Forty-Seven: The Chosen One

More drama commenced as Aubrey spoke her mind to Hunter…

“If you want the talisman, you and Jakub can go get it!”

“I’m not your freakin’ doormat!”

“Okay, that’s fine. Jakub and I will go get the talisman. You don’t have to worry about it.” His tone was a mixture of anger and hurt.

But why should he be the one hurting?

Aubrey glanced at Jakub. “And you…”

“You stay the fuck away from me.”

“Not to worry.”

Aubrey glared at him; then stormed from the room.

Pressing her back to the wall, she clutched her chest and fought off tears.

Deep inside the underground tunnels, Hunter watched Jakub dig for the amulet.

“Fuck! I can’t find it!”

Jakub dug deeper. He frantically slung dirt behind him, hitting Hunter’s jeans.

Hunter scowled. “You better find it, ’cause if I’m going down, you are too.”

“Got it,” he said rising.

All was well in the universe once more.

Hunter stayed far away from Jakub as he carried the talisman. In the caves standing just a few feet away, the amulet exuded a heat onto his skin, similar to the sun’s searing rays.

Meanwhile, Aubrey tried taking a nap.

She couldn’t sleep. Her mind was too focused on Vaclav.

Should she tell Lucius that Jakub was alive, in order to get her husband released? Was she ready to forgive Vaclav now?

More importantly… would Vaclav forgive her for throwing her affair with Hunter in his face?

Maybe his getting out of prison wasn’t such a good idea… at least not yet.

Kat softly padded into the room, stood by the bed.


Reznik soon followed.

Aubrey sat up and gazed at her children. Then she stood.

“Mommy, I want Daddy.”

Yeah. I think I do too…

Shortly thereafter, Hunter and Jakub returned. Jakub gave Aubrey the talisman; then left before Lucius got there.

Thusly, Lucius never saw Jakub.


Two hours later, Lucius and two troops arrived at the Shadows’ sanctuary.

The amulet rested in his pocket.

For the second time in two days, the new leader stood at the side awaiting the Haas Clan’s demise.

This time it wouldn’t happen.

Lucius started toward the witch. She looked very proud, as though she were the leader.

“So the Haas Angels are back for more action?”

“I’m afraid you’ve made a mistake in doing so.” She rose her arms in preparation to cast a spell.

Smugly, he glowered at her. Then he pulled an object from his pocket.

She gasped.

Scarlet light radiated from the amulet. Lucius pointed it at the witch.

“No! Stop!”

Her skin burned and peeled off.


Lucius stared at the leader. Then he thrust the amulet forward, killing him in seconds.


They headed into the cave and finished off the remaining Shadows.  

The War was nearly over, with only two Shadows left…


Aubrey dozed off in the music room. The front door slammed, awakening her.

She got up and walked into the foyer.

Lucius and Hunter spoke about an impending resolution to the war. The only Shadows left were Hunter and Shawn.

Aubrey glimpsed the talisman upon the bureau.

Questions burned in Aubrey’s mind. She interrupted their conversation.

“Jakub’s alive…”

“He is? Are you sure?”

“Yes, he is.” She looked over at Hunter. “Tell Lucius Jakub’s alive.”

Lucius glanced at Hunter. Hunter returned his icy gaze, but said nothing.

Tell him,” Aubrey demanded. “Tell him so Vaclav can get out of prison.” 

“Is it true, Hunter? Is Jakub alive or not?”

Hunter shook his head ‘no’.

Aubrey thought she was going to throw up.

“Why are you lying? Tell him,” she cried.

Is it too late? Is Jakub already heading back to France?!

“I’m sorry but I have to have proof that Jakub is alive before Vaclav is allowed out of prison.”

Then his face broke into a grin. “And… to be honest, being leader has its perks and I’m not so sure I’m ready to give that up. I deserve it after destroying almost all the Shadows.”

Lucius turned and left, a perpetual smile etched to his face.

Aubrey couldn’t breathe.

“Why did you lie? Why didn’t you tell him about Jakub?”

“Because I love you. I don’t want you and Vaclav to get back together.”

That’s your reason? Hunter, I’m sorry… I love you too… but I also love Vaclav. I miss him, my children miss him. I want to see him without iron bars in the way.”

