Thirty-Six: Declaration of War

This chapter is told from a few different POVs.

Warning: disturbing dialogue later in the chapter.

After months of iciness between the two clans, the night of decision arrived.

…but not in the way Vaclav expected.

He sat with his subordinates as each discussed what to do with the Shadows and Jakub.


“If I declare war right now, I’m afraid it’ll be for all the wrong reasons,” he said. “Before, war meant achieving the ultimate goal of controlling Shadowvale, but now it only means vengeance.” 

Abruptly, one of the Haas members burst through the doors.  

All glowing eyes were on him. He walked over to Vaclav.

“Sorry to interrupt, but it’s very important,” he began.

“Aubrey is missing again, and I’ve reason to believe the Shadows are behind it.”  

 Speechless, Vaclav gawked at him.

Then he stood. “Aubrey is missing?”

“Your son hasn’t been seen as well. Likely, he also has something to do with it. I think he’s helping the enemy,” the vampire said. 

Vaclav stood in silence, disbelieving every word the immortal had uttered.

From head to toe, a sickening sensation swept over him.

“I’m sorry,” the other vampire said.

Vaclav turned to regard his clan.

“Get the rogues ready to invade the Shadows’ lair. Ultimately, I want every Shadow dead, including Shawn. But if you find Jakub, leave him be. I will deal with him myself.”

Hours later, the Second-in-Command led a small army into the Shadows’ headquarters.

Several miles away, Aubrey tried finding a way out of her small prison. She ran her hands over the boulder that blocked the entry.

Pushing, shoving, pulling. She’d tried everything. She simply wasn’t strong enough.

Growing frustrated, she’d been at it for hours. It didn’t help that she was hungry.

She recoiled as the rock slid over.

Who was behind it?

A Shadow stood at the opening, a tray perched in one hand.

He was the same Shadow who’d once saved her from Jakub.

Excitement made her heart pound; but disappointment soon halted it.

He acted as though he didn’t know her, merely going into the room and placing the tray on a table.

“Don’t you remember me?” she mumbled.


Oh, God… please! You have to remember me!

He started to leave.

“Please help me.”

He walked back to her.

“Yes I remember you,” he admitted. “But I can’t help you. Not this time.”

“You have to help me! They’re going to use me—for breeding.”

“Yeah, I know.” His eyes lowered for a second. “I’m sorry.”

“Why me? Why can’t they use someone else to breed with?”

“It’s all part of their plan to execute revenge against Vaclav,” he said. “That’s why they want to use you, because they know how devoted Vaclav is to you. They know how much it would hurt him. Also, female vampires can’t carry and birth children. They can get pregnant, but it always leads to disaster.”

“They planned to wait for your next fertile period; then the witch will make you drink something that will cause you to fall in love with Jakub. Once he’s finished, it takes a few hours for the spell to wear off. And once you’re pregnant, you’ll stay right here until the baby’s ready to be born.”

“What if the baby’s a girl?”

“I really don’t want to say…”

Aubrey wanted to vomit. Just the insinuation was nauseating, disgusting. The Shadows were a horrible, inhumane bunch of fuckers. How could she be related to such vile filth?

“Please help me get out of here,” she pleaded. “Please.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you. Really, I owe you so much…”

“Yeah. Um, I’ll have to come up with a plan, but I’ll get back to you,” he said.

“How long is it until your next fertile period?”

Aubrey’s face grew hot.

“I have about… ten to twenty more days.”

“Okay. Good. That gives us plenty of time to think.”

“I have to go. They’re probably already suspicious,” he said exiting the room.

“Thank you—again.”

He shoved the boulder back into place.

Meanwhile, Lucius and the rogues stormed the Shadows’ lair.

Vampiric troops forged a path to the leader’s quarters, fighting and killing any Shadow who got in their way.

Lucius stood behind and watched.

“You’re not getting into that room,” a Shadow growled.

The rogue merely hissed in reply; then clocked him in the stomach. The Shadow hunched over, groaning.

Another Shadow lunged forward.

A rogue tossed the Shadow over his shoulder, sending the enemy careening.

His head smashed into the wall, blood spattering.

The rogues arrived at the doors. One kicked it in.

Catching up, Lucius halted their progression as he peered inside the room.

