Twenty-Six: Birth of a New Life

Four words summed up Aubrey’s feelings…

Guilt. Because she was leaving Vaclav and taking their baby with her. Because it was partly her fault her father killed himself. Because she moved back to Sunset Valley against Vaclav’s advice. Because she forgot to tell Vaclav about Shawn’s stealing of the talisman.

Blame. Because a small part of her also blamed Vaclav for her father’s death.

Anger. Because of Shawn.

Grief. Because of everything.

With each passing day, those uncomfortable feelings faded away.

But she still missed her father, hating the fact he was no longer part of this world.

Then again, neither were the vampires.

God, how she also missed Vaclav. But how could she possibly ever bring herself to move back to Immortal Hell? And what about Reznik? She still dreamed of him, and of the day she’d finally get to see him; but if she didn’t go back to Shadowvale, that may never happen.

Using the cash Vaclav gave her, Aubrey rented a small apartment. The complex was nestled in the outer edge of the valley.

Six weeks had passed without any dangerous incident. Was she merely lucky? Or was something ominous waiting for her in the shadows of Sunset Valley? Biding its time?

She even called her mother once. Both cried over the phone about lost time, about lost significant others, about lost daughters.

She strolled along the town walkway.

Reluctantly, she headed into the hospital to have her daughter. The very same hospital that stole her son two years before.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot… does it?

Fingers of anxiety choked Aubrey’s heart, its rapid beat making her dizzy.

The nurse told Dr. Rhodes that the contractions were six minutes apart and Aubrey was dilated to ten.

Here we go.

Aubrey lurched forward.

“Owwwwwwww....” Shit, it felt like someone was digging a hundred blades into her stomach.

She clutched her abdomen.

“Aubrey, you have to start pushing,” Dr. Rhodes commanded.

Aubrey scooted down, opening her legs to the doctor.

God, the indignity of it all. Sucks to be a woman. Then again, who cares where your mid-section feels like an 18-wheeler is parked on it?

“Push, push, push, push,” the nurse chanted.

Aubrey bore down, groaning. Pressure, like a hundred pounds pressed on her cervix. Then it began to pass through.

Rapidly, she blew out several breaths. There’s that horrid tearing sensation she remembered from the last time. Now she knew why she’d blocked out the memory.

“It’s okay Aubrey. Almost there.”

A memory flared…

“Almost there,” Dr. Johansen had also said.


Before delivering her, Dr. Rhodes rotated the baby.

Aubrey stifled a scream of agony.

Please don’t take my baby; please don’t take her…

God, Vaclav, I wish you were here! I wish you were holding my hand, coaching me instead of the cold hospital staff. Vaclav, Vaclav, Vaclav…

The baby exited her body. Dr. Rhodes shot Aubrey a stern look, as though a laboring woman wasn’t allowed to scream in pain. It was a look that said: it’s over now, chicken. You can stop sniveling.  

“It’s a girl.” Dr. Rhodes snipped the cord and handed her to the nurse, who cleaned and wrapped her in a receiving blanket. Then she gave the infant back to the doctor.

For the longest time, Dr. Rhodes held the newborn.

Okay. Can I see her now? Before I punch you in the mouth?

Seconds later, Aubrey held her daughter in her arms.

She felt overwhelmed by new maternal sensations. It was a feeling of love she’d never experienced.

Her name would be Katerina, an ancient Czechoslovakian name…

In honor of the angel who fathered her.

At the age of one week, Kat was growing into a plump package of cuteness.

Aubrey retrieved her from the stroller and played with her.

Then she took her outside the complex.

“Look all around, Kat,” she began.

“This is a beautiful place with sunlight.”

“I never want you to live in darkness.” Aubrey kissed her forehead.

A security guard watched them as they headed back to the apartment.

“Cute baby,” he said, obviously flirting with Aubrey.

“Thanks,” she said blushing. Oh, my God. My baby is a stud magnet.

The next evening, Aubrey relaxed in the living area. Relaxing was a rare thing since having Kat, so she was grateful for the moment of quiet.

Then the doorbell chimed.

It was her mother.

“I know you don’t really want me here, but I had to see the baby.”

Her mother’s words filled Aubrey with newfound compassion. She moved to the side to allow her mother in.

Katerina cooed and twirled her tiny fists.

Nancy lifted her from the pram.

“She’s an absolute darling,” Nancy breathed. She stroked the baby’s cheek. “She is so beautiful.”

After visiting with the baby, Nancy and Aubrey sat down and began chatting.

One question had been burning in Aubrey’s mind… ever since she found out her father was a dhampir.

“Did you know Dad was part vampire?”


Which led to another question…

“Did you know about the Shadows’ plans to take my son? And Grandma Cooper was also part of that?”