“Is Jakub on his way back to France?”

He nodded.

“Did you know Jakub was going back to France, instead of leaving just to hide from Lucius?”


“If you don’t give a shit about me, don’t you at least care about Reznik and Kat? Do you have any clue how much they miss their father?”

“You know damn well I care about Kat and Reznik.”

“Then why not help get their father out of prison? It doesn’t make any sense! If you really cared about any of us—”

“I don’t want to lose you!”

“I don’t want to lose you either. But I still love Vaclav.”

“Then you need to choose. Me or Vaclav.” He paused. “But first, let me just say that Vaclav doesn’t know how to treat you. He never has, and he never will!”

“There’s no contest,” she said.

“Because he’s my first love. He’s the one who took my virginity. He’s the one who fathered my kids. I can’t live without him.”

Her heart twisted inside her chest.

“He’s also the one who lured you into the dangers of Shadowvale for his own selfish reasons.”

“He lured me here because he loved me.”

“Vaclav’s idea of love defies the true meaning of love! And I know what real, true love is!”

“And so does Vaclav. He’s learned from his mistakes. No one’s perfect, and what more could I expect from a blood-sucking monster?”

“Okay.” Hunter nodded, as if to reinforce the acceptance of Aubrey’s decision.

“Okay,” he repeated.

He hurried from the house.

It would be twenty-one more months before Vaclav’s release.

Moreover, Hunter became a dark, distant memory.

During the past few years, a thousand pieces of her heart had slowly been chipped away. Maybe someday the damage would be reversed. 


The next chapter will begin with Vaclav’s release from prison. Hunter will return to the story at a later time. 🙂 

Then chapter 49 or 50 will begin at about 11 years into the future, when Kat and Reznik are teenagers (similar to a legacy, but not a legacy). There will be a whole new plot line. Hope you guys don’t mind, because it was time the story underwent a massive change. Also, Reznik will be older and his powers stronger, and that will make for an interesting storyline too. Plus there’ll be a storyline wrapped around Katerina, hehe.


25 Responses to “Forty-Seven…”

  1. wow awesome story man that Lucius is mean and nasty Here Aubrey trying to tell him that Jakub is alive and all Hunter could do was lie about it. awe that was sweet Kat and Reznik want their father almost made me cry it was so cute. can’t wait till next week to see what happens .

    • Hi Claudia! ^_^ Thanks!! haha, both Lucius’ and Hunter’s true colors showed. Of course Hunter was just being selfish cause he wants Aubrey to himself without V. in the picture.

      Aww, thanks. 🙂 I know i haven’t had Kat and Reznik in the story for a few chapters so it was nice to have them in this one.

      *Hugs back!* ♥ ♥

  2. Unstable! Greedy and unstable! Lucius should die soon. I’d like that! Going to miss hot buns but I’d love to see Vaclav make up for time loss with Aubrey. I love the kids so much!!!!! I thought it was cute when Reznik said he missed his father! He was always close to Vaclav.
    Hunter surprised me but then again, I know we haven’t see the last of him and just because you put distance between you and that person doesn’t always cure your love for them when you have unresolved issues!

    • LOL! Greedy and unstable indeed! Hmmm, maybe Lucius will get his at some point… Hunter shall be back, though. 🙂 As for the kids I can’t wait to show Reznik as a child in the next chapter, when V. finally gets released; and then in the next two chapters when he and Kat ages into teens. Squeee! lol.

      hehe, good point about Hunter. They have unresolved issues, and will have a lot more in the future!


  3. Wow! Really awesome chapter 😀 ! This one was probably my favorite one yet (They’re all awesome, but this one was even more awesome if that makes sense lol :p)! Great jobs with the pics; the special effects in them were amazing!

    Great end to that storyline. Wow, I kind of figured that Aubrey would reject Hunter in the end, but I didn’t expect him to make her choose between V. and him. Can’t wait to see what you do with the storyline when the eleven year flash forward happens, and what Reznik and Kat look and act like when they’re grown up :)!

