First I have to thank the EA Games developers for making Sims 3. Though a lot of things about EA annoys me, I must say they do make a great game, and a great tool to create stories with.

Custom Content Creator List:

1. Creators from The Sims Resource
2. The Sims 3 Store
3. Danny by MartyP8
4.  Mr. Zeke has been turned into a bad boy vampire. His days of being a heroic firefighter are long gone (no offense to the creator).

5. Creators from MTS

6. More creators will be mentioned as I write each chapter.    😉

7. I am going to have a priest later on in my story, and this is where I got him:

Credit goes to: Fouadcher, who made a wonderful hawt sim.  🙂

8.   Nevermind. This item slowed down my game.

9. Neverglade by Pyronium3 :

10. XM Sims

11. MasterController mod by Twallan, Woo-hooer by Twallan, practically everything by Twallan

12. Peggy Zone

13. Roy Dracon by friendlieLlama  😀  he will be used in the story at some point.

14. Twallan’s Debug Enabler, Animator

15. Stuff by Sim Romanov

16. Cmomoney pose box

17. Poses by Claudia, Tum Tum, WOE, etc.

18. Roy Dracon by FriendlieLlama

19. Xeri Petrova by Cinnamon Sugar   🙂

20. Beautiful baby skintone from here:  😀

21.  << gorgeous wolf created by LittleV. I will use it at some point in my story.

22. Liam by Jed, from his story Spellbound:   🙂

23. Toddler skins by LadyFrontbum:

24. Dragon eyes used on the Dempires found here: Dragon wings were found on Rose

25. ‘Newborn clothing’:

26. Masks by M & T Sims.

27. Avie by BadnessDefined: will be used eventually in this story 😀 Thank you so much for uploading him, BD. (I’d requested him on the forums).

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone…

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful cc!

UPDATE 10/9/2011: I am no longer accepting others’ sims to place in my story (unless I ask someone for a specific character/sim, like for a cameo or something). So please don’t ask or bring it up. Sorry. I won’t go into the reasons why I am no longer going to do this. 🙂


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  1. Your Stories REFUSE to disappoint…. Getting intense now… Am sooo anxious for 83. We ❤ you for following our Blog(s) and we just wanted to say that our legacies are getting better so you may want to keep reading. We have actually got many views from your blogroll. Thanks again
    Yufei and Nayana

    • Aww, thank you so much. 🙂 I will keep reading your legacies, I just have a lot to keep up with and it slips my mind to check on certain blogs. ^^ But I’m glad you’ve gotten a lot of views from my blog, that’s great that it’s helped. Hope it keeps up!

      You’re welcome, and thank you! <333

  2. Hello, I just found your stories this past week, and have read everyone that you have put a link to. I absolutly love the way you have written them, and can’t wait for the next up date. I do have one little question, is there any way I can get a link to download Hunter? I think he is really hot, and would love to add him to my game.

    • Yes, do you want to download him from the sims 3 exchange, or want me to try to upload him to mediafire? If I upload him to the exchange, I will ensure there is no CC on him, except for maybe the skin. And if the skin does not work, I’ll give you a link to the sim that has the same skin that DOES work (if that makes sense). Just let me know what you prefer, and thank you so much for the nice compliments! Glad you enjoy my story! 😀

  3. You can upload him to the exchange, and thank you for letting me know about the CC.

  4. I ment to say that I would prefer to download at the sims 3 exchange. I am not famular with mediafire.

    • OK, that’s fine. I will do this within the next 2 days and will post a link to him on here. 🙂

      thanks for your interest in the hottie Hunter! 😛


    there he is ^^ 😉

  6. Hey Jenssims, I noticed that after downloading Hunter I ended up getting a new pair of mens jeans added to my game. I am hoping you might know where they orginally came from. I have already asked over at TS3 forums and no one seems to know. Here is the link, I have posted a picture of them. Would you by chance know where they came from?

    • I think I must’ve downloaded those a while back from some cc site (not TSR or anything, but don’t remember exactly who). But I was sure I didn’t include any CC on the sim when I uploaded, so that concerns me. Seems like the jeans shouldn’t have attached… is it causing any problem? If so I need to remove the sims from my studio probably. Just let me know. I’ll try to look at my launcher later to see if I can find where they came from.


