Twenty-One: Taming the Beast


That horrible hammering noise had gone on all night.

John worked on fixing the door.

Every so often she heard him bitching:

“I swear, as soon as I’m finished with this shit…”

“You better pray that morning light doesn’t so much as singe one of my eyelashes… and I think it is.”

An hour later he finished.

“Say hello to my little friend…”

Aubrey gasped. She knew he was talking about the rogue vampire.

John shoved the monster in with her, and smiled as he strolled away.

“Have fun,” he called out.

“Shit, shit, shit!” She panicked, kicking boxes in front of her as a barrier.

Hunched over, the monster hissed and growled like some animal.

He lunged at her, twisting his neck at an impossible angle. He tossed the boxes to the side.

Then he rose up, grabbing at her.  

Think, Aubrey! I only have seconds before it dives for my neck!

His fingers tightened around her arm.

Aubrey began to sing.

‘There once was a friendly and naive king, who married—-a very nasty queen…‘ Feeling utterly ridiculous, she continued to sing Alexia’s theme from Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

She was desperate, and they say music calms the savage beast…

Fuck! It’s not working!

Hellfire burned in his eyes.

‘Till one day strolling in his court, an arrow—-‘ she struggled to remember the rest.

‘pierced the kind king’s heart. He lost his life,‘ she sang.

Oh my God! It’s working now!

The beast stood quietly before her. When he reached for her, she started the song over.

‘The king was loved but the queen was feared.’

The creature caressed her face, gazing at her as if madly in love.

His right hand slid down her arm.

“See,” she began in a trembling voice. “You’re not so bad after all.”

Maybe she could get him to break open the door… eventually.

Six weeks passed.

John was too stupid to realize his pet rogue wasn’t hurting Aubrey. Whenever John saw her, she brushed her hair over her neck to hide the fact she hadn’t been bitten.

Once a day for a few hours, he let the rogue in the closet, always locking him in with her.

During that time, Aubrey tried to teach him to break open the door, whether by kicking it or punching it. So far, no dice.

And where the hell is Vaclav? Why hasn’t he rescued me by now? Did he get Reznik like he was going to? Or is he busy looking for me?

So many questions.

For the millionth time, she reached out and tried the doorknob.

Just as she knew. It wouldn’t budge.

She turned around and looked down at her stomach. It seemed… huge.

Since it was a dhampiric pregnancy, in 2 1/2 more months the baby would be due. Hopefully she still wouldn’t be stuck in that hell hole.

Off and on, John fed her scraps to eat as if she were a dog. She was starving. Worse, that meant her baby was starving.

Her hand glided up her belly. Over the last couple weeks, she had very strange cravings. She didn’t remember having those cravings when she was pregnant with Reznik. Then again, she didn’t have much of an appetite since she was grieving over Vaclav at that time.

Yes, Aubrey’s cravings were strange indeed. It was a thirst she never thought she’d experience…

It was the thirst for blood.

The next morning, Aubrey looked at the far wall. It was the first time she’d noticed something.

She stepped up to the built-in dresser, running her hands all over it. Then she pushed it.

It moved.

Straining, she managed to push it over.

She couldn’t believe what was behind it.


The pit of hades was calling her name, so she descended the steps.

Aubrey walked through a tunnel that seemed to stretch on forever.  

Around a corner, she saw the end. Excitement jump-started her heart.

A staircase greeted her. Two macabre coffins rested against the wall, and hopefully they were empty.

At the top, she looked around.

To her amazement, it was the basement of the vampires’ nightclub.

What the holy shit?

Ravenous, she saw something else that called to her…

She reached for the goblet of blood, not even caring how old it was.

“What monster have I become?” she said, wiping the blood from her mouth and chin.

She proceeded to the next room with an enormous door.

Aubrey tried to remember how Reverend Reese opened it, but couldn’t.

She gazed up at it. It was absolutely pointless.

“Fuck me,” she griped.

She headed back to the familiar closet, shoving the dresser back into place.

Another day expired. Its death preceded a rebirth of morning.

Then evening.

John allowed the ‘beast’ to stay with Aubrey overnight and part of the evening.

Gently, she took his hand and placed it on her stomach. She was curious as to how he’d react to the baby.

A tiny foot kicked the vampire’s palm. Then the baby rolled around, causing Aubrey’s entire stomach to shimmy.

Aubrey’s body was no longer her own. It belonged to the fetus.

The rogue moved his hand all over, smiling.

Abruptly, the door swung open.

“It’s getting late. Time to get back to your dungeon,” he told the rogue. “You were lucky I let you stay in here for so long, you ugly shit.”

A low rumbling emanated from the beast’s throat.

“As for you, I want to taste what Vaclav has tasted,” he seductively said.

What did he mean by that?!  

Her pulse hastened.

John stepped forward and ravaged her lips. He moaned as his tongue shot in her mouth. She wanted to bite it off.

Aubrey tried to shove him away, but it was useless.

The rogue watched.  That angry rumbling in his throat drew to a crescendo.

 The beast leapt at John, breaking Aubrey free of him.

“What the fuck?” John shouted backing away. 

 The rogue pounced on John and knocked him to the floor.

“Oh, my gosh. Yessss,” she whispered trying to curb her excitement.  

She stared at the beast, feeling guilty for what she was about to do.  

John remained on the floor unconscious.

It was her only chance; she had to take it.

 She dashed for the front door.

Aubrey knew the beast was following.


She spun around. “You can’t come with me. The sun’s still out and you’ll die. Do you understand me?”

He just stared at her.

“You have to listen to me! You can’t go outside! Do you understand what I’m saying?

I have to go! I don’t have time for this! her mind screamed.

The evening sun drifted low in the sky.

