Seventy-One: The Hunger

There’s a switch between Aubrey’s POV and Kat’s POV in the first segment.

Warning: contains nudity, sexual content, violence.

Aubrey steered the car around a curve.

She’d attempted to hurry in case Hunter and Kat tried anything, but there was too much shit to get at the store.

Of course she could’ve waited until the next day to shop, but she’d already went a whole week without laundry soap.

The car pulled into the driveway. Aubrey rushed into the house cradling several bags of groceries.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

She tossed the detergent onto the kitchen counter, left half the items in their bags. Then she sprinted into the living room.

Relief swept over her.

“How was your treatment?” Aubrey asked. For some strange reason the television was muted.

“My treatment went… great.”

But wow, Kat thought. I’m so sore I can barely walk, and it’s not from Dr. Logan poking my stomach.

There’s more to love than screwing your brains out…

Hunter had said that weeks earlier, but now that was precisely what he and Kat were doing.

Screwing their brains out.

Hunter pressed Kat against the boulder. With her legs around his thighs, he roughly made love to her.

Then he held her as they lingered alongside the lake. The morning horizon reflected upon its rippling surface.

“Better get home,” he said in a throaty whisper. “Mommy’s going to spank you.”

“Why don’t you spank me?” she asked.

He laughed.


Reznik asked about his brother Jakub.

“Jakub was a bad seed,” Vaclav said looking away.

“We never saw eye to eye on anything. It was always like that, even when he was a child.”

“Where is Jakub now?”

“I really don’t know. Last I saw him, he was in France.”

Silence ensued.

“What would you do if he ever came back?” Reznik finally asked.

“Kill him.”

“I’m always here to help, Dad.” Reznik chuckled.


“So… wanna go kill some Dempires?”

“Does a bear shit in the woods?”

Kat and Hunter mingled at their old meeting spot on the mountain.

She ran her fingers through his dark hair while straddling him.

Hunter shifted and moved beneath her. His hard-on tented his jeans.

Caressing her left thigh, he peered between her legs. Kat’s breathing quickened.

“You’re pregnant,” he said. “I can tell by the warmth of your body, and the rapid beating of your heart.”

Seized by disbelief, thoughts raced through her mind. Could she be pregnant? If so, she’d only be a few weeks along.

What would her parents think? What would they do to Hunter? The implications were frightening, but at the same time thrilling.

She wanted Hunter’s baby. Just the thought made her smile.

Hunter, the naughty guy he was, had impregnated her on purpose.

The big, bad wolf wanted to spawn cute little puppies.

Kat lay on her bedroom floor listening to music.

Lost in a reverie, she sat upright.

Hunter seemed to suspect her of seeing someone else. The other day he asked if she was ‘cheating’ on him, but mentioned it in a joking way.

He also joked about following her sometime to make sure she wasn’t meeting anyone on the sly.

She thought of Omega.

Torn Between Two Lovers played on the sound system.

She hadn’t seen Omega in a while. Guilt rose within her. She had to see him, tell him about Hunter. Tell him it’s over.

It was decided.

Kat left the house and strode toward her meeting spot with Omega.

But he wasn’t there.

Did he leave? Did he go back to Shadowvale?

Footsteps shuffled behind her.

It was cold. Goosebumps erupted beneath her jacket and across her legs.

Omega called her name.

She turned.

“I wanted to be your first.”

“Then you already know?”

He nodded.

“I’m so sorry, Omega.”

“Do you love him?”


“Can I at least kiss you one last time before you dump me?”

“Of course.” She smiled, her heart breaking for him.

They walked to the edge of the woods.

“Bye, angel face.”

Before she could even reply, he smothered her lips with a kiss.

She didn’t feel Hunter’s presence.

But he was there…

watching and waiting.

The wolf within him reared up.


Exuding an ungodly howl, he spun Omega around and went for his throat.

Crimson spurted as Hunter’s incisors ripped at Omega’s flesh.

Omega flopped back.

“Noooooooooooo!” Kat cried.

Omega slumped to the ground.

Hunter fell on top of him, yanked out a knife and hacked off his head.

“Hunter! Why…”

Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why.Β 

He stood up and wiped the blood from his lips.

