Eighty-Five: Eternal Life’s a Bitch

Contains explicit sexual content and nudity. -__-

Two weeks passed.

Night sounds floated over the Haas estate; much like the mist hovering over the land.

Reznik and Lauren relaxed upon the bed.

“I filed for divorce yesterday,” Reznik divulged.

“That’s good.”

“I want to have a baby with you,” he said.

“Yeah. Sure.”

Reznik pulled her upright and curled his arm around her.

“No. I’m serious. I want to have a baby with you.” He paused. “I want a girl, since I already have a boy.”

Lauren smiled. It was still hard to believe. After being dumped by his brother, sometimes she wondered how Reznik could be genuine. She was placing her heart out on a proverbial limb. The feeling was not pleasant. It was scary.

They settled back onto the bed.

“I love you,” Reznik said holding her. Lauren’s heart raced.

“I love you too,” she replied. Maybe someday she’d grow to fully trust him. Maybe he truly wasn’t a dick like his brother.


Kat had nightmares of her sons being mistreated by Ashton.

She awakened.

Time to pay a visit to the queen bitch herself.

Not long before dawn, Kat tapped on Ashton’s door.

The door swung open.

“What?” Xander said.

“What are you doing here?”

He shrugged. Kat looked past him to the twins…

they seemed to be okay, although they were staring at each other. Hopefully Ash didn’t drug them or something.

Speaking of which, the wicked witch rose from the sofa.

Why the hell is Jakub here? What’s going on? Kat wondered.

“PLEASE don’t tell Dad about me and Jakub. He’d disown me!”

“Ash, I don’t give two shits what you do, as long as you treat my boys alright. That’s all I care about.”

“Then you won’t tell Dad?”

“Treat Justin and Tristan right, and I won’t say a word.”

Jakub drew up behind Ash, embraced her.

“Promise me you won’t tell him?” Ash said. Jakub softly kissed her cheek. Kat wanted to gag.

“I promise you… if you promise me to treat my boys like your own… err maybe not your own, but you know what I mean.”

Ash nodded.

Hunter came through the doorway.

Kat quickly looked back at Ashton.

“What is he doing here?” Hunter demanded. Ash gazed at Kat, her scarlet eyes pleading.


“I was just here to see how the boys were doing,” she said.

“And Jakub gave me a ride here.”

“Oh.” Hunter looked down at the twins as they played on the floor.

Against her will, Kat’s heartbeat hastened. Thump, thump, thump. Just like old times whenever she saw Dr. Hunter Logan.

Jakub and Ash went back to the sofa.

“Can I take the twins home for the weekend?”

Hunter’s eyes met hers. “Of course you can have them for the weekend. I’m just a little… surprised that you asked.”

Thump thump thump. A sharp pain invaded her heart. Tears pooled in her eyes.

Shit! Don’t cry now! You idiot! Now’s not the time.

She looked away.

“Are you okay?” he asked. Hunter’s fingers migrated to her face, lifted it until she was eye-level again.

His thumb brushed a stray tear.

“I know how much you hate getting your treatments, but we really should get it over with since you’re already here.”

Huh? He thinks this is about my medical treatments? Oh, hell. Let him think that.Β 

“No, please. I don’t want a shot today.”

“Honey—Kat, you know you have to get these treatments every day. You know what could happen if you don’t.”

“It’s not like you can go home right away anyhow, since Jakub brought you here. I think it’s safe to say Jakub will be staying until sunset.”

Or I could call a cab, which is how I got here in the first place.

Tristan and Justin squealed as Xander played with them.

And Hunter took Kat into the next room.

Ouch. I swear he’s being rough with me on purpose.

A flashback occurred

Damn. He was so mean back then. Wow, some things never change.

Hunter yanked out the needle.

“See? That wasn’t so bad.”

Does he still think I’m 15 or something?

“Now get on the bed so I can examine you.” His eyes seemed to light up… at least for a second.


“Does this hurt?” he asked, pressing on her abdomen.

“Um, no.”



“What are you doing?” she asked as he climbed on top of her.

“Getting on top of you makes this a little easier,” he said.

Bullshit. The ethics committee would have a field day with this!

“Does this hurt?” Hunter questioned.

“No, you being on top of me doesn’t hurt.” But there is something really hard and long poking my leg. Hunter, get your hard-on away from me! This just isn’t fair… this seduction…Β 

“Does this hurt?” He kissed her stomach, edging dangerously close to her breasts.

