Seventy-Six: Blame Game

Contains language.

Hunter’s mansion is the same one I used in my Dancer story.

Kat hadn’t been to the city in quite some time.

She browsed through the various infant clothing and gifts at the mall.

The Infants section was large and overwhelming. The thought of having a baby was also overwhelming, let alone having two of them.

Her mother’s words from weeks earlier was seared into her brain: ‘Taking care of one infant is hell in and of itself. Now you’ll have twice the hell.’

According to her dreams, she was having two boys. Two hyperactive little boys who would soon be running around wreaking havoc. God, what had she gotten herself into?

Yet another part of her still looked forward to it. She loved her boys… loved their little fluttering movements inside her belly, like gently brushing wings. She loved the thought of them inheriting Hunter’s red eyes and ebony hair… hoped their personalities would be like his, minus the possessiveness. Hopefully they wouldn’t grow up to kill their rivals like Hunter did.

And hopefully they wouldn’t be anything like Ashton.

Her father and mother had been fighting. He blamed Aubrey for not keeping a close enough watch on Kat while they lived in Misty Peaks; like it was her mother’s fault Hunter got Kat pregnant.

Same old hell and BS in the land of Shadows.

One night Kat heard groaning from her mother’s bedroom.

It didn’t sound like passionate noises from having sex.

“Mom, are you okay?”

“Yeah… I’m having a miscarriage.”

“You’re having a miscarriage?

“Yes. Don’t worry. It only hurts a little…” She groaned again, clutched her stomach.

“Don’t you and Dad use—anything?” Ewww.

“Condoms break, diaphragms wear out, shit happens. Now leave me alone.”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yes. This isn’t the first time. It’s happened a few times before so I’m used to it.” She cried out.

This isn’t the first time? Oh, God. Poor Mom.

Kat sneaked away to Hunter’s very un-gothic mansion.

It wasn’t the first time for that either.

They held hands after making love, then fell asleep.

No. Of course she couldn’t stop seeing him, no matter what her parents said.

And in a few months she’d be eighteen; legal age to do as she wished. Once that happened she planned to move in with Hunter.

Along with their twins, they’d be a happy little family.

Actually, we already are a family.

Upon awakening, Hunter started acting silly. He pilfered and played with her huge stomach.

Kat tried not to laugh at him.

Then he lowered down, moving his hands all over the baby bump.

“If I’d known only one year ago you’d be having my babies…” He laughed in disbelief, shaking his head.

And I dreamed we’d be together long before that.

He pressed his lips to her belly. Two sets of tiny feet squirmed and kicked.

Hunter raised back up, wrapped his arms around Kat and kissed her.

A few days passed. At the Haas Estate, Vaclav stabbed at the fireplace with a poker.

He grumbled incoherently about something.

Meanwhile, Kat played Sonata No. 59 on the piano.

“Vaclav,” Aubrey said. “We need to talk.”

He backed away from the fireplace and turned.

“When are you going to stop blaming me for Kat and Hunter? You’re always pissed off!”

“I’ll stop being pissed off… after you admit your failure in keeping an eye on our daughter.”

Kat played harder, louder on the piano in an attempt at drowning out her parents’ argument…

“Goddammit, it’s NOT MY FAULT!”

“All you had to do was ensure Kat and Hunter didn’t have sex. But instead, you allowed her to go out numerous times, unattended.”

“Oh, really? It should’ve been that easy? It should’ve been that simple?”


“Do you have any idea what I went through in Misty Peaks? Do you? I was lonely! I didn’t have any help! It was just me and Kat! Then I had to deal with the knowledge of her relationship with Hunter. It fucking hurts! She’s my little girl! And he… he’s….”

“He’s what?” Vaclav growled. “Your ex-lover? The one you never fully got over? Is that it, Aubrey? Correct me if I’m wrong.”

“Yes! Yes it hurts that Hunter loves Kat the way he used to love me! Feel better?”

“Not quite.”

“It doesn’t mean I love you any less, you idiot!”

“Please don’t call me an idiot,” he said.

“Well you’re acting like one!”

“And I tried to keep Hunter away from Kat. One time he shoved his way into the house. I couldn’t stop him! He carried me to the hallway, dropped me, and went into Kat’s bedroom. There was nothing I could do.”

“Hunter did what?

“I was afraid he was going to hurt me.. for a second.”

Vaclav threw his hands up.

