Seventy-Three: False Pretenses

Contains F-bombs galore.

Kat’s hands glided up her tummy, already swelling with Hunter’s thriving spawn.

She had to tell her mother. Get it over with.

God. Mom’s going to kill me. And whenever she’s through, Dad will murder me. After that they’ll start on Hunter.

Cody played upon the floor. Hunter was over earlier to give Kat her treatment, so Ashton and Cody came along with him.

Apparently Cody was having so much fun playing, Ashton hadn’t left yet. It was weird seeing her sitting next to Aubrey since they hated each other.

It was now or never.

Nausea inched its way up inside her. Her heart thumped, body trembled.

Say it. Say it. Say it. Just freakin’ blurt it out! Tell them something!

“Reznik is Cody’s father.”

They looked at each other. Aubrey’s brows furrowed.

Kat turned away and started to leave. But something else slipped from her mouth.

“Oh, and I’m pregnant…”

“Wha—what did you just say?” Aubrey shouted.

Kat darted from the room.

Then she threw up her guts.

“Kat!” Aubrey bellowed from the other room.

“Yes, Kat! What’s this BS about you being knocked up?” Ashton called, her voice shaking with fury.

Meanwhile in another town far, far away…

Someone lurked outside the Haas residence.

An assassin hired by the leader of the Dempire Clan.

It was time to end this war. Time to get rid of Vaclav Haas…Β time for the Dempires to rule over Shadowvale and its outer regions.

He blew out a stream of smoke, then flicked the cigarette.

Gavin drew out a special knife and sliced into the window of Vaclav’s office. Once he cut outΒ  a large enough portion, he climbed inside.

Right away he found Reznik.

* Reznik’s Point of View *

As Reznik studied the magic book, shuffling ensued from behind.

He flung around. Blinding light shot forward.

That light smacked into the Dempire. He stumbled back and fell to the floor.

He groaned and twisted.

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes!” the Dempire said. “Feels like my body’s on fire!”

“Tell me where your leader’s hideaway is, and I’ll let you go.”

“It’s at the old repository just outside Shadowvale. The one near Hayesburg.”

Reznik stared at him. “You’re not bullshitting me are you?”


Reznik walked around him.

“Wait! Aren’t you going to reverse the spell?”


“Mother fucker!”

The repository outside of Shadowvale. Time to kick some ass.

There they were. A bunch of horned, winged fuckers loitering up on a hill. Just waiting to play with him.

Indeed, Reznik was game.

The creatures collapsed and fell into an instant sleep.

Yellow mist floated around them.

Yeah. I’ll be nice this time and not kill them, Rez thought. At least not yet.

He went over and peered into one of the windows.

Holy shit.

Hundreds of golden eyes peered back at him.

There was only one thing he could do. It would be the ultimate show of his powers. The final test.

He stepped to the front of the building and raised his arms. As he concentrated, brilliant glowing orbs materialized.

Those orbs joined together, forming one huge ball that glided to the warehouse.

Storm clouds gathered and swirled in the sky. Thunder clapped. Reznik closed his eyes, sweat trickled down his face.

A storm of might and magic roared overhead… then cyclones funneled into every crevice of the building.

Glass shattered, window frames quaked, ancient boards creaked, the ground rumbled. Gnarled tree branches whipped to and fro.

Deafening sounds consumed Reznik’s ears, like being caught inside a tornado.

Electrical bolts crackled from his fingers.

Um… how long should I do this? My fingers are tingling and I can’t feel my arms.

Blue-colored clouds morphed to magenta.

Then it was finished. Reznik lowered his arms, briskly rubbed them to get the sensation back. Tiny pin pricks stabbed at his skin.

He headed into the warehouse to scope out the potential damage.

His eyes deciphered the mounds of bodies, stacked in each corner. However, there was one body that stood out.

He advanced.

Rustling exuded behind. One of the Dempires must still be alive, but Reznik didn’t care.


“Yeah. I think you killed our fucking leader.”

He bent over to lift up the body, then carried the leader outside.

“Xeri!” he cried.

“Dad! Fucking help her! I think her neck’s broken!”

Vaclav started from the chair.

“You brought a fucking Dempire here?”

“It doesn’t fucking matter! Just help her! Heal her!”

“I can’t heal her. My powers aren’t strong enough.”

He looked down at her. “Then what the fuck do I do?”


You’ll have to heal her! Use your own powers!” Vaclav said.

Reznik laid her upon the altar.

Guilt invaded his conscience as he gazed down at her. A guilt he’d never before experienced. It tore into his heart.

Why didn’t I check to make sure she wasn’t in there? But then again, how could he have known she was their leader?

Once more Reznik began a spell. One he’d never before tried.

Xeri’s body jerked upward, levitating.

He’d only begun to learn healing spells. Insecurity squeezed his heart and mind, threatening him; telling him what he was doing wouldn’t work.

Plus he was exhausted after utilizing all his powers on the warehouse. Nevertheless he forged on… concentrating, chanting words in his mind.

Luminous beads flickered from his fingers, trailing to Xeri’s neck. He concentrated harder. Those beads wrapped around her shattered upper spine.

Come on. Come on. Please Xeri.

The wounds on her face and chest shrank; vanished.

Pinpoints of light lowered and hovered around her body. She moved. Her hand drifted to her motionless heart.

“Xeri?” Reznik said. His own heart rapidly pulsed.

“You did it,” Vaclav breathed in disbelief.

Xeri rose from the undead.

“Reznik, what am I doing here? What happened?”

“I’ll explain it to you later.” He hugged her.

“Thank God you’re okay, Xeri. I thought I’d lost you.”

The leaders of two warring rival clans now shared the same residence.

…and Xeri certainly had some explaining to do.


I recently watched Interview with the Vampire for the zillionthΒ time, so now I’m hooked to the soundtrack. Don’t be surprised if you see an influx of videos using music from that movie. πŸ˜› Oh, and lookie! Here’s one below!