“Uh, no…”

Hunter grasped her shoulder, plundered her lips with his.

He moaned. She kept her lips sealed, but soon opened them wide in sweet submission.

Next thing she realized, they were screwing their brains out. And it didn’t hurt.

Ah, yes Hunter. Fuck it all, including the consequences, and just fuck me good.

Sex poses at the end: http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/2011/11/yours-erotic-couples-pose-set-by.htmlΒ  they were actually downloaded at Sexy Sims but you have to register. Also, thank you to the readers who brought these poses to my attention! You know who you are! πŸ™‚


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  1. Really Hunter? That’s a low. It would be better if they communicated.

    Jakub and Ashton are great together. But why would Ash say that Hunter would disown her?

    • I’d say it’d be better to communicate. He’s being his usual pervy self. πŸ˜› Then again, you know men. Sometimes they do that after a break-up… come back for s’more smex. >_> But yes, he should not mix Kat’s treatment with his own desires to smex her.

      They make a good couple, don’t they? Hunter sometimes gets along with Jakub, and other times he doesn’t. He probably wouldn’t want Ash to get romantically involved with Jakub, as he knows what a jerk Jakub can be.

      Thanks for commenting! ❀

  2. Yay, sex! lol I had to say it. :p Yeah I bet Hunter wouldn’t be too thrilled if he knew Ash and Jakub were seeing each other romantically. Glad the twins are okay, and that was sneaky of Hunter – “does this hurt?” until he gets what he wants. Tsk tsk…by the way, what is that big shot he uses on Kat? I don’t remember seeing it anywhere in the game. Also, what nude skins do you use? I have some but I want to test them all. :p And in Dancer for that matter, what skin did you use that was compatible with that “excited” male appendage? *hides* lol Great chapter, I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

    • Yay sex indeed! hehe. Yeah Hunter would be somewhat pissed off about that. Maybe not ‘disown’ Ash, as she was being dramatic, but still. Yup the twins are doing well, especially considering Ash is looking after them. πŸ˜› hell yes that was sneaky of Hunter! lol. I just couldn’t resist making a scene like that, of course. I’m so pervy… I just downloaded some more poses, and come to find out they’re not auto poses, you have to type them in. But oh, well. They’ll still come in handy.

      I think that came with an expansion, Ambitions I believe. Doctors could do house calls and give vaccinations on that EP. I still had to use a ton of cheats though to do that interaction. If you want to know how, just ask.
      The nude skins I have (or general skin I use) is from Peggy, I think. To get them nude on the sim I use Master controller/basic/outfit/ then choose nude or naked. Really that’s the only cc default skin I’ve ever used, was Peggy’s. Can’t change it now or my sims would look too different. I do use a toddler skin now though, it’s from Lady Frontbum. And then I also downloaded new infant skin, I think that’s from Subaxi or whatever.

      In Dancer, really that skin wasn’t compatible (was still Peggy’s skintone), I just had to work really hard to get the ‘appendage’ (hehe) to match it. Ugh. It will tell you on Sexy Sims.com what skin to download to match the appendage. I also still had to edit the pics to make it look like the appendage was not just stuck on there, had to use GIMP to smear the skin and appendage together to make it look more realistic. If that makes sense, lol. Bwhahaha, and now you can come back out of hiding!! πŸ˜€ Actually, come to think of it, it seems like they made a certain appendage compatible with the game based skin tone…. but not sure.

      Thank you TW! Glad you liked! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to read more of your awesome story as well!

      • hehehehehe Yeah I have…Lady Frontbum’s skin tones at the moment, and there is an appendage that’s compatible with her skin, but it’s…uh…not “happy”. If you catch my drift. :p Sex poses would look quite odd with that. OMG I’m trying not to burst into laughter here. My parents are right in the room with me! lol! Thanks for that info though, I’ll definitely check it out! πŸ™‚

        Also, regarding the vaccine thing, might I suggest the Animation Player? It’s the same person who created the Pose Player, only it works for animations that happen in the game. Some people even make their own. I’ve found it quite handy so far. The vaccine pose might even be in there, although it might not give you the syringe, so I guess that wouldn’t be too helpful. lol

        Ooo, new sex poses? Where?! You mentioned Yours by splad, I’ve got those. πŸ˜€ Must…resist…! lol Thanks again! πŸ™‚

      • Ah, so you have Lady Frontbum’s skin? I have the toddler one. I’d love to use one of those Asian skins sometime, but like I said it’d make my characters look too different. Boo. So there is an appendage compatible with her skin? And it’s not happy? hehe. Well what’s the point in having a limp cc appendage for download?? Well I suppose it could still be of use… hell I’ve used it before but only once. LOL, I bet sex poses DO look weird with that! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
        If I were you I’d be LMAO’ing too! Eek! Personally, whenever I try to hold in laughter, it makes me want to laugh even more!

