Five: Past and Present Sins

Caution: this one contains some info dumps. lol.

“Aubrey, it’s time to wake up,” Dr. Paulison said. “It’s over.”

Aubrey straightened, glaring at the doctor.

Now do you believe me?! she wanted to shout. I’ve done everything you wanted, and my story never changed! Are you satisfied?

“So what is your diagnosis and prognosis that you’ve gleaned from the hypnosis?” she sarcastically muttered.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t change anything. According to your visions, the diagnosis of psychosis still stands,” he said. “I was hoping you’d remember things differently.”

“I’m not crazy, Dr. Paulison. The man who got me pregnant was… an angel,” she insisted.

“That man was not an angel, Aubrey. Why can’t you just see it?” he asked, becoming frustrated. “That night, you were raped by an intruder! There was no angel! There were no divine visitors from God!”

“It’s right there in front of you, clear as can possibly be! Your false memory of the angel is a manifestation of your traumatic experience. You’ve blocked out the actual events, and your mind replaced it with grandiose falsehoods.”

Aubrey leaned forward and said, “I was not raped! It was not an intruder! Stop telling me things I know aren’t true!”

She refused to look at him.

“Aubrey, I’m just trying to keep you from going back to that psych ward,” Dr. Paulison softly said. “And at the rate you’re going, you’ll be back there within six months.”

Images of that hell hole flashed in her mind…

only to be interrupted by the memory of her angel, as he made love to her.

Truly, madly, and deeply.

“I’m going to increase the dosage of your anti-psychotic,” he muttered. “I don’t know what else to do.”

“Fine. You do that.”

But you’ll never take away my memories of Vaclav. Never.

After her appointment, Aubrey took a stroll in the town square.

She thought of the events that had led to her hospitalization for psychosis. When she told her parents of the pregnancy, they wanted her to get an abortion. But once Aubrey went to the clinic she couldn’t go through with it. She lied to her parents by saying she’d aborted the pregnancy. Of course, when Aubrey started to show, her parents were less than thrilled…

Once Aubrey finally told her parents who fathered her child, the wheels were set in motion to commit her. Then she met Dr. Paulison.

Through it all, Aubrey never forgot Vaclav. She stayed in love with him up until meeting Shawn Taylor.

Vaclav never visited again after taking her virginity. Their relationship was over before it had begun, and it felt as though he’d reached into her chest and torn her heart out. Actually, that would’ve felt better than the emotional pain.

Aubrey remembered the song she always listened to during those months of grieving. It was My Immortal, sung by Evanescence. One verse in particular was her favorite:

‘You used to captivate me by your resonating light
Now, I’m bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me.’

And that night, Aubrey dreamt of Vaclav. But just like in the song, those dreams weren’t pleasant. They were more like nightmares.

Aubrey dreamt of Daniela. Like a film projector, images played frame-by-frame the moments leading to her death; or apparently what Aubrey’s mind thought had led to Daniela’s death.

Once she exited the diner, Vaclav drifted up behind her. He moved in stealth, quiet as a leaf swaying in the breeze.

He reared back, preparing to attack.

Eyes red and glowing, fangs elongated, Vaclav tackled her from behind and sank his teeth into her neck.

It was disturbing. Just one quick, effortless motion and Daniela was on the ground.

Vaclav stood a few feet away, staring at the body. Daniela’s blood streamed from his lips, the same lips that once kissed and caressed Aubrey’s.

“Ah, Daniela. Lying upon the ground… wasting space,” Vaclav said, and then smiled evilly.

Yes, it was indeed disturbing. Had Aubrey dodged the proverbial bullet? After all, Vaclav never hurt her. In fact, it was the opposite.

Why? Why would he use powers to heal one, while utilizing the very same resources to hurt another? Was her angel, in fact, a demon?

Then her nightmare shifted to something far different…

Deep in the valley, she sat next to him.

A waterfall cascaded behind them.

…as they kissed amidst a thicket of flowers.

How strange dreams could be, for Aubrey was wearing a wedding dress.

Vaclav’s lips fell against hers, as soft but as cold as ever.

He was as romantic as the night they’d made love. He kissed (and made love) as though he’d had centuries of practice.

God, she was so in love with him.

Am I still in love with him?

Slowly, they separated from the kiss.

…but as his lips remained parted, fangs emerged.

Aubrey was terrified, but behaved calmly. It was as though Vaclav had her under some sort of spell.

Cradling her head, he swooped toward her neck.

Aubrey gasped as his fangs penetrated her skin. It was painful, yet oddly exhilarating.

Vaclav softly moaned as he bit her.

Aubrey awakened, hungrily panting for air.

She bolted upright.

Shawn softly snored next to her. He’d spent the night, but they hadn’t been intimate. Sometimes Aubrey wondered how he endured her eccentricities.

Aubrey glanced at the clock, seeing it was nearly six. No point in going back to bed now, she thought.

She went into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. Meanwhile, she thought of her strange dreams.

Must’ve been the increased dosage of meds I took at bedtime, she thought. What else could’ve caused those crazy nightmares?

Aubrey stretched; then noticed Shawn in the mirror.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked.

She looked at him for a second before replying.

“I just had to use the bathroom,” she chuckled nervously. Is it written all over my face? she worried. About the dream I had of Vaclav? I hope not! She felt her cheeks grow hot.

Shawn approached her for a kiss. She smiled at him.

His kiss was long and sexy, but also reminded Aubrey of Vaclav’s sensual kisses.

They parted, and Aubrey considered telling him about her history…

“Shawn, I have to tell you some… things,” she said. “Maybe sometime tonight, after class.”

“Wow. Sounds serious,” he said. His grin was likely forced.

“Yeah. It’s pretty important.”

Later the night, Aubrey would tell Shawn about her torrid past.


Thanks for reading! ♥

Since this chapter was so short, I decided to go ahead and post Chapter 6 as well. I hope y’all enjoy it. 🙂


6 Responses to “Five…”

  1. is it me or the doctor looking unusually familiar…

    • hi Lilly. 🙂 well to me, he looks like a certain real-life actor, but other than that, he was a stray pre-made I dug out of Sunset Valley (and made over). Can’t remember his original name though. 😀

  2. you mean christopher steel?
    i think that’s his name, lol. sorry for the late comment, but i just started reading. I love it, just like I loved your Riverview series!!

    • LOl, I think you’re right, so good job!! 😛 At first I thought you were talking about some actor named Christopher steel, LOL. 😛

      Anyhow, THANKS so much!!! I’m so glad you liked Riverview and glad you decided to read this as well. ❤ 😀 And definitely NO need to apologize for any late comment! ^.^

  3. Eee! She’s going to tell Shawn? Uh oh, I wonder what will happen! Oh, and I forgot to mention – I saw a wolf in the last chapter! 😀 Pretty one too, and I love all your moon shots. 🙂 Off to read chapter 6!

    • lol by now you know what happened! D: Oh yeah, I think I love wolves as much as you do, lol. I try to put them in the story as much as I can, just too hard to copy and paste. Of course now, thanks to one of my BFF’s, I found a wolf to download so that makes it easier. ^^

      Thanks TW!! <333

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