Seventy-Five: The Successor

Contains VERY explicit sexual content (bordering on porn, yes, so I apologize in advance, but I explain WHY I used so many sex scenes at the end of the chapter), and POV switches.

Note: Hunter still doesn’t live with Kat and Aubrey, but he decided to stop by for a visit (before the sun came up of course)…


“What’s going to happen when we go back to Shadowvale?” Kat asked.

“I’ll steal you away from Daddy and take you to my dark castle.” He kissed her temple.

She chuckled. However, that tiny vestige of anxiety wouldn’t go away. She knew the war was coming to an end, according to what her mother said. The Dempires were surrendering. Furthermore, Reznik’s girlfriend had been their leader all along.

Only in Immortal Land could such a thing occur.

“I know Dad won’t let me see you anymore. I couldn’t stand to be away from you. I’d die,” she said.

“Maybe he’ll come around since he knows you’re pregnant. It’s a little too late to keep you away from me, and pointless.”

She turned and looked at him.

“You don’t know my dad.”

He laughed, nervously. “I know him well enough.”

“It’ll be alright,” he said. “Vaclav has to realize you’re not a kid anymore. You’ll be eighteen in a few months.”


Hunter’s hand slid down her leg. Kat snickered, somewhat nervously. Pleasant sensations replaced her anxiety as his fingers groped her inner thigh. She knew what those little signals meant, knew what to expect once his fingers stroked her skin. Desire burned in his scarlet eyes.

They kissed as Hunter pressed her down on the bed.

He groaned, rubbing his body against hers. The friction caused him to harden.

His next kiss was long, drawn-out. Kat’s breathing and pulse accelerated.

“My mom’s in the next room. We shouldn’t—”

Hunter’s lips cut off her words.

Aubrey shifted in her sleep. Noises drifted into her ears, awakening her.

Those noises sounded familiar…

Her eyes snapped open. Hunter’s voice was unmistakable.

Baby,” he moaned. Then came Kat’s whimpering, along with a squeaking mattress.

Oh, my freakin’ God. They’re having sex! And right there in the next room!Β 

No. No, no, no, no. This isn’t happening.

Oh… oh… oh,” Hunter said.

What bothered her more? Hunter doing it to her daughter? Or Hunter no longer doing it to Aubrey?

Yes. It hurt that Hunter was doing things to Kat, the same things he once did to Aubrey.

Of course it hurts. I’m only human… err vampire.

And the nerve of them to be doing it just across the hallway. Aubrey covered her ears. It didn’t work.

For a fleeting moment, she wondered if he were unleashing his doggy-style expertise…

Hunter pounded Kat from behind. “Ah, yeah…”

Shut up, Hunter. I don’t want Mom to hear you!

“Oh, baby! Oh, fuck yeah!”

Shut up!” she said.

He laughed, continued ramming.

Then he halted; his body rigid as he climaxed.

The moment of his climax was also quite obvious to Aubrey… what with his screams and all.

It was mortifying, disturbing and hurtful on so many different levels. Fury consumed her. She wanted to kill Hunter as badly as her husband did.

Her pain was their bliss.

Kat snuggled up to Hunter. His skin was slick and glistened with sweat; his body exuded a musky scent.

“Love you,” he said.

“I love you too.”

The following morning arrived, along with her mother’s madness.

“We’re moving back to Shadowvale,” she growled. “When we get there, the only time you’re going to see Hunter is during treatments.”

“Got it? You will not be seeing Hunter in Shadowvale! You will not be sleeping with him! You will not be fucking him in my house! You will not so much as KISS him in my house!” Aubrey shook with rage.”Do you understand me?”

“Okay! Fine!”

“You’re damn right it’s fine. I don’t give a shit that you’re having his little runt either.”

Kat glared at her. Now her mother had gone too far.

Wait a minute… is she jealous of me and Hunter?

“Actually, Mother, I’m having two little runts. Oh, didn’t I tell you? Me and Hunter are having twins.”

Aubrey looked shocked for only a second.

“Really? Well you won’t be so quick to smile once they’re born. You have no idea what you’re in for. Taking care of one infant is hell in and of itself. Now you’ll have twice the hell.”

That scared Kat.

“And I’m not helping. You made your own damn mess.”