        You’re welcome! Hope you find the right ‘tools’ to make sexy scenes with! And btw, I’m getting more and MORE into your story! I loooooooove it. Seriously it’s one of the best sim stories ever, IMO. And I only have a few favorites.

        Oh, I remember you mentioning the animation player to me before! So it really has those animations?? I am going to have to download it. See, atm I’m not downloading anything because the last time I did, my game ran slow. I don’t know why it does that crap for sometimes. But thank you for telling me about that animation player! I might give my computer some time to work out the kinks (after my last downloading spree) and then I’ll download that. ^_^
        Well even if the vaccine thingy’s not in there, sounds like it’ll come in handy for most other things!

        hehe those poses are here, but you might already have them:

  3. Oh Rez always moving on so quickly and falling in love with everyone he screws. And good ole Hunter wanting a lay; you would think he’s half Rabbit instead of wolf. Loving the twist with Jakub and Ash cannot wait to see where you take that, I know Jakub has something big up his sleeve just cannot figure out were you are headed with it. Next week I’ll be back for more clues πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, kinda like Hunter. πŸ˜† Rez is such a hopeless romantic anymore. Really he never used to be like that before he met Xeri. Haha, of course Hunter wanted a lay, he just couldn’t help himself! Half-rabbit indeed! :p Yep, looks like Jakub and Ash are a (secret) item now. Hmm, you could be right about Jakub having something big planned. πŸ™‚ Well thank you! There will be another ‘clue’ about Jakub in chapter 87. πŸ™‚


  4. Hunter, is sex mad… tbh xD

    Awww, Rez πŸ™‚ That was sweet, I love him haha!

    I was not expecting Ash and Jacob, but mehh..they can have each other lol! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    Nice sex driven chapter πŸ˜‰

    • Hunter is definitely sex mad… but you know how it goes, people break up and sometimes they missed each other so much that they end up in bed again… LOLzers.

      I know, Rez is so freakin’ awesome. So ironic, because now he loves kids that much! Now he’s very family-oriented! 😯

      Probably a lot of people weren’t expecting that, but in a way they deserve each other! πŸ˜†

      LOL, thank you James!! I just had to have Hunter do that at the end… HAD to!! O_o

      EDIT: I just saw your latest comment on chap 84, and I feel so bad that I didn’t see it until now. I replied…. you should read it. I’m getting worried about you. I know I shouldn’t, but
      I know how it feels to be unhappy and when I see someone else unhappy, my *motherly* instincts
      kick in (I have 3 kids of my own, I guess that’s why). Whenever I got depressed as a teen (IDK how old you are) but I was unhappy from ages 12 to 19 off and on. There’s a lot more to it than that. I don’t want you to go through the same thing. All I know is that your comment worried me…

      • Hahah! Lol.

        Aww, cool. He has to be my favourite, then Hunter, the V. (Out of the guys) whereas for girls, it’d have to be Aubrey, Katt and Lauren πŸ™‚

        Yeah agreeed!!

        Aww, its okay, cant wait for more!

        I will read it right away, oh dont worry about me, please dont I’ll be okay, just going through a ruff patch.
        Im pretty depressed now :L But I should be fine…
        Well, sorry I worried you didnt mean to and please dont worry! I dont want you to worry, I’ll be alright!

      • Hmm, interesting. My list is similar to yours, I have to say that Rez is my fave, followed by the other two. O_O Kat is my fave for some reason, then Lauren, then Aubrey. I just really like Lauren as a new character.

        πŸ˜€ Glad you still like the story. I know this chapter wasn’t much, but it’ll get better.

        I believe you. But if you get too upset you should tell someone, and just don’t let it get to a really bad point. I am sorry you’re depressed. I wish you felt better. I’m sure it’ll pass though, just takes time. lol you don’t have to be sorry! I just want to make sure you’ll be okay.