    • Aww, thanks Mike! 😀 so this one is your fave so far? cool! And yeah, lol, that makes sense! :p Thanks, glad you liked the pics as well. If I have the time, I really like editing the pictures, almost as much as writing the story. ^.^

      Thank you again, Mike. :] Yeah, Hunter finally got sick of being used… well, in a way he was being used. So I kinda don’t blame him for forcing Aubrey to choose. He had a right to know what she wanted to do, and she couldn’t have them both.

      Hehe, I can’t wait to do that flash forward either! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee…. and in the next chap, Reznik will be a child. Kat will still be a toddler, but I’ll give her longer hair to make her look somewhat older, LOL.


  4. And that Lucius is now a power-hungry creeper lol! I wonder if V. might attack him if he ever finds out that he (sort of) knew that Jakub was alive? That would put an end to his creepiness lol xD!

    • lol, hi again Mike! Yeah, turns out Lucius is more of a jerk than anyone originally thought, LOL. He WAS loyal to V., but kinda got addicted to his power. Plus feels like he deserves it since he killed most of the Shadows (well, by proxy he killed them).

      Hehe, you’ll have to find out, whether or not V. attacks Lucius later. :p lol yeah that would put an end to his creepiness! XD

  5. EEP!
    Lucius isn’t gonna let Vaclav go? What happened to loyalty???
    Yay they got rid of all (almost) of the shadows!!!
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! ❤

    • haha, I hear ya. Technically, Lucius DOES have to have proof, but he still enjoys having all that power.

      Yep, unless I’m forgetting someone, there should only be Shawn and Hunter left.

      Thanks Lilith!! glad ya enjoyed it! 😀

  6. Oh My gosh i am fit to burst! i can’t wait for next chapter to see my Val or for the chapters after that and the new storyline. i’m so happy that Aubrey has picked V, they are ment to be together. I’m not too keen on lucius at the moment, i have a feeling he and val are going to come to blows? am i right? i really liked this chapter it was really great! keep up the good work! sorry for my little essay i know i don’t normally write really long comments but i’m just so excited xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey! 😀 Yeah, and pretty soon I’ll change V’s hairstyle back to that one, hehe. >_> Yeah, they ARE meant to be together! ^_^ I also forgot to mention, that right before the 11-year flash forward, I’m going to do something a little shocking in the story, LOL. >_>

      hehe, you’ll find out if V and Lucius come to blows in the future…

      Aww, thanks! Glad you liked this one! LOL, I’m trying to keep up the good work, that’s why I’m going to do some fast-forwards to help spice up a tired story line. And I know the talisman plot is getting REALLY old too. :p

      XD that’s no problem!! Thank you for the nice comments!! Wow, I’m really glad you’re excited too! 😀

      ♥ ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • well V looks good however he looks 🙂 ooooh cant wait to be shocked 🙂 i don’t think the talisments plots getting old, i think that most regular readers are used to the whole talisment thing but that doesn’t make it old. i’m sure you will keep up to good work as you are so talented 🙂 ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Oooh! I was wondering if you were going to age the kids up 🙂
    I can’t wait! XP

    • yep, they’re gonna be aged up (well, Reznik will be) to a child in the next one or two chapters, then in the 11 or 12 year flash forward they’ll be teens. 😀

      lol, I can’t wait either… hehe!! :p

  8. Wow what a chapter. I always look forward to when I get to read your newest update. I’m glad Aubrey finally made her choice, although I’m sad that there will be no Hunter eye-candy for a bit. Relieved that he will eventually be back.
    Wow, massive change indeed but I’m looking forward to seeing Vaclav in Aubrey’s and the children’s lives again.
    Also, I can’t wait to see what the kids look like as teens!

    Keep up the amazing work Jen. You always make my weekends awesome.

    • Thanks Cinnamon!! 🙂 And yeah, Hunter will definitely be back. I can’t get rid of that handsome hottie. 😛

      Yep, it’s going to be a huge change… but I think the story really needed it. That’s the great thing about legacies is that there’s constant change. In my stories, sometimes there’s not enough change.

      I think it’ll be pretty awesome when they grow into teens. 😀

      Aww, thanks. You’re so sweet!! ^_^ *hugs*!!