“Okay! Just shut the hell up!” Nausea reared its nasty head and she bolted to the bathroom.

Splashing ensued as she vomited.

Kat didn’t hear her mother crying in the next room.

Kat lounged on Omega’s grave, crying.

The night Omega was killed, Hunter felt guilty and had returned to bury him. Kat didn’t find out until a few days afterward.

Good bye Omega… good bye Misty Peaks. I’ll miss you both.

I don’t want to go home; don’t want to go back to the way it was.

Shadowvale is synonymous with reality, and reality sucks.

That night she and her mother left Misty Peaks. Ashton, Cody and Hunter would also be leaving in a few hours. Hunter would be driving them in his sports car. Kat wished she could join them.

Reznik’s inauguration was held a few weeks later.

Aubrey, Xeri and Kat stood in a line watching. Cody squirmed in his grandmother’s arms.

Haas underlings framed a path to the stage area. More vampires observed from upper niches. Meanwhile, Vaclav was in the midst of a speech.

“During the last war, Reznik destroyed between 400 and 1,000 Dempires.” He paused before continuing. “Therefore, as leader of the Haas Clan, I step down from my position and appoint Reznik as the new leader.”

His father nodded, and Reznik advanced to the stage.

“Congratulations, son. You’ve earned it.”

He handed a blood-filled chalice to Reznik. He took it and drank. Blood glided down his chin, he wiped it away.

I wish you were here, Hunter. I miss you… I miss being with you in Misty Peaks.

A figurative blade invaded her heart. It’d steadily been that way since his absence.

After drinking the blood, Reznik turned and cheered; the others clapped. Spectators roared from above.

Kat didn’t really hear them.

Xeri met him and the two tightly hugged.

Then he stepped down and picked up his son…

lifted and twirled him around. Cody squealed, flailing his arms.

It was suddenly quiet. No words were needed.

One era ended, but a new one has begun.

When will it be my turn? Kat wondered. When will I get to live my own life? Dad accepted Xeri, the one who hired an assassin to destroy him, but refuses to accept Hunter. It isn’t fair. But it’s always been that way, hasn’t it? Reznik has always gotten his way, while I’m left out in the cold.

Kat was the last to leave.

A certain significant other lurked past the shrubs.

Reznik, Aubrey, Xeri and Vaclav headed to the car.

Kat started to follow.

He touched her arm, and then pulled her around to face him.


Without much of a greeting, his mouth covered her lips in a fervent kiss. She nestled against him and allowed herself to fall further in love. Again.

He backed her through the tattered door and into the ancient structure; from whence she came.

“You look so fucking gorgeous,” he whispered. “I missed you… I want to take you right here.” Hunter spun her around.

He lifted up her dress, yanked down her panties, unfastened his trousers and jabbed his hard-on into her vagina.

His quick thrusts propelled her forward. She lost her balance a few times.

It didn’t last long. There wasn’t enough time, and their privacy could be invaded at any moment.

Painfully, Hunter’s fingers dug into her flesh as he came. Kat cried out.

Minutes afterward, he held her in his arms as they lingered outside. She didn’t want to leave Hunter’s secure embrace, or go home. She wished to stay close to him forever.

Why did her father have to be such a controlling jackass? Not to mention her mother.

The look in his eyes hinted the same thing. Someday soon she’d be out of her father’s domineering grasp, spending an eternity in Hunter’s arms and gazing into his crimson eyes… exactly where she wanted to be, and had always wanted to be.

Credits for the video: Evergreen sung by Barbara Streisand. Yes it’s cheesy, but still a pretty song.

Smex poses by Oh My Sims:Β

Also, I’ll cut back on using so many sex scenes in future chapters. I just wanted to ‘illustrate’ the fact that Hunter and Kat missed each other so much, that indeed they were ready to screw their brains out after Rez’s ceremony. In the first segment, my excuse is this: I wanted to clarify Aubrey’s jealousy of Kat and Hunter’s relationship. In a way, it was karma because when Aubrey and Hunter had their affair years earlier, Vaclav saw it in his mind’s eye and was tortured by it. Now Aubrey is being tortured.

I’m finished rambling now.