One more thing: I didn’t want to do an info dump (plus the explanation wouldn’t fit anywhere in the chapter without interrupting the story flow IMO), so I wanted to explain that Vaclav didn’t notice Gavin downstairs (he never walked by him or anything). V. and Rez will figure out what to do with him between now and the next chapter. πŸ˜›

btwΒ I β™₯ you guys. ^^


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  1. When I read the warning “f-bombs galore!” I was thinking ‘Oh goody!’ , haha. And Kat, nice try trying to sneak in the news while they’re mulling over another surprise (at least Aubrey was…) and Reznik…you’re on some kind of Dempire killing spree…I mean you killed possibly thousads of the damn things! As soon as it said that one body stuck out the most, I was thinking ‘uh oh…Xeri…’ and surprise, surprise…she is their leader…didn’t seem like the type… πŸ˜›

    • LOL you got excited about the F-bomb warning. XD I thought up the idea of kat ‘sneaking’ in her news a loooong time ago. I couldn’t wait to do this chapter, to have her tell them in a humorous type way. :p Anyhow, yep, Rez pretty much killed either hundreds, or thousands of ’em. Daddy will be proud. πŸ˜€ Ooooooooooh so you figured the one ‘body’ was Xeri?! I tried not to leave too much of a clue, but must’ve failed! That’s why I kept referring to her as the ‘leader’ instead of ‘she’, because that would’ve been the dead give-away. No she didn’t see like the type, but for a change it was cool to have a female leader! And plus I wanted it to be a little unexpected. I like doing twists! ^^


      • Lol, I knew it must’ve been her since Rez wouldn’t stare down the body of some other (emphisis on other) stupid depmire… πŸ˜› Plus Daddy would be very proud…and it was surprising V didn’t just scream what the eff is an effing dempire doing here! or something. He seemed really calm, never seen that before in V…

      • Yeah, very true. πŸ˜† Indeed, V. will be proud once he founds all how many demps Rez killed. LOL V. screamed at Rez a little bit. πŸ˜› After that, he was really calm though… maybe he was in shock! 😯


  2. Love it πŸ˜€

    I was sad when Xeri was hurt I was like “no,no,no!” I like her she’s pretty cool! πŸ™‚
    Rez’s killing spree was awsome apart from almost killing Xeri xD
    Kat made me laugh, get Rez in trouble too and then maybe she’ll take it easier on me” was basically what she was doing right? XD

    Loved it cant wait for more

    • Thank you James! πŸ˜€ Yeah, I agree that was pretty sad what happened to her. But at least Rez was able to heal her. It was a miracle, lol. Thanks, I really liked editing the pics in this chapter, I had a lot of fun with it. The only thing I hated was the ‘storm’ in the game, it slowed my game down really badly. So if Seasons ever comes out, I’m not getting it. Actually, I’m not getting any more EP’s after Pets. I’ve already broken the habit of buying needless SP’s, so I know I can break the EP habit as well. I don’t want to blow up my laptop.

      Ugh. Rambling…

      Exactly! That’s exactly why Kat did it that way! Hahaha! Like something most teens or kids would do… get their sibling in trouble first! πŸ˜†

      thanks again! <3333

      • Np, and yes it was, but I am happy she is okay πŸ˜€

        EP & SP whise, I gave up with the sims 3, I hated it, way too slow and I dont know just didny like it xD

        Yes, lol! I loved it my favourite part of the chapter! πŸ˜† Apart from Rez’s powers parts πŸ˜€


      • It helps that she’s one of the main characters, at least! πŸ˜€

        Hmm, kinda know what you mean. Just not as fun as sims 2. I like using it for stories, but I could never just sit for hours and actually play sims 3 like I could the second one. O_O

        I’d say that was my fave part too, and yes the parts with Rez’s magic was awesome, lol. ^^ And thank you! glad you liked it too. πŸ™‚

      • Yes πŸ™‚ It does

        Yeah, sims 3…just sucked xD Dont know why but thats how I feel…and yeah sims 2 is my favouirte πŸ˜€


      • haha, of course it does! ^_^ don’t wanna kill off any of the main ones… unless I REALLY really want to shake up the storyline!

        I have to admit at times I could play sims 3 for hours, but it still was never as fun as sims 2. They changed too much, or something… Uh-oh, I think I know what it is…. I want a Sims 2.5!!! πŸ˜†

        I always loved sims 2, but yet could never go back to it. I tried once, and then got bored of it. 😦 It’s weird.

        πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ Oh, and thanks for your comment on Misconduct… I’ll reply to that asap. πŸ™‚

      • I love the sims 2, dont know why I just do xD
        And yeah! Sims 2.5 sounds awsome πŸ˜€

        And okay!

      • sims 2 has good points, sims 3 has good points. But if Sims 2 had the open neighborhood, better graphics and sims that look like they do in Sims 3 (with custom skin of course) it’d be perfect. Oh, shit!! I STILL want a Sims 2.5!!!

        haha, it kinda does. Even though I hate it when people mention that on the Sims 3 forums, it’s aggravating!

        Still haven’t replied to that, but I will. Sorry it took me a while. It’s been a strange week (or 2) for me….

  3. wow! what an update! lol, hahaha that was so funny, blurts out everything then runs away hahahahaha πŸ˜› i thought that was epic, get Reznik in trouble first!!! :O i loved Reznik killing all the dempires that was cool but when i found out Xeri was in there i was like NOOOOOOOOOO but i had a feeling while i was reading what he was doing to the warehouse i was like…what if Xeri is in there? lol, and she’s the leader wow!

    • Aw, thanks Alyssa! Glad ya thought that part was funny. XD I liked writing that. Although I know a few of Kat’s facial expressions didn’t really match her thoughts… I had issues with that at times. πŸ˜› And you were right about poor Xeri being in the warehouse. but at least Rez was able to help her. V. got pissed off at first. Just wait till he finds out about everything else going on…


      Yep, she’s the leader! They had to have someone replace poor Pavel and chose a female for a change! πŸ˜›


      • hahahaha female for the win! lol, the skins didn’t reinstall themselves for some odd reason btw but *shrugs* they’re still hot lol

      • That’s it! Thought it would make a nice change, not to mention the unexpectedness of it (lol I think that’s a word but not sure). I wonder why the stupid skins didn’t reinstall?? You could always download some skins at Peggy (I think those skins came from Peggy Sims) or look up Lady Frontbum, she makes awesome skins. Do you know how to download rar type files?? You shouldn’t have to settle for the crappy EA made skins!!

      • hahaha defiantly unexpected!!!
        i have no idea, dumb skins lol, i think i will, thanks for the tip, and yes i do know how to download rar type files, haha damn crappy EA made skins!!!

      • You’re welcome, hope it works out. πŸ™‚ It took me years to figure out how to download rar files, the first times I tried the programs were just too damn complicated. 😦 Now I use 7 Zip, thanks to one of my friends’ suggestions, and it works like a charm. Enough rambling. XD Yeah, EA’s skins are just pathetic. *barf*

      • i use winrar, i’ve never heard of 7 zip but at least you finally found one lol, i know! that’s why i need to find the perfect skins for them, they just don’t shine as good with normal EA skins

      • lol Winrar was the one I could simply never figure out, too confusing for me. Yeah, those EA skins are too bland, too ‘yuck’ or something. Those are what gives the sims that ‘clay’ look, IMO.

