Eighty-Two: Of Magic & Alpha Males

Contains sex (yay!) and language.

Vaclav glared at his son.

“Jakub, you helped Kat?” Aubrey asked.

“So you… are the one who saved Kat from Gavin? Is that it?” Vaclav ranted. “Excuse me if I find this a little hard to believe.”

Aubrey slowly shook her head.

Kat raised an eyebrow. It is pretty unbelievable, she mused.

“I expected a bit more appreciation from you, Father.”

“I’m not the same man I used to be. I’m different now. You must believe me.”

“But I don’t believe you. Why have you suddenly decided to come back now?”

Smirking, Jakub called Xander. “Come on, Son. Come and meet your grandfather now.”

The little boy approached the dining room.

Looking completely and utterly dumbfounded, Vaclav regarded his ‘new’ grandson.

Like a mini replica of his father, Xander smirked. “Hi grandpa.” He spoke with a cute French accent.

“Hi,” Vaclav replied.

The room fell very silent and still; as if something explosive were about to happen.

“Xander, show your grandfather your powers.” Jakub eyed Vaclav. “Xander is very good at controlling his magic, even though he’s only seven years old.”

Kat knew his statement was a stab at Reznik.

“Want me to show you what I can do? I promise I won’t mess up your house.”

Vaclav nodded.

Xander turned to a nearby candle.

A tiny fire erupted from the candle’s center, bathing the corner in light.

Then it slowly raised up and floated over to Vaclav.

He watched in fascination.

Xander’s eyes lowered, along with the candelabra. Jakub looked proud.

“Yes, my son is very disciplined with his powers.” Jakub smiled.

Vaclav shot Jakub a look, as if to say: I still don’t trust you.

“Kat,” Hunter said. She spun around.


She fell into his arms. Hunter smelled so good, as if he’d bathed in lavender. Yet there was also a faintly masculine scent.

Kat wanted to eat him alive.

“Thank God you’re alright,” he said. “I thought I heard voices up here. I was in the basement trying to catch some sleep.”

“What are you doing here? And where’s Justin and Tristan?”

“The boys and I spent the evening here. Vaclav, Reznik and I looked for you earlier. But I see Jakub was the one who found you.”

“Yeah, he did. It’s so weird. He said a Dempire betrayed Gavin.”

Hunter nodded. “At first I didn’t even know you were missing. I thought you and Lauren went for a walk.”

“Look, I’m sorry about our fight the other day. I love you.”

“Sorry too,” Kat muttered.

Hunter grabbed her; kissed her.

Aww,” Lauren said behind them.

Hunter’s kiss was long, lingering, and very sexy.

It was too dangerous to go back to Hunter’s house, but Kat didn’t want to stay at her father’s. So it was decided that Kat would stay in Jakub’s motel room along with Lauren. Hunter also joined them. The twins stayed behind with Aubrey.

Vaclav and Reznik went looking for Gavin, using Jakub’s directions to the area where Kat was found. The two planned to kill Gavin, and seemed annoyed over Jakub’s decision in letting him live.

Jakub sat on the bed. Hunter was in the shower. Xander slept in the next room.

Kat was on the floor, Lauren next to her. Music flowed from the adjacent CD player.

Lauren got up and shuffled toward Jakub.

Kat peeked, seeing them sitting side-by-side.

Moments later, lips smacked and kissing sounds ensued as the mattress squeaked.

She rose her head to look. Disbelief claimed her.

Lauren and Jakub were making out.

OMG! They don’t even know each other!

Indeed, the song playing on the system matched her friend’s situation…

Hours later, three were a crowd in the second bed. Jakub had his bed all to himself… at least initially.

Kat drifted to sleep.

She was awakened by the sounds of heavy breathing, grunts and soft moans.

Kat only looked for a second. But it was enough.

Ewwww! My brother and Lauren… doing it in the bed right next to me!

As quietly as she could, Kat turned away from them.

How can Hunter sleep with all that noise? They’re not trying too hard to hide what they’re doing.


Kat wedged her fingers in her ears and tried to fall back asleep.

Meanwhile, the bed kept groaning next to her.

