One Hundred and Thirty…

One Hundred and Thirty: Necessary Breeding

Contains full-frontal male nudity and pornographic content.

Reminder: Mila is now 18 years old. Lucifer is 17 but now classified as a YA in my game.

There he was sleeping so soundly. As if they’d never argued.

As if their lives weren’t fraught with angst, or their nights filled with danger. Danger from getting caught living in Lucifer’s room, danger from the wicked and cursed.

Speaking of wicked, Mila felt ashamed for standing naked and watching him as he slept.

A ho. Skank. That’s what the girls in school used to call it.

Her eyes quit burning. However she was under no illusion that the curse would skip her. Only meant it’d take more time to transform.

Apparently the witch’s curse affected everyone differently. Some shifted right away; others took longer.

Mila,” he mumbled. “Please...”

She stepped toward him and crawled onto the bed.

Startled, he twisted around, bracing himself on one arm.

“Mila!” Lucifer’s blue eyes registered shock. Shock that turned to a crazed mixture of lust and astonishment once those eyes lowered to her nudity.

“I’m sorry about before. You’re right. It’s the only way.” She wiped a tear from one eye. “I almost turned a few minutes ago, Lucifer.”

“You did? What happened?” His eyes kept lowering, as if he couldn’t stop himself from looking at her body.

“It doesn’t matter. If you still want to, we need to make love. O—okay?”

Lucifer rose upon the bed. Mila’s fingers stroked his face as his arms edged around her waist.

All she could see were his eyes. Shimmering, brilliant blue. Below was his perfect, masculine nose. Pouty lips accentuated his handsome features. Until now she hadn’t realized how beautiful he was.

She ran her thumb across his lower lip. Slowly the tip of his tongue emerged, touched her thumb. His chest, stomach swelled and compressed with each accelerated breath. Lucifer’s pupils grew enormous.

Excitement rushed through her body, up to her heart and made it pound faster. Faster until she trembled.

Her own breathing quickened.

Stunned, she felt the wetness between her thighs and rapid throbbing that marked intimate arousal.

I… want you Lucifer. It’s not just to save my life. I really, really want you. It’s like seeing you through new eyes.

How couldn’t I have seen it before? Was I blind?

“No,” she softly said. “You don’t disgust me. You’ve never disgusted me, Lucifer. I love you. You’re my best friend. You’ve cared for me more than anyone in my whole life.”

“I love you too.” Tears lined the corners of his eyes, but they didn’t overflow. “I don’t want to lose you again, Mila.”

“You won’t.” She slightly smiled fingering his cheek, chin.

Lucifer pulled down his pajamas. Then he spread apart her legs, awkwardly getting between them.

She knew he was a virgin. Thankfully she was not. This wasn’t the time for the ‘blind to be leading the blind’.

“Are you okay? You sure you don’t mind?” He asked it as though lovemaking weren’t necessary to start a pregnancy, and a pregnancy wasn’t necessary to avoid the witch’s curse.

“I’m sure. I’m ready for you, Lucifer. I’m experienced so let me know if you need…”

“Yeah, okay.” He blushed.

As he lowered her down, Lucifer’s lips brushed hers. A full lingering kiss followed.

A series of moans came between each kiss. New to the loving gestures, he almost seemed frustrated. Eyes wide and crazy with desire, Lucifer pecked her wildly on each cheek and then her mouth.

Her lips parted wide inviting his tongue. She helped him by easing her tongue into his mouth first. Gradually he got the hang of it, and he Frenched her with a vengeance.

His rapid breaths were hot on her face. They weren’t even doing it yet but he was already a little sweaty.

Lucifer’s hand slid up to her right breast. Fingers pinched and kneaded her nipple.

“Can I… feel you down there?” He breathlessly asked.

She nodded.

While he fondled her breast, using his other hand and fingers he opened the lips down south.

Lucifer explored and rubbed her clitoris. She cried out as the area grew warmer. Hot.

He found her vagina and slipped his finger inside it. She held in a deep breath, closed her eyes.