  7. The jeans are not causing any trouble. I was hoping I could find where they came from to see what else the creator had made. I think they are really nice looking. Most of the stuff I have in my game for me are not that great.

    • Glad they’re not causing any issues at least. I tried and tried to find where those came from. I checked my launcher, found a few jeans from All About Style but those didn’t appear to be it. Then checked Liana Sims 3, didn’t see them on there. Tried just about everything but couldn’t find them. *facepalm* sorry I can’t help you more. But if you’re looking for nice jeans, they have some at All About Style and Liana Sims 3 (make sure you click sims 3 not sims 2) and Lorandia Sims 3. Mod the Sims 3 has some jeans on there too. 🙂

  8. Thank you I’ll check out those sites.

  9. I absolutely love your story 🙂 And I really can’t wait for more. Is there any chance that you could put Lucifer up for grabs on the exhange? I would love to add him to my game 🙂

    • Oh yeah, sure I’ll upload him. Give me a couple days. Actually I thought I had him on there at one time… but not sure. I’m fixing to age him up to a YA. Is it ok if I upload him as a young adult? 😀 And thanks you so much for the wonderful compliments. I always appreciate them! 😀 *hugs*

  10. Young adult is perfect 🙂 Thank you 😀

  11. how do I add him from mediafire though? Never did that 🙂

    • Once you’re on that site, click the green download button, then there should be a small pop-up window that says: “Opening Lucifer Haas.Sims3Pack” and it gives you the choice of opening it with your Sims 3 launcher. Mine opens with the launcher by default, so yours might too. You just click the option that says “Open with Sims3Launcher Starter Application”, and then you click “OK”. Or you could go with the other choice and save the file to your computer somewhere, then once it’s on there you just click the icon and it should install Lucifer into your game.

      I think I got all that right… at least I hope.


  12. I’ll try when I get home from work 🙂
    Thanks again 🙂

  13. Well I thought I had it working, but it seems to not be able to install, He shows up as install after I install him, but when i start the game again, he is not there, and he is suddenly not installed. could you try and get him on exhchange? I got hunter from there, and he works fine 😦

  14. I have been trying to install him, but it seems he keeps dissapearing when I try and play the game. I have no idea why. He installs, shows as installed, ut if I play or close the start window and it is gone. Is there any chance you can try exhange again, or if you know how I can fix it 🙂

    • Let me try to upload him as a ‘household’, if that makes any sense. Maybe that would work. I don’t know what the problem could be. Though I’ve had the same thing happen to me before, where it says the sim is installed, but it’s not actually in the game. 😦

      Will get back to you later. Sorry it’s not working… yet.

  15. I got an error message when I used that link too. Not sure if it was because I was logged in, and it tried to find the norwegian site. I don’t know why it won’t install him like it should either, I had that bug once before from the store, but I can’t remember how I fixed it. Will try again when I get back from work today, and just log out of the game before trying to use the link 🙂

    I’ll try and install him again from the pack too, just incase it was a glithch in my system, and it happens to work :p

    • Well crap, I wish it would work. Must just be another exchange glitch or something.

      I really hope you’re able to get Lucifer in your game! Holy crap we’ve been trying this for a few days now! 😆

      Good luck!

  16. Now the link work, and now it refuses to install either.. time to go smack some people at EA! 🙂

    • Oh, crap. Seriously I am sooooo sorry about this. This is BS. I really wish EA would get their shit together and keep the exchange fixed!! >.< Like you said, need to smack those at EA! LOL. Seriously though, I wish it would work. Just about tried everything!


  17. Still trying to make them both work, but no luck so far, been searching the web, but so far that has not been all that helpfull! not giving up though, I am known for being stubborn ^^

    • Ugh! I am soooo sorry that still hasn’t worked. I just don’t understand it. I wish there was another way to upload sims aside from and Mediafire (there ARE other ways, I just don’t know how as of yet. I suck at tech stuff LOL).

      *sigh* I really wish it would work for you. 😦 Maybe some tutorials on the sims 3 site would help? Not saying it’s your fault, though.

      ^^^ If you don’t feel like reading through all that, I don’t blame you. Either way, I wish I could help you with whatever issue is causing this. I don’t understand it. But I DO know the is very glitchy. :/

  18. Hi, sorry to bother, but have you uploaded Mr Smexy Vaclav onto any websites? ‘Cause if you have I’d love to have that smokin’ hot Simmie in my game!
    And if not, would you mind telling me where you got the hair that can be seen on the picture of Vaclav on the Bloodlust homepage? I really love it!

