One Hundred and Nineteen…

One Hundred and Nineteen: Love Bites

Since I’ve ‘neglected’ Reznik’s gay side for too long, this chapter contains very explicit sexual content (oral) and full-frontal nudity. I thought it was about time Rez had some fun with another dude. 😉

*Sorry I was so late getting this chapter up (since I said I’d post two per week from now till the next EP). I forgot all about it because I was working on the latest chapter of Platinum. 😳

Vampires. Who could’ve known that such a creature existed? It’s astounding. Amazing. Unbelievable.

And I’ve been forced to live with these evil things.

During the last few weeks, Paris slept on the floor. It was an uncomfortable sleeping bag.

She hadn’t slept very well since living at Cody’s mother’s house.

There was a bathroom adjacent to the room. Convenience was good.

Sleeping on the floor was… bad.

However, there was no choice.

She got up and took a quick shower.

Then she went into Cody’s bedroom, which was also next to her room.

Paris knocked on the door. That was how she alerted Ashton whenever she needed anything.

“Yes?” Ashton said.

“I’m hungry. Can I come out for something to eat?”

“Of course.” Ash unlocked the door, pulled it open.

Paris glared at her as she strolled out.

Ashton got her a bowl of cereal.

Paris ate it as she sat on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Cody’s nutty mom played with a pet snake.

“Yes,” Ash cooed. “There’s my wittle baby snakey. Boo boo pie cakey. I wuv you very much.”

The thing hissed.

Quietly, Paris drew up to her.

A crazed urge to laugh rose up from within. Paris stifled it as best she could.

“Miss Logan, please let me go. Cody’s not here so you could just say I ran away.”

“Honey, I can’t. Whatever my son wants, I want. Do you understand?”

“Please. Let me go. Cody won’t blame you!”

“But he will, sweetheart.”

“I wasn’t really there for Cody while he was growing up. It’s not just because his daddy took him away. I want to make it up to him for being a shitty mother.”

“Yeah. I understand.”

I understand that you’re as crazy as your son.

Paris rolled her eyes as she walked off.

“I know you’re back there,” Cody said.

“I heard the door open, and I can smell your scent.”

Oh, God. Are you kidding me?? she thought.

“Come over here and sit next to me,” he said.

She did as he wanted.

She looked over at him, nervously.

“Do you plan to keep me here forever?”

“No. Not really. But I’m afraid you’ll tell someone about us; about me.”

Yeah. I probably would.

“Paris, I’ve done a lot of shit lately that I’m not… proud of.”

Oooooh. Confession time??

“I hurt someone. Someone I realized I’d loved. I never wanna do that again,” he continued. “I’m tired of hurting people.”

Hmmm. Maybe now’s the time to convince him to let me go.

Instead she convinced him of something else.

“I think we’ve all done stuff we aren’t proud of,” she said. “All you can do is redeem yourself for what you do today. The past is the past. What matters now is the present.”

He smirked at her. A warmth she never saw before glowed in his eyes.

She returned his smile.

Cody stood and paced over to the dresser. He swiped something from the top drawer.

Then he lingered in front of the mirror.

Paris gasped as Cody unzipped his jeans, pulled them down a few inches or so.

What are you doing?”

“I have to inject myself with this antidote shit. It’s the only way to control my problem since the bitch took away my skull.”

LOL what?

“Like I told you, I never wanna hurt anyone again.”

I don’t understand… either way, you’re not shy about showing your ass, are you?

Her eyes lowered. But she couldn’t help but peek.

Awkwardly, Cody maneuvered the needle syringe to his hip.

“It still takes me a few minutes to get it just right,” he muttered.

The needle pierced his flesh.

“So what’s wrong with you? You have some sort of disease or something?”

Cody zippered back up.

“You could say that.”

“You don’t want me to go into detail about what’s wrong with me. Trust me. But I will say this: my affliction is as bad as vampirism. It only affects me when I’m hungry. It has something to do with the old folklore involving a full moon.”

Ah. A riddle. It was something she was good at.

Maybe she could solve it… and then it struck her like a bolt of lightning.