“I knew about everything,” she admitted.

Yeah, you should hang your head in shame, Aubrey thought biting her tongue. She swore to herself she wouldn’t fight with her mother over past circumstances.

“How did you and Dad really meet? I know what you used to tell me, but—”

“No. I never lied about that. I really met him at the hospital.”

“Right before your father performed my grandmother’s heart bypass, he saw me and was smitten. He was so romantic back then. I can’t believe how young I was.”

“And throughout those years, he never aged. I did, but he didn’t. He used to joke about drinking blood to stay young. Finally, five years into our marriage, he admitted he was a dhampir.”

“I thought he was crazy, like it was some sort of early mid-life crisis thing,” she continued. “Then I saw proof, and thought I was crazy.”

“I learned of an entire town, a whole city of these… these people. I never even knew a Shadowvale existed!”

Aubrey found that hard to believe. But then again, she never knew about Shadowvale either.

Either way, Aubrey was completely intrigued and hanging on to her mother’s every word.

Another hour passed and Nancy Cooper left. Her conversation with Aubrey had been quite… enlightening.

A few weeks later, Aubrey left Kat with a babysitter and went job hunting. Vaclav’s cash was going to run out soon and she had no other means of support.

Aubrey loved Vaclav and Reznik, but couldn’t bring herself to make plans about returning to Shadowvale.

She’d filled out a few applications for waitress jobs, even though she hated waiting on tables. There didn’t seem to be anything else available.

She came back to the apartment feeling a little disappointed.

“Madison?” she called out the sitter’s name. Madison was seventeen years old… and nowhere to be found. The stroller was also empty.

Consumed by dread, Aubrey’s search brought her to the bedroom.

“Madison? Are you in here?”

She stopped dead in her tracks.


The leader of the Haas Clan was holding his daughter, and he did not look happy…


He didn’t answer, only stared ahead.


Thanks for reading! ♥ Chapter 27 coming Monday.

Umm, just to warn you guys, the next chapter is going to be… very very naughty…  >_>


27 Responses to “Twenty-Six…”

  1. So I just spent my entire day reading this. I can’t say it wasn’t well spent 🙂 I love this! Definitely can’t wait for more 🙂 I love your sense of humor, aswell 🙂

    Feel free to call me Angie, BTW 🙂

    • Yay, hi Angie! (and you can call me Jen as well) Like I’ve mentioned before, I always like getting new readers! 😀 Wow, a whole day reading this shizz?? lol, glad you like my story so far!!

      I really do appreciate the nice comment, and you taking the time to give my story a chance. 🙂 Thank you soooo much!

      ^.^ ❤

  2. Awww Katerina is so cute! I wonder what’s got Vaclav so pissed off though?

    Hmmm, maybe Nancy isn’t the cold hearted cow I thought she was lol 😀

    • hey Kim! Yeah, Kat is cute! I lurve sim babies. I think they’re adorable, lol. Vaclav was pissed off at Aubrey, lol, for not coming back to him after so long, and for having the baby without telling him, etc. He’s just hurt and dealing with it the only way he knows how.

      Exactly. She’s a little better than what I thought too. 😛

      Thanks for commenting and reading, as always. ❤ 😉

  3. Awww katerina is so cute 🙂 I am so scared what is Vaclac gonna do? And something tells me i should watch for shawn.

    • hi Tami! She is VERY cute!! 🙂 Hmmmm, Vaclav likely won’t do anything. He’s just hurt and angry that Aubrey hasn’t come back to him yet. V. wouldn’t hurt Aubrey or anything. As for Shawn, he’ll return to the story within a couple or so more chapters. >.>

      hehe, thanks for commenting/reading!! 😀

      ❤ *hugz*

  4. oooh Vaclav’s aaangry! For a secound I thought baby sitter had stolen baby! I would of had a MASSIVE anger tantrum then, I wouldn’t be all calm and glary like Vaclavs anger, which have the feeling won’t be calm for very much longer.

    My mind keeps playing tricks on me. I keep staring at that security gaurd and think he looks really familiar, even though I don’t think I’ve seen him before at all. Maybe it’s just got to the point where I believe everyone is connected. *looks at him again* okay this is driving me insane. WHY do I think I know him?!

    Katerina has beautiful eyes, was that through pic editing or did you find a magic mod that changed it for you? And I’m loving all the winnie the pooh patterns, so sweet!

    Oh and thanks for the new Jakub video, *melt* and I haven’t had a chance to say this in a while but there was some SERIOUS SGO in the video. thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

    *hugz* and ❤ as always!

    • Hi Pixxi!! Yay, I know you’re gonna post some funny stuff! 😛 Indeed, he’s angry! haha, I tricked you. I knew some people might think the sitter took Kat. LOL about having a massive temper tantrum!! Although that would’ve been an interesting plot if the sitter HAD taken Kat. I thought I’d lay off the drama for a couple chapters though, at least, LOL. But don’t worry, the drama WILL be back!

