One Hundred and Forty-Two…


One Hundred and Forty-Two: Repossession

Sometimes only the love of a big brother can save a little sister in need.

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Lucifer grasped Mila’s hand as they stood outside the Haas Estate.


“So we’re going to live with Ashton?” she asked.



Lucifer was leaving out one or two minor details. However, he wasn’t the only one in the dark about some things.


“What? What’s wrong? Is there something you’re not telling me?”


They stood in front of Ash’s house. Lucifer told her the truth about Cody living there as well.

“I thought—Cody moved out?” Mila’s eyes were huge, horror-stricken.

“He did. For a while. He and his fiancée had to move back in with his mother. Rent’s a little expensive in Shadowvale.”


“Why didn’t you tell me, Lucifer? How could you not tell me something like that?”


“Mila, listen to me. Cody’s a different person that he used to be. He’s on shots for the lycan curse, he has a fiancée and they’ve talked about starting a family. Cody would never hurt you again. Also, there isn’t any other place to go. We couldn’t go to Hunter’s house since it would cause more shit-stirring in the family. Cody already doesn’t get along with Reznik, so it’s no love lost with them.” Lucifer paused a few seconds before continuing. “I know Cody’s hurt you really bad, Mila. You just need to trust me that he’s changed. It’s been about three years.”

“This situation is only temporary until we find a place of our own,” he added. “I promise, I swear to GOD I will protect you.”


“You already promised to protect me at Vaclav’s house. You didn’t keep that promise.”

Lucifer clapped his face, flustered. “Dammit, baby I know that. I tried the best I could. He would not listen to me. I tried bargaining with him. He refused. I fucking tried everything. Finally this was the only way I knew to get us the hell out of the situation. There aren’t many options for an 18-year-old pregnant girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend. Especially not in a town like this, where danger could be lurking anywhere. In some ways, you were safer trapped in Azura’s old bedroom than somewhere outside.”


“Okay, okay. For the last time I’m placing all my faith in your hands.”

Lucifer ran his fingers through his hair, looked Mila straight in the eyes.


“I swear I won’t disappoint you this time.”



“What does Cody want you to help him with?” she asked as Lucifer’s hands slid to her belly.


Lucifer chuckled. “I have no idea. He hasn’t told me yet.”

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

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While Mila was napping, Cody discussed a half-assed plan.


“Okay. This is what we’re gonna do,” Cody began. “We’re going to steal my sister Azura back from Nicholas.”


“I think it’s about time. Don’t you? Before it’s too late?”


Took Lucifer’s brain a long time to fully register what his nephew was suggesting.

Azura. Yes. It’s time to get her back. Better late than never, right?

Guess I’d better pull up my big boy pants and get ready for a fight of epic proportions.


“You guys be careful, okay?” Paris said.

“Yes. Please.” Ash glowered at Cody. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“Mom, don’t worry. Lucifer and I can do this.”


“Nich’s had Azura long enough. We’re going tonight.”


“Are you sure about this? What are we going to do once we get there?”


“I skipped my injection this evening. As soon I’m hungry I’ll shift. I want you to drink plenty of blood so you can shift as well. We’ll use our natural instincts to fight.”

“What about Justin? Tristan? Why aren’t they coming to help?”

“I haven’t asked them. We can do this on our own.”


“Okay. I guess.”



He wrote a quick note to Mila, telling her he and Cody had some things to take care of.

“Hurry up,” Cody demanded. He went over and leaned against the front doors.


Lucifer glanced Paris’s way as he headed out.


“You ready?”


“Then let’s go.”


What possible surprises and danger lurked ahead?

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One block away from the Ashworth Estate, they loitered until dawn. Lucifer chugged on bottled blood.


“Can you hurry up with that shit? My stomach’s churning and I feel a growl coming on.”

“I’m trying.” Lucifer inhaled the remaining blood. Then he started another bottle. And another.


Lucifer heaved, getting sick from the over-consumption.


“Dude, we gotta go. Now.”

“I know that. Shut the fuck up. I’m sick of you telling me what to do.”

Cody sighed. “I’m just worried about my sister. Okay?”

Lucifer nodded. Shit, I’m worried we’re all gonna get creamed in that house.


“God damn. How did you manage to spill so much blood on the ground?”


“Because… I was in a hurry to drink it, remember?”

Ashworth Estate

After shifting into wolf forms, the two stole into the mansion via a huge crack in the foundation.


They worked their way through various tunnels, twists, crevices until finding an opening up to the main interior.


A door opened.


Cody and Lucifer crept forward.


Where are Nicholas and Milly? Cody wondered through telepathy.

I don’t know. It’s weird, and it’s too quiet. Lucifer trembled from dread.


Are these the doors to her room? Lucifer asked.


How do you know?

Nicholas let me visit Azura a few days ago. The dumb-ass had no clue what I was planning. Nicholas thinks the only one he has to worry about is Vaclav. Anyway, I used the opportunity to remember where the most important rooms were, and avenues of escape.

Oh. Does Azura know what you have planned?

I gave a few hints about it but didn’t come right out and say it.


Cody straightened and scratched at the door.

A short gasp eluded from inside. “Who—who’s there?” Azura asked.

Cody pushed with his paws. One door fell open.


Another gasp. Azura dropped to her knees, obviously scared shitless.


It’s okay, Stupid. It’s only us, Cody tried to communicate. We’re in our furry forms.


Fear, puzzlement, then recognition etched her face. “Cody? Is that… you?”

He tipped his head and growled. YES IT’S ME, DAMMIT. I can’t bark or howl, the assholes will hear me!


She got up and grabbed a hamburger from the table. “Are you hungry?”

No, no, no. If I eat I turn back into human. I’m stronger as an animal. Shiiiiit.


Azura dropped the Big Mac.

Damn! Can’t… resist… Big Macs. Cody wolfed it down.


He sighed, exasperated. “Mind finding me something to wear?” Gradually the black fur dissipated. Cody dashed behind the chair.

“Uh, sure. I have a pair of jeans that were always too big for me. Maybe they’ll fit you.” Her face stark red, Azura hurried to the bureau.


Yes. Please hurry. I don’t appreciate the view of Cody’s ass.


Quickly she shoved clothing to the right, left. Hangers squeaked.


“Sorry. I’m trying to find those jeans.” More squeaking hangers.

“Ah! Here they are.”


Thank God, Lucifer thought.

“Where’s Nicholas?” Cody questioned. “I mean, it would be awesome if he wasn’t here. It’d be so much easier to get you back home.”

Azura shook her head as she headed for them with the jeans. “No. Nich’s in another wing of the house. We still have to be careful.”


She handed over the slacks. “Thanks,” Cody said.


“No problem. Just hurry and get dressed.”

“Yep.” Cody plunged his legs into the jeans.



“Alright.” He looked at Lucifer. “Are you ready?”

Lucifer barked. Loudly.

As they stepped to the threshold, Cody’s mouth gaped.


Fuck. Lucifer’s hackles stood on end. He snarled.


“You’re not taking Azura,” the dude on the left muttered.


“Get behind the door. Stay there until I tell you it’s safe.”

Azura nodded and sat down.


Lucifer followed Cody to the malicious trio outside the doors.

“You want a fight? Let’s fight.” Cody’s crimson eyes darkened.

Ashworth Estate

* * * *