He was shocked to discover a human in the room… and no sign of the leader.

She was Aubrey’s grandmother, the Holy Bible in her hands.

What the…

Lucius advanced, motioning for his troops to wait near the doors.

“Rebecca Cooper?” Lucius said.




She finally looked up, but her eyes weren’t truly seeing.

“Where’s Shawn?” he asked.

“And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.
And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead,” she recited a quote from Revelation.

“For shit’s sake, old lady! Where the fuck is Shawn?!”

“Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord.”

Lucius sighed.

“Focus, Rebecca. Focus,” he slowly enunciated. “Now, where is Shawn Taylor?”

She stared at him; then said, “And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand. Revelation 14:9.”

Lucius’ fangs pierced his tongue. The pain was better than dealing with Aubrey’s grandmother.

“The Apocalypse has come,” she droned. “The angels and arch-angels have descended upon us.”

Lucius stepped down, tuning out any further ramblings from Rebecca.

“Shawn has gone into hiding. We must track him down!”

“I want two of you to stay here. The rest, you come with me,” he said.

They headed out of the building.

Vaclav returned home to see his children.

Immediately, both crawled away from the butler and toward their father.

Kat excitedly rushed toward him; then squealed at his feet.

He scooped them both up.

“Da–dad,” Kat babbled.

“Mommy,” Reznik whined, breaking Vaclav’s heart.

Vaclav left the children and went upstairs.

He sat down on the altar; then leaned back.

Hopefully his plan would work.

He closed his eyes, cleared his mind and concentrated on the possible whereabouts of Aubrey.

He tried to induce psychic visions instead of waiting for them to come.

It seemed like an hour passed when he began to see.

It was a long tunnel, illuminated near the end. He willed his mind’s eye to go further.

He got closer…

There was a room littered with debris.

His beloved sat near a skeleton. Fear flickered in her eyes.

Thank God she’s still alive.

Struggling, Vaclav tried to see the exact location.  

…but someone blocked the pathway to his mind, his crimson eyes glaring.

Who was he?

Vaclav bolted upright, tortured thoughts resonating through his mind…

I’m going to lose her to a Shadow.

Candle lights twinkled and fizzled out.


Thanks for reading! hehe. ♫  

Important message: I hate to say it, but soon I’ll probably go back to posting ONE chapter every week, instead of two. Like every Friday. It’s just too time-consuming to keep posting two chapters per week, and I’m also afraid I’ll get burned out on my story if I keep doing that. I do NOT want to get burned out on this story.  Also, the more readers I get, the more nervous I get about how good each chapter turns out… so if I only do one chapter a week, it gives me more time to edit and just do better on the story in general.  Also it’ll give me more time to come up with ideas.

This Monday and Friday I will post new chapters as usual, but then afterward I’ll only release a new chapter every Friday. I hope you all understand… at least this way I’m less likely to get burned out and Bloodlust won’t end.


29 Responses to “Thirty-Six…”

  1. Oh god…Aubrey’s going to fall in love with the Shadow, I can see it now. But then again I wouldn’t blame her, he is one hawt vampire!! 😛 Hopefully they will get there in time to help her. What is up with Rebecca? Is she just a little crazy, or does what she say have actual meaning? I honestly don’t mind you posting a new update once a week, if that means they will be even better than they are now, then go for it 😀

    • lol. What makes you think that? >_> just joking. 😛 I wouldn’t blame her either, hehe. He’s pretty irresistable (sp?). Maybe they’ll get there in time… About A’s crazy grandma: yeah, she’s just crazy, LOL. In a way, it could have meaning though, since war could always signal the end of the world or whatever… and I’m rambling as usual.

      I’m hoping they’ll be better. They should be, since I won’t feel so rushed or whatnot. It’s just gotten to be too much. O.o


  2. haha I love it how the Haas vampire announced that Aubrey is missing AGAIN! She should start making a list of all the times seh’s been kidnapped for funsies, by now it’s quite long 😛 !

    Mystery shadow man better be able to do something for Aubrey although I don’t fully trust him especially since he blocked the Aubrey-Vaclav mind connection psychic thingy.