Kat clutched her chest, choked back tears. Those tears soon emerged and trickled down her face.

She glared up at Hunter.

“I thought he was hurting you,” he said. “I had to kill him.”


“Just go away,” she sobbed. “Leave me alone.”

Kat continued to softly cry, while Hunter spun around and left.

She was alone with Omega’s body.

Why, Hunter? Why did you hurt him? What’s wrong with you? Is this really how you’re going to be from now on, so jealous and possessive you’d be willing to kill anyone who dares touch me?

Just because I’m pregnant with your baby doesn’t mean you own me. It doesn’t give you the right to be a monster.

Thanks for reading, and sorry about Hunter’s ‘temper tantrum’. I have a bad habit of having my characters do very bad things… don’t hate me. >_>Β  Hunter did it because he’s desperate to hold onto Kat. He doesn’t want to lose Kat in the same way he lost Aubrey (to another vampire).


36 Responses to “Seventy-One…”

  1. Wow…I know I haven’t commented in a while, but I have been following…Wordpress hates me at points :/

    Just…Wow. Looks like someone didn’t listen to Ash’s warning huh? I can sort of understand why Hunter did that…But still >.< He's not holding on to her the right way is he πŸ˜›

    Loved the chapter as always:D

    • hi Rachel! Glad to ‘see’ you again. πŸ˜€ WordPress hates me too, so don’t feel bad. πŸ˜›

      haha, she sure didn’t listen to her. Kat knows she could whup Ash’s ass any day, lol. Uh, no. Not the right way at all. O_O Hunter totally snapped. Poor Omega.

      Aww, thank you! And hope everything’s going well with you. <3333

  2. awwwwww i feel so sorry for poor omega. he really loved kat.

    as always great chapter πŸ™‚


  3. Wow! Amazing!! πŸ™‚

    Yes. I was right, I had a idea that Hunter would do something to Omega….I wasnt entirely sure he would kill him but…meh…I didnt like him that much anyway…but it is pretty sad….:(

    OMG! Kat’s pregnant 😯 Oh dear thats gonna cause some trouble πŸ˜•

    Hmmm….bot so sure why Hunter is so badly wanting ‘puppies’ but I think they’ll be cute πŸ™‚ Especially being their kids!

    Loved it as always πŸ˜€

    • Aw, thanks James! ^^

      Oh cool, you already pretty much figured. Yep, Hunter killed Omega in a jealous rage… but he still might not have been as inclined to do so if Aubrey hadn’t hurt him years earlier (although Aubrey was married to V and that made Hunter the ‘mistress’ lol). Yeah, it’s pretty sad since all he wanted to do was kiss Kat for the last time, then got attacked and killed. *sobs*

      gonna cause lots n’ lots of trouble. :p

      LOL, the breeding desire thing is just natural instinct from the wolf within Hunter. Of course there’s other reasons why, aside from that. Oh yeah, their kids will certainly be cuties. πŸ˜€

      Thank you again! πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚ Hey I’ve started a new story would you mind checking it out ? I love your stories and wanted a opinion on it…I need some constructive critism and whats good about it and stuff, if you have the time could you maybe have a look :
        And thanks πŸ˜€

        😦 Yeah it is a bit sad…..and lol! Hunter the misstress πŸ˜† Hahah! And I hope things sort out between Kat and Hunter πŸ™‚

        Yes, it is! Aubrey and V will be pissed!!!!!!

        Ah! I see other reasons, hmmm….wonder what they are…but I think I may have a small idea…(to piss off V? or make Aubrey jelous)
        And yes they will!

        πŸ˜€ No problem πŸ™‚

      • Yeah I’ll sure give it a look. Aw, and thanks for the compliments on my stories ^_^ I’m not very good at giving criticism though, I just like to give good comments. O_O I’m sure it’s good anyway.

        You’re welcome!

        Yeah, Hunter the mistress! Or maybe Mister? hahaha! πŸ˜› πŸ˜† Maybe it’ll all get sorted out in the next chapter…. maybe Hunter will also put Aubrey in her place in the next chapter. hehe.

        Very pissed! haha!

