Ninety-Nine: Healing Hands of Time

Contains dialogue of a sexual nature, brief nudity and explicit sexual content.

Tick tock. Time slowly ticked away; surpassing ten months.

Vaclav’s frame had wasted to nothing. His son held onto a girl.

“I brought you another one, Dad.” Reznik grinned.

“This time, she has dark hair, she’s eighteen and she’s a virgin,” he said. “And she’s ready for you… if you want her.”

She gazed down at the hooded figure.

“That’s right.” Reznik squeezed her shoulder. “She wants you to pop her cherry, Dad.”

Vaclav grunted and bolted from the chair. Reznik and the girl recoiled.

“If you find her so desirable, then you fuck her. Now get the fuck out and leave me be.”

“It’s been almost a year! Are you ever going to get over Mom?” Reznik asked.


Vaclav returned to his seat.

Silence accompanied the tension.

It’d been the tenth girl Reznik had brought to his father. None were ever good enough. None would ever be good enough.

It was pointless.

Bluish mist swirled around the moon.

Lauren watched the children play with blocks, amazed at how much they’d grown in the past year; particularly Cody. The boy must’ve had a growth spurt.

Sadly, Vaclav hadn’t emerged from his bedroom in almost nine months. He hadn’t seen Lucifer/Louis or his grandchildren. Lauren was too afraid to take the children into his bedroom, after the last time when Vaclav threw a dagger at the painting.

He scared the living crap out of her. And now that he turned skeletal, he was even creepier.

Lauren shuddered.

Azura and Louis flourished into gorgeous toddlers. Lauren was very proud of them.

Cody would also be a very handsome man some day.

Vaclav was really missing out on the growing kids. Lauren shook her head, then she went over and picked up Louis and Azura.

After kissing Louis, she pecked her daughter on the head.

Azura suckled her pacifier.

Louis whined, struggled to free himself from Lauren’s arms. She knew he wanted to play some more with the blocks, and likely get into things he wasn’t supposed to.

“M–mom! B—b–bocks!” Louis said pointing down. He’d been calling her ‘mom’ for the last few months.

Blocks, not bocks,” Cody teased.

That night, Lauren initiated a love-making session with Reznik.

“It’s been a long, shitty day,” he said.

Lauren froze, her heart pounding.

“Maybe tomorrow.”

“Good night, baby.” He yawned and rolled away from her.

Rejected. Again.

She flipped to her side, angry.

He always said he’d make love to her the next day, but never would. This had been going on since Aubrey’s death. For the first few months Lauren understood.

Now her patience was dwindling. They’d had sex twice in ten months. Reznik had obviously grown bored with her, leaving her emotionally starved. At first his rejection cut into her heart, a pain she never knew existed. That pain turned into rage. That rage gradually subsided. Soon, she knew her anger would dissipate into nothing.


Groans echoed throughout the basement. Unfortunately, she hadn’t had a chance to fall asleep yet.

Was it Vaclav? Was he having a nightmare?

Lauren got up and threw on her robe.

She made her way toward his bedroom.

But I’m not going in there. Hell no.

Tentatively, she approached the doors.

Vaclav cried out.

Aubrey,” he cried in his sleep. “Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey…

For the first time she ever knew of, Vaclav whimpered like a baby.

Oh, God. I am so sorry…

Her heart went out to Vaclav. She wished there were a way to comfort him. And he didn’t seem so creepy after all. Just someone in a lot of pain; kinda like her.

The following night, Lauren read a book to Azura and Louis.

“Have no fear, little fish, said the Cat in the Hat. These things are good things. And he gave them a pat,” Lauren read.

Louis giggled.

“Cat,” Azura chirped trying to turn the page. “Cat.”

“No, no. Don’t turn it yet. Not finished with this page.” Lauren smiled.

“Hat,” Louis said. “Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat.”

Lauren laughed, continued reading.

“Then our mother came in and she said to us two, did you have any fun? Tell me. What did you do?” Lauren said.

“Cat in hat,” Azura said.

“Yes! That’s good! Cat in the Hat!”

Suddenly an odd feeling overcame Lauren. Maybe there was a new presence in the room?

Regardless, she continued to read. Dr. Seuss FTW.

“Daddy,” Louis said. Chills ran up Lauren’s arms and back. She turned to look.


It was one of the rare moments she had time to soak in the tub. Normally Lauren would rush through a quick shower… or just go around not-so-clean. What was the point anyhow? It wasn’t as if Reznik was interested in her.

But now, now she could relax. The babies were asleep and Rez was spending time with Cody.

Thank heavens.

Tingling sensations ensued as her hands glided across her skin, her legs.

Her own touch felt… good?

She leaned back a moment; thinking, moving her legs. Water cascaded between her thighs and caressed that area between them. She hadn’t felt anything caress that area in forever.

One year. Almost one year being the good mother, the good girlfriend, pretending everything was okay between her and Reznik, pretending it didn’t hurt when he refused to touch her, to acknowledge her, to validate her efforts at raising Azura, Cody, and Louis. Louis, the one she’d claimed as her own son.

Pretending it was okay that Reznik wasn’t interested in marriage since his last one failed miserably.

Pretending that he wasn’t seeing another woman… or man. Yes, Lauren had her suspicions that Reznik was bisexual.

Closing off such thoughts and holding back tears, Lauren reached down beneath the bath water.

Now it’s my turn.

She stroked herself slowly at first. Shutting her eyes, images of hot, nude immortals floated through her mind. Their hard, huge erections pointing at the night sky. She imagined one of them masturbating, such as herself.

This particular immortal had blond hair and full lips. His tongue eased out, licked his lips as he came onto the ground.

Lauren came as well. She cried out. That intense burning released into an unimaginable ecstasy…

She ducked below the water as multiple orgasms seized her. Her whole body quaked, trembled.

Once resurfaced, she beamed.

Ah, fuck yeah. She was alive again.

That following Thursday, Lauren headed for the office to check the internet.

She had to do a double-take as she passed the dining room.

Turning back, she peered in.

Her lips curved into a smile.

“So this is what you two have grown into?” Vaclav softly said. “Two beautiful, thriving children.”

“Indeed, Lauren has done an amazing job of raising you two in the past year. I’m impressed… and very grateful.”