As she fell asleep once more, thoughts of Gavin went through her mind.

Hopefully her father and Reznik would find him and kill him.

What could go wrong?

Vaclav and Reznik headed for the mausoleum.

The structure was once used for a local family’s dead, but a few of the Dempires took it over, tore a hole in the floor and created a basement. After that, they cleaned out the poor family’s remains.

Vaclav had known of the place, but never dreamt his daughter had been ‘stored’ there.

He jumped into the hole, followed by Reznik.

They approached the next room with knives ready…

Bursting through the doors, they prepared to kick ass.

Both men stared at the empty area.

Granted, Vaclav knew if Gavin came to he’d promptly leave. He was hoping Jakub had knocked him out a little longer than that. Apparently his oldest son didn’t try very hard.

Gavin lingered not far from the mausoleum, snickering.

They’ll never figure it out, he thought. Never.

BTW: an ice cream truck pulled up beside the ‘mausoleum’. It didn’t go too well with my story *sarcasm* but I went ahead and let V. get some ice cream:


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  1. oh gavin you bad man! ha V with that ice cream made me laugh. i think he’s enjoying it.

    • hey there Carlie! Meh, karma will probably get Gavin someday. Maybe. Glad the ice cream shots made you LOL. They are pretty funny and it’s weird seeing V. eat ice cream. O_O

      On the last pic, Rez is giving the truck a dirty look. hehe.

  2. Love it asusual πŸ™‚ Cant wait for more πŸ˜€

    • aww, thank you James. ^_^ Unfortunately I’m going to skip next Friday, I need a break. This will only be the second time in 18 months that I’ve done this. (including my Riverview story, I wrote a chapter for it every few days).


  3. Had to catch up the recent chapters, country living is shitty to put it mildly.

    I bet Jakub may have an ulterior motive. I mean, his kid is similar to him in mannerisms. But again, evil sims are my kind of thing. Yea, many of the sims in my games are mostly evil, mean spirited, and/or hot tempered, along with flirty.

    Loved Rez’s grumpiness at the icecream truck. Maybe Rez doesn’t like icecream?

    • hey, nice to hear from you again! LOL you don’t like country living. I LOVE it in the country, although the isolation get a little old. 😦

      haha, what makes you think that? About Jakub? I guess time will tell. haha, evil sims are your kind of sims too, eh? Join that club! haha, sounds like you have an interesting game indeed! I’m the same way, it’s makes for better drama! Oooh, I always use flirty as well! πŸ˜€

      I loved that pic too. haha. I think maybe he was just being grumpy, lol. :p

      thanks for commenting!! πŸ˜€

  4. Best picture ever, did daddy dearest not buy Reznik any ice cream??? Good chapter, Jakub is sexy.

    • hi megsy! thank you so much! bwahahahaha, lmao! Indeed that’s why Rez looks pissed! πŸ˜€ thanks, glad ya liked the chapter. Yup, Jakub’s a hottie! ^^


  5. Best story ever! I have ben reading this for, like, FOREVER and I have never replied.. But I love this story!! ❀ also I reallyy HATE to ask, but where to you get you no mosaic mod or watever? I had one but it never updated past generations 😦

    • awww, thank you so much Lexi! And nice to ‘meet’ you on here. ^_^ LOL, you’ve been reading it since forever? Well thanks for leaving a comment! I do appreciate it. πŸ™‚ It’s no problem asking about the no mosaic mod, but the one I have has been on Mod the Sims and they have not updated the damn thing in MONTHS, so it’s a little glitchy when it comes to seeing certain effects. I will write back later to tell you what it is, but you really need a better one that’s been updated for the EP’s. Let me know what you decide. ……..and it sounds like you have the one that I do…… LOL

      ~jen/Robin (my real name is Robin)

  6. LOL ice cream truck bombing you story!
    Ah, I knew V wasn’t overly happy to see Jakub again. But maybe his new status a grampa will help. Xander seems to have more control over his powers than Rez did when he was young. Oohhhh, J and Lauren eh? I doubt that it’s love for J. And wow, playing mattress surfing right next to Kat and her dog? O_O Awkward. Especially because Hunter prob heard them too. Dog ears and stuff. XD
    Gavin is a great character. Am curious to see what he’s up to. He’s not the leader of the dempires, is he?
    Oh and thank you so much for that posting on your home screen. And I haven’t forgotten. Things were very busy. I tried to write here and there. But if it’s not one thing, it’s another, you know.