      • lol it was to me at first too, yuck and bland would be the proper words! lol, hahah ew clay look, oh yeah i was wondering you made V and Hunter by yourself right? if so i have a question lol

      • haha, yuck and bland indeed. I guess it could be worse, but yeah.
        V was based on someone else’s sim, but I tweaked the shit outta him. I made Hunter by myself. Oh, lawd, what is your question? O_O

      • hahahaa lol don’t worry it’s nothing bad…well i guess it depends on how you look at it, and don’t be afraid to say no by the way but there is a guy on a game that i have become recently obsessed with XD and i want him in my game i was wondering if you could make him for me because i’m not good at creating sims off other things

      • Glad it’s nothing bad! Thought you might tell me how horrible my story truly is! LOL. I’m paranoid, ignore me. There’s a guy on a game you have the hots for?? First tell me who he is, and I’ll try to figure out if I can make him well enough… depending on who he is, it might be too tough.

        I just made Lorenzo from Haunting Ground. Naturally he doesn’t look exactly like him, but I guess close enough. I always had a wittle crush on him. hehe. (YOUNG Lorenzo, that is, not the elderly version of him, haha). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here:

        sadly, I created that blog during a bipolar moment and seriously doubt I’ll do anything with it. πŸ˜›

        but yeah, I know what you mean. It’s tough making sims from real life people or characters from other games.

      • hahaha your story is far from horrible it has me completely hooked! lol, yeah its Fenris from dragon age 2, i absolutely love him!!! , i hope he isn’t too tough for you lol, hehe, nice blog by the way.

      • aww, thank you Alyssa. πŸ™‚ Ah, Fenris from Dragon Age 2. Actually not sure who he is. Is that the same game with Allistair (ugh, don’t know how to spell his name, I just know a lot of women like him). πŸ˜›

        Thanks for looking at me blog. It’s pointless though, I’ll never be able to start on it.

        OK as for Fenris, right now I don’t have time, I hate to say that, and hate to say no.. I kinda have something I’m involved in (job wise) right now and it’s taking up so much of my time it’s not funny.
        It’s nothing to do with writing books as that didn’t make me much money so I’m trying something else (LOL nothing bad). We really want to pay down our credit cards, so that’s why. But you know that if I had the time, I’d make him for you in a heartbeat. I hope you’re not too disappointed, and I’m really sorry.

        😦 <333

      • yep Alistair is from Dragon Age Origins though(the first one) and i looooved him as well lol but then dragon age 2 came out and well…Fenris…*drools*, it’s alright for you to say no don’t be sorry i completely understand, lol thats good that it’s nothing bad, i know if you had the time you would and it’s oki really i understand

      • hehe, I wasn’t sure how to spell his name. I just know he’s f*cking hot. LOL. And I’m not the only one who thinks that! My daughter has Dragon Age 2, and she knows who Fenris is. Thank you so much for understanding, I just had SOOOOOOOOOOO much crap going on. I quit whatever I was doing (only did it for 3 days, it was an on-cam hostess type thing >_>). But now that Blood Legacy is finally selling like it should, I’m going to get Shadowland edited and formatted for Smashwords, and that will take up some time. I want it to be perfect (almost). Then I’m going to make it free forever, that way more people will read it, and then they’ll see my other book as well.

        But as soon as I have time after that’s finished, I’ll try to make him for you. Thanks for understanding, you are very sweet. πŸ™‚ <3333

      • haha oh yeah he is but Fenris is beeettter lol πŸ˜› does she? then we have that in common lol, of course i understand. woot free!!! :O you have books? i love books!!! ❀ yay! i look forward to when you have the time and thank you πŸ˜€ you're very sweet too ,<3 πŸ˜€

      • LOL, my daughter thinks A. is better (I can’t spell his name). But she did say that Fenris is pretty cute too. πŸ˜› I just love hunks in vid games. XD

        yep, got books. My first few sucked. Blood Legacy’s better. ^_^ Shadowland is being formatted now, and it’ll be free to read on Smashwords, I decided never to charge for it. It’s a novelette (almost 13,000 words) and it’s based on Bloodlust. Loosely, haha. Oh, and it’s X-rated… I planned to make it a series.

        You’re welcome! Awww, thanks!! πŸ˜€ <333

      • haha i used to think A was the best lol, but i can’t help myself with Fenris especially that VOICE! lol, hehe me too! makes the games more fun! :D, yay! i would really like to read yours books they sound good lol

      • Wow our chats are getting long! πŸ˜† Not sure if I’ve seen Fenris, but def have seen A. I’m in love with A., along with his British accent. God, shit like that makes me drool. *DROOLS*

        Aww, well thank you. Shadowland is free to read: It’s on the site already. I work fast…. well, aside from the lady I pay to format my books. πŸ˜› btw it’s just a short ebook.

      • haha yeah they are! both of them πŸ˜› oh i know right? i was so in love with A, you should look Fenris up and his voice…my god lol, yay!!! i love to read! haha lol yay for lady! that’s alright if it’s short πŸ˜›

      • LOL I know. :p A is the bomb, lol. hehe. Yes, I need to look up Fenris, I bet he’s pretty hot too. ^_^ Foreign accents drive me nuts. πŸ˜†
        Thanks! Yeah, she’s actually really nice, gets the job done fast. The story’s short, but not as short as most of the others on there that are free. πŸ˜€ I did have this one short story that only had 5,000 or so words. This one has almost 13,000, so it’s over twice as long, a LOT better, and FREE!! hehe.

      • heheehe oh me too but Fenris voice is deep and hipnotic and ….*drools* and it goes so well with his hotness!!!! lol, yay! got to love nice fast people lol. πŸ˜› short stories are supposed to be short aren’t they? haha wow that is twice as long lol YAY FOR FREENESS

      • Ooooh, sounds hotness. XD πŸ˜€ You ever play any of the Final Fantasy games? Haha. Hotness abounds in those games too. πŸ˜›

        Yep. Plus she’s nice. Did I mention she’s nice? LOL. Fast and nice: that’s a RARE combo these days, haha.

        Well yeah, but there are still different lengths, and the longer a ‘short’ story is, the better! XD I’ve seen some people on Goodreads give short strories a shitty review, simply because they were too SHORT! (and those stories were free too, most of them). O_O

      • i know! yay Fenris! πŸ˜€ lol oh yes i have haha yes it defiantly does! lol, yay! that is a rare combo haha i’m glad that she’s both! yeah that’s true i once read a short story that was actually fairly long lol, why would they do that, i think that’s so dumb if it’s free don’t complain lol

      • LOL, I’m so bad. I still haven’t looked up Fenris yet. But I will. I’ll have more time now. πŸ˜› Yes, FF games ROCK. I love the eye candy on there! πŸ˜› And thanks! Yeah, she’s a gem. ^^ I know it. That’s how a lot of people on goodreads are (though I’d say around 60% are really nice and awesome, but the rest… meh) the rest think they’re entitled not only to free books, but the books better be perfect or watch out. I once told a reviewer ‘fuck you jealous bitch’, haha, because I got sick of her shit. Sometimes I regret doing it, but most times I DON’T (even when she got her gang of cyber bullies to bully me for weeks afterward as their little retribution crap LOL). XD Makes me laugh now, their behavior only ended up being worse than mine. πŸ˜›

        Well, there was my monthly rant regarding goodreads. Ugh. I hate that site, haha. πŸ™„

        edit: but there IS such a thing as karma, haha. That woman reviewer got evicted from her apt for not paying rent last August and had to move in with her mom or something (and she hates her mother haha). Plus a few other minor things that happened after that. Gotta love frickin’ karma. πŸ™‚

      • yay for more time!!! lol, did you get a chance to look him up yet? oh yes the eye candy on ff rock! lol and the games themselves rock aswell. i hate how people are like that, they should be grateful it’s even free to begin with geez lol, hahahaha that’s funny that you said that to her lol, wow how dumb, get her cyber bullies after you lol, yeah it did haha, lol i can imagine why you hate that site. hahaha WOOT KARMA!