She halted, feeling his presence behind her.

No, no, no… She spun around.

The rogue stepped out into the remaining sunlight.

He attempted to shield the light from his face.

“No!” she screamed. “Get back into the house!”

He sunk down, turning to dust.

It was over.

Aubrey cried out in anguish and covered her eyes.

Then she sobbed. “Why—why didn’t you listen to me?”

Sadly, she didn’t even have time to cry or grieve. She had to go before John woke up.

She ran. The sun dipped farther down. It was not good.


She heard his footfalls pounding the concrete.

Once more, it was useless. Aubrey stopped running and simply waited for him to catch up. It didn’t take long.

“Did you really think I’d let you get away that easily?” he asked.


Thanks for reading!! ♥ ♥ Chapter 22 coming this Friday.


PS: Rachel (Playerrac) if you’re reading this, I’m going to get you something on your sims 3 wishlist for your B-day!! I already got you a new background to see if it’d work, because a few days ago I tried to purchase something from the store and it threw out a stupid error. Anyhow, it seems to be working ok now. 🙂



26 Responses to “Twenty-One…”

  1. Awww so the beast wasn’t so bad after all. Hopefully Aubrey can still get away. 😀

  2. YAY! Thanks for letting me know! 😀

    *goes over to read*


    EDIT: and those 2 chapters were AWESOME as usual. 😀

  3. awesome chapter i like the rogue now but it is a shame he’s gone 😦 I HATE john he is one huge bitch (ohhh i am using a bad word hehehe)

    • hey Tami! I know, it was so sad to write that in. 😦 LOL, John certainly is a bitch. haha, I’m just a bad influence with my terrible language. 😛 I didn’t used to be this bad, if you’ve read Riverview (and I think you have) you’ll know I never cursed in it, not until the later chapters. I always used *bleep*, haha! XD

      There I go rambling again… >.<

      Thanks for reading/commenting! ❤

  4. I’m surprised nobody has found her after all this long. And what’s with her desire to drink blood?? That’s very interesting.

    • hi Sfe 🙂 Well, Vaclav is a little slow 😛 he thinks the Shadows have her, yet her trail doesn’t lead to them (that’ll be clarified in the next chapter). Anyhow, I wanted her to have pregnancy cravings, and since the baby is half vampire, of course Aubrey would crave blood. LOL. I like how it’s different; Bella Swan never had cravings like that when she was preggers. ^.^ at least I don’t think she did…

      Thanks for commenting!! ❤

  5. Hmm, interesting.
    I loved it! That beast was creepy the first time I saw him, but in the end I loved him 🙂 LOL!
    But seriously, Vaclav needs to up his game and go searching properly for Aubrey. Does Shawn think she is with the shadows too?
    That John is such a bastard. He better let Aubrey go soon :L
    Great chapters, as always.
    Can’t wait for Friday!
    ❤ x

    • hi Emma 🙂
      yep, surprising that the nasty ol’ rogue turned out nice. ^.^ As for Vaclav, he’ll up his game in the next chapter. 😛 Yep, Shawn just assumes it’s the Shadows as well.

      I hear you. John is a total asswipe, lol. Maybe he’ll get what’s coming to him. <.<

      Thanks so much Emma! 😀

  6. Awsome chapter 😦 poor rogue he will be missed 😦


    Thank you so much for 1 the amazing gifts that I simply must return as soon as possible 🙂

    And 2 that amazing chap! Poor beastie 😦 So many possible outcomes and theories of a certain someone in the Haas clan and the baby just became apparant to me 😉 Yay for thinking 😉

    • hehe 😛

      You’re welcome!!! I do love gifting for B-days! Now watch, a bunch of peeps will get on here and say it’s their B-days, LOL. Just joking, I promise. >.> And no, no, no, you don’t have to gift me back!!! I really just wanted to do that! 😀

      Oh, I know it. Poor Beastie indeed (what a cute name, BTW!) Thank you, glad you liked this chapter! I’ll be wrapping this part of the storyline up in chapter 22, then get on to better, even MORE interesting things!! 😮


  8. Awww! Poor, stupid beast! 😦
    Wait a sec, if he died in the sun, why didn’t thingymabob, the other vamp?
    Sorry, I’m awful at names lol 😀

    • hi Tiny. LOL about the stupid beast XD 😛

      The beast died in the sun because, even though it was low in the sky, it was still visible. John didn’t die because the sun went farther down, as a few minutes elapsed after Aubrey began to run, etc. Make sense?

      NP. ❤

  9. Oh, and btw, it’s my birthday! 😀

    …only joking lol XP

  10. Aww the poor wee beastie! (errm dunno why I went scottish, hmmm) I hope Aubrey gets free of evil John (hopefully soon before she gives birth . . . CAN’T WAIT for that!) and back into the arms of Vaclav . . . well most likel Shawn but I can HOPE it’s vaclav.

    OH and thanks for the nice tip with dealing with monsters, I am definitly gonna start singing next time I forget to hand in homework to one of my monster teachers . . .

    • hey Pixxi 🙂 hehe, funneh. As for her getting away, the next chap is just around the corner and will wrap this up, so hopefully she’ll get away… maybe she’ll end up in Vaclav’s arms… >.>

      hahaha!!! I know that was a silly part to put in there, about the singing! 😛 Like a bugs bunny cartoon or something, LOL. Hehe about the monster teachers, but they might be entirely TOO savage for music to work on THEM… probably just piss ’em off more, lol. XD

      Thanks for commenting! ❤

  11. i love the new poll thingie and the happy holidays greeting and what is up with aubrey drinking blood!!!!!

  12. That beast was scary! Too bad about what happened to him though. Bad John! And he caught her, nooo!!! Must read more!!!

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