      • Haha. Yeah. Rez, is cute and awsome though so its all good he has to be top πŸ˜€ Hmmm…Im still deciding with Lauren, Im not sure whether I like her or not, all she has done so far, is sleep with people xD

        Yeah, please do. And I will I promise. I will be fine though!!!

      • I hear ya! πŸ˜€ We ❀ our Rezzy!

        I get what you're saying about Lauren. She's also a hypocrite because of the things she's said to Kat.

        Okay James. Hope everything will be alright with you. πŸ™‚

      • πŸ˜€ Yeah we do!

        I know right!!!!! haha.

        Thanks πŸ˜€

      • LOL. πŸ˜›

        I like Lauren, but indeed she has her ‘flaws’.

        You’re certainly welcome, James. I also wanted to let you know that from chapter 86 forward, I will no longer be allowing comments on this story, for certain reasons. I hope you understand. At least you can just read the story and not have to write anything afterward. πŸ˜†


  5. Hunter is a bad wolf XD Also, Lauren sure moves fast for a girl who said not long ago that she would never let anyone sweet talk her into bed lol XD My adivce to her ‘Do not trust Reznik. He cannot make up his mind’ XD

    • Definitely! That sneaky beast… poor Kat. She gets fed up with it in the next chapter. Her treatments should be just that, and nothing to do with smex. >_> Lauren does move fast, good point. I guess in some ways Reznik was a rebound thing… at least that’s how it started. Nothing mends a broken heart better or faster than moving on to another guy ASAP… even though it’s also a VERY bad idea. Meh, enough rambling. Hmm, well maybe Rez will treat Lauren well. He treated Xeri okay. So maybe he’s really changed for the better since being a selfish teen. πŸ˜›

      Thanks for commenting! ❀

  6. Just when I was getting over Xeri stealing him away, Rez throws this one at me. Damnit Rez, take your time. Lauren is falling way too hard for this boy, it hasn’t even been very long!
    For the sake of the blog, I will not repeat the thoughts that went through my head when Reznik Haas said that he wanted a baby with that girl…
    I can’t help but comment on that amazing team tag that Jakub and Reznik pulled there. Siblings sharing at its best. Not that I approve of either relationship…
    I don’t know what med school Hunter went to, but I want a doctor from there. Boring examinations my ass… If I were Kat, treatments would be something that I would look forward to.
    I’ll admit that I couldn’t help but set my Pandora radio to Tupac when I checked this blog (Runnin’ and Life Goes on, if you were wondering. :D).

    • lol, sorry about Rez’s incessant romancing. He doesn’t like being alone. πŸ˜› They are moving pretty fast, aren’t they? Not a good idea, but maybe it’ll turn out okay. >.> You were probably thinking about what a stupid, fucked up dumb-ass idea it is for Rez to want a baby with her! Am I right? πŸ˜†

      hehe, ‘siblings sharing at its best’ indeed. That’s a good way to put it. Lauren’s lonely, Rez is lonely, and loneliness can make sims do stupid things.

      Hell I wish I could see a doctor IRL that looked as good as Hunter. Every single time (or 98% of the time) doctors are old. XD

      Ooooh, I listen to music all the time while doing a chapter, or reading over an old one. I must say ‘Hail Mary’ is (obviously) my fave Tupac song, followed by a few others. Not sure if I’ve heard those two before, but I probably have and just don’t remember the names of the songs. :p

      Thanks for commenting! ❀

      • Haha, too fast seems to be the pace for all the Haas siblings. You’re close. My exact thoughts: “Β‘Hijo de tu puta madre, Reznik! Pune tu verge de nuevo en tu pantalon, tu cachondo cabron.” I love the Spanish language sometimes. Most of the time I only use it when I’m pissed, so you can say that your stories can get people to cuss in different languages.xD You can try to Goggle translate it if you want, but I’m not sure what it will tell you, haha.
        I suppose, but when I’m lonely I call one of my friends instead of switching fucking partners with my sister(well, I don’t have a sister, but you get the point).
        Same here. *sigh* I swear, I have like, 5 doctors and none of them are that sexy…
        Who doesn’t love Hail Mary? πŸ˜€ But right now, I’m on some Californa looooove…<3333