      • Yep I saw him. He’s pretty cute, I can see why you like him. ^^ I was going to make him, but you hadn’t commented in a while (saw your other comment, the new one) and thank you. But honestly I thought you were annoyed with me for some reason (LOL) because I do tend to have a habit to get zealous about some things (like mentioning how I told some woman 2 yrs ago to basically f off, so I think I have a tendency to scare some people away and such). Also, I’ve used other people’s sims in this story, and the next thing I know they stop commenting as well (I guess because they don’t like what I’ve done with their character, but not sure what the problem is. Not meaning to take it out on you, but I don’t want to do things for people if that’s how it’s going to be.) I don’t know how to say it gently. I don’t like to be used (not saying you’re like that) but I don’t want to risk it anymore. Do you understand what I mean? Like, if you had a story and some people asked you to do this and that, and maybe use their characters for your story, and you do it just to be nice and wrap entire plotlines around their characters, and the next thing you know they stop commenting as soon as a plot twist happens (that I guess they don’t like) and/or even stop reading it entirely. It makes me feel used and I’m tired of it. One girl I even APOLOGIZED to when I killed off her character, and I heard the proverbial ‘crickets’. So… Again, not to take this out on you, but it’s not a good thing to keep saying YES to everyone, because it just doesn’t work out that way. I try really hard NOT to get pissed off about stuff, but I cannot control it. I can control it for months or weeks, but eventually I’ll have to vent. A lot of times I’m too nice (and passive aggressive, which means I’ll be a doormat for a while but indeed will get sick of it). Again, though, not to say that YOU are treating me this way, I’m just afraid of saying ‘yes’ to anyone anymore. It’s too bad that a few people have to ruin it for others. It was the very same thing that happened a while back on Goodreads. I gave the ebook away for free to several people, and then finally I chose the wrong person to give it away to. Also, I made Blood Legacy free for a whole week just so one person could read it, and all I asked in return was a review. She never did a review, so I used her good comments about my book on my website and on Smashwords, and then mentioned it to her afterward. So now she’s stopped commenting. I didn’t think it was too much to ask for a simple review like ‘great book, loved it’. But yeah, so apparently she got annoyed with me as well, and again, I let her read the book for free so she would not have to ask her parents for money.

        Then there was this one character that a particular reader liked. And when he was no longer in the story, her comments went kaput as well. I mean, come on already. Ridiculous! πŸ™„

        Sorry to ramble (and vent), but I’m trying to get you (and anyone else reading this) to understand where I’m coming from. I’m no longer going to be a ‘yes woman’ LOL. I hope you don’t find this offensive, I’m REALLY not trying to be, but I had to say something at some point, or I was going to lose it.

        But you are really sweet, and I hope you don’t mind my saying all this. It’s not really all aimed at you, I just have a LOT of frustration that’s built up for the last several weeks that I’ve never mentioned on here. I can’t stay quiet any more. It’s not you that’s caused this, it’s others.

        But now I’m assuming you’ll stop commenting again as well. Again, for what it’s worth, I didn’t mean anything against you. You haven’t done anything. I just wanted to explain WHY I can’t say ‘yes’ anymore to people, or try to ‘help’ people. It never works out.


        I’m only being honest. I hope you don’t take offense.

        edit: there is a certain other character I’m writing out of this story around chapter 83. :/

        EDIT 2: and I get that some people are busy and can’t comment every time. I totally get that. But if they comment every single week all the way up to a certain plot twist that involves their character and stops commenting and reading afterward, that’s what I’m talking about. πŸ™„

      • omg! i’m so offended i will stop commenting!… JOKING I’M JOKING! i would never do that haha, i completely understand, more than you know trust me i’m the same way, i’m very passive aggressive but the passive is stronger which…isn’t a good thing lol, i don’t mind you venting at all, if it helps you can do it anytime i’m actually very used to people venting to me and stuff, i can’t beilve people sometimes! i mean you do something for them and then they act like complete assholes, sometimes characters you make or like end up being killed, it happens lol, still a good story πŸ˜€ i was going to comment a few times before the long silence but then when i was about too, something happened, i was like…damn! she’s going to think i’m a complete asshole! but i’m glad to see that’s not the case lol, and no i’m not annoyed with you lol

      • lol, OK. I’m a very cynical person as you can see. XD Plus, it seems like people ALWAYS get annoyed with me and just drop off the face of the planet. I try to be nice, I try to do whatever people want, but it still doesn’t work. And I do rant about forum trolls, etc. and curse a little too much, and so that scares some away. I just hate it when someone makes fun of someone else’s spelling and writing. That shit drives me nuts. People do that all the time on the S3 forums. :/

        Anyhow, I’m glad you’re not mad with me. I’m sorry I vented about things to you. I had another friend that I used to vent to by email, but that person hasn’t written in 2 weeks. So I guess that’s partly why I’m depressed atm. I mean, I’m happy, just sometimes I need someone to ‘talk’ to, you know.

        And it’s still not right to hint or ask (not you, of course) for me to use their sim in my storyline, dictate their role in my own story even though I’ve already had other things in mind, but I go ahead and do a plot around their character (to be nice) and once something occurs that they don’t like, they stop commenting/reading. Grrrr, it still pisses me off. Now I have a disclaimer on the first page of my blog stating that I’m no longer accepting anyone else’s sims for my story.
        I don’t know of any other writer who’d tolerate that crap. If I were someone like FuryRed, I would’ve said NO to begin with, but I was trying to be nice.

        Yeah, it’s def not good to be too passive. I was once taught how to be assertive, which is the opposite of passive aggressive. Yeah, it helped some, but IDK. I have issues telling readers ‘no’, probably because of what happened a few years ago. I’m always afraid I’ll lose readers if I say ‘no’. But now I think I’m at a safe point. I’m not trying to brag, or be full of myself, but I’ve been getting about 1 or 2 new subscribers to my blog every week now, so for every reader I might offend, I’m gaining a few more anyhow. So it’s nice not to have to worry about kissing ass anymore, basically. I guess I’ve grown kinda bitter, obviously. But I hate getting close to people who I thought were ‘friends’ and they just disappear out of the blue. So yeah, it does hurt my feelings. I’m only human. And when I get my feelings hurt, I start to get pissed. :/

        LOL, I’ll still make Fenris for you. How can I not? You’re such a nice and understanding person. But then again, not sure if I can make it look like him. He looks like he’d be hard to make. D: Though right now I’m busy again (my own fault) but maybe I’ll have more time in a few days. πŸ™‚ haha, it probably won’t look much like him once I’m finished!