    PS: I love your story so much! Your characters are so well-developed and I am just hooked onto this story!
    PPS: What happened to Ashton? I mean, we haven’t seen her in so long in the story that it just makes me wonder if something happened to her. (I won’t mind if you don’t answer this though!)

    • Hey there! You don’t have to be sorry, but I’ve been having some issues uploading sims. I just tried to help the girl above download Lucifer without any luck so far.

      I did have V. uploaded on the S3 site, but can’t remember if I deleted him or the site culled him. 😯 give me a few days to see if I can upload him either on the main site (not much hope for that however) or upload him to mediafire.

      OK, as for that hair, it’s called Smokin’ Slick (it’s my fave hair) and it’s at the Sims 3 store:

      Awwwwww seriously thank you so much honey!! 😀 I love getting sweet compliments like that.

      LOL about Ashton. I’m very ahead of chapters right now, so I can tell you she’ll come back, at least briefly if not a little more. 😛

      What’s your username on the If you have an account there, I will gift you that hair that V. has. Sound good?


      • Oh, there has got to be some problem with the Sims Launcher. I downloaded the whole new Haas generation household (and installed it into the game) but it didn’t show up. Hopefully EA will fix this (if it is indeed their fault) when the new EP comes out along with the new patch. (I can’t wait for the new EP! It looks so exciting from all the images on Google, especially the zombies! But they’ve seriously got to do a Seasons expansion. That EP was one of the best Sims 2 EPs in my opinion. And if they don’t do a Seasons EP I’ll just have to stick to that weather-changing mod on MTS.)

        Ok! Thank you! Vaclav is just… just… wowww… Really, what is your secret to creating the sexiest Simmies on the planet and in the Sim world?

        100 SimPoints? That’s a lot, but by looking at Vaclav it’s sure worth it! Thank you for the link! Do you have any other favourite items in the Store? It’s been a long time since I looked there, I usually just get items from MTS and TSR.

        Seriously, you deserve those compliments! The time and effort you put into this story is just unbelievable! I really love Bloodlust and Platinum!

        Ah, ok! I thought she got killed or something like that… Hehe… Can’t wait to see her though!

        LOL! Shame on me! I already bought the hair before I read the whole comment! But thank you! Nobody’s ever offered to do that for me!

  19. hey I said I’d gift you that hair, silly. 😛

    Like you said, I think there’s a problem with the launcher (when is there NOT a problem with it)?? I don’t know if the poor girl above ever got the download to work either. SMH. I hope EA fixes it too, but idk. Whenever they fix anything, they break something else! 😛

    Oh, seriously, I’m with you on that next EP. It looks so freakin’ amazing!! So excited for it, and it’s only about 6 more weeks until it comes out!! 😀 About a Seasons EP: they’ve had it already listed at some reliable sites, with a release date sometime in November. SimsVIP talks a lot about it. So I’m pretty sure they’re coming out with Seasons. Don’t ask me why it’s coming out only 2 months after Supernatural. I think that’s weird.

    Actually I downloaded V. originally, but that’s been forever ago, and I tweaked the shit out of him, until he no longer resembled the original sim. But I’m not that great at making hot male sims. Hunter turned out nice, but I think I’m a little better at making pretty female sims. But thanks for the compliments!! ❤

    Yes that hair is worth it. It's my fave out of any other hairstyle. Actually I got lucky and that hairdo was gifted to me by a simmer loooong ago. I have no idea how he knew I'd love that hair so much, I didn't have a wishlist back then and still don't. But anyhow… lol.

    There are maybe one or two other hairstyles I like from the sim store, oh and the technophobe no more set, I think it's called. I got that set a couple months ago. It goes really well with vampire decor, lol. You're welcome for the link to the hairstyle, btw.