Then he roared like some wild animal.

Kat easily overheard him; but then she started jabbing the keys again.

Oh, God… is he coming into the room? I hear footsteps.

His fist slammed onto the piano keys, creating a terrible sound.

“Stop playing that fucking music,” he said.


“Vaclav, leave her alone!” Aubrey called from the other room.

“He gave this necklace to you, didn’t he?” Vaclav muttered.


He yanked it from her neck, breaking the chain.Then he tossed it to the other side of the room.

Kat gasped in fear and pain.

He stood behind her. The hairs on her neck stood, goose bumps rose up.

She held in tears.Β 

My father has lost his mind.

Tendrils of mist swerved around the weeping willows.

Kat went to her room. She changed into a nightie and called Hunter.

“Dad tore off the necklace you gave me and broke it.”

“So what? I’ll just have it fixed.” He laughed.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? He went crazy. He tore it off my freakin’ neck. I thought he was going to go off on me!” Her voice trembled.

“What do you mean by that?”

“What the hell do you think I mean?”

Hunter grew silent.

“I’m coming to get you,” he finally said.

Then he hung up.


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  1. Oh my God, V…psycho much? And who the fuck is that nonchalant about a miscarriage? LOL for whatever reason I laughed at that. UH OH showdown with V & Hunter? I’m stoked for the next chapter!

    • Yes, V. is being very psycho. O_o haha, I guess only Aubrey, who always was loopy. Her and V and f*cked so much, at times her birth control either wears out or runs out and she gets knocked up. >_> LOL, me and my crazy story. πŸ˜† haha and I don’t blame you for laughing at that.

      Oh yes. It’ll be… shocking. O_O mwahahaha.

  2. Where did you get Hunter’s new hair? I love it!
    And ooo! I hope Valclav doesn’t do something stupid and hurt her, or hunter!

  3. All I can say is OH SHIT!

    Vaclav has LOST it! He needs to go back to work! Kat is a teen and there is no way NO WAY you can watch a teen 24/7!

    They’re arguing so much she miscarried or is that because she is no longer human?

    He is coming to get Kat…oh boy! That should make for an INTERESTING meeting! Daddy and Baby Daddy!

    • Oh shit indeed! πŸ˜›

      Yes he’s finally lost it. Entirely. There’s no stopping him now, he’s on the rampage. 😦 ROFL yes he needs to go back to work! Qui, you come up with the funniest stuff! XD You’re so right, there’s no way in shit a parent (especially only ONE parent) can watch a teen 24/7! Vaclav’s being an asswipe. -__-

      It’s because she’s no longer human. Full female vampires can’t carry babies past a few weeks. Well, at least that’s how it is in my story.

      It will be an interesting meeting indeed. LOL, Daddy and Baby Daddy! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  4. Damn, this can’t end well… either Vaklav or Hunter will not survive from this vendetta thing they have. And I really don’t want to see any of them getting hurt cause I love them both, even if Vaklav has completely lost his mind. Well, Hunter is my favorite to be honest, but I still like Valkav too, maybe except for the fact that he treats his wife like poop lately. And his daughter. I hope I won’t end up hating him in the end lol.

    • nope, likely it won’t end well, since both Hunter and V. are idiots. :/ Especially V. is being an idiot in this one. Wow, you still love both of them?? O_O some people are still angry with Hunter, I can’t believe he’s still your fave! that’s a good thing, though. πŸ˜€ Yeah, V. has a tendency to treat Aubrey badly at times, blame her for stupid things that aren’t her fault. And Kat, too, like you said.

      Well, maybe you won’t end up hating him. The next chapter will tell the tale. πŸ˜‰

  5. *smacks V* Baaaaaaaddddddddd V!

    V, he needs to chill, give him a nice cup of coffee and a bubble bath, he’ll be as good as new xD
    Aubrey 😦 Im afraid shes going to leave V, but if she did I wouldnt blame her.
    Also Kat, I love her so much!! πŸ˜€ I feel so sorry for her too.
    And Hunter has another new hairstyle, he’s like a hair model, he always has a different hair style its great xD πŸ˜€

    • LOL, V. needs smacked. I probably should’ve had Aubrey lay into him in this one. She has before!