        I hear ya. But you know what they say: “NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED”. Wow, is that saying ever true. πŸ˜› I’m not trying to sound like a victim either. I’m NOT a victim. I’m quite lucky in a lot of ways. I’m just saying this: it does NOT pay to be too nice to people. You end up being a doormat. It’s not fun to be used. And I know I’m not perfect, but I’d never ask anyone to use my simself in their own story and try to dictate the plot around my simself, particularly when it’s NOT MY STORY. That’s just… presumptuous? LOL here’s what that means, according to what I found on the internet, and fits PERFECTLY: ‘Failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.’ lol, especially on someone else’s story blog. Shit, now that I’ve started venting about this, I can’t seem to stop. I’ll shut up now… 😳

        Oh no, I swear I never thought you were an asshole! I just thought you were annoyed, or I’d scared you off talking about how I blew up at this one woman 2 yrs. ago. I’ve never thought of you as anything but nice, but it was pointless to make Fenris if you weren’t coming back to meh blog, LOL.

        Thanks for not being annoyed, thanks for ‘listening’, and thank you for the compliment on this story! <3333 *HUGS*

      • some people deserve to be smacked! lol and don’t worry about the venting! i’m actually glad you trust me enough to vent to me πŸ˜€ and venting helps get everything off your chest and makes you feel better so feel free, vent away, it will never bother me lol. and i’m here if you need anyone to talk to lol, that sucks that the other person hasn’t responded in so long, and you’re right, it’s not right for people to do that sort of thing, i’m actually thinking of writing my own sims story which i might later turn into a novel but at least i’ll be able to get all the ideas i have kicking around in my head out haha, which reminds me, which pose pack thingers do you use? or do you know where i can get some good ones? yeah i don’t know any other writer who would either haha especially me x.x but it’s because i’m possesive with my stories haha lol,i’ve never been taught how to be assertive but i will say that when Crystal was born i did grow back bone so i’m a little bit harder to push around now though. i’m afraid to say no aswel so i know exactly how that feels. yay for more subscribers!!! i’m glad you’re gaining more lol, and i know how that feels i was like that when i was a kid almost my whole life i’ve made friends and not just people on the internet who turned out not to even be my friends at all! don’t worry i’ll never disappear unless you deleted this website because then i wouldn’t be able to find you πŸ˜₯ and i’d cry lol i can honestly say i am truly your friend πŸ˜€ i have a friend i made when i was a lot younger he lives on the other side of the globe(literally) and he’s my closet friend! oh my god really!? thank you so much!!! yes i think he would be hard to make but with your skills i’m sure he’ll turn out hot either way hahaha lol, that saying is very true. i know that you mean it’s rude and inconsiderate to try and change a person story just so you’re happy with what your character is doing seriously some people haha don’t worry you don’t have to shut up get it all off your chest i’ll be listening lol. i’m so glad you didn’t think i was an asshole! i certaintly felt like one ahaha you couldn’t scare me off i’ve done that myself haha lol thank you for thinking im nice, i always try to be lol and no problem! i love this story it’s like a really good book! lol ❀ and i'll listen anytime

    • Aww, thank you for being so sweet and understanding. Seriously. And thanks for listening to me rant/vent. I will catch up with your comments soon, okay? I have a BUNCH of others to catch up with and am a little overwhelmed at the moment.

      but thank you again for being understanding, and for all your comments!

      AWWWWWW, I read more of your comment and now I want to cry. It’s hard for me to trust some people (esp. women for some reason) but you really are different. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my female readers, lol, it’s just harder for me to get close to women than guys. (hard to explain why, just a lot of past stuff that’s happened).

      I will reply better to this soon. πŸ˜€ And yeah, we can start a new ‘chat’ on my new chapter, if ya want. πŸ˜€

      *hugs and love* and I’m sorry again for not trusting you before… 😦 I feel so bad about that. Not everyone gets in a snit over petty things, and I realize you’re one of the good girls. ^^

      edit: hey! good luck on your writing! Hope it all works out great. Just a word of warning: it’s a pain to write novels, more of a pain to edit them, and even more to find a publisher. Then once that’s done, you have to promote a little (or a LOT). My books have been out there for a couple years and I’m still not established as a well known author or anything like that. In fact I hardly get any views on my website (my books site, not my blog). I wrote 4 novels, and 2 or 3 short stories but have only made a little over $100 so far. I don’t want to discourage you, however, if someone would’ve told ME this back in 2009, I would’ve just continued making sim stories. Also, there are mean reviewers out there, who WILL tell you whatever flaws are in your book. Some will be total cunts about it. :/ I’ve seen some reviews where it says: ‘OMG this book sucks so bad!!!!11 If I could I’d give it 0 stars!!!!!’ seriously. I think some of them are trolls, but once you put yourself out there, you’re open to all kinds of treatment from people. I couldn’t handle it and blew up once (as you well know, LOL). Ultimately it’s up to you of course. Just giving you a heads up of how painful the industry is. Sometimes it’s exciting, but mostly it’s heart-breaking.

      There was this one chick (Amanda Hocking) who sold a million books, SELF-pubbed books. Don’t ask me how. I don’t think she even really knew how. :/ I just know she had blogs and twitter. But I cannot and will not believe that having Twitter will make one sell a million books…. I have links on my blog to my books, and an average of 1 or 2 people a day click them, so that’s about 30 to 60 views of my books per month. And probably not ONE person has actually bought my priced book. *shrugs* that’s why I don’t see how Amanda Hocking did it….