    I understand your desire to go back to once-weekly. I know how time consuming stories can be, I was actually quie amazed you managed to go this long tice-weekly with such good quality but since you are awesome I shouldn’t really be surprised 🙂

    *hugz* and <333333! xxx

    • Once again, Pixxi, you got me laughing and rofl’ing. XD she should make a list of all the potential lovers she’s had/might have as well. LOL!!!! 😛 haha, I knew some might think that about the Shadow, when his (hot) face got in the way of the psychic connection. >.> but you’ll just have to find out for sure!

      And lol about ‘mystery Shadow man’ haha.

      Wow, are you right. Stories are very time consuming. I can’t get hardly anything done IRL because of it! I think it’s partly because I’m worrying about how good the story really is, and if I should change this/that, revise this/that, etc., etc. and it’s driving me bonkers!! Cutting back will give me extra time to ensure each chapter is pretty good… I hope.

      Awwww!!! Thank you Pixxi for that sweet compliment!! I ❤ you!! You're awesome too! ^.^

      HUGGLES! & <33333333 xxxx

  3. Great ending! The Shadow is really very yummy but still I think Aubrey ‘belongs’ to Vaklav… she has 2 kids with him afterall. I wouldn’t want to see her ending up with someone else.

    Well, in my own blog I’m posting about one post per month, so one post per week is not that bad, lol! (I’d like to post more but my schedule is too hectic right now). I liked that there were frequent updates in this story, because this way I hadn’t already forgotten the previous chapters by the time a new was up, but one per week should be fine too. All I care about really, is for you to keep writing it because it’s great, hehe!!


    • Thanks Sfe! I agree, I really want to get into that Shadow’s pixelated pants. XD Yeah, Aubrey does still belong with V., likely she always will. I don’t know how to explain it without giving away too much of the story. Just trust me on the fact that I agree that Aubrey should stay with V., no matter what might happen.

      Oh, wow, *laughs* yeah I guess one post a week isn’t bad! At least you recognize that your schedule is too hectic, took me too long to realize that about myself. I just get so wrapped up in my stories, it’s crazy. Oh, no, I hope you don’t forget about the previous chapter once I only update once per week! That would suck. Sometimes I’ll do a reminder at the end of a chapter, if the story gets particularly complicated or whatnot. So maybe that will help.

      Awwwwww!!!! Thanks! Now I’m really blushing… you guys on here are so sweet. Y’all renew my faith in the human race, lol. 😛

      <33333 xxx

  4. That Shadow sure is yummy! Something that beautiful can’t be trusted! If he wanted to really help her without a price, why block Vaclav? Didn’t he tell her he’d help? Allowing the connection would have helped! Satan in a Sunday hat!

    Did he push “unpleasant” images into Vaclav’s mind?

    I’m with sfe, the Shadow is rather cute and the idea of a love triangle excites me but I’m team Vaclav all the way!
    Oh..I don’t mind holding my breath until the new chapters come 😀

    • lol, he very tasty indeed. :9 very, verrrry tasty. Are you sure something that beautiful can’t be trusted? V. can be trusted, after all! At least for the most part… 😆 hmmmm. good question. Well, when V. had his ‘visions’ before, it was because Aubrey experienced something really painful or emotional… The Shadow could’ve been in the way because Aubrey was thinking about him (the Shadow)… if that makes any sense. Thinking about him because she’s so desperate for him to save her.

      lol, maybe the Shadow isn’t Satan in a Sunday hat… just maybe. 😛


      Nah, the Shadow didn’t push any unpleasant thoughts into V’s mind. V. just has a bad feeling.

      Don’t worry, I’m team V also, but I have to keep mixing up the plot and such to keep it exciting! 😀 …and saying that probably just gave too much away! >.<

      OK, thank you Qui! I'm glad everyone seems to understand… ❤


  5. dude shadows are amazing!! come on Aubrey screw Vaclav!!!