      I agree. He needs to chill out, hahahahaha, yes and have a nice cup ‘o’ coffee or tea perhaps, and a bubble bath (there’s a nice thought) and indeed he’ll be better! LMAO! Aubrey probably should leave him, but she’s already tried that before (once or twice?) and it didn’t work. πŸ˜›

      Yeah, it is pretty sad how V. treated her. 😦 she’s kinda afraid of her father, if you could tell. Shit, who wouldn’t be? He’s a nutcase sometimes.

      Bwahahaha, like a hair model. Good point! Well, I keep trying out different stuff on him, but damn if it’s not the same old hairstyle that seems to suit him best. O_O btw Vaclav gets a new hair do in the next one. πŸ˜†

      • Yes, I’ll smack him then! xD *smacks V*

        Yes, a nice relaxation day and he should be good as new πŸ˜€
        Yeah, that failed, she should stay and try and make him chill πŸ™‚

        Yeah, Im scared of him too xD

        Hahah! Yes, Hunter is a hair model πŸ˜€ At least for the guys, I think hmmm Aubrey or Kat would be for the girls.
        Oooo! A new look for V πŸ™‚ Cant wait

      • hehe! how about *punch* and *clobber*? πŸ˜›

        Maybe it would help him! He needs something! Perhaps a Valium would suffice. πŸ˜†

        I agree. Seriously, the guy can be scary. O_O

        LOL, seems that way! He’d make a good one. Actually, he’d make a good model anyhow. And yes, Aubrey and Kat would make good female models. Hehe!

        Yep, I finally bought a new hair do from the Sims 3 store. It looks pretty decent on him. ^^ πŸ˜€

      • How about,
        *punch* *smack* *kick* *clobber* *wack* ? xD

        Yes! πŸ˜†

        Yes, they would all make amazing models!!!! πŸ˜€

        Ooo! Nice, I’ve given up with the sims 3, I might go back to it one day *shrug*

      • LOL, seriously…. you might be surprised with the next chapter. Some of those words might be in it, haha. πŸ˜†

        Yep. Poor V. just needs a shrink. But being over 300 years old, he won’t get over the stigma long enough to get therapy. At least Rez has had therapy, and it really seemed to help him. πŸ˜†

        Seriously, they would! I also have this new hair do for Kat, and she looks amazing in it. Can’t wait till you guys see that chapter! πŸ˜€ The only bad thing about it, is that I don’t think my game can handle the high poly count of the hair, since it’s messed up twice whenever I used the hair do. LOL.

        Well, I don’t really blame you for giving up on S3. I never played it like I did Sims 2. I mainly only use it for my stories. :/ Maybe they’ll do better on Sims 4, and make it as addictive as Sims 2. Oh no! Now someone might think I want a Sims 2. 75!! πŸ˜† (that’s an old joke, because people used to always say on the forums that complainers want a Sims 2.5 because they want a lot of those older features in S3).

  6. Omg.. but to be honest I’m on Vaclav’s side. Hunter really shouldn’t have done that, especially since she’s not even 18..
    I’m really starting to hate him!
    Gwarn Vaclav! ;D

    • I understand. It was pretty wrong of Hunter to hook up with Kat before she was 18. You may not like him too well in the next chapter either, then. 😦

      Oh well. Maybe some day you guys will get to liking Hunter again. πŸ˜› Although V. was being an ass too, though. He shouldn’t be blaming A. and shouldn’t be so mean to Kat. 😦

  7. aww feel sorry for poor Aubrey. she hasn’t done anything wrong V! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I feel sorry for her too. Then again, she’s also been kinda mean to Kat lately. O_o Family dysfunction to the extreme! And you’re right, A. didn’t do anything wrong. She tried to keep Hunter away from Kat!

      <333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol

  8. Vaclav always has had anger issues not surprising..alothough why blame your angel that you once starved yourself for? He is being an idiot, and a baby, one with fangs and a unusually larger ‘wanker’ and sexy body…imagine him as a dwarf XD. And Hunter…your hair. looks. very. sexy. And may not be the smartest idea to visit them and sweep away their daughter, considering the fact Vaclav is tres tres pissed off at Hunter for his little carrying act with Aubrey…oh and btw I also have a creepy new priest at my church… he looks like the murder of the 15 y/o Susy in the movie “the lovely bones”…and he randomly walks in during our sex ed video sessions and stares at us then goes into the bathroom…wonder what he’s doing in there…its weird he pervs on us and the sex ed video..then goes immediatly to the ‘potty’…ok now i sound like a perv..well i am…and I use this account primarily, but when on my phone or my mother’s ipad, i’m on the other one, i tried to log in with this one but it just logs into the other one although i didn’t use it’s login…????