40 Responses to “Seventy-Five…”

  1. Well karma stinks, eh Aubrey. She shouldn’t be so upset. After all she did Hunter, too, while being with V. Cool ceremony. Way cooler than, hey boss, I retire. Although I’m pretty sure now that V has so much more time on his hand, he will deal harsher with Kat and her dogs. XD Sorry, I can’t help it. Blame it on the wolf thing, Hunter is still suspect to me. Don’t get me wrong, love wolves. But this one… not so sure.

    Oy, Rez being leader. Hopefully, he won’t abuse his position. Dangerous times, and Rez is like a time bomb….has he his emotions in check? Intriguing stuff. Oh yeah, congrats on the B&N gig. I can only dream of going into a B&N and find my name on a shelf.

  2. hey Jed. πŸ™‚ V. did Aubrey wrong way back then, but then again, what Aubrey did was too much of a punishment (screwing H. over and over). So yeah, now she knows how it feels. And thanks, I think the ceremony was kinda cool too. ^_^ Took a while to get the environment just so-so. I like how some coffins are ‘suspended’ in the air behind V while he was speaking. And lol, yep it’s way cooler than just saying ‘I retire’, haha. Hmmm, you could be right about the way V. is going to deal with Kat and her ‘dog’, hehe. That’s OK, Hunter has been bad lately. πŸ˜› He definitely has his bad side.

    Maybe he won’t abuse his position. hehe. He has done lots better with his emotions and such. I think the therapy really helped him. πŸ˜† Remember he had a therapist for a while? πŸ˜› And thanks. Well it’s not on physical shelves, since it’s just an ebook, it’s only on the web site. But yeah, still cool. Thanks again, Jed. You’re sweet. πŸ™‚ *hugs*

    • Oh, I know what you mean… creating settings are a pain. I’m never satisfied with this wallpaper or that wallpaper. Plus when I change the Style thingy…it takes forever to load.

      Rez will be interesting to follow. You have some cool characters. By the way, are V and Aubrey still young adults in your game or how are you handling the aging thing? I had it on till Marcus was born and now it’s off. LOL. Although… Magi aren’t immortal like vamps…

      *redredred* no problem. *hugs*

      • If I have time to do the settings, I don’t mind and I like it. Other times it gets annoying. I get the same way too, I probably go through 200 floors and wallpapers before I’m satisfied, ahaha. Yes, the style thingy! Hate that frickin’ thing! The fabrics take FOREVER to load, even once it’s already loaded, when I go back to it, it takes forever all over again!! Grrr!

        Thank you Jed! Yes, V and Aubrey are still YA. All my characters are, as far as I remember (well obviously except for the teens). I think my aging is off too, either that or it’s set to where they don’t age for 100 sim days or something… Well to me, I think the YA’s just look better than the adults. Less lines on the face, LOL.

        haha. When you say ‘redredred’ it reminds me of ‘redrum’. Have you ever watched The Shining? haha, the little boy in it says ‘redrum’ a lot, because it’s ‘murder’ spelled backward. *twitchy eye*

        πŸ˜› hehe

  3. LOL! Aubrey! Now she sees what Vaclav felt! He could see her “banging” Hunter and she got to hear them! Funny thing, she could have had Hunter so she’s jealous now he’s with her daughter.
    I honestly can’t wait for the day Kat decides to go against the grain and flip out! They do hold Reznik high and she deserves to have what she wants too.
    Classic Reznik to cheer about his new position. I laughed once again! I am so surprised Ash isn’t trying to get back in with him now.

    All this free time on V’s hands, doesn’t look good for Kat and Hunter!

    I love the Smex! Perv badge worn with honor!

    • pretty funny isn’t it? Karma, karma, karma. LOL. Yep, true she picked her hubby over Hunter. πŸ˜› Life’s a bitch, though. Hmm, maybe someday Kat will flip out, she really should. Her parents suck, haha. Or it could be like what Oprah Winfrey would say: “they did the best they could at the time” or something like that. πŸ˜† I think V. is just very overprotective (and still jealous over Hunter and Aubrey’s past relationship) etc. and def doesn’t want his daughter seeing the enemy. As for v. accepting Xeri, he doesn’t have much choice because V knows his son won’t tolerate any shit from his parents. LOL. And yeah, plus he’s spoiled. It’s not as if V. really LIKES Xeri or anything. Just tolerates her presence for Rez’s sake.

      haha, yeah of course Rez would cheer. He’s still got that bit of narcissism in him. He’s gonna love being leader. πŸ˜› Ash will come up later, and good point. I just have a LOT of characters in the story to keep up with!