      The pose player I use is by cmomoney at Mod the sims: and there are a BUNCH of poses to use with it. I have a few links to them on my blog, one link I mention is on chapter 75, and if you google sims 3 poses there should come up several. πŸ˜€

      sorry I haven’t had time to make Fenris yet. Last night and today I’ve been a little down, but for real life reasons. But once I’m better I’ll try it. πŸ™‚

      • it`s alright lol i have a hard time trusting people aswell, no matter what gender(bad past experiences) it can be even harder over the internet, so i understand trust me lol. *hugs and love back* it`s alright don`t feel bad lol. i love writing so even if i don`t get as much out of it, it would be worth it just to have people read it lol, there will always be mean people but i learned a long time ago not to take that stuff to heart especially since not everyone is going to like what you write no matter what,just some people are too stuiped to realize that reviewing asshole things won`t stop the author lol. damn trolls!, depends on the comment wether i`d blow up or not lol, wow self pubbed…that`s…amazing!!! i know having Twitter might help but i doubt that would sell a million books thank you for the pose player, and sorry for the half ass response i`m just super excited for sims 3 pets i`m waiting for my friend to get back from getting his stitches taken out he offered to drive me to go get it dsghdskjghdkjgdf

      • well, I know what you mean there too. I’ve no problem being friends with guys, but if it comes to romance or whatnot, forget it. It’s even worse than having a friendship with a woman. D: LOL that’s why i’m glad the dating game is loooooooooooooooooooooong over. πŸ˜€ I could tell you some bad past experiences I’ve had with men too, obviously not on here though… XD and yeah, it’s tougher over the internet…. I’d say at least 50% of adult guys are manipulators, users, fuck & dump types. Oh, and the fuck and dump type will come into my story later regarding a certain character. But it’s to be expected from him. XD *shrugs*

        awww, thank you for the hugs n’ love back. πŸ˜€ I didn’t mean to discourage you or make you feel bad, just want to let you know how much of a roller coaster ride it is. I have much more fun with my blog stories than I ever did with writing books. I’d rather write blogs for free than to get paid $86 one time for a certain book I worked hard on. πŸ™„ Blood Legacy seemed to be selling well on B&N, but I’ll likely end up with a $20 check or less. *Bangs fuckin’ head into a brick wall* sorry to be a downer about it…. I’d wished someone would’ve told me this before I started. Then again, it’s a rush to finish a book though. It gives your self-esteem a nice boost too.

        Oh, that’s a great way of thinking about it!! You’re right, not everyone will like what you write (I had a hard time remembering that when I first started out, but seem to be better now). And yeah, it’s best not to take it to heart. The review is supposed to be about the books, for other readers to decide whether or not they want it, it’s not for the author (not supposed to have anything to do with the author, nor it isn’t supposed to bash the author) so yes, if you can just remember that, (easier said than done though) then you’ll be fine.

        Good luck!

        But yes, about 30% or MORE of folks on Goodreads are trolls. It’s a shame too, because that’s the best place to promote. I had a contest on there to give away my vampire book, and it really started to get popular. Until… I got mad at a reviewer of course. But like I said, she got what she deserved later too, and I’m STILL writing. πŸ˜›

        And DO NOT EVER get your book published by PublishAmerica!! don’t do it!! They don’t pay what you’ve actually sold. Trust me. They are a scam, all you have to do is google them and type ‘scam’ next to their name! I learned the hard way. I know for a fact I sold a lot more books than they ever paid me for. I had low sales ranks EVERYWHERE online (low means good when it comes to sales ranks) like 60,000 at B&N, as low as 90,000 at Amazon, and 50,000 or lower at this other online book store. Plus I knew some friends who bought the book. I didn’t get a check until a year later, and I really don’t think it added up IMO. Plus the people who run PublishAmerica are dickwads and they will never let you out of your contract (7 years). If you want out of it early, sometimes they’ll tell you to pay them $300 to do it! Seriously! I hate those MF’s.

        Don’t publish your book with Eirelander Press either. They’re almost as BAD. O_O And their covers look like they were designed within TEN SECONDS, they look so shitty. :/

        If you want to know more about stuff, google Absolute Write Water Cooler (some of the people on there are stuck up asswipes, but others will help you with various things about writing and the industry). Seriously.

        *facepalm* sorry you didn’t ask for any of this advice… but you seem like such a good person and I don’t want you to get screwed over somewhere down the road.

        My last two books were self pubbed through Smashwords. I had to pay $25 to get the novel formatted by a nice lady, but the short story only cost $15 to get formatted, I think. Short stories are much easier than novels. Hahaha, yeah having Twitter might help, but give me a break! LOL. I’d like to know how that chick REALLY managed to sell that many books! XD I heard that she kept writing, never stopped, and that helped her too.

        But still… a million? And now she has a huge contract with one of the best publishers in NYC. O_o man, I wish to hell that could happen to me! πŸ˜› Oh well. At least it’s fun to write on my blog.

        haha, your response was fine. Mine was too long as always. I hope you have fun with PETS!!!!!!!!!!! bwahahahahaha! πŸ˜€

  4. lol at Kat trying to be casual ‘btw I’m pregnant’ *runs*
    lol XP
    Poor Reznik πŸ™‚ Wasn’t expecting that! πŸ˜€
    I’m glad he brought her back though πŸ™‚ She’s cool πŸ˜€
    Vaclav is probably not very impressed though XDD

    • Hey there! Yes, pretty comical part, eh? πŸ˜€ And now Rez will be in trouble… maybe. His parents let him get by with everything, LOL. Yep, he was able to save Xeri, thankfully. But like it sez at the end of the chapter, Xeri has some ‘splaining to do. XD Indeed Xeri’s cool, but obviously has some flaws, lol.

      Not impressed at all, haha. πŸ˜†


  5. Awesome chapter! That’s good that Xeri didn’t die, but she’ll have to explain herself pretty quickly to V. lol! Can’t wait to see how that turns out! And wow o.0; she’s the leader! That was shocking to me.

    LOL Kat’s hilarious. Just walking in and trying to casually mention that she’s pregnant after she told on Rez lol! It’ll be awesome to see how V reacts!

    • Thanks Mike!! LOL oh yes, she’ll def have to explain. πŸ˜› Poor V. has got so much shit going on right now, and in the next chapter, he won’t have much time to think about Xeri’s little ‘back stabbing’. I will say that Xeri does love Rez, but she also wanted to kill V. I know that doesn’t make much sense, lol. I’m trying… πŸ˜› it sounds illogical, but wow I really wanted that twist in the story, and I’m trying to make it work.

      Yep, Kat kinda slipped that in, haha. Ash is pretty pissed. XD

      btw, I sold a book on the 9th…. you didn’t buy it did you?? LOL. >_> if you didn’t that’s fine. Actually, I’d RATHER it hadn’t been you that bought it, I’d rather it be a total stranger if you know what I mean. πŸ˜› *huggles*

      • Lol np! Haha yeah! Can’t wait to see how she talks herself out of it. XD Lol yeah, he’ll probably be even more pissed at Kat! Lol, no that makes a ton of sense! She isn’t going to try and kill him now, is she lol? No, I get it; she loves the enemy’s son! Makes for interesting drama!

        LOL XD! Yeah, Kat’s going to have a lot of people who are pissed at her lol!

        Yay! Congrats πŸ˜€ ! Lol, no, I didn’t buy it. I would buy one, but it I don’t have a credit card or anything lol. Yeah, I get what you mean πŸ™‚ ! Congrats again *hugs*!