        Oh, yes. Many, many reasons! I suppose a teeny weensy tiny part of Hunter could’ve done it to tick off V. and make Aubrey jealous. But he really does love Kat!


        EDIT: I read your first chapter! I love it so far! It’s very interesting and different in a good way. LOVE it! I also left feedback on your blog! πŸ˜€

      • Thanks and I would reply but my PC is being stupid…again 😦 So I will try later or Ultimo will reply πŸ˜€ And thanks glad you liked it, its based on a Role Play over on Boolprop and we just tweaked it here and there and made a story…and the creature πŸ˜† I’ll let you in on a little secret..theres alot of them…alot..

        Hehhehehe! I cant wait to see πŸ™‚ And Mister-ess Hunter eheh! I love him πŸ˜€
        Yes they will be I would be if I was them ! πŸ˜€ Yeah, he does and I think slightly it may be to rub it in their faces

        THANKS πŸ˜€

      • You’re welcome! I really love it so far! No need to worry about replies. Just if you want. πŸ˜€ Oh, that’s cool that it’s based on an RPG from the Boolprop forum. Haha, I figured there’d be several of those creatures! Sounds awesome. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ll check back every few days on your blog!

        LOL ‘Mister-ess Hunter”! XD So funny. I hear ya about the parents being pissed off. I’d be pretty ticked too. And you’re right about the other thing too. Just slightly, lol.

        NP!! πŸ˜€

      • Hehehhe! I love it Mister-ess-Hunter. I’m gonna call him that from now on πŸ™‚ Hhhehe!

        Yes it is and we just though it might make a good story and went ahead to make one πŸ˜€

        And ooo! Goodie I’m right! πŸ˜€

  4. omg! what an update! i can’t beilve Kat is pregnant! :O oh god that’s going to cause problems. Do i sense a hint in there that Jakub might return? πŸ˜›
    poor Omega! first Kat is going to dump him then Hunter kills him i feel sorry for him 😦

    • lol, thanks Alyssa. I was afraid people would get pissed off at me, or hate Hunter because of what he did (not that I’d really blame anyone, haha). Yep, Kat’s preggers. You probably saw that plot coming from a mile away. XD About the hint for Jakub’s return: hehe you’ll have to wait n’ see. >_>

      I know. I felt guilty about writing that scene, but yet it was a good twist, and finally Hunter gets to play a vicious part. He was always pretty nice before.


      ps hope you're enjoying having Hunter and V. in your game. Have you made your simself? LOL that's the first thing I'd do, and then…. yeah. πŸ˜†

      • i’m not pissed it’s a twist though lol, i was hoping he would have stayed alive just a little longer lmfao, yeah i did see it comming a mile away. πŸ˜› i guess i will just have to wait and see.

        I love have Hunter and V in my game! and i have made my simself but i havn’t made me meet them yet πŸ˜›

      • that’s good. Yeah, I really should’ve kept him alive longer, it’s just the idea popped into my head for Hunter to do that in a jealous rage. LOL about the ‘breeding’ thing. I left so many clues leading up to that. :p

        Yay!! lol I bet you can’t wait, haha. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

      • hahaha yeah i could see him going into a jealous rage and being all possessive and stuff.yeah you did lol, πŸ˜›
        i can’t! i’m so excited to see!

      • Yep, Hunter finally showed his REALLY dark side. In the next chapter he explains a little bit about why he did that, although it’s already pretty obvious why he did it, lol.

        Cool! πŸ˜€

      • haha it is very obvious πŸ˜› i just had woohoo with him while everyone else was at work XD

  5. Aaaargh! That was scary 0.o Bad Hunter! Bad!
    Why does no one wait for the explanation instead of attacking first, talk later (after a huge arguement of course XP). It woul make so much more sense! πŸ™‚
    But then again, that wouldn’t be like Hunter XD
    Poor Omega though 😦

    • Hi Tiny πŸ˜€ Oh yes, very bad Hunter indeed. 😦

      True, lol. They always attack first, then ask questions later. LOL, yes after a huge argument πŸ˜› The Big Baddie Wolfie snapped. O_O I’ll just blame his behavior on the inner wolf (well, at least partly on that). >_>

      I agree. *cries*


  6. Bad dog, Hunter. You are turning into a very naughty cur, eh. Lucius should have you neutered when he had the chance. LOL Something about Hunter’s behavior tells me he’s brainwashed or something. Or it’s Jakub in disguise.