      LOL doesn’t look good at all. The next couple chapters will tell the tale, haha.

      lmao me too! And thanks! This MUST be the most pervy chapter yet!! O_O

  4. Wow!!! Just finished reading this last chapter and I must say fantastic!! Great story, sooo many tasty vamps heehee! I’ve been in love with vampires since I was and always enjoy a well written, evocative, deliciously sexy vamp story. Love all the characters and the way you developed them over time and we all got to know them and love or hate ’ I must say you have mad skills in the writing department, getting just the right shot with your sims and setting the perfect atmosphere, eerie, haunting, sexy and just plain hot, hot hot. I look forward to many more chapters to come. I know I’ll have to keep my drool bucket handy…lol

    • Hi Sarah! Glad to get another new reader, lol! πŸ˜› Thanks, and glad you love it so far! πŸ˜€ haha, vampires scared the crap out of me when I was little…. except when I was 12 and watched this movie called ‘Waxworks’ or something, and there was this scene with a BEAUTIFUL wax vampire who came to life and seduced/bit the woman…. yummy. I remember also watching Salem’s Lot as a kid, and that scared the crap out of me, LOL. O_o Then I grew up and thought, ‘what if? What if there could be both scary AND sexy?’ hehe. πŸ˜›

      Seriously, thank you for the wonderful compliments. Now time to blush, lol. 😳 I try to write well. Took years of practice….. and still improving. I also try to keep it consistent, but not so easy since there’s so many darn characters and personalities… >_> but yeah, I try.

      Wow!! Just thank you again for all the awesome compliments!!! <3333333 *hugs*!! Really makes me day (and even WEEK)!!

      haha about your drool bucket, def know what you mean. LOL I'm in love with my own characters… and I still can't help but pine after Hunter, even though he's been a jerk of late!

  5. Lol! Yes, lots of sex, you were right to warn xD Hunter’s gone sex mad! πŸ˜†

    I loved Aubrey, its so obvious she’s jelous. She misses Hunter’s as she said ‘banging’
    I hope Kat gets freedom, Rez has, Kat should tooo!! And well done Rez! Leader now eh? so V is retiring basically xD

    • LOL, LOL, LOL. πŸ˜› 😳
      yup, this chapter was pretty ‘bad’ with it, or ‘good’ depending on how one looks at it. Let’s just say it’s certainly not for anyone ‘prudish’. >_>

      I suppose if I were in her shoes, yeah, it’d be kinda tough (and just weird) to deal with. Of course this wouldn’t be likely to happen IRL… lol. It’s happening in this story because vamps don’t age. Well, obviously. >.< And yes, in a way she misses Hunter 'banging' her, and not just that, just touching her. Something different than what V. offers…

      Kat needs to get some freedom, the poor girl. At least Hunter gave it to her nice n' good after the ceremony (oops sorry… being perverted again). haha, yes, V. is retiring. FINALLY. 😯

      • Hahah!

        Yes, Aubrey just wants something different, but she shouldnt she’s married to V! Bad Aubrey!

        And yes, Kat needs her freedom, Rez has it! Lol! You perve xD Jokes ! πŸ˜€
        Yes, after what hundreds of years, he has FINALLY stepped down.

      • LOL, very bad Aubrey. I guess she just misses Hunter’s… yeah. something or other… πŸ˜› it’s not that she doesn’t love V. >_>

        Poor kat. Maybe someday she’ll get her freedom. LOL I know, can’t help it sometimes (or all the time). XD LOL haha, hundreds of years! I think that’s about right, though. πŸ˜› I bet he was so sick of being leader! Bwahahahahahaha!!!

      • Lol! Yes, but still Baaaaadddd Aubrey!

        Hahahhaha! xD

        And, poor V, having that job for so long, must suck after a while

      • I hear ya!