    Aww, thank you so much. I try. 😳 I know I've made mistakes with the story, including some continuity errors, but I still try. :3 Thank you again for the sweet compliments!! Oh, about Platinum. I feel really guilty that I still haven't updated that one yet… for some reason I'm obsessed with Bloodlust. 😆 There will come a time when I'm tired of writing BL and I promise I'll update Platinum. *facepalm*

    Nope, she's still in the story. I just forgot about her for a while, too many other plots/sub plots to wrap up, etc. She just didn't belong anymore. Not until now, at least. I think I wrote her back into the story around chapter 119. I have so many chapters written of this, it's enough to last way past whenever the next EP releases. That's just crazy. However it'll come in handy because of a certain storyline I'm going to do. *Hint: fairy babies*


    Oh no. You already got that hair? Ugh! Well let me know if you'd like anything else. It's really no problem because I just got simpoints and already bought one item I wanted. I like gifting peeps, it's fun. 😀

    Let me know! Along wish a link to your WL on that site! 😀

    • Whoopsie!

      Haha! True that!

      Ohmygosh! There is going to be a Seasons EP in November!? Woah! I never knew that! (Oh well! I can’t wait for it so much that I don’t really mind if it is weird that Seasons will be so soon after Supernatural! The Sims 2 Seasons were just so exciting, and I really loved the outerwear, especially the toddler ones!) The only thing that ever disappointed me in all the Sims games is the fact that toddlers weren’t allowed to swim.

      LOL xD No way! You’re great at making males- Reznik and Vaclav are just so hot (and so was Jakub, but I have a little more trouble admitting to that), but I do agree that you make pretty female Simmies. I love Kat, Azura, Aubrey and Lauren! And Ashton looked actually really pretty too (especially in the chapter where Rez was about to admit his feelings to her); I really loved Ash’s hair in that chapter (the curly hairstyle).

      Hehe! Coincidence, eh? :]

      Oh! I heard of that set, it looks really awesome! Especially the blindfolded statue (made me laugh for no reason when I first saw it).

      Mistakes? What mistakes? (Seriously, what mistakes?) You really deserve those compliments! I don’t blame you for being obsessed with BL, and if I did blame you it would be like the pot calling the kettle black (I hope you know the phrase, and if you (or anybody else reading this) don’t then let me just say that this phrase has nothing to do with skin colour or anything else that could possibly be used to discriminate someone).

      2 more chapters until I see Ashton again! Eeeks! Oh.My.Gosh! Fairy babies! That sounds just *too* cute!

      As silly as my username sounds, I’m called ‘LilCutePali2’ (because my cousin used the same username without the ‘2’ ¬.¬ ). (And please, don’t feel as if you have to buy me anything. Really! But I do have to say that it is so refreshing to meet such a selfless person as yourself.)

      • Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. Yep, there is supposed to be a Seasons EP released in Nov. Weird isn’t it? I really liked it for Sims 2 also, but it kinda fried my graphics card… then again that computer wasn’t suited for Sims anyhow. I loved the toddler outerwear clothing too. 😀 I also loved those penguins!! It’d be nice if they were bringing them back.

        I hear ya. I always hated how toddlers couldn’t swim too.

        Aww, well thanks. Reznik got his looks from both Aubrey and V., so that REALLY helped him. 😀 If there’s anything I don’t like about the offspring, I just use Master Controller to edit them in CAS. I remember that I fixed Rez’s nose and chin. LOL. Same with Jakub. As for Jakub, he’s baaaaad, as you know. 😛 Anyhow thank you for all those compliments! It’s a lot easier to get pretty/good looking sims if the parents are nice looking. That makes me sound shallow. Not really trying to be. LOL. I can’t decide which female is my fave, either Lauren or Aubrey. I like Kat too but she’s annoying at times. Ironically that’s my own fault because I made her that way. XD I really like that curly hairstyle too. I think I lost it a while back whenever my game was acting stupid.

        Actually yeah. It was really weird that it ended up being my fave hairstyle for dudes. O_O

        Yeah it’s a great set. Not quite sure what’s up with that blindfolded statue… kinda odd, really, but still cool. Probably no wonder you laughed when you first saw it!

        Oh Jeez, I’m sure I’ve made a few mistakes. If not several. Although I will say I’m a better writer than I was a few years ago. XD But thank you! Oh no worries about that saying. I’ve heard it several times before. I’ve used it myself from time to time, haha. 🙂 And thank you again!!

        Yep, Ash will be back, and she’ll be as goofy as ever. 😛

        Yes! I’m pretty sure in the next EP the toddlers or babies can be fairies. Unless I’m mistaken. I sure hope I’m not! I have some plans for this story!