      • I think they take that after their father. Every time V. saw Aubrey, he had to stick it in. πŸ˜† sorry to be crude… lol. Hahahaha, glad my story has such a strong effect on you! I think. People would also get pissed off about my Crimson Rose book from a few years back (it was written while I was a nOOb and highly naive). Strong reactions, and strong one-star reviews! πŸ˜† Whatevers, you know? Now I write what I want. It’s raunchy, my characters are sex-addicts, but at least my story isn’t boring, doesn’t have typos, does have decent grammar and spelling (when most sim stories, frankly, do NOT), and is usually somewhat well written. Every single time I publish a chapter, I bust my ass to ensure it’s as close to perfect as possible. Really, I do. I go over it a minimum of three times. Bloodlust is not meant to be any sort of award-winning literature, lol. It’s only meant to be entertaining and nothing more. My characters have flaws, but it’s better than them being Mary Sues and Gary Sues. :L Also they’re vampires, vampires have never been meant to be flawless, and I think it should be same for their children as well. But that’s only my opinion, of course.

        If I seem a little on edge right now, it’s probably because I have to leave tomorrow to go to OH for a week. My mother has terminal cancer.

        Anymore it seems people on here pick out the flaws in my characters instead of just complimenting the chapter that I bust my ass on. Every. Single. Week. And that’s if they bother leaving a comment at all. I’m about fed up with everything, to be honest. And btw the ones using me to ‘read’ their legacies have been moved to the spam list. I’m up to ‘here’ with this shit.

        Thanks for your comment. And sorry my story pissed you off. I know that Rez moves fast, but when someone has a broken heart IRL they want that pain to disappear ASAP, so it’s easy to make wrong decisions, and to move TOO FAST to get into another relationship. In that way, at least this story is realistic. He wants things to get back to normal ASAP, as bad of an idea as that truly is. :/

        I’m not going to keep explaining my story and the characters’ behaviors in it. I shouldn’t have to. *edited the other sentences out*

        There’s plenty of other choices of stories to read. Ones that are way less realistic than this one, and less believable, and full of typos and grammar mistakes. I am not a grammar Nazi, but Christ at least give me credit for creating a story that it’s blatantly obvious that I TRY on.

        *EDIT* Fuck, I’m sorry that sounded so harsh…. but shit’s going on right now, and it still seems like the only comments I get any more are spam ones, or people pointing out flaws in my story, basically. Bloodlust is well-written compared to a lot of stories, and I just think I deserve more credit than this…. *shrugs*

  7. Oh yeah Hunter, that’ll fix all your problems. -.-

    Rez and Lauren, eh? Very forward of him to say, hey, I want a baby with you. He really hates being single, huh? LOL And Lauren has every right to be suspicious… that whole family is just soooo dysfunctional. XD Welcome to the club, L.

    Ah, Xander is awesome, playing with the pups… Argh, and Ash is there again stirring up problems. Although I think Jakub does play with her to get back at Hunter. Mhm… Jakey, what are you scheming???

    Will V and Aubrey make another entrance or have you decided to just focus on this generation? I know this is not a legacy thingy ding.

    • Pretty raunchy stuff, eh? And Hunter’s a dog. What more can I say? XD

      Yes, and suddenly Rez is quite family-oriented. πŸ˜› I guess he’s in a HUGE rush to get everything in a perfect place. He wants a ‘functional’ family NOW, as opposed to ‘dysfunctional’ like you mentioned the whole family was. Shit, I hear you about the ‘welcome to the club’ thing. I think most people’s families IRL are dysfunctional. I know mine was… *TMI alert*

      tehee, playing with the pups indeedie. Ash is a pain, and always will be a pain. I probably just need to get her out of the story again. She’s annoying. πŸ˜† Jakub’s always scheming about something. >.<

      Funny you asked. I have Aubrey planned to show up in chapter 88, finally. As for V., not sure when he'll return. But yeah, mostly I'm focusing on the new generation. It's not a legacy, but close to being one I suppose. It just gets too boring and repetitious any other way IMO. Soon I'll do another flash forward, but maybe not until almost chapter 100. LOL. I'm going to make a storyline around the twins, Cody and Xander. Hehe! Rez will still be in the story too, actually they all will be. Rez will play a big part, though. You'll find out why…

      Thanks for commenting! ^^

  8. I’m sorry if the comment above offended you, that wasn’t what I meant. Your story is very well-written and the characters are very realistic(which I probably should have mentioned before), it is really a good thing that your characters piss me off. Sometimes I think of them as actual people and that’s why.xD
    I’m so sorry about your mom, it has to be rough and I understand that you’re on edge. I wish you and your family the best.