    Great update! LOL V enjoying that bunny.

    • hahaha! Jed, good to see you! I thought you’d disappeared from the sims community lol! (not that I’d blame you. sometimes it’s nice to disappear from it haha). So funny about the ice cream truck. XD

      Nope, V hates his oldest son. πŸ˜› True, V. will get to love his grandson, who looks a lot like Rez. Xander has more control over his powers because J hired a mage to work with him from day 1, unlike V, who only spoiled Rez. πŸ˜† hell yeah, J and Lauren! πŸ˜€ hehe, you are very perceptive, Jed. that’s all I’ll say for now. Bwahaha! Mattress surfing! never heard of that one, but I like! πŸ˜€ Kat and her dog, you crack me up EVERY time you call him that! Dog ears and stuff! OK, I’m seriously lol’ing my ass off right now! O_O

      You like Gavin?? Never thought about him being leader of the demps. But that’s an excellent idea. the Dempires just kinda fell apart after Xeri left. :/

      And you’re certainly welcome! You deserve it. It’s a great story, very creative and different! I loved it from the very beginning. ^^ Aww, I know what you mean. People are busy, I do know about it. >_>

      Thanks again, Jed!! I know that pic is hilarious! And soooooo out of character!

  7. Aaannnddd Reznik hates ice cream trucks. Shame. SHAME. I personally thinks he’s still a little bitter about getting schooled by an eight-year-old.

    Oh, Vaclav, I always knew you were a Freezer Bunny man. And Gavin, Gavin, Gavin. When did you get clever?

    And, wow >.< Lauren and Jakub…wow. Just, okay. Not much I can say.

    • lol hello there camy. πŸ™‚ haha, yup, looks like Rez despises ice cream trucks. Maybe it’s because it’s the super scary stalking ice cream truck? 😯
      Rez will have to kick it’s stalking ass.

      hehe, maybe he is still bitter about getting schooled by someone only a year or 2 older than him. πŸ˜†

      haha, Freezer Bunny man indeed! He loved it, didn’t he? Poor rabbit. It’s like those Easter chocolate bunnies, where you feel guilty for biting off their ear! XD Or even eating their sugar eyes!

      Gavin never got clever. Then again, you might’ve been being sarcastic! πŸ˜›

      yep, Lauren and Jakub. A very odd couple that likely won’t last past orgasm. (sorry to be blunt).

      Thanks for commenting, camy!!

    • Why thank you. -Bow- I try.

      And WAIT BEFORE I GET TOO FAR- you remember my OCs? (I am indeed that same person undergoing makeover of account). Well, have you decided on any chickadees for the littlie boys yet? If you haven’t, I MAY just have someone for either of them…IF you haven’t yet, that is :p

      Sarcasm is fun. LOLOLOLOL- I’m done.

      It reminds me of those Spongebob Popsicle and I would always pretend I was murdering Spongebob whenever I got angry as a small child.

      AND I ENJOY BLUNTNESS -Whacks self with rock-

      • OKAY, I’ve tried to reply to this a million x and WP won’t let me. My first comment was very long and now I’m fucking pissed off. Fuck WordPress.

        Sorry this reply sucks, but WP is glitching right now… >:

        edit: never mind. Finally got the mother f***er to work (see below lol)… still p.o’d at WordPress though…

      • OK, are you normally Shatter the Rainbowcy?? I think I knew that…. but forgot.

        Well as for GF’s, I already have certain plots planned, and Lauren… well I can’t really mention who Lauren will begin seeing. I will give the whole thing away if I do! As for the toddler boys, at some point I’m sure they’ll need some chickadees, ahaha.