        πŸ˜† XD

        You’d think, haha. He must’ve really liked the ‘power’. πŸ˜›

  6. hahaha wow! naughty Hunter πŸ˜› lol haha sucks Aubrey! karma is a bitch lol :P, the ceremony was epic and i agree with Kat why the hell does Reznik get special treatment! i mean seriously Hunter has never tried to kill Kat but then again he did have an affair with Aubrey, maybe that’s why V is such a douche about it all lol i hope Kat gets her freedom though and her mom is so cruel to say such things to her

    • 😳 very naughty Hunter indeedie. 😳

      Yes, karma’s a bitch! Karma FTW! :p Thanks! glad ya liked the ceremony. It was pretty cool. I placed the huge China dragon head thingy in there, lol. but you can only see it’s mouth and teeth, I think. Meh, Rez gets anything he wants since he was ‘adopted’ as a baby. I suppose in a subconscious way, V. and Aubrey are afraid of losing him again if they enforce too many rules. O_O Still doesn’t mean V. is going to have a ‘tea party’ with Xeri anytime soon, LOL.

      Yes, that’s partly why V. hates Hunter so much. πŸ˜› You are sooo right, her mother was being a total bitch in this chapter. The things she said were unforgivable, no matter how much she was ‘hurting’. 😦


      • hahah YAY KARMA!, yeah it was pretty cool! lol haha mouth and teeth om nom nom, yeah i guess that would be why i mean they would hate to lose him again but…what about Kat? they could end up losing her because of all the rules! lol LMFAO tea party πŸ˜› that would be one epic tea part. yeah defiantly unforgivable!

      • oooh I know it. πŸ˜€ Nom, nom nom indeed. sounds like what Hunter used to do to Kat’s neck whenever they were trapped in that one room. XD You’re right, they need to think about Kat for a change. Get their heads out of their asses! 😑 It’s going to come back to haunt them all. >_> Yep, that would def be epic, haha. I keep forgetting about A. being such a bitch to poor Kat. I need to ‘make’ her apologize to her daughter in a future chapter. :/

      • haha yeah get down on your knees and apologize A….you too V! or i’ll spank ya πŸ˜› lol, hahaha Hunter πŸ˜› naughty boy

      • πŸ˜† they need it, ahahahahaha! πŸ˜›

      • hahahaha πŸ˜›

      • lolzers! btw I will reply to your other comments, just been a little busy the last couple days! ^_^

      • haha it’s alright i understand the busyness lol

      • oh yeah. It’s better now though. I should have more time to comment now. πŸ˜€ In fact right now I’m catching up on them. XD

      • sorry i’ve been pretty busy so i havn’t responded yet i’m doing all that now lol sorry about that, and sorry i havn’t commented on the new updates but i did read them lol

      • Aww, no problem. sorry you’ve been so busy. Glad you’ve read the updates, and thanks!

        Just comment whenever you want. To be honest, though (like I said in reply to your comment on 73) I thought you were annoyed with me for some reason. XD Glad you weren’t though….

      • lol no, i’m not annoyed i replied to that one, i understand completely lol, i have a little more time now though

      • haha, I see that now. I’m sorry I thought that. I’m weird. :/ And bipolar, of course. Not that that’s any excuse…. but it sucks having stupid mood swings.

        Glad you have more time. Heard that you got a puppy! Cuteness abounds! πŸ˜€

      • it happens don’t worry about it, i know what you mean, mood swings are a pain in the ass! lol, yes very cute! she’s a husky/black lab, and my other puppy was in heat and i hang out with my neighbour upstairs a lot and he has a new puppy too, a male and well they got it on hahaha so she might be pregnant because he caught her, that would be so cute little puppies

      • Yes, I hate mood swings, they suck LOL. Awww, a husky/black lab, that sounds so adorable. LOL they got it on? hahahahaha! That would be so cute! I’d like to have kittens, LOL. We already have two cats though, one of them is kinda annoying. πŸ˜› πŸ˜†

  7. I’m late…really late…but here I am now! On my new lappy (it came wednesday) Had a very busy weekend…2 day horsehow + horse practice + homecoming dance where everyone (even the special ed kids) was groping..(not me though..).= busy me!