      • It’ll probably be interesting. XD Glad that makes sense to you. Xeri kinda used Rez to get info about his father, blah, blah. πŸ˜› Nah, she won’t try to kill him now. Yes, she does love Rez now, she was only using him in the beginning. And thanks! πŸ˜€


        Thank you!! Ok, I’m actually glad it wasn’t you, I’d rather it be just some random reader who has no idea about this blog, LOL. That way I’d know the word might be spreading a little bit. And if not, that’s OK too. I’m just happy to work on this blog. Just sometimes it bothers me how hard I worked on the book and the thought of not getting anything in return for that hard work annoys me at times. πŸ˜› I’ve read some self-pubbed books where it looked like the author didn’t even try (misspellings, bad grammar, etc. not to be a Nazi, I’m just sayin’. LOL).

        I didn’t THINK you bought it, but then again I’d whined to you not long before a book sold. That’s why I thought that. πŸ˜† Thank you again!!

        Aww *hugs* back!! ^^

  6. Lol, oh Kat, nice try sneaking in your news by mentioning Cody’s patronage. Still, Aubrey isn’t THAT slow. Kat and Hunter have some explaining to do!

    As soon as Rez noticed a body I knew it was Xeri. What I didn’t know was that she was the leader! Nice little twist you threw in. I’m glad to see that Reznik’s hate for them didn’t dampen his love for her at all. I was also glad to see that he ignored his doubts in order to bring her back to life.

    Although Xeri has a lot of explaining to do there are a few questions I myself have. Is she in love with Rez, or has this all been a ploy? If she is in love with him, then why send Gavin there to kill his father and possibly him? I mean, Gavin would have killed him if Rez wasn’t so awesome… so why hire him?

    Gah so many questions and no answers until Thursday…

    • Of course she had to try that!! Sounds like something a teen would do. lmao they have TONS of ‘splaining to do! Along with Xeri! πŸ˜›

      haha you knew it was Xeri too? I didn’t do a very good job of hiding that. >.< Yep, decided to make her the leader. It was one of those 'lightbulb' moments that I thought would be pretty cool. I know it makes her sound bad, but on the other hand, everyone has a darker side and no one's perfect. So I thought 'why not', and it'd be a cool change to have a femme leader. ^^ Thanks for saying it was a nice twist! πŸ™‚ Oh hell yes Rez still loves her. But his hurt will come out later.

      I don't blame you for wondering about all that. I will have Xeri explain that in a future chapter, not sure if it's the next one or the one after. But I promise it will be soon. And sorry to leave you in suspense. Try not to worry too much about it. your character isn't all bad or anything. She did send Gavin to kill V. As for Rez, maybe Gavin just decided to be an ass and get him too while he was there. Xeri didn't necessarily want Gavin to kill Rez.

      That future will explain it as best as possible, and if not, I'll answer any other questions you have. ^^ Hope what I said here helped some.


  7. So, I have read this entire series in two days. I just stumbled across it & I’m officially addicted and I can not wait until you post the next chapter. Instant fan!

  8. Just finished reading the last two chapter, had to catch up since I was being held back in school. Your chapters are like a sweet escape, I come running back here whenever I can. Oh and for school, thing’s turned out to be alright. Straight A student right here ;3 Drama I stay out of, but Kat seems to like getting into it. I just know that her puppies (Haha, I just love the idea of werewolf children) will turn out adorable. Anyhow, I must return back to reality and study for a test tomorrow, I can’t wait for the next chapter !

    Love, Oriana.

    • hey there! Aww, thank you. I do love writing it, but the staging can be a pain. Especially if the sims don’t want to cooperate, or paparazzi invades the scene! sorry to ramble, btw.

      Glad things are going better at school now. Seems like the first days/week is the toughest. Yay! Straight A’s!! Sounds like you’re doing great. Oh yes, Kat is always getting into drama, like her bro. but Rez gets by with most things since he’s spoiled and gets coddled because he was once ‘adopted’. Anyhow, yes her babies will be beautiful. ^^

      Oh, I wanted to let you know that I used your comments on my author’s site, about my Blood Legacy book, so I hope that’s ok. I don’t have any reviews, so I was kinda desperate, LOL. If you want to see your comments here’s the link to the site:

      well sorry you have to study for a test tomorrow. That sucks. 😦 Hope you do well on it, as I’m sure you will!

      Thanks for reading my crazed story!

      Love, Jenssims πŸ™‚ <3333

  9. Oh darn WP… it doesn’t tell me that you have updates for me to read anymore!!! So it is back to old-fashioned ‘lurking around the blogs’…

    Anyway! Great update! Great use of GIMP’s effects. Big LOL on Kat telling on Rez. LOL I can totally hear her going nanananana to Ash XD. Oh yeah, and I got knocked up too… hahahha… oh Kat. well done!

    Would Gavin be the new Omega??? Rez didn’t really kill him…so dare I get my hopes up?

    Oh yeah, I like how you distinguish the different clans/species by the eyes and to some degree hair color. Is it because they are vampires the eyes glow like that or did you use GIMP again?

    I am working on updates on my part…the past weeks was just crazy. I’m trying to get into this MA program and was running from office to office to see if I get student loans. Yeah, I like torturing myself like that, o_O

    • I wonder why? That’s crazy! I hate how WP seems to be getting glitchy more and more too. Anyhow, sorry about that. You’ll be happy to know that my updates will always be on Fridays (barring internet or WP stupidity).

      Thank you so much, Jed. πŸ™‚ I had fun making those pics, not so much in-game however. The storm slowed down my game too much. Haha, so you found that funny too? LOL, nanananana indeed! Like Cartman on South Park. Yep, and then she slipped it in about her pregnancy! Just wait till they find out she’s having TWINS!! πŸ˜›

      In a way, he could be the new Omega… just a meaner version. You might get your hopes up, lol. πŸ˜€

      Yeah, it’s because they’re all vampires. Sometimes if I don’t think their eyes glow enough, I’ll enhance it with GIMP. πŸ˜› And thanks for the compliment about my distinguishing the different clans by physical characteristics. πŸ™‚

      So you’re working on a new chapter? Yay! I know what you mean… I’ve been busy lately too and about to be even busier. Let’s just say I have a new job, aside from homeschooling my kids and it’s not going to be easy getting everything done… :/ Sorry to be a nOOb, what does MA mean? Is that a college major or something?? I can only imagine the hassle of trying to get student loans. Seriously. I hate anything to do with the government (that’s if you’re trying to get that type of loan, like a grant or whatnot). I know what you mean. I’ve been torturing myself lately as well. We must have that in common, yanno? >.< Hope it goes well for you, Jed.

      • MA… is Master of Arts program. My folks hassle me about getting an apartment in the new city already…but I’m still not sure if I’m in the program yet, so what’s the use? I’ve been disappointed by various offers before…so now I’m like ‘yeah, would be awesome if this works out, but why should it…’ Argh…

        Congrats on the new job. I can’t imagine the pressure you must have face. Homeschool, eh? I always said I wanna do that if I have kids, but my folks are so against it. But I see only benefits.