        Aw, your name’s fine on there. And it’s no problem, it’s fun gifting randomly. :mrgreen: I wouldn’t say I’m selfless though. Probably more of the opposite, but I think I got the ‘generosity’ gene from my mother (when she was alive). She was always like that, she’d go out and think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on clothes for my kids when they were younger. She’d do it just for FUN. ^^ But I’m not nearly THAT generous though.


        Oh, I think I forgot to ask… do you know how to download from Mediafire? If you do, it’d be much easier to upload Vaclav to that media. Thanks!

  20. Oh! It’s alright! Yeah, same with my computer. I can’t play Sims for any longer than 3 hours a day or else my computer shuts itself off. Yeah! x]

    Plus some people on TSR created such adorable swimsuits for toddlers that it just hurts looking at them and knowing that my lil Simmies can’t go swimming in them. T_T

    Haha! Lucky Rez! Who’s worse- Jakub or Cody? I mean, Cody’s been doing so much shit lately that I’m actually more than 60% sure that he’ll end up just like Jakub, but with probably Lucifer or Rez as the beheader.
    Haha! But that is true, as shallow as it might sound. Genetics play a big part in life. *shrug*
    I agree- Kat can be annoying, especially in the earlier chapters where she kept on acting like a lovesick puppy around Hunter. And when she wrote with her own blood on that mirror? Oh please! That really made me facepalm! I really liked Aubrey- she was so down-to-earth, but when she learned that V. got with Lauren she kind of disappointed me. And Lauren used to be annoying at the beginning, but later she just matured into such a lovely and beaitful lady! Such a shame- I would’ve loved to see maybe Lauren or Azura with that hair!

    At first, I never actually would’ve thought that that hairstyle was by EA. It just looks too good on V. Especially the texture- nearly all EA hairstyles have a 2D-ish texture that I really dislike, yet in the photos on here the texture actually looks really nice!

    xD Haha! Yeah! Although the stature is kind of erotic. *blushies* I mean, kinda bondage-y if you think about it, with the blinfold and the fact that the set looks vampire-ishly themed.

    You’re very welcome! 🙂

    LOL! That’s actually what I love about Ash!

    I hope so too! I really would love to see the way you’d use fairy babies!

    Aww! Thank you so much! The Cinna-Sweet hairstyle is so adorable! I can’t wait to try it out!
    Aww, losing family members is so hard! I hope you’re fairing fine, it must’ve been so hard losing such a lovely family member!
    Is there anything that I could gift you as a ‘thank you’? The hairstyle is truly cute! Thank you!

    Yep, I do. Mediafire is actually much less of a pain than the Launcher.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what are Vaclav’s, Reznik’s, Aubrey’s and Lauren’s traits? I have no idea why I’m asking this, guess I’m just curious as to what makes them who they are. *shrug*

    • My computer doesn’t shut itself off, but if I’m just surfing the web or whatnot, sometimes it’ll freeze and do a cute blue screen system crash. And my computer is a freakin’ Alienware desktop, bought in March!!! 🙄

      And whenever I play certain EA made worlds, it lags and freezes every few seconds… I don’t get that. That is part of the reason why I never EVER buy worlds from the store. Worlds are too pricey and I’m afraid after spending all that money on them, that they’ll lag or glitch too badly. :/ And my computer is more than able to handle Sims 3. So go figure. I’ve had issues with Starlight Shores and one other world (can’t think of the name).

      As for toddlers not being able to swim, maybe there’s a mod for that or something? Not sure. I usually don’t play my game, I only use it for stories, so if I wanted a toddler to look like it’s swimming I could just use some cheats. LOL. Also I hate that toddlers/babies can’t take baths anymore. Then again, you could always have your sim give a pet a bath, then use a cheat to move the pet somewhere else, or even use Debug Enabler to make it invisible, and then put your toddler in the tub… or something. 😆

      LOL about Jakub and Cody… you’ll be a little surprised later about Cody, though. I’m starting to think it’s that darn hairstyle that makes them bad (since both Cody and Jakub had the same hair LOL). 😛 I changed Cody’s hair at some point though. As for whether or not Cody gets his head lopped off, we shall see. Hehe.