At the Haas Estate…

“Dad,” Cody said. “There’s something I have to tell you.”

“It’s about Azura.”

Reznik turned around.

“She’s been sleeping with Brent Novak. I caught them together a few weeks ago.”

“I already know about it. I’m not going to do anything to Brent.”

Cody gaped at him.

“Brent Novak informed us of Chase Garland’s father, who worked for the FBI. We have Brent to thank for saving us and our livelihood.”

“In other words, you’ve traded your daughter’s safety in exchange for Shadowvale’s security.”

“Whatever it takes, Cody.”

“Yeah. Sure. Whatever it takes, Dad.”

Disappointment was a sickening sensation.

He stormed out of the house.

“You’ll understand when you get to be my age,” his father yelled.

No I won’t.

Reznik had been dating Elijah for the last few months.

He was beautiful. A gorgeous immortal who was attracted to Reznik because of his powers. Magical powers, and power and influence over all of Shadowvale.

Plus Rez was a hottie, of course.

His gaze met Reznik’s.

“What are you thinking?” Elijah asked.

“This.” Reznik’s arms eased around him as he kissed his lips.

Mmm,” Elijah droned. “Let’s go to my bedroom.”

“Let’s do.” Reznik kissed him again.

Lips locked, they stumbled into the bedroom.

“Want me to suck you off?”

“Hell yeah.” Rez chuckled. He lowered to the bed.

Elijah crouched down as Rez unzipped his jeans.

Oh, God yeah… put those lips around my dick. And suck.

Elijah did.

Reznik’s cock was rigid and ready to climax. He held it in.

“Suck harder,” he said.

Elijah did.

Just before blowing, Rez and his lover peeled off each other’s clothes.

They made out for several more minutes.

Reznik sank back onto the bed. Elijah followed, inserting Rez’s cock into his mouth.

As if the other dude wanted to consume him, immediately he went back and forth, suckling and groaning. Reznik’s hips thrust forward.

Close. Closer…

Reznik drew in a deep breath and held it.

Elijah sucked hard, rapidly sliding his lips up and down the shaft.

Rez leaned back. The heat inside his cock swelled.

“Ah… yes. Almost there...”

Elijah halted, moaned as he shot warm fluid against Reznik’s leg.

Now it was Reznik’s turn.

Fuck!” Body writhing, trembling and jerking, he came in his lover’s mouth.

Elijah swallowed; grunting and moving as if getting off all over again.

Cold sweat formed on Rez’s face as Elijah sucked out and licked the remaining cum.

Panting, both of them could not catch their breaths.

They got up and held onto one another.

“Thank you,” Reznik said. “That was fucking unbelievable.”

“No worries. I enjoyed every second of it too.” Elijah winked, licked his lips. “Good to the last shot.”

Another three weeks coasted by.

Cody decided to let Paris go. He headed back to her hometown in Oklahoma.

A few miles down the road, Paris saw a beautiful meadow on the left. It looked out of place as compared to the rest of Shadowvale.

A sudden, strange urge overcame her. She told Cody to stop the car.

She wandered near the edge of the hill, and overlooked the eerie landscape.

Dread inched from her stomach up to her heart, encompassing it.

Dread because she didn’t want to leave Shadowvale. Not really.

As much as she tried to deny it, she simply couldn’t hide her feelings any longer.

Cody was a bad being, but he was trying to change his ways.

She ran up to him.

“I love you, Cody.”

“Uh… I love you too.”

A tender, soft kiss on the lips.

That kiss marked the beginning of their love. And forgiveness set her free.

It happened on a stormy evening. Not long after his sixteenth birthday.

Storms were a rare event in Shadowvale, but that wouldn’t be the reason why he’d always remember that day.

On his way to town, Lucifer froze… disbelieving what his eyes beheld.

She rose her arms in the air, palms upright as if enjoying the rain.

“Lucifer,” she breathed. “Will you forgive me? I—I need your help.”

Her face was dirty; her clothes tattered, hair greasy and she was too skinny. A nasty bite mark blemished her neck.

However, he recognized her.


Again she begged him to forgive her.

Would he? Could he?

He started for her.

* * * *