    • hey Ali! No, not surprising at all… good point. But you know how he is, his rage blinds him from everything else. Bwhahahaha, he’s being a baby indeed, with fangs and an unusually larger wanker and sexy body! I’m ROFL’ing my ass off right now! πŸ˜† So funny! And a dwarf?!! LOL! πŸ˜› He does have sexy hair, yet Hunter’s sexy no matter what anyhow. Even when he’s bad, he’s still… good. Well, IMO that is. And no, it’s not a good idea at ALL to go over there. You know the saying: ‘shit’s gonna hit the fan’, haha.

      WHAT?!! seriously, that dude sounds like a creeper… O_O (but haven’t watched The Lovely Bones, partly because it sounds too depressing, since the poor girl was murdered and comes back and watches over her loved ones or whatever). So what’s up with this preacher dude? What’s his problem? WTF? LOL @ ‘now I sound like a perv’, shit, so hilarious. Now I’m LMAO again. tehehehe. And this reminds me of the movie Silver Bullet, it’s frickin’ awesome (yet cheesy at times) where there’s this werewolf going around killing people in this one town, and it turns out that the cute priest was the werewolf all along! FTW!! πŸ˜€ It’s an older movie (80’s) but they actually made the werewolf look pretty decent IMO. Well, anyhow sorry to go off on a tangent.

      LOL about your issues with the differing WP accounts! And now I’m officially confused! πŸ˜† seriously, though, I pretty much get what you’re saying! Technology is confusing, and sucks at times! 😯

  9. I like Hunter’s new hair. Looks good on him. I want.

    Vlacav, psycho much? Sure Kat may not yet be 18, but pretty soon, she’ll be far away from you. He obviously don’t give a shit about possible grandkids, doesn’t he?

    Hunter’s house interior, of what I see is like a modern bachelor pad and I like it. Awesome.

    • Shit, who don’t want that? *drools* God, if I saw a guy who liked like that in real life, I’d literally pass out or something….

      lol but anyhow, glad you like his new hair!

      Psycho much indeed! *eye twitch* True, she’ll be 18 soon enough, and if he doesn’t stop being a controlling asswipe, she won’t speak to him anymore. No, he doesn’t really seem to care about the grandkids. O_O Maybe that will change. Maybe he’ll be forced to realize certain… things.

      Yes, I love that house too. In the other story I used it for, everything was purplish. I changed all that to variations of black for Hunter’s house. πŸ˜€ And thanks! <33

  10. This is my first comment on WordPress ever! Woohoo for you! Anywho, I just had to tell you that I love your story! ^^ I discovered it yesterday and read the first 60 chapters (all at once xD) and then tonight I finished the rest. You have some serious talent and I’m looking forward to the next chapters.

    • Aww, wow, thank you! I really appreciate that. ^_^ I can’t believe this is your first comment on WP! So wow, thanks again! Now time to blush, lol. 😳

      One more time: thank you so much! πŸ˜€ <33333333 I’m really really glad you’re enjoying this. I just finished chapter 80 around the time you commented! Got another interesting plot lined up! ^^

  11. You and I have the same taste in hair! LOL Hunter’s hair I have for some of the boys in my legacy game. And prob will use when Marcus will be a teen later. Yay, finally something cool for Sim boys! πŸ˜‰ hahaha…

    Okay, now to the awesomeness of this chapter. V has lost it, eh. I knew something unfair was going to happened when I read that title. Yeah, it’s easy for V to blame everyone under the moon. But I think, deep down, he is mad at himself for not being there when this all happened. He just can’t admit that this whole thing made him feel helpless, out of control of the situation. He obviously can’t control Kat from growing up and becoming a woman… that oftentimes scares dads witless. It’s tough on leaders like him, I guess.

    Wow, I think Aubrey was for the first time real honest with V about her feelings about Hunter. That needed to be said. Even though it surely got V more fired up. But V needs to be careful, or he will push Kat and her youngins far away from him… well, I guess it’s already happened. Kat should take that opportunity and tell him that Rez gets all the free time while sleeping with the enemy while Kat gets busted.