        Ground rules: not to take this out on you, but whenever I accept someone else’s sims, they seem to get ‘weird’ or something if the plot I write around their particular sim is not to their liking. Petty, I know. But so true. So… pls don’t be like that if I decide to use your sim. I don’t think you would, but it’s happened twice so far, and I’ve only accepted other people’s sims twice. *eye twitches* that’s why I’ve said on my Credits pg that I’m no longer accepting anyone else’s sims for this story (unless I ask, like to use someone’s sim in a cameo appearance or something). The person who made the Xeri character no longer reads nor comments on my story, ever since it came out that Xeri was ‘leader of the Dempires’, way back in chapter 60 or 70-something. πŸ˜† So Xeri will be promptly written out. I really don’t like to be mean, but I really don’t like to be used either.

        I hope you don’t get mad that I mentioned that ^ but I had to say it before I used your sims… the safest way not to piss anyone off is simply not to use their sims in my story.

        Does any of that make sense? I hope I didn’t tick you off, I didn’t mean to. I just had to explain why I’m reluctant in using anyone else’s sims for my story. >._>

      • ….and since WP is still behaving stupidly, I had to break up this comment.

        Anyhow, Gavin is a stupid POS!! Maybe he’ll get his… soon, mwhahaha.

        hehehehe, murdering spongebob. You know what I do whenever I get angry? Punch bags of ice (ouch!) or pillows. Looooooooooooool. Yup, sadly I’m that insane. 😦 JK!!!!

        Ouch again! Stop whacking yourself with rocks!!! Self-abuse is not okay, m’kay? Wait— I should take my own advice and leave those bags of ice alone. >_>


      Camy uses RAGE ATTACK

      …It’s not very effective.

      And yes, yes I am. -Pose-

      And then no, it’s chill. It’s stupid how stuff like so happens- but some people you just gotta walk around on eggshells by. And it YOUR story, and you specifically asked their permission to use the said characters.

      Leader of the Demps? Hell yeah, I’d be livin’ it up if that happened to one of my sims. I like, how you say, evil things and nice things and all sorts of junk.

      Junk like bacon.

      It isn’t? -Sets down rock- I punched my friend’s backpack and nearly broke my hand.

      Hand: 0
      Textbook: 1

      • Okay, I didn’t think you’d mind. πŸ˜€ And I use the RAGE ATTACK as well. XD Mine’s not very effective either. BOO!

        Yeah, I suppose I’m one of those ‘sensitive people’ I’m the first to admit, yanno. But wow, if I use someone’s character for my story, etc,. and they act like… IDK…. about it, then yeah it tends to upset me.

        Thank you for understanding though. ^^ It is my story, and I was trying to be nice about it, by ‘composing’ an entire plot line around said character. I just don’t get the entitlement that some people have. I guess it could be worse, though. :/

        I know!! Leader of the Demps (I thought) was awesome. I try to please people… but… yeah sometimes that’s just how it turns out. 😦


        I LOVE both evil sims, nice sims, whatever sims. I mean, if ALL sims were perfect, what the hell would be the point of trying to write a damn story?! Seriously?? You cannot have perfect characters in your story…. if you do, then it’s not a story. Well, that’s my opinion… sometimes my opinion means shhhhhhhhhhhhit. XD

        Junk like bacon?? hahaha, thanks for the laugh!!! XD πŸ˜›

        Oh noes!!! You punched your friend’s backpack?? I think WE both need anger management. You know that really works btw? πŸ˜†

        Oh no!! Sorry about your hand! Here’s some ice for your hand (because I recently broke up a bunch of ice, of course). hehe.

        *gives you ice*

        and *huggles as well* πŸ™‚

        btw WP sucks donkey d****. *snickers*


        -Bursts into tears- SENSITIVITY IS FUN, D:

        AND GODMODDING I HATE GODMODDERS. Take an asshole, or previous asshole like Jakub- a ton of people like him, mainly BECAUSE he was an asshole. It gives…dimensions to a character.

        All of my opinions are shit, I wear diapers on my head.


        (Helloooo, Camy)

        -Gladly receives huggles and ice- Yay for donkey…eh hem.