    • hey there. I’m sorry too. You’re right, it’s best to think of them as actual people, instead of sims, lol. Just things going on right now, not to make excuses. But I’ve been frustrated again for a few days, it just seems like if I get any comments at all, then it’s to complain about my characters or how stupid they are, you know what I mean? I try so hard on this story, there were very few chapters I’d rushed on, and I now have a total of 88 finished… sometimes I just feel like I’m never good enough, or the story isn’t, or people think my story/characters aren’t good enough, even though I work REALLY hard on it. And I’ve read other stories in the past where they’re just not that great, yet their comments are not like mine. Maybe it’s good that this story provokes emotion from readers… Gah. I don’t know. But I get what you’re saying…

      Again, I’m just frustrated. And I hate, really really hate when I get close to a reader on here, think they’re my friend, and just out of the blue they STOP commenting (not talking about you) but that’s really starting to upset me (maybe that’s the real reason why I’m so upset, it’s not the comments per se)… I get it if one only leaves a couple of comments every so often, but why comment on every chapter for months and then just stop? So then I think: well I’ve pissed off someone else I guess, and I have no idea what the fuck I did wrong… Till recently I’ve been 99.9% nice (even too nice) and just don’t understand why anyone would get angry with me. It goes along with the Xeri situation and her creator as well. All I fucking try to do is to be nice to people, to make perfect chapters, to have a great story, but all I end up doing is losing readers and losing friends. Why is that? I mean, is it because I posted a troll list? Am I a downer type of person? What is it? I try to be nice. :/ As for my troll list, the people on that list simply deserve to be there.

      *sigh* now I’m rambling.

      Thank you for the kind words Izsims. I am sorry again…. *facepalm* >.<

  9. I know how it is to work really hard on a story and only have few comments, it is really frustrating. It is good to get emotion out of readers, and your story does that very well, which is probably why readers (like myself) tell you how much they want to bitch-slap your characters. It’s a compliment really.xD
    Take it from me, I am terrible at consistant comments, it’s probably not that you’ve upset them. Sometimes I’ll begin a comment and get distracted, then only bits and pieces will be written even though I’ve read through the chapter and the next thing I know it’s been a week and there’s a new chapter. I don’t know about the Xeri situation, so I can’t really say much on that. But I don’t think that you’ve done anything that would make anyone upset with them.(As for calling out the trolls, some of that needed to be said. :D)
    Ramble all you’d like, hun. You’re welcome, I really do hope things turn out ok for you, it is really hard to lose a parent.

    • Izsims, I know what you mean. I know I’ve already said it a zilliion times (lol) but when I began Riverview, I only had between 0 and 1 reader. It was like that for weeks, to months. And I didn’t even care. But there did come a point where, yes, I wanted more readers. I thought it was a good story (not the greatest, for sure, but you know what I mean) so I promoted finally. And it took time, and perseverance, but I got there. Granted, with my behavior right now, I might lose some readers again. But you know what? If I have to constantly censor myself and be nicey-nicey all the time, then I do not want readers who only want me to behave like that. I have a right to speak my mind at times, as long as it’s not being ‘mean’ to someone who does not deserve it. And no, you did not deserve for me to rant at you in the way that I did. Again, I am sorry about that.

      Now I am in a place where I’m mostly satisfied with the amount of readers, but it bothers me when I think a reader is my friend, then they disappear off the face of the planet and I never hear from them again. (Not talking about you). I’m talking about the ones who either have petty reasons not to read/comment anymore after pretending to be my friend, and those who comment steadily for months and just disappear. It’s happened more times than I can count.

      And don’t get me started on the spammers, the ones where the only time they bother to comment is to ask me to read their new chapter. I’ll be a doormat and read it, and then it’s never good enough because they proceed to have the balls to ask me to read their OTHER legacy, or comment on a new chapter. FUCK that. I’m done with that shit. Doormat is no longer a doormat.

      I’m going to close the comments for now. Again, thank you for listening but I’m too upset right now to reply anymore. I’m feeling that pain again knowing she’s probably going to die (it comes and goes, the depression thing). I’d just found out she was sick on Sunday evening. My mom told my sister not to tell the rest of us because of the holidays and stuff. My sister said she couldn’t keep it to herself anymore and one by one she called my other sisters and brother to tell them. I was the last one she called.

      *Edited out the rest of what I wrote. It was too personal*

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