    Anyway! Back to Bloodlust! I’m not surprised that Kat and Hunter did it so much…I mean I’m surprised they didn’t have some sexathon like he and Aubrey had a while back…And I bet Aubrey is jelly of them. She wishes she could have some sexy werewolfish spawn inside her. Good for Rez. He deserves it. And Kat…you could just run away…although you do have guard peoples around your home. But I doubt that Aubrey and Vaclav would enjoy having two ‘runts’ screaming their heads off inside their home…especially Hunter’s runts…So I’m sure they won’t mind you leaving…sadly.

    • hey Ali (shit, that IS your name, right??) No problem! glad you’re enjoying your new laptop! Bet it’s nice! ^_^ Alienware’s are awesome! Ooooh, horse shows too?? Cooool. People were groping at the homecoming dance?? O_O Where the heck were the overseers?? Anyhow, sounds like you’ve been busy!

      I’m working on chapter 79 right now. I can’t believe I’m almost on chapter 80! Yay! It’s going to get really interesting in this story, IMO. πŸ˜€

      Yeah, true. Sexathon indeedie. πŸ˜† That’s a good way to put it. Aubrey is def jelly of them, lol. In a way I understand, that would hurt a little bit hearing your daughter get it on with the guy you once dated and ‘loved’. :p LOL, yeah, she wishes she could have wolf spawn inside her. XD Vaclav puts ENOUGH spawn inside poor Aubrey, though. >_> Yep, Rez deserves to be leader now. Maybe he’ll make a good one. Aww, that’s sad about Kat’s parents not caring if she left. But you’re right, likely they don’t want runts there either. Time will tell, though. As always.


      • Yes, my name is Ali (it’s actually Alicia, but I prefer Ali) . The principal and all the police officers thatare at the dance ignored it all… guess they were enjoying it o_o The principal was standing on the side of the gym watching….no wonder they call him ‘Mr. Pig’ (full name Mr.Pignataro)…..

      • lol you keep using different accounts to comment. πŸ˜› OK, I thought that was your name, but was just wondering there for a second. I figured it was short for Allison. I have another reader on here with a similar name as yours. O_O So the principal, etc. just ignored all the shit going on? Ok, I’ve heard it all now… O.o LOL, they were enjoying it… you never know, maybe they were (pervs!). I guess I’m one to talk though, considering everything I write is pervy… but still… haha, so they call him Mr. Pig? That’s funny. XD When I was in Jr. High, I think the principal was kind of a perv…. he was nice, but, just something about him. Won’t say any more than that. >_>

  8. Hunter’s going a bit crazy with all that stuff. Doesn’t he think he might want to slow down, just a little bit? XD
    Lol, Rez is the leader XDDDD This could be interesting…

    • It might be a good idea if he slows down. Eventually V will catch him (or might catch him) and kick his ass (or try to kick his ass XD).

      Yeah. You really wouldn’t think he’d make much of a leader. :/ But he’s a better person that he used to be. ^^


  9. Yay you included a link for the sex poses! teehee I’ll have to check that out when I get home. Very sexy chapter indeed! Woof woof :p Had to say it. Now Reznik is the new leader, I hope he doesn’t go crazy with his power now. I feel bad that Kat is always left out – I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran away out of frustration. Time for chapter 76! Almost done!

    • I sure did! I just wished there were more than doggy style, but there’s still several romantic ones. πŸ™‚ Thank you! I know I enjoyed writing it, LOL. Hunter is such a sex pot. πŸ˜† Woof, woof indeed! ahahahahahaha! Yup, Rez is now the new leader! Yay! Daddy’s retired! πŸ˜€ Maybe he won’t go nutso with his new power. He seems to be a better person these days, though. True about Kat. The poor thing! And she’s only usually happy with Hunter, but her family won’t let her see him, so she has to sneak around. 😦

  10. But surley no one would complain about Hunter sex bordering on porn? lol. :p
    Great update, love the Karma getting back at Aubrey. Not sure about Rez as the new leader… I wouldn’t trust him, anyway!

    • MMM. Hunter sex and porn. πŸ˜› But yeah, I know what you mean. It’s just funny how some peeps love the porn aspect of a story, while others… not so much! πŸ˜†

      And thank you! Glad you liked this particular update! πŸ˜€ True about Aubrey. I figured several readers would appreciate the ‘karma’ thingy. As for Rez, well he’s OK. Maybe he’ll be alright as the new leader…

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