  9. Ooh, I’m really looking forward to the new plotline:’]
    It sounds really good, and I’m glad that Vaclav will be getting out of prison next chapter:D
    I’ve missed ‘ol Vaclav:’)
    Hunter is a meanie though:( But he’s a HAWT meanie.
    And I’m also glad to see that he will be making a reappearance;)^^
    Can’t wait for the next chapter now;D

    • Hey Emma! Thanks, I hope peeps will like the new storyline. ^_^

      haha, I know what you mean. I kinda missed him too. 😛

      lol, he is a hot meanie. He just wanted Aubrey all to himself. :/

      Yep, Hunter will be back, and the sub-plot with him will be quite interesting… hehe

      I’ve already started the next chapter. It might end up being in two parts, though, because it might get pretty long.

      Thanks for commenting!! 😀


  10. Awww poor Hunter, I feel so bad for him. Putting his heart on the line like that only for Aubrey to shatter it into tiny pieces, although he knew this day would inevitably come, it still doesn’t hurt any less. I’m a little shocked that he lied about not knowing where Jakub was, though I guess he would cover for him.

    Also is it me, or did Aubrey just taint Hunter with the same brush as Vaclav? I mean when she said: “No one’s perfect, and what more could I expect from a blood-sucking monster?” it sounds as though just because Hunter’s a vampire too she expects him to eventually treat her in the same way Vaclav has. 😀

    • lol yeah, it is pretty sad actually. 😦 Hunter lied so that V. wouldn’t get out of prison, that way Hunter thought he could keep Aubrey to himself. 😛

      Hmmm, never really thought of that, but that’s a good point. Poor Hunter, he probably would never treat Aubrey as badly as Vaclav has. But Aubrey is stuck to Vaclav like glue, they’ll likely never break up, lol. XD

  11. Oh hello evil Lucious, I wondered when you would arrive. I wonder how deep he’s gonna go down into the pit of evilness. First the admittance of liking something he shouldn’t then there’s the Mr Bruns evil hands then eventually you get the guy standing on some platform monolgoueing forever and ever about his grand plan finishing of course with the evil laugh!

    Aww poor Hunter, Aubrey didn’t even hesitate! She’s very decisive when she wants to be,I would change my mind every two secound “Hunter! Vaclav! Hunter! Vaclav! . . . wait a minute, JAKUB!” . . . okay maybe I wouldn’t struggle so much. I take it I’ve seen him for the last time *sigh* you should out him up for download or something and then I could be constantly happy . . . mmmm my very own Jakub . . .

    Wait? What? Oh right, umm, what was I saying? Can’t wait for Kat and Rezzie (maybe not, I don’t think it suits him somehow :/ ) to grow up, children running around quite happily with ultimate destruction powers, oh and Reznik as a teenager is gonna be fun! Teen angst FTW! Looking foward to drama!

    *hugz* and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

    • Hey there Pixxi! 😀 hahahaha about Lucius and his evil misdeeds. You are FUNNY!! XD

      Mwahahahahahaha. 😛

      I hear you, I’d change my mind every two seconds as well. LOL. I’d want them both, not one or the other. Bwahahaha, that’s it, Jakub would be one of the choices of course! hehehe. Hmmm, I might try to upload him. Do you want him on the exchange? lol

      Anyway, you’ll see Jakub again… maybe soon.

      hehe, teen drama & angst FTW. It should be pretty awesome once they get older! 😀

      Thanks for commenting again!!

      *hugz back* & ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOL

  12. Ah so it was Jakub in France on the phone, not Shawn. lol So she chose Vaclav but he won’t get out earlier. That wasn’t nice of Hunter! I look forward to the next chapters, when the kids will be older! I also wonder what will happen when Hunter returns, and if we get to find out why he is also a wolf. Yay!!!

    • Yep, Jakub went to France. He and Shawn are basically living together, from what I remember. >_> Yeah, that was pretty shitty of Hunter to do that. 😦 He does have a dark side, for sure. I’m glad you’re looking forward to the next chapters, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with all the new plot lines!

      wait— did you miss the chapter where Hunter explained why he was a wolf? It was a pretty dirty chapter. anyhow, he’s a shifter because a witch put a curse on him years ago. Hope you come back to read this. That way you’ll know. 🙂

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