. Dr. Paulison also has connections to Shadowvale, and to some of the vampires there. He had many reasons to keep you quiet. It’s all part of a complex, secretive plan that involves your son.”

“Stop it. I don’t want to hear anymore,” she demanded.

Hell, her mind couldn’t possibly take any more. Not now; not yet…

“I understand. I just thought—you should know the truth… and there’s a lot of it.”

Aubrey stared at the cluster of trees ahead; her eyes not seeing them, her mind busy with the priest’s horrific revelations.

“Can we just go now?” she asked.

Reverend Reese nodded, standing.


In her exhaustion, Aubrey drifted off to sleep.

“Don’t worry,” Reverend Reese muttered. “I’ll protect you…”

“As best I can.”


The Shadowvale sign emerged within view.

Meanwhile, Aubrey’s anxiety flourished.

She glanced at the sign; then looked all around. The area was isolated, as though abandoned… or dead. How fitting.

A raven perched on the sign, glaring down.

Reverend Reese drove further, until a dilapidated structure appeared.

He said it was an old hotel, and it would be their home for the night. Aubrey didn’t bother to protest, since she and the reverend hadn’t slept.

A ghostly wolf eyed them as they exited the car.

Aubrey followed Reverend Reese to the gates.

He nudged them open.

As the front door got closer, Aubrey’s heart raced faster.

The interior didn’t look any better. A faint, musty smell invaded her senses.

“This way,” Reese said strolling into the next area.

Aubrey peered into a room without a door.

It was empty, except for the ancient-looking doll on the floor.

The ambience was eerie.

Reverend Reese turned the knob of the adjacent room. The door swung open.

Fog and dust swooped upward. Aubrey coughed; then entered.

She scanned the room. There were two single beds surrounded by cracked wallpaper and tattered flooring. It would have to do.

The single window boasted a view of the foggy environment.

I’d rather there not to be any window at all, she thought.

“Why is this town so empty?” she asked.

“There are two rival clans of vampires in this town. With the last war, much of the town was destroyed and many mortals died or escaped. This is only the outskirts though. There is a bigger city ahead. Parts of it were also destroyed, but recently re-built.”

“Which clan won the war? The good one or the bad one?” Her tone still held hints of cynicism.

Reverend Reese chuckled.

“There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ clans. They’re both pretty much equal.”

“Well, good night. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow… or should I say, a big night ahead of us.” Reverend Reese laid down.

Aubrey worriedly looked out the window.

Then she reclined, turning to the side. Miraculously, it only took a few moments to fall asleep.

But then a soft noise came from the window. It grew louder as the seconds passed.

Something scraped against the glass.

Reverend Reese awakened.

“Aubrey!” he hissed. “Wake up!”

I’m already awake. I’m just too terrified to move… Indeed, her arms and legs stiffened, and she couldn’t bear to look at the window.

Reese stood and confronted the vampires. They did not seem to be afraid of him.

At last, Aubrey looked… and was promptly horrified. The creatures were hideous.

“Open the window,” it whispered.

As if!

“Oh my God,” Aubrey gasped backing away.

“It’s okay; it’s okay,” Reese chanted. “They can’t get in.”

“How do you know?” she asked, her eyes riveted to the monsters.

He didn’t answer, but embraced her.

The creatures pounded on the window.

“Do they all look and act like that?” Aubrey cried.

“No. Only the rogues. They were affected differently by the vampirism.”

Glass cracked.

The other’s nails raked to and fro, creating a shrill sound.

Tears escaped Aubrey’s eyes.

“It’ll be okay,” he said.

No it won’t! They’re breaking the fuckin’ window!

The monsters hissed as they continued ramming their fists against the window.  The shattered glass branched outward, becoming bigger.

“God, make them stop.” Aubrey closed her eyes, willing it all to end.

“It’s almost dawn,” Reverend Reese assured.

The noises ceased.

Aubrey opened her eyes, watching the beings glide away and become swallowed by the mist.

Dawn erupted.

Aubrey remained in Reverend Reese’s arms. She couldn’t bring herself to move.

Now do you believe in vampires?” he asked.


Thanks for reading! ♥ Chapter 11 coming next Weds.!


18 Responses to “Ten…”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve got to wait a whole week for the next chapter. You done a great job of making the vampires seem like savage beasts. I’m still not sure of the priest, I don’t know if he is trying to help Aubrey or if he was sent by one of the clans on purpose to lure her there.

    • Hey Kim ;D sorry ’bout that. see, I already had chap 10 finished, but still have to work on the next two. Plus it works out pretty well since the EP will be out in (squeee) 13 more days. Anyhow, THANKS for the compliment! I try. 😛

      You’ll just have to find that out next Weds… >.>


  2. I was just sitting at my computer and then realised “IT’S WEDENSDAY” and had to rush over here to discover 2 chapters! today is a good day 🙂 I knew I should never of trusted mr shrink (okay, okay that was more to do with the different eyes but still!)
    Ahh scary scar scary vampires! They’re not like Vaclav at all! I’m glad that not all vampires are like Vaclav though; I think i would faint from sexy guy overload 🙂 Like Kim I don’t fully trust the priest, but we’ll see . . .

    • awwww, thanks. Glad to know you look forward to it every week. 😀 hehe, you were certainly right about the shrink. 🙂

      haha, they sure aren’t like Vaclav!! I tried to make ’em as creepy as possible! ‘sexy guy overload’, haha. that’s good. 😛 I faint from SGO every time I make a chapter with hawt sims….

      Yup, just have to see about that priest… 😉

  3. wow just wow you have out done yourself with this claps loud bravo brava

  4. I don’t have anything useful to say – but I loved the story! Will be waiting mostly patiently for next episode! 🙂

  5. What more is there to say? Damn those vamps were freaky, yet is it wrong to say they still looked good? Just in a OMG kind of way 😛

    Hehe, I’m probably going to regret it, but I sort of like the rev…FOR NOW 😛

    Great chap, loved it as always

    • hi Rachel 😀 LOL, in some ways they weren’t too bad, like their hair was still… nice. haha. =P

      Yeah, I know. He ‘protected’ her, so it makes him seem more likable or something.

      Thank you Rachel. Much appreciated! ❤ 🙂

  6. Oh my God. That chapter scared the hell outta me 0_o
    So creepy…
    Good chapter though 😀

  7. lol XP

  8. eeeepp!! loved this chatper, can’t wait for the next one!! i’m not too sure about the priest either, although i guess we’ll have to find out. all the men in this story are pretty tasty in their own ways 😉 hehehe. i’m such a perve sometimes ^.^ LOL.

    • Hi there. 🙂 Thank you! I really enjoyed writing this one, I like doing creepy scenes. 😛 Well it won’t be long now, you’ll find out more about the priest in just a couple days 😀

      Yeah, I think they’re pretty tasty too, lol. I already know I’m a perv, so join the club, Haha XD

  9. Yikes! Scary vampires! I may have nightmares now. rofl Another great chapter! Something tells me that Aubrey believes in vampires now. 😀 And yay for the wolf again! I wonder what it is has to do with the story…can’t wait to read more!

    • haha, yeah. LOL. They almost look like zombies or sumthin’. Nightmares indeed! I remember having tons of fun doing this chapter. I like doing scary. 😮

      haha, yeah I think she does! lol probably the wolf doesn’t have much to do with the story, but like you, I just like wolves! 😀

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