      I hear ya. Genetics do play a big part. Sometimes they help, sometimes… not so much! LOL about Kat acting like a lovesick puppy around Hunter (and funny choice of words haha). Wow, you know she really was crushing on him hard. O_O Then again if I was 15 and had a studly doctor like him, I’d act just as annoying! 😛 Yeah, the part where she wrote that on the mirror was quite dramatic. Kinda like she was trying to manipulate him, eh?
      Good point about Aubrey. Even though it probably hurt, she should’ve been somewhat grown up about it and been glad that V. chose Lauren and not someone else. True about Lauren as well. I agree that she was as annoying as Kat was. But now she’s better. 😀 As for that hair, I was a little surprised to find it yesterday. So give me some time, maybe at some point I’ll let one of them use it. It’s quite pretty.

      Oh lawd I know what you mean about EA hair…. I think I adjusted V’s hair (several times) to where it wouldn’t look so bad. That’s probably what helped. Glad you liked it on V. I sure know I did, despite the ‘somewhat flat’ texture!

      Ah! Never thought about that about that statue! That’s a good point. Maybe that’s what EA was gearing toward? Pretty cool. 😉

      hehe about Ash. May not show her a whole lot, so sorry if that might disappoint you. It’s just that I have soooooo many characters in this story to keep up with… ugh. And that’s why in the next generation, there will NOT be as many babies. Not like there was in the previous one. Jeez, I think I had various sims give birth to 6 or 7 kids??? Not this time!! Too many to keep up with!

      I can’t wait till those fairy babies. Though there’s one thing I forgot: they can’t be combined species, so if they’re fairies, they won’t have the glowing vampire eyes. Not sure what to do about that…. 😦 Maybe there will be a mod to have hybrids. I sure hope so.

      You’re welcome about that hairstyle! It is cute! Hope you’re enjoying it.

      Aw, well thank you. Yeah it’s been about 6 months now. Suppose I kinda lost it there for a little while (mainly got really angry about everything, you know). I’ve been better the last few days and I really hope I can keep it up.

      Awww no I don’t need gifted anything. I’d rather give. 😳 Thank you though, that is truly sweet of you to offer! I just enjoy randomly gifting whenever I have the simpoints to do it. ^_^

      Gosh you aren’t lying about Mediafire being much easier to use than the launcher. I am so sick of the launcher… every time I use it, it makes me want to tear my hair out. 😆 So glad you prefer Mediafire. I’ll upload him in a jiffy.

      Their traits? I’m not sure. I’m always changing their traits to suit whatever chapter or plot I’m doing… I think Rez’s is great kisser, inappropriate, hopeless romantic, evil maybe…. V’s traits are much the same I think, and maybe brave, Lauren’s… I’m not sure at all on her. Same with Aubrey. Whatever odd personality they have, it’s usually the one I give to them for this story. 😛

      Hope to ttys.

      OK, there’s Vaclav down below:

      😀 Let me know if you have any issues.

      • Oh, I hate freezing! Sometimes my Sims game freezes and that’s when I know that the computer’s going to shut itself. And I don’t even get the chance to save my game T_T
        Really? That’s so unlucky! I think I’ve tried to once download the free Riverview world from the store- it wouldn’t even show up in the game!

        Nope, no mods for that yet. I looked everywhere. However, there is a swimming pool (one of those inflatable ones) on TSR that is for kids, and if you give the kid the ‘Never Nude’ trait they will appear in the pool in a swimsuit (the pool was actually created as a bath, so it will look as if the kid is taking a bath, but the pool should still look good in a story). Here’s the link if you wanted to see the pool, plus if you look in the ‘Recommended Download(s)’ you’d see that the creator also made inflatable arm bands for kids if you wanted to create more ‘realism’:
        PS: Sorry for taking up your time if you have already heard of this download ^.^

        I’ll be surprised?! Can’t wait! Haha, it *must* be the hairstyle! Oh yeah! We shall see! (Seriously, I can’t wait to see!)

        Haha! I never realised that pun until you pointed it out! Okay, okay! I admit that I’d act that way too… But Hunter was kinda being annoying when Aubrey was around- I did pity Kat at some points. Yes, I agree; Kat is so much better now!

        Really? You found the hair? Woohoo! I hope you can use it at some point, and if not, oh well!

        Oh no! I’m certain EA didn’t gear towards that! Just think about how it would ruin the game’s virgin 12+ rating!
        What’s your favourite game mod? Mine is either the Vector mod by NRAAS, or WooHooer.