    Poor Omega…but I have a feeling he might still come back…at least I hope so.
    Is Reznik a full vampire now, because of the neck tattoo thing? Kat is pregnant…aww….

    It just occurred to me, that Aubry was pregnant with Kat when she tried to get rid of the baby…wonder if Aubry ever told her that…o_O

    • LOL you’re so funny. Bad Dog indeedie! He didn’t ‘stay’, ‘stay’!! πŸ˜† Bwahahahaha about the neutering part too! πŸ˜€ How do you come up with all this stuff?? Oooooh, that would be an intriguing plot. I know it probably seems like it was out of character for Hunter to do that, since he’s usually in control and ‘nice’, but, well it’s hard to explain. It was partly the wolf, and you know, what he went through years ago with Aubrey. He just snapped basically. But your idea is certainly awesome, about a conspiracy type scenario! πŸ˜€

      I can understand why you think Omega might come back, since I’ve done that crazy shit before, haha. Not sure I’ll do that, but I could always create a similar character. Yeah, I think when Rez grew into an adult he became a vampire. But he doesn’t have the fangs, so it’s weird. O_O. Of course in this story he’s still just a dhampir (halfling). Yep, Kat’s going to have a puppy….

      You mean the baby that V. impregnated her with, when he was in prison? Kat was around 2 at that time, or something like that. Aubrey never mentioned that to Kat, at least not yet. When A. got pregnant with Kat, she wasn’t thrilled with the idea at first, no. You might be referring to that. Sorry, I’m dense today!

      *hugs* πŸ˜€

    • Well, I like to say I have my 15 min of funny a day. πŸ˜‰
      So Hunter is ruled by his animalistic hormones, eh? Gee, when he snaps, he snaps completely. Oh, he’s taking revenge on Aubrey by screwing her daughter??? Oh oh… he’s living out his fantasy with Kat!

      I just remember when Jakub was ‘with’ Aubrey, argh the twist. XD I’m so glad, people don’t see my actual game play… it’s no this person is linked to this, but not to this… I had to re-start one game… and tried to get Liam-Shirley-Marcus together but the only way was by making Liam and Shirley marry (which is not part of my story).

      XD I get all those naughty scenes mixed up… Aubrey got preggo with Kat in the club, right? Whatever happen to the time V was the prison?

      hug back

      • Oh, well one must have a sense of humor! Makes life worth while! πŸ˜›
        lol, kind of. πŸ˜€ Yep, Hunter’s got a dark side. lol he does love Kat, it’s just maybe a tiny part of him that will enjoy Aubrey knowing he’s screwing her daughter… a satisfaction of some sort… but yeah, he really does love Kat, and he’s over Aubrey.

        Oh yeah! That whole plot kinda fell apart, remember? Since Shawn sucked at leadership, and Jakub’s sperm wasn’t as powerful as V’s. Haha! And that’s weird you had to have Liam and Shirley get married in your game! I always use cheats to drag up their relationship, but seems like since installing Gen., it makes it to where some of the romantic interactions aren’t available. On a side note, since I have T’s woohooer installed, Hunter sometimes flirts with Kat in my game. XD

        ah, well it’s OK; my story gets complicated and confusing sometimes! yes, Aubrey get preggo with Kat at the club, and when V. was in prison, Aubrey got a conjugal (sp?) visit, and V knocked her up. πŸ˜† Aubrey didn’t want the baby and she took birth control pills to end the pregnancy. 😦

        *Hugs back* again, lol. ^_^

  7. Dang, Hunter’s becoming way too over protective of Kat. I don’t really like him as much anymore. And I can’t believe Kat is pregnant o.0! That’s going to cause huge problems between Kat and V/Aubrey. Plus, if Hunter turns out to have gone crazy, then I wonder how their kid will turn out.

    Sucks for Omega. That’s so sad! Getting dumped and then killed lol. I wonder how his body is going to be taken care of.