    • Hey Jed! LOL right now I’m realllllllllly sleepy (almost 6 in the morn. and I stayed up all night) so if this reply is lame, I apologize. XD

      Oh really?? Well I love that new hair do! I think it’d be perfect for Marcus when he turns into a teen. ^^ Yes, finally something decent for sim guys! I still forget exactly where I got it, but I first saw it on I bet that’s where you found it too. :p btw I bet you have a new chapter out, I will check tomorrow after I get sleep. πŸ˜€

      Aww, thank you! Glad you thought it was awesomeness. Yep, V. has totally lost it. He’s taking it out on his wife, daughter… everyone. 😦 LOL, yeah, I bet you could, that title gave it away. You have a really, really good point, that he might just blame himself for not being there. Basically he has that need for control, and obviously he couldn’t control shit from living so far away. So he’s blaming everyone else. I guess it’s easier that way. >_> I just read further in your post, and you said almost exactly what I did, LOL. but anyhow, it’s very true. Just like how someone might feel IRL. And it’s weird how you bring all that stuff up, about his being upset with Kat’s growing up, etc. I touch on that in the next chapter, in fact (aside from the climactic events, of course). You’ll know what I mean when you read it.

      Yes she was brutally honest with him. Probably just got sick of hiding it. Seriously. And yeah, it really DID need to be said. V. will get over it. That’s life. Aubrey is over Hunter, but to see him with her daughter, yes, that would be tough whether or not she still loved him. As for pushing Kat away, you’re right about that too. And yeah, he already has. 😦 Poor Kat’s too afraid to tell him that, but maybe someday she’ll get the courage to.

      edit: you didn’t update Spellbound yet! 😦

      • I know I know. I had the chapter planned and even got most of the shots ready… and as I was reading through it… the setting just didn’t sit right with me. I tried different things and I had some cool pictures from the characters and I didn’t want to re do them. But that setting was just not right. So I was building a new one today which of course took hours. I really don’t look forward to taking all those pictures again, but at least the setting is better.

        LOL I like to flex my character analysis muscle at times. I’ve been told from other blog authors that I analyze too much. XD
        V really just struck me as being really upset with himself. But who likes to say, yeah I’m the one who messed up.

      • Oh, no! You’re being a perfectionist again. But sorry you had to do the setting all over. It’s good that at least now you’re happier with it. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it. πŸ™‚

        haha, flex your character analysis muscle. Really there’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s interesting to try and analyze characters. πŸ˜› In fact, I’m always analyzing my own characters. >_> O_o

        Exactly. No one likes to admit when they’re wrong. It’s not… easy. Especially if you’re like V. :/

      • New chapter is out. LOL you see it then. The original setting was a warehouse… but I kept thinking why on earth would two elite Magi be in an abandoned warehouse? They would live in a 5 star hotels! So I changed it.

      • haha! I beat you to it! I clicked on my own blog just for a sec so I could click on the link to Spellbound. πŸ˜› Then after commenting I went back here and saw your comment! hehe. Great chapter, btw! Oh, OK, so the original setting was a warehouse? Well that sounds cool too though. But I do like the new setting. And you’re right, the new setting does make better sense. ^^

        Loved the new chapter, btw! πŸ˜€

      • I just saw your vote about Pets. Since there wasn’t an option for plain right “no” I just went with the “no, I wait” bullet. I heard too that the demo messed up many people’s game. I didn’t download it either. I clicked on that thing but since it linked me to a different site I thought forget it, it’s not worth the effort.
        Pets as an EP doesn’t really appeal to me. Sure it would be great to have wolves in game for stories like yours, but I remember the trouble I had with installing Generations and although my computer is a year old, I don’t want to risk anything.

        Are you still roaming around the Sims forum? I finally decided to post something there πŸ™‚ Let’s how that goes.
        Nothing new to you, but you told me to tell you so that you can talk to me there…or something… πŸ˜€

      • haha, you saw that? Yeah, I chickened out. Not willing to risk my 80 chapter vamp story for horses and dogs. XD And yes, sorry about that, I totally forgot to put an option for no to buying the EP at all, LOL. *facepalm* . I might not be getting it at all, depending on what people say about it on the forums. Kinda sucks, because it’d be so cute to see some of the toddlers in my game hugging cats or puppies. BOO. But you know EA, they have to fuck up everything they touch. Grrrrrr.