      • hehe. πŸ˜›

        LOL about sensitivity. Sometimes I get like that. Well, sometimes that’s probably obvious. Then I don’t know if it’s ME overreacting, or because someone else is being an actual asshole! πŸ˜†

        Anyhow, speaking of assholes, Jakub is indeed an asshole. XD Isn’t it weird that usually one loves the enemy in a story? Or sometimes at least? I like bad boys in stories, as long as they’re not TOO bad. But yeah, it does give dimensions to a character. Good point.

        Bwahahahahaha! You are too funny! And no, your opinions aren’t shit, MINE are!! hehe!!

        More giggles. What teenager doesn’t have some anger issues? But yeah, I’m getting up there (30’s) and I still have anger issues, though they’re getting better. Maybe.

        And hello Camy!

        Aww! You liked the huggles and ice? Coooool. Yay for donkey d*** indeed! (You ever play that one game called The Darkness? hehe that’s where I got that from).

  8. LOL! First of all, Aubrey’s shirt is very funny. MILF indeed! :p I’m glad Kat and Lauren are okay. Wow, have they no shame? Getting it on when they barely know each other, and when Kat and Hunter are in the room? Tsk tsk…if they’re not careful, Jakub will end up with another kid! Bad Gavin! I hope Vaclav and Reznik are able to find him and kill him. Can’t wait to read more!!!

    • haha, finally someone noticed Aubrey’s shirt!! πŸ˜† Oh yeah, like most said, Gavin’s too stupid and worthless to hurt them (a good thing of course). Well, except he wanted to ‘smex’ them up or whatnot…. >_> As for L. and J., nope they’ve no shame at all it seems. LOL @ tsk tsk. Shit, seems like J. is a better parent than V.!! At least Xander is well disciplined and not bratty! go figure… 😯 True, Lauren could end up with baby. Not such a good idea, though he’s a better parent than V. Oh, the irony!!

      Well, maybe if Rez and V can’t find him, someone else will. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you so much TW, and don’t forget to tell me when you start your new story!! hehe

  9. lol v eating a bunny popsicle! And I kinda expected Hunter to wake up and to the same to Kat as Jakub was Lauren…and lol at the content warning ‘sex (yay!)’

    ‘hi grandpa’ If I were V, I’d just spazz, all of his kids have had kiddos now…he must feel terribly old 😦 Aubrey looks like she couldn’t care less XD

    • haha, I know! quite a different view of him, isn’t it? Oh yes, I was thinking about having Hunter do the same to Kat (oh, you perv you hehe). But I didn’t. Maybe the next chapter? heck yes, SEX!!! Sim SEX!!! lol

      hehe. V. didn’t spazz cuz he was in shock and numb. Poor guy, he just can’t take much more! Shit, he IS terribly old! Over 300 years!! True, Aubrey has a stupid, ‘blah’ look on her face. Lovely. πŸ™„

      Thank you so much for commenting again, Ali! ^_^

      • I’ve been more than lacking with comments…jeez I’ve been commenting like 3 days after it was posted :/ lol

        SEX! I was on youtube…and somehow ended up on the weird side of youtube cuz I accidentally clicked something instead of the replay button…and that something was IMVU sex…WTF?! I was watching a vid on drawing hair in gimp…om sims….I’m random, I know…

        Aubrey probably is just “At least it’s not my grandkid…then again he does have manners and can control his magic…unlike Reznik..”

        And Reznik, what’s with the long face? Upset that V didn’t give you a dollar for an ice cream treat? Or does something smell…fishy? πŸ™‚

    • aww, you’re fine. Although in general, my chapters lately have been lacking in comments. HAHAHAHA. Whatever. Sorry to vent a little, sometimes I get in these ‘moods’. (168 views so far on this chapter, and comments from 9 different readers LOLzers). BUT I love ALL my readers NO MATTER WHAT, lol. Hmm, can you tell I’ve had one too many… Coors Light? XD hmmm

      But no, your comments are perfectly fine. πŸ˜€ As with everyone else’s on this page. πŸ˜† It’s fine that you commented 3 days afterward, seriously it’s better than nothing. I wouldn’t care if someone waited to comment up to Thursday, lol.