    • lol, hi Leblebi 😛 Yes, Shadows are pretty amazing looking! Poor V… T_T but if she won’t screw him, I will… jk. 😛


      • oh great!!! XD I just dont understand why people LOVE vaclav!!!…. Im happy to finally see him desperate MUHAHA XD

  6. great chapter 🙂
    Sorry I didn’t comment on the last chapter, I was ill in hospital recently and only just read it!
    Maann, that shadow is hot. I’m sorry, Vaclav, but seriously!!
    At least he’s a good Shadow!
    Awwrr, okay I guess one chapter a week will be okay. I definitely don’t want you to get burned out and tired of writing it! That’s happened to me before, when you try and get as many chapters out as possible and then just get tired of the story.
    And I definitely want Bloodlust to continue!!
    Teehee! ;D
    Can’t wait for the next one! xxxxx

    • Thanks Emma!

      Aww, that’s okay! You don’t have to comment on every chapter, or really any. I’m just glad you read it. 🙂 And I’m so sorry you were in the hospital sick. 😦 I hope you feel a lot better.

      Yep, Mr. Shadow is totally hot. And Vaclav forgives you. 😛 btw, I finally named the Shadow, but I’ll keep y’all in suspense because I’m a meanie. XD

      LOL, I’m sorry about that. But yeah, that’s what happened to my Riverview story… I just got burned out. I really love this story and would hate to get tired of it! That’s like my worst nightmare… I think this is the best story I’ve ever came up with, and I’ve been writing since I was little.

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it so much. 🙂

      You guys on here are the best. (I know, I’m being cheezy again lol)

      <333333333 xxxxxxx

  7. if Aubrey ends up with the hot shadow.. can i have vaclav? lol. great chapter as usual 🙂 xxx

    • 😆 no, Vaclav is MINE! I tell ya, MINE MINE MINE!!! just joking, of course. You may have him… after I get a quick turn.

      I’ll shut up now. I’m being very bad today.

      Thanks for the awesome compliment! 😀


  8. As usual awesome chapter :]! Will Aubrey get with that shadow dude? I wonder what Vaclav’ll do when he finds out. Kill him? Wonder if the shadow dude is just pretending to be nice. Anyways good job :)!

    • Hi Mike! Thank you. ^_^ hmmmm, I haven’t really fully figured that out yet. I keep going back and forth about it. :/ but maybe they will, lol….

      As for V. finding out, I think that will be a mini climax… it’ll be pretty interesting what V. will do. 🙂 Plus, Jakub will be involved.

      As for the Shadow pretending to be nice, you’ll just have to find out! 😛

      Thank you Mike. ❤ *hugs* 🙂

  9. Uno: Why does that Shadow who helped Aubrey look so familiar? XD

    Dos: hiding..Ooers XD

    Tres: Ha ha ha that must have been so awkward for Aubrey..the whole fertile period thing 😆

    Cuatro: That last picture is effing gorgeous =D

    • Hey Angie, well the Shadow is the same one from a couple chapters ago, is that what you mean? Otherwise, probably a lot of my characters look similar, that could be why he looks familiar? 😛 sorry, I’m a little dense today!

      Good Spanish btw. XD

      Yep, Shawn’s ‘sort of’ in hiding…lol

      😆 very awkward indeedy.

      Thanks! I used GIMP! Me refuse to pay hundreds for photo shop!

      Thanks for reading, Angie! <333333

  10. Its no problem tht u cant write evry monday and friday i understand 🙂 i cant really say anything about this chapter coz im am to shocked about it. It was so amazing!!!! 🙂

  11. I’ve been secretly stalking youuuu. 😀

    I never liked Vaclav. First he says “ILY AUBREY 4EVA” but two seconds later he’s yelling,”WTF AUBREY. YOU LOST THE TALISMAN, YOU BIATCH.”
    Heehee. ❤

    • omg, hi Chouxie! Glad to see ya here! 😀 haha about the stalking!

      😆 funny stuff about V!

      Thanks for commenting, Chouxie! Or Abby, lol!

      XD <333333

  12. Oh dear, what’s going on with Aubrey’s grandmother? I hope Vaclav is able to find her and save her! And that one Shadow seems like a rogue, since he’s trying to help her…can’t wait to find out more!

    • hey, you made it back here! Cool! anyhow, Aubrey’s grandma is one sandwich short of a picnic, as they say. 😆 Very good point about Hunter, yes he could be considered a rogue Shadow!

      Thanks!! 😀

  13. Do you have a sims 3 account and can you post a link to the town and Vaclav and Aubrey and their kids and house please.

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