        So far 6 people are getting it upon release. I can’t say anything, I mean I get why they just can’t wait for it. I’ve waited for Pets almost since the base game *sob* but oh well. And it’s a good thing you didn’t download the demo… I heard it messed up people’s games like crazy, and in more than only ONE way. I know it’s just a demo, but for shit’s sake if they can’t do anything right with the demo itself, who’s to say they’ll do it right with the actual EP?? O_O

        So you’re not interested in Pets? Some people on the forums weren’t either. But I always loved it on Sims 2 (a lot of people hated it on Sims 2 because of glitches, strays, etc. but I only had one issue with it, and that didn’t happen until way later). So you had trouble installing Generations? I wonder why. It always makes me nervous installing new EP’s, lol. But I always disable my CC before doing it, and never had any issues (not saying that’s why you had issues or anything).

        Sounds like your computer is about the same ‘age’ as mine, almost. I got mine In July of 2010, so it’s a little over a yr. old. But I don’t blame you for not wanting to risk anything to mess yours up. I’m the same way too, that’s a tiny part of why I want to get this EP. Also, I don’t plan to get anymore EPs after Pets.

        Oh, lol, you know I’m still lurking on those forums. Hehe. πŸ˜› Oh, yay! You posted something! TY for the link. Hope it hasn’t been on there long, I’ll try to reply right away!! πŸ˜€


      • OK, I replied to your thread! I’ll bump it once more in a few moments or so. We should use those bumps sparingly, LOL.

        Also, I love, love LOVE the siggy you made for Spellbound! Oh, and one more thing, another good place to promote at would be The Simmer’s Society, I think. I had pretty good luck promoting this story on there. πŸ˜€ The people on there are really nice too.

        Of course that’s up to you, if you’re anything like me, you don’t like to promote everywhere.

      • I spend probably all of my day trying to figure out how to hyperlink words like “here”, or how to put in a siggy…it was pathetic. I’m so used to WP that in a regular forum I’m like “wha-????”. I posted that picture on my other blog because I thought it was cool. It actually was an accident. I had them all neatly placed with pose player on a couch and after I canceled the action they all popped up like ‘we’re so bad’ I had to snap that shot. XD

        I think I heard you talking about Simmer’s Society, I haven’t checked it out though.

        Funny thing is, I do have my regular readers for Spellbound and that’s awesome. If I had more readers I fear the pressure is surely on.

        Before I had Generations I had no idea that I should have removed CC first. So my problems stemmed from there but even afterwards with those patches things were a bit rough. I’m counting my blessings that I can play now with just casual lagging issues. I’m not very familiar with the whole range of S2 EPs but know that there was something called “Seasons”. Now that would interest me. Given that it’s all nice and sunny in all the games. πŸ˜›

        Oh yeah, about that avi on the sims forum. There was a huge debate on one of the blogs I follow here, where four girls were so smitten with my pixelversion that they all wanted him in their stories and do who knows what! o_O’ Poor simself, he’s just a piece of pixel meat to them.

      • haha, you sound like me. I’m not even sure what a hyper link is. LOL. Let alone how to do one… At least you figured it out. When I first tried to make a clickable siggy, I couldn’t do it and gave up. Oh, really? Well I have to agree, because some of my best shots have been taken whenever the sims act ‘natural’, by accident. So awesome when that happens. πŸ˜€

        Yeah, I had pretty decent luck promoting on there. Think I got around 30 views or so the first day I posted on there. If you try that shit on the S3 forums, your thread will get lost within a few minutes. I couldn’t believe how many threads on RPG stories there were. *sigh*

        True. If you get too many readers, it can get more stressful. I know what you mean…. I could say some things on here, but I won’t. LOL I need your email so I could tell you in private. But that’s OK. I just get stressed sometimes for certain reasons but can’t get into it on here… and I really don’t have the amount of readers that some people have, so I could only imagine if it were MOAR. Oh yeah, and btw I dug up an old thread on the forums in General discussion last night and posted on there about your story, and probably not fifteen minutes later the mods moved it to Stories/Legacies. I was sooo pissed…. *eyeroll*