      Well, hehe, I used the MasterController to add him to the lot, and he came dressed like that. I don’t even know what his name was, but I know he was already in the game. >.> But that could just be the reason why you think you’ve seen him before. Glad my story keeps you guessing though! 😀

      Let’s see, that one pic (the second one after the fist time A. is holding her) was edited in Gimp to make the baby look prettier. I need some new skins lol, as the Peggy skins don’t work until a sim is a teen. 😦 I do have a mod (MasterController) that changed the blanket! And that was the ONLY reason I downloaded it, because the pink/blue got beyond OLD. Now I use MC for a bunch of other stuff!

      Hey, you’re welcome! I’m glad you like it. I know the ones with V. are getting old and I wanted to try someone different. The music goes so well with that one! 😛

      😉 ❤ & *hugz* abound! ^_^

      EDIT: I never even realized you had a blog! (duh!!) I checked it out, and have put its link on my ‘fave blog page’!!! ❤

  5. Katerina is so cute! I’m guessing that Vaclav is pissed off because Aubrey didn’t tell him about the baby?
    I don’t know, all I do know is that this is an AWESOME chapter!
    I love Aubrey’s apartment building, is that a ready-made one that you can find already installed with Late Night?
    Also, I was wondering if the mods on mod the sims were safe – do you use them? I also wondered if they worked, because I downloaded loads of hairs and clothes and stuff on peggy zone and other sims 3 content sites and none of it seems to be working 😦
    I try and keep my computer as safe and clean as possible, lol, I always have to make sure everything is safe before I use it!
    I just really want that mod that changes the design of the baby blanket – you’re right, pink and blue gets really boring and old!
    Can’t wait till Monday!
    xx ❤ ❤

    • Hi Emma! Yeah, Katerina is a cutie! Yes, that’s why he’s ticked, lol. Plus, he’s been waiting on her return.

      Awww, thanks!! 😀 I liked doing the ending, where V. just eerily sits there. That was cool. 😛

      LOL, yes it’s a ready-made building! It should be in the houses bin on the game. I didn’t even decorate it much differently, which I should have. I just get lazy sometimes!

      Um, the only mod I have from MTS is the ‘no mosaic’ mod, where you can see their buns. 😀 I don’t think I have any others from there, but either way, I’ve only heard excellent things about MTS. I used MTS all the time for Sims 2 and never had issues. As for the other stuff not working, I can’t be sure why. I always had the same problems. There is a great tutorial on MTS on how to download, that’s what I used and finally figured out how to unzip files to the mods folder, which not only holds mods but package files. I think. It’s very confusing… sorry I’m not much help!

      I don’t blame you there, I try to keep my computer clean too. I’ve had viruses before that’s totally f***ed everything up. 😦 grrr.

      Oh, the mod to change the blanket? It’s MasterController from Twallen or something! I think I have a link on here somewhere, but will also post one on here in a second….

      Thanks for reading, Emma!! ^.^
      ❤ 😉 *huggles*! xx

      EDIT: here’s the link to the mod that can change the baby blanket colors:

      Once it’s installed, you have the baby sim selected, and then click NRaas– then MasterController–then STYLIST, I believe…

      DANG, my comments are getting longer!

  6. Ah, I’m glad the babysitter didn’t take Katrina. I wouldn’t want the same thing happen twice!

    I can understand Aubrey’s unwillingness to return to Shadowvale with her baby, as she’d indeed not be able to see the light of day, and generally it wouldn’t be the best of places for a child to grow up. However, knowing that Vaklav has already lost a daughter, it is rather cruel of Aubrey to deprive him of his right to see his new daughter grow up. And also it is rather cruel of her to even think about depriving Katrina of her father.

    Having grown up in a disfunctional family, she should know how much it hurts not to have as much love and attention from both parents as every child needs and that Katrina would be happier not seeing the light of day than not having a father. I know she still hasn’t made up fer mind and that the last thing she wants is to hurt Vaklav or Katrina. But her indecisiveness towards such an important matter, isn’t good for any of them. Also the fact that she’s looking for a job is a step towards the wrong direction, lol. Besides, who’d look after the baby if she had to work all day? And all her salary would have to go to babysitters 😛

    Sorry for the rambling, it was a great update and it inspired me, lol!

    • hi Sfe! Yeah, it would’ve been a good plot, but too much drama for poor Aubrey. She needs a break! 😛

      You know, you have a very good point. I forgot about Vaclav’s earlier loss. Poor guy. It’s no wonder why he’s pissed, lol. If I were a dude and Aubrey did that, I’d be ticked also. She’s had like 2 months to herself.