    And LOL V.’s hilarious haha! Hopefully, Jakub will keep his ass away from V. and Aubrey. Although it would be interesting to see how Kat and Rez would react to Jakub.

    • Yes he is. So true. It’s not a very attractive quality…. I was afraid you might not like him as much, but I can understand why. lol, of course Kat’s knocked up. That’s my fave plot device! πŸ˜† You’re right, likely it’ll cause a lot of issues between ALL of them. Oh, the drama!! πŸ˜› meh, their kid will be okay I’m sure. And Maybe Hunter will redeem himself one day for killing poor Omega.

      lol it does suck for Omega. The way you say it makes it sound kinda funny (getting dumped and then killed) haha, I know that’s bad but still… I bring up about poor O’s body in a future chapter. XD

      yeah, V.’s getting funnier and funnier. :p Maybe Jakub will stay away. Only time will tell. Oh yeah, that would be VERY interesting to see how they react and interact with Jakub…

  8. “The big, bad wolf wanted to spawn cute little puppies.”

    xD, lol this made me laugh…and poor, poor Omega..although while reading that part I KNEW that was gonna happen…seems like Hunter’s instincts are showing a lot more. Kat…you could just touch your parents…and Hunter would be on them so you don’t need to tell them, although that would rid us of some sexy drama xD

    • hehe, glad you liked that part. XD So you figured Hunter would do that? True, his instincts are showing a lot more lately. It’s all wrapped around Kat, too. I think the past thing with Aubrey has traumatized him. D: Now poor Kat is traumatized because of Hunter’s actions. haha, true about Kat’s parents and Hunter. But yeah, must have some smexy drama!

      oooh and trust me there’ll be TONS of awesome dramaz coming up!! πŸ˜›



    here’s a new link to the ebay item, had to relist it…

  10. Reznik is so cute! I really can’t say I wouldn’t give him a go myself! I just love him and have the strangest feeling he and Jakub would be best friends!

    I just choked on me food!! OMG pregnant! VERY VERY angry Vaclav!
    Hunter did that on purpose! My brain is asking why but everything else says “so what! he’s hot!”

    Nooooooooooo Omega! Please don’t be dead!!! So sweet and so cute! PLEASE! *cries* I loved him! *cries* whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    Hunter has gone off the deep end. Is this a wolf thing? Protective because she’s carrying his baby?

    I want to laugh in Ash’s face!

  11. Oh, I hear ya. Seriously. Rez is as much of a stud muffin as his father and Hunter!! *drools* So yeah, I know exactly what you mean. LOL @ he and Jakub maybe being BFF’s later. It’s a good possibility, they seem to have some things in common! Maybe Rez could teach Jakub how not to be such a jerk, since Reznik grew out of most of his ‘jerkiness’. πŸ˜›

    Oh yeah, very very VERY angry V. indeedie! hahaha! πŸ˜€
    Yep, he did it on purpose. How cool is that? πŸ˜† I’m so bad. haha, exactly, ‘so what? He’s hot!’ My thoughts exactly! *GRIN*

    Aww, sorry about Omega! Like I told Jed, I can always make another similar to him! You’re so funny though, I’m seriously LMAO at the stuff you wrote… and actually Kat wondered the same thing! It is pretty sad, I can be so evil to my characters! πŸ‘Ώ

    Yes it’s partly the wolf thing, partly the memories of Aubrey’s abandonment coming back to him (she basically chose V. over Hunter all those yrs ago). He was afraid Kat would do the same thing. Oh, and yes, it’s also because Kat’s pregnant, that’s a HUGE part of it too. O_O

    haha, so funny. Maybe Kat will do just that at some point! hehe


  12. Oh joy, Kat is pregnant just like I suspected! Hunter sure went nuts on poor Omega. He was being a good sport at least, but darn! Kat’s parents are not going to be happy…time for chapter 72!

    • she sure is. πŸ˜› Yeah, that part was pretty f*cked up… seriously. Hunter lost his mind there. Yeah, Omega was such a sweet guy, it’s so sad. Nope, Kat’s parents won’t be happy at all…

  13. Nooooo not Omeegaaaa. He was do goooood. πŸ˜₯

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