      Then again, sometimes I get too many comments and feel overwhelmed. That’s the flip side…

      rambling, rambling & rambling more…

      SEX indeed. Uh oh, the weird side of youtube? Did you get to see anything good? LOL, JK. What is IMVU sex? Sounds… IDK. Anyhow, drawing hair in GIMP on Sims? That sounds kinda hard. Nah, not random. You’re fine.

      haha, exactly. Aubrey knows Xander isn’t related to her, so she’s like ‘eff it’. Oh, that sounds so mean… but wow. True, she’s probably a little jealous since Xander is better behaved than Rez was at that age…

      well shit I think I just realized you were talking about Rez and the ice cream. Hahahahaha, yeah, that could be why he looked like that, since V. didn’t share. XD fishy? LOL, you’re too funny. πŸ˜† Thanks for the laughs, wow I’ve needed those for a couple of days. I think it’s because I haven’t been working on this story. Writing puts me in a better mood. πŸ™‚

      I will do a chapter today. I got tired of it (again) for a while. But I have a shit load of new plots thought up, so it’s time to use them. I guess I still won’t release a chapter this Thurs. though. At least it’ll give some others more time to catch up. Then again, it’s not such a good idea to pub a chapter right after Thanksgiving, as too many will be too busy to read it for a while.

      Now I need to reply to your other comment! ❀

  10. In high school, I take foods class…we made bisuits today…they smell like fish…and well only the boys think they are yummy O_O

    • oh, cool! We had something like that when I was in HS. They called it ‘home ec’ or something. mmmm biscuits, haha.

      Ahahahahahahahahahaha, another laugh!! Thank you so much!! πŸ˜† you’re so funny!

      On the other hand, why the heck did they smell like fish?? O_O I’m still lol’ing btw….

      • idk…they were disgusting to any girl who tried them, then the boys were just shoving them…in their mouths that is…and it’s okay if you don’t feel like pubbing a chapter once in a while. It probably was home ec for you, it used to be that, then they split the other things you do in that into separate classes.

      • lol. You make me laugh my ass off. And here’s a (random) word of unsolicited advice: boys don’t change from the time they’re teens to the time they’re 40… err something. OK, well maybe 5% of them change… πŸ˜† I’ll stop now… now I’m going to catch hate from any male readers of this blog…. I WAS JUST JOKING ABOUT THAT. πŸ˜›

        Yeah, it was home economics. Can you believe that stupid me chose freakin’ Biology over home ec??? How dumb is that?? BTW I usually scored D’s or F’s in Biology. πŸ˜† just too damn hard for me! And at the time they made you slice into piglets (yes you heard right). Gross!! I was absent those days, haha. And I could not eat bacon for 2 years! (since I saw what they did to those piglets. I mean, I used to use the Biology room to ‘study’ in or whatever, and saw the poor dead things cut open. I did NOT want to do that). My hubby said that in Biology they made them cut open dead CATS!! Not lying. But at that time it was in the 80’s or early 90’s, and he had lived in a tiny town in Oklahoma…. >_> ewww, dead cats…. that’s even worse than those poor piglets!!

        Rambling… sorry.

        And thank you for being supportive about my not pubbing every. single. week. Ugh. It does get old sometimes. But now I do plan to do a chapter today. πŸ˜€ Just won’t be pubbed till next Thurs, after everyone is fat n’ happy from Thanksgiving! LOL

  11. XD

    • And once again, you make me LOL, LOL, and LOL!! Thank you!! hahahaha! πŸ˜› btw that woman sounds like a BIOTCH!!! You—you—you know?!!


        More vids/MISC stuffs from my 8th grade teacher (last year..she was AH-mazing):

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FavUpD_IjVY XD COWS!!!
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-y6f0g5odk XD

      • ‘surreal bovine choreography’ indeed! At first I thought it was going to be normal cow footage, haha, I should’ve known better! And what’s with the guy munching NOM NOM on tampons? In fact, is he crazy?? O_O And then he proceeds to eat a tube of vag cream. My oh my, have I seen it all now! *raises eyebrows*

        Oh, as for the ‘shower’ vid (not bad like it sounds lol) thank you for that. The one with the dark hair, brown towel (although somewhat nerdy) was cute. *raises eyebrows again* nice eye candy there. And the other dude wasn’t bad either. πŸ˜› lol there was a few more shots of eye candy later in the vid too (No, I’m not talking about the pubescent kid lol, or any other like him. I’m not that pervy). :/

      • Oh, and sorry WP wouldn’t let you use your FB account! I was having major issues (well, sorta major) yesterday while trying to write a comment. Grrr!

        btw that’s cool that the one video was in TX. hehe. Makes sense. People down here are nutso. Myself included, of course.