        Oh, it’s alright! I don’t mind if Ash isn’t in the story as much as she was before! I’ll love you for even mentioning her!
        6 or 7 babies? Wowww! I know that I would never be able to keep up with so much Simmies- I barely can handle 4 Sims at the same time!

        Wow! Hybrids! That would be awesome! And if no-one creates such mod, maybe you could just look for vampire teeth accessories or bright eye contact lenses (and if the contact lenses aren’t bright enough you could just blame it on the fairy genes).

        Yes, I am enjoying the hairstyle very much! Thank you! It’s so adorable!

        I wish you the best, and I hope you get even better!

        Well, if you’re sure… But are you really, *really* sure you don’t want anything? I just feel kinda guilty accepting a gift from you, and not gifting you anything in return…

        Lol! Evil for Rez? Haha! Poor him!
        And I downloaded Vaclav from Mediafire with no problem- now I just have to try to install him into the game, and, hopefully, my Launcher will cooperate with me! Thank you so much!

      • Hey, I’ll reply to your comment shortly. 😀 I have to get to the other’s requests/comments real quick…

  21. Did the launcher actually do the trick? I still can’t install Lucifer in my game, even had a friend try on her computer, but that didn’t really do any good either, she had the same problem 😦
    So I think there is a launcher issue somewhere, I just do not understand what it can be, after all, I could install Hunter just fine. Will try Vaclav when I get home, maybe it’s just a bug with Lucifer, and that magical family. I can’t get either to work. *grumble mumble*

    Now.. did I just read that there will be seasons incoming to sims 3???

    Now back to trying to get Lucifer to work somehow!

    • LOL heck I don’t know. The lot that Lucifer was on did the trick, if that’s what you mean.

      I do know that the launcher/exchange have been having issues.

      Yes, I read the very same thing (about Seasons)!! Isn’t that awesome??? They posted screenies of it too, I LOVE how it looks with the snow!! 😀 I don’t know which EP I want more: Seasons or Magic… probably Magic, but Seasons still looks amazing. I can’t believe sims can finally go ‘trick or treating’! O_O

  22. Oh, and I added you to my blog as well, or well this story, as I really love it and I want people to read it 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Lita! You are really sweet. 😀 I will add your blog if you give me a link to it. I really do appreciate it. 🙂

  23. I downloaded Vaclav to test and it worked just fine. Could you try to uppload Lucifer again, maybe there is just a bug in the file? 🙂

    • Great that V. worked. Are you talking about Mediafire or the exchange? I assume you mean Mediafire. Don’t think I have V. on the exchange any longer. I will upload Lucifer to Mediafire again… he’s also on the ‘magic lot’ that I uploaded a while back on the exchange. Hope all this helps. 🙂 <<<< new version of Lucifer.

  24. Okay! :]

    • Sorry I haven’t been back here to reply. I’ve been busy updating Platinum for a change, LOL. Then I’ve had to proofread and edit the Bloodlust chapters since I’m not publishing two chapters per week.

      May take me a few more days but I’ll get back to ya. Not trying to ignore you or anything. 🙂

      • Oh, it’s alright! Thanks for updating Platinum, really love the new chapters!
        I really love how you brought Mila back into this story, it’s really cute how Lucifer cares for her and all. Plus I love how Lucifer keeps on calling Lauren his mother, even though he knows she’s not his biological mom. And, I loved how you included Ashton, even though her part was short, I still really loved goofy Ash. :]
        And, although I’m not a fan of Brent and not much of a fan of Azura, I found it sweet how Brent said ‘“I love you. I love you.”’ and ‘“Do you… believe me?”’ Cute!
        One question, if you don’t mind; do you plan on revealing what happened to Chase? (As much as I liked Chase, his ‘situation’ still makes me LOL. ‘He’d been castrated via supernatural powers.’)