        Well all I do is disable it through the launcher, then install EPs and run the game like that to try it out. Or… something like that, lol. Anyhow I’m sure the problems weren’t all from cc anyhow. And yeah, those patches will mess up your game too. Like I said, whatever EA touches they turn it into shit. A few weeks ago, I fucked up something to where my game wouldn’t even start. OMG, I totally panicked! I was so afraid of losing my saves, which obviously meant losing my vampire story and I’d have to start all over (which would be almost impossible). Finally I realized to just move my downloads and mods folder out of the S3 folder, and that worked. Then I slowly added the stuff back in. Not sure what the hell happened there…. so yeah I know what you mean. My game lags some too, especially on the older files and larger homes. Part of that is too much CC and mods, though. Haha, yeah, there was Season in S2, and actually that was the EP that messed up my old computer. The graphics card went out not long after installing that (that’s been like 4 yrs ago or something). Most of the worlds in S3 are sunny all the time, but sometimes in Bridgeport it seems like it gets cloudy, so that’s… different at least. XD There’s no way in shit my laptop would be able to handle weather. No way. πŸ˜›

        Hahaha! FOUR girls were smitten with him?? Well, I can understand why. But wow! It’s so weird, because the avie is good looking, but in a different way… hard to explain. I don’t know what it is… I guess because he’s not the stereotypical male hottie, if you know what I mean. Different is good. Kinda like Bran from your story. And now I’m rambling. >.<

        πŸ˜† bwhahahaha, a piece of pixelated meat! That's it!! πŸ˜› Which reminds me, IS he for upload? I just re-made my simself. OK, I'll stop now… lol my daughter basically has a boyfriend all the way in Germany (I met him on the forums, then introduced him to her) and I downloaded his cute avie yesterday, then created my daughter, along with our house and everything. Dang that took forever. Now all I have to do is make my other two daughters, and my hubby… and now I wish I could get Pets whenever it first comes out so I can create our two cats!! but I'm still too chicken…

        Sorry to ramble in this comment. Maybe someday I'll stop that….

  12. Vaclav’s gone insane! O.o Although it is kind of understandable. I mean, first it was his wife and Hunter, and now its his daughter and Hunter. Seems a bit creepy when you think about it :’)
    Oh dear. WHat’s Hunter going to do? O.o

    • haha, he sure has! πŸ˜› So true. I think any guy would go crazy under those circumstances. Kinda like Aubrey being upset with Kat and H’s relationship… Yes it really is creepy, once you think about it, haha. The thing is, the vampires don’t age, so… you know what I mean. It makes for a lot of interesting but creepy scenarios and plots, LOL.

      You’ll find out! πŸ˜† hehe

      edit: lol, if this reply was lame, once again it’s just because I’m really sleepy atm. Then again, my replies are probably always lame. ^^

  13. Oh geez, Vaclav’s lost it. He’s blaming Aubrey about Kat getting pregnant and then he rips off that necklace…ouch. And Hunter is coming to get her? I smell drama! 77, here I come!

    • He sure had lost it. Not good! D: Yeah, he needs to stop blaming Aubrey for Kat and H’s relationship, and Kat’s pregnancy. That was very mean of him to do that to Kat, rip off her necklace like that. 😦

      Yup, Hunter’s coming to get her! He’ll take her away to his dark castle! πŸ˜†
      Or maybe he won’t…. 😯

  14. I know that Aubrey and V can’t stand the thought of their daughter with Hunter… but I freaking love them together. I have no idea why, haha. I wanted them to be together since the beginning when she started having the crush on him. I don’t see Hunter as being older than her for some reason. I guess it’s cause he never ages, so in immortal world it’s not so weird. I mean look at V and Aubrey!


    Now I shall read the rest, just had to say that hah.

    • Hey Jax! Sorry again for the late reply…

      haha, I freaking love them together too. I think they are the perfect couple, aside from the age difference. Well, Kat is 17 and to me that’s legal age. Aww, you wanted to see them together when she started having a crush on him? hehe, I knew they’d end up together. That’s the beauty of being the writer. πŸ˜† True, Hunter doesn’t age. I think he’s about 26 years old, though. True, V is probably 300 yrs older than Aubrey. LOL

      Thanks for commenting, Jax! πŸ˜€ <33

  15. Poor Vaclav omg!
    How could Kat do that to him D’:
    It kills me that she took off his necklace for hunters aye…
    Oh god~
    Poor baby Vaclav. *pat pat*

    • lol, that is kinda sad I suppose. But if it’s any consolation, (somewhat of a spoiler next) later on she doesn’t wear either necklaces! πŸ˜›

      Thanks for your comment, Kassie, and thanks for reading!

  16. I got a strange kick out of psycho V. Just had to say that lol.

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