        Surprised that the guy eating all that feminine type shit isn’t from Texas. ^^

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ljPuSfPbSw&feature=related ….


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y_f9TWQ2uo&feature=related ?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=2B-GZt-cPRg ..

    • hahaha, you’re giving me all kinds of TV to watch! πŸ˜› Thanks for the perpetual laughs! πŸ˜€

      Oh, and I finally got 83 finished. That thing took me like 3 days to do, while normally it only takes about one day. Over 100 pictures!! I think you guys will really find it interesting, a lot of stuff happens… hehe

      speaking of ‘stuff’, it’ll come out right after Thanksgiving (stuffing). God, I know that was lame. *headdesk*

      EDIT: OMG the youtube videos you sent me are… crazy… but hilarious. 😯 πŸ˜†

  13. LOL at the icecream truck XDDD Epic ^_^
    Awww, Xander’s so cute ^_^ In a non pervy way of course :’)
    Hehe, Jakub could have put a shirt on though XDDD
    Lol, commenting more than a week after this was posted XD

    • hahaha, epic indeed.

      I know he is, but now I don’t know which toddler/child is my fave anymore because they’re all so darn cute! LOL. No worries, silly. I knew what you mean. πŸ˜›

      Well you know Jakub (and a few other males in this story) they must show off their goods. 😯 then again, you might mean V. in the first scene. Jakub wasn’t wearing any clothes at all in the middle of the chapter. πŸ˜†

      Aww, it’s okay. Comment whenever you want. I really hope I’m not giving you guys the idea that never commenting/commenting late is bad… ugh. I’m sorry if I have. I only get bugged if someone stops commenting for a petty reason… I was in a mood when I brought up the ‘168 views and 9 comments’ thing on here. But normally it does not bother me. I really also do not expect many comments with the next chapter since it’ll be posted right after a holiday.

      😳 now I’m sorry for rambling.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dwR-F79MjU …ignore the first one 0_0

    ^_^ I’ve been on this, 423 ft tall and 0-120mph in 3 seconds…I hqd my hands up the whole time..

    • Your poor sister had to wear a mouse costume?? I would’ve quit! LOL.

      We went to Chuck E. cheese’s a couple times after I moved down here (they didn’t have one where I used to live). I was so amazed because it was like a theme park or something, all inside a restaurant. I always wanted a Chukee’s for my Sims, haha.

      Well enough rambling about that…

      Happy Thanksgiving, btw!! πŸ˜› Don’t forget to stuff your face with stuffing!!!!!!!

      And how in the heck do you find these crazy movies on youtube? O_O

      edit: the telemarketers vid reminded me of something.. when I first moved down here, my hubby was being harassed for old credit card bills from when he was like 21 (and he was 29 at this time) so I used to take the telephone and put it to the TV speaker while the Exorcist was playing, and the girl would be saying stuff in her ‘demon’ voice or whatever. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! πŸ˜† So fun to torture certain idiots over the phone! Yes I’m immature. Oh, well. *shrug*

      • lol at your telemarketer prank! Happy turkey day! Idk how..I just do… πŸ™‚ and my sister gets $60 tips sometimes during parties (?)

      • πŸ˜› Oh, and happy Turkey Day to you! hehe! I never even realized how much crazy stuff was on youtube O_o Ooooooh, $60 in tips is pretty good. ^^ Yeah, I always wanted to throw a b-day party there sometime for one of my kids, but always thought it was too expensive. :/

        We actually just got home from having Turkey Day with the in-laws. :p
        Plenty of left overs. I’ll gain 5 lbs. this weekend, no doubt. Boo!

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