  25. Believe it or not, that actually worked 🙂 Has to have been the first one that was bugged! Thanks 🙂

  26. I downloaded Hunter & V tonight I’m excited to create my own scenarios with them on my own personal game, it may take the edge off missing them so much! I was wondering if you have Aubrey and Resnik available for download? The old link for Aubrey doesn’t work anymore and I can’t have V without Aubrey, just doesn’t feel right to deny him his essence. I have wanted to comment on Lance’s story but its disabled just wanted you to know how much I’m enjoying it so far especially the cameo with Res keep up the brilliant work, I will read anything and everything you publish from here on out When I read your stories I forget the characters are sims, you give them such deep personalities they seem so real! I even have a song they I hear on the radio that reminds me of Bloodlust I can’t remember the name now but one line says “This is fucking awesome” I picture The Haas hotties all getting ready to whoop some rival ass 🙂

    • hello there, mcpurdy! 😀 Oh, cool that you d/l Hunter and V! I hope you enjoy them in your game! Hahaha, it’s just too bad we can’t ‘enjoy’ them IRL. JK of course!(I’m such a perv) 😆 Anyhow, I used to have Rez for d/l somewhere, but forgot where. LOL. I’ve had so many of them uploaded at one time or another, it’s confusing. OK, when I find the time I’ll try to get Aubrey uploaded so you can have her too. 😛 Oh, and Rez also. As for the disabled comments, yeah they’ve mostly been like that for almost 2 years. I was going through a rough time at the end of 2011 and was being short-tempered with some readers, so I had to disable comments (NOT out of anger, I did it because I couldn’t handle comments at the time… wasn’t fit for it). And I haven’t enabled them since, but now it’s because I don’t have much time to reply. Meh, sorry for the drawn-out explanation. >.<

      Anyways, thank you for the awesome compliment about Lance's Story! 😀 Also thanks for the other amazing compliments… really, wow, this statement made my day: "When I read your stories I forget the characters are sims, you give them such deep personalities they seem so real!" OMG, seriously that makes me want to bawl (sp?) tears of joy, lol. That's one of the best comments I've had yet! *cries tears of joy* 😳 😳 so sweet, thank you for making my night, and quite possibly my entire week/month!!! Not to sound cheesy, but it's readers like you that REALLY get me to keep writing (even when I don't have time)! And people like you who make it worth the effort to upload my sims, because you're soooo worth it. ^_^

      Hahaha, 'whoop some rival ass' indeedie! I will say that this story was my most favorite one to write. EVER. EVER. EVER. And I've been writing stories since about the age of 7!! 😀 It's like the kind of story I've always wanted to write and finish, but never did until now. *HUGS*

      • I know you’re super busy so I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and for uploading Aubrey/Res when you get the time. I may come across the link to Resnik in the comments somewhere for my 2nd read through I’m reading each comment as well.

        I’m find if its like a movie when you re watch you know what happens in the plot but take more time to notice small details missed the 1st time. I’m thrilled you liked my comments you deserve so much praise for your hard work. I understand on the comments as a mom myself just maintaining order in the house is a bitch there is just never enough time! It’s wonderful that you do make the time to do something you enjoy and that do many others can escape from reality for a little while in your stories 🙂

        Geez how I would love to really have V, Hunter, and Res for my real personal use lol You do know how to write out a sexy scene. The x rated content was actually the first thing I read when I found your site hehe

      • Sorry I’m late on replying… Actually I didn’t know I even had another comment here. I guess I missed it. >.<

        Oh, really it's no problem, I'm just sorry it took me forever to reply. I think by now you probably have Aubrey and Rez in your game. 🙂

        Aww, well thank you, and yes I love your comments. I appreciate them so much… I really do. I feel really bad and guilty when it takes me so long to reply. I've just really gotten bad about that. I get to updating, and get caught up in doing other stuff, and I let my comments fall by the wayside.

        Oh yes, having to take care of chores, etc. is such a pain, plus trying to find time to update, edit, reply to comments, etc. Ugh! So much to do. Plus my middle daughter is autistic, which means a lot more work. Plus I home school my youngest… it's a juggling act, really.

        Aww, thank you again for the wonderful compliments! 😀 😳 Truly, you guys on here are the absolute BEST. I'm not just sayin' that either, and I also don't mean to sound cheezy, lol. It's just true. It's comments like yours that makes it worth while, and plus I enjoy writing anyway. 🙂 Thank goodness I enjoy it. It's such an awesome hobby… I've been writing since I was a little kid!

        Hmm, have I uploaded all the characters that you wanted? If you get back on here, let me know if there's anyone else you wanted and I'll upload them. And hopefully I'll get to your comment soon, and it won't take me a month… lol.

        Thank again for your awesome comments!! ♥ ♥ Oh, and I don't blame you about the X rated stuff, lol. I love reading it as well as writing it… and I'm getting better at writing dirty scenes (at least I hope lol). 😛

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