Withdrawing from her, Lucifer grabbed his penis. It was stiff, ready.

“I… gotta put it in.” He gasped. “I’m fixing to cum.”

She guided it inside her. That familiar fullness went deep. Deep until it ached, but it was an ache she relished. An ache which pushed her toward climax.

“Oh my god,” he groaned. Their fingers entwined. He squeezed her hand so hard it hurt.

He wouldn’t move at first. As if afraid he’d get off.

Once he finally moved, he took it slow and easy. That delicious ache came and went while he glided in and out.

It was driving her nuts. She wanted him to hammer her.

Slow and easy was good too, of course. As the moments passed the hornier she got.

Suddenly his panting ceased.

Lucifer grunted, shuddered, panted again. “Oh fuck… fuck...” His eyes squeezed shut, backside lurched forward.

Buried as far as it could go, his manhood pumped with orgasm. Lucifer’s entire body shook along with the bed.

But then he left her body and jumped from the bed, angry.

“It didn’t last long enough,” he said.

“Don’t worry. The more we do it, the longer you’ll last. It’s only because… well, just trust me.”

“It’s better it didn’t last long anyhow. I don’t know how much more time I have to shift.”

“We’ll try again later,” she said.

He stood in front of the mirror. “You liked doing it, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did. I loved it, Lucifer.”

…and later they tried again. As promised.

And again. And again. And again.

It was a good thing Lucifer’s parents were out, along with Reznik. They went to the night club to discuss what to do next about the wolf pestilence.

A small army of minions joined them to help fend off the shifters. As for the remaining family, they were upstairs somewhere. Lucifer was almost at the point where he no longer gave a shit if any of them found out about Mila.

Happily, Lucifer had his own way of dealing with that pesky curse. Ironically it involved the most basic of urges.

Sex, sex, and more sex.

Mila sharply exhaled as Lucifer nailed her.

The dresser quaked, thumping against the wall. The bottom drawer gaped. He shoved it closed with his foot, thrust his body into Mila’s, and the drawer flew open once more.

Fuck it.

Getting much better at doing the deed, he rammed her without getting the urge to blow.

It went much deeper once he raised her legs over one shoulder.

That gave him the urge to blow.

He held it in.


I know this shit’s s’posed to help with the witch’s curse… but sweet god this feels incredible.

WOW what a perk. I may have to thank that witch later.

Fucking, fucking, fucking. Fucking Mila, the love of my life.

Ohhh,” he groaned as he came. “I love you.


She didn’t say anything, only looked a little puzzled/uncomfortable.

“So do you think it’s worked yet?” Mila asked minutes afterward.

“Dunno. You had any symptoms of shifting?”

“No. I also wonder if the witch considers it a pregnancy as soon as the egg and sperm join. I hope so. If not, it’ll take another week or longer.”

“Yeah.” He sighed. “I hope this works. I’m worried.”

“Me too.”

“You make me feel good, Lucifer. Better than anyone I’ve ever been with.”

Does this mean I have a big dick? he wondered.

Mila’s hand migrated downward. She barely touched his penis and *boing*.

Seconds later, the two were at it again.

“You’re so pretty.” Lucifer raised his hand to her cheek.

“Thanks. You’re pretty cute yourself.” She nervously laughed.

“So… are you ready?”


Lucifer went over and unfastened his jeans.

This time he lifted up her skirt and took her from behind.

It was as if he’d been fucking forever. Lucifer was becoming quite the pro.

But Mila couldn’t take much more.

Ouch. I hope I’m pregnant by now. My twat is really, REALLY starting to hurt.

Another day. Another fuck fest comes to a close.

One more hump for the road.

* * * *

Credits for 99% of those sex poses goes to Spladoum, of course. She’s the best damn creator of sex poses by far. JMHO.

Note: Lucifer hasn’t thought of the real-life consequences of his and Mila’s actions. He’s only thought about the ‘immunity’ aspect, and that he gets to fuck Mila’s brains out.