      As for not seeing the light of day, she still can in Shadowvale, pretty much. It was just symbolism for the most part. But I know what you mean, Kat needs both parents. Definitely!

      Aubrey is basically putting off making the decision in going back. Procrastinating, lol. She doesn’t want Kat to live in ‘darkness’ around the dangerous vampires, but she knows she’ll have to make the ultimate decision soon to go back. Lol, probably none of that makes sense… >.< but you know what I mean, lulz.

      Good point about the job too. And stupid expensive babysitters, lol. I know how that used to be IRL. It just all boils down to Aubrey's crazy indecisiveness (I hate trying to spell that word)!

      Hey, you don't ramble any more than I do! Like I said in my comment above, my comments are getting longer and looooooooooooooooooooooooooooonger………… XD

      ❤ and thanks for reading! ^.^

      • Yeah, actually in Shadowvale it would be much easier to see the light of day than the moon for example, as the most dangerous creatures can only go out at night. But still, growing up around vampires isn’t the most normal thing, lol. But on the other hand Katrina isn’t a human either, right? She’s a dhampir.

        Lol, it’s a good thing you can leave long comments! In my own blog, all I can usually think of to leave as a reply to my readers’ comments is “Thank you so much!” lol.

        Can’t wait for the next chapter!!

      • hi again Sfe! Another good point. That is a very good PLUS.
        Haha, growing up around vamps isn’t normal at ALL. Yes, she’s a dhampir, but I don’t think she’ll have the same characteristics as the vamps (glowing eyes, etc.). But she’s still a dhampir. It’s difficult trying to integrate the Sims 3 vampire lore or whatever with my ideas of the vampirism. Again, that probably don’t make sense. 😛

        See, now I’m rambling. LOL!

        Oh, I’ve been there and done that. A lot of times I’m not sure what to say back, especially if it’s a really great compliment I get flustered and embarrassed!! >.<
        there's been times when all I could think to write was 'thank you'! LOL.

        Thanks Sfe! Much appreciated!! *hugs*! 😀

        EDIT: finally added your story blog to my faves!! ^.^ I saw you had Bloodlust on yours as well, so THANKS!! ❤

  7. Wow Just wow Jen i wish i had writing skills like you

  8. Such a cute name for such a cute little girl :3 I almost had a panic attack when the sitter was gone! Wow. Vaclav looks PISSED :p I’m sure they will echange strong words, but they wuv each other to much ❤

    On the plus, Aubrey's mother is actually….nice O.O Love that little heart to heart, hope it's not a ploy ¬¬

    • Hi Rachel!! 😀 Awww, thanks. Yeah, I looked up ancient Czech names, just like I did to find ‘Reznik’ and ‘Jakub’. 🙂

      hehe, I figured a lot of peeps would think the sitter stole her. LOL. V. looks very pissed… he’s hot when he’s pissed. There, I said it. Maybe in the next chapter he’ll get over it long enough to do some make up sex with Aubrey….


      Yeah, I guess Nancy isn’t so bad, just like Aubrey’s father turned out to be okay. :/ shocking, huh?? Nah, not a ploy this time! that would’ve been cool though.

      Thanks for reading/commenting, Rachel!!

      ❤ *hugs* 😉

  9. oh, thanks for adding Different to your faves 🙂 I just had to list it in my blogroll, this story is too good to miss out on 😉 ❤

    • No problem! Thanks for the nice post about Bloodlust on your blog! I really appreciate it!

      You guys on here are truly the BEST.

      ❤ and hugz!! 😀

  10. ❤ hugzie back to ya!

  11. Uh oh, Vaclav doesn’t look happy for sure! Oh, nice job with the birth pictures – poor Aubrey! Sounds like she needed an epidural. hehe Katerina is very cute, and I love her name! I’m glad Aubrey and her mother seem to have reunited, at least for the time being. Wonder what will happen next…off to read!

    • LOL, he sure doesn’t, does he? Why thank you! I usually like doing the birth scenes in stories. Actually in this scene, I don’t like the chair sticking out of the bed. 😛 By the time I realized I didn’t like that, it was too late and I didn’t feel like doing the scene over. Haha, yes she probably did need an epidural! 😛 Yeah, Katerina is a cutie pie. I looked up ancient and modern Czech names to get that one. 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t think I bring her mother back into the story later… but it was nice that they reunited in this one.

      Thanks TW for reading!! And commenting!! <33

  12. can you download shadowvale?

    • All Shadowvale is is Twinbrook, (came with Ambitions, I think) except I’d deleted most of the lots on it. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more…

      • it’s okay, i love your work. it’s probably good enough to shift into a novel. that novel i would probably obsess over for quite a while. XD

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