        Anyway, I’m trying to get the writing done for the next Chapter, and then I want to do some promo shots (don’t I sound like smart) to post on the regular legacy site. I just saw that I can’t do that just yet… one character is not properly introduced yet… LOL

        Oh by the way, great idea (however, what a pain that you have to do that and not the mods from EA Sims) on that troll list.

      • Oh, ok! Well that sounds cool. Uh, I don’t blame you for not getting a place in the city. What if you went through all that and didn’t get in or something? You’re like me, you like to ‘make sure’ of things first. You’re not alone in the disappointment department… I know how you feel, and know exactly what you mean. Anyhow, I really hope it works out for you, and good luck on getting in. Keep me posted!

        Thanks. Not paying much yet, but working up in the ‘ranks’ pretty fast, haha. It’s very time consuming yes, and yeah homeschooling as well. Ugh. My parents and ex-in laws were against it too. But guess what? They were forced to get over it. *big smile* My youngest got sick every single school year, and literally every other year had to be hospitalized due to breathing problems brought on by pneumonia. She could’ve died from it. But then the school decided she missed too much (after already telling us she wouldn’t fail for missing too many days) and she was going to flunk the third grade. So I said “OK, time to home school then.” And guess what?? She barely catches a fucking cold now. Seriously. Best decision EVAR. And she’s learning more at home than she would at school, believe it or not. Plus she’s not learning about boners from other kids at school (like I did when I was a kid. Yeah). I’m sure you’d see all the same benefits if you did the same thing.

        sorry to ramble again.

        Ooooooh promo shots. That’s a good idea! I’ve done that before! ^^ Ah, so one character hasn’t been intro’d yet? Hmmm…. sounds intriguing. BTW I want to have a menage (3-some) with the twins in yo story.
        πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

        Thanks Jed. But now I don’t have time to keep up with it. Actually I haven’t seen anyone being assholes on there in a while… πŸ˜›

      • It’s a little bit unnerving right now. The head person of the program says I’m an ideal candidate for the program and she gave me the okay to upload all my papers and stuff. But she’s not sure if I still can get in for the spring or if I have to wait another year. Darn it, I got everything in by the deadline but now I’m thinking I should’ve done that during the beginning of summer. But back then I thought I would just start work…it all came out differently. Rats…as they say hindsight is 20/20.

        I taught public school for a while and it just made my skin crawl. I mean, I can take stuff, but those kids are insane. And I do want to have a say what my kids should be learning and when. I mean, (and I speak like a person who has no kids, πŸ˜‰ ) it’s all about fashion and who has what gadget, and Heaven forbid you don’t have the latest gameboy. What if I can’t afford those toys. I don’t see why my kids should be bullied or measured by that. Great that your daughter is doing better now. I remember I got sick every beginning of the semester and at the end. Was a yearly event, too.

        Well, I played around with GIMP (my new best friend) and for the pictures but I had to stop myself… too soon too soon. But I’m so excited to show you. Anyway, the twins are popular eh. LOL And they are so manipulative…they remind me of a couple o’cats playing mouse with just anyone. XD

      • Well, it sounds partly good, but partly disappointing then. :/ don’t you just frickin’ HATE being in limbo like that?? Again, I know how you feel. I bet you really don’t want to wait until next year. That would suck. Yes, hindsight is 20/20, and too bad people cannot be psychics to know whether or not something will work out, or what they need to do to get that particular something to work out… Rats indeed.

        OMG you taught public school?? Oh no. lol. What grade did you teach?? And yes, yes, you’re right, all that matters in school are the latest trends in clothing and gadgets. *eyeroll* and the parents are every bit as much to blame for that BS as the kids, yanno. I’ve heard of freakin’ 10 yr. olds having cellular phones. Yes (my hubby’s nephew did, and for f*ck’s sake the parents could NOT afford it! Whole other story, so never mind).

        And oh my gosh, if your kids didn’t have all the latest crap, or even if they DID, they’d be bullied for some other reason, yanno? Kids LOOK for things to bully others about. As far as maybe not being able to afford ‘toys’, with my kids, if I couldn’t afford something, then I just couldn’t and wouldn’t. I could give a hell less what others have, or what others’ kids have. :/ And if my kids want something, I’ll just say ‘no can do right now. Can’t afford it.’ *shrugs*

        You also sound like me about the sickness thing. Every. Single. Year. It was like that for me too, from the time I began school, to the time I graduated. O_O And thank you, yep she’s doing great. She’s a great reader and writer, and even does well in math (better than I did as a kid!). My older daughter does very well too. She’s 17 and can do college level stuff. πŸ™‚ Actually she was able to do that when she was 12. My middle daughter is autistic, so she goes to public school (GAH) I couldn’t teach her much, then again, it’s not like the school is teaching her anything either. LOL.

        hehe I love those paint programs, they’re my fave! I’m always playing around with them whenever I have time! Use them constantly for my stories! πŸ˜€

        Oh yes! The twins! heheehehehe… I want Liam thrown in there too, btw. LOL. O_o And yeah the twins are manipulative, which I love as well. That badness is just… yeah. πŸ˜›

        Almost forgot to tell you… I quit doing that one thing. Didn’t work out. I was getting ‘high in the ranks’ but it simply didn’t pay enough for all the work. It was an internet thing, btw. But it’s all good. My book is selling now and I’m soooooo excited! I just hope it keeps up…

      • Yeah, you got that right… I’m still in the waiting limbo. Blows big time. It makes me feel so helpless… like shouldn’t I be doing something instead of waiting for the mail all day? Ah…God knows…

        I taught 9-11, and then some undergrad classes. The college kids weren’t so bad but I oftentimes felt like they were there just to socialize. I mean, I’m all for a good time, but when they start negotiating for a better grade when they haven’t earned it…*face desk*

        17 and doing college level stuff??? Hey, I can barely do math in my head…no fair!

        I wanted to ask you about your pictures. You edit every shot, or just play in settings that are very lowly lit? You used some blurs, too right?

        LOL Liam is taking the back seat a little…even though weird things are happening to his family. I have a notebook full of story plots and scenes (I feel so smart now), but he will be in the driver’s seat soon again. Actually would be fun to work a little sparring scene in there twins vs Liam… XD

        Don’t you just hate it, when you work whatever you can and the pay is just bleh.. Great that your book is selling now. Oh gee, I forgot the time… was to meet with a pal…argh… okay… bye for now!

      • wow, I didn’t realize how long my last post was. 😯 Anyhow, sorry you’re going through all that. Nothing is worse than waiting in limbo, seriously. :/ lol, I hear ya. You just have to keep busy doing something else, get your mind off of it. That’s what story blogs are for. sometimes I have to FORCE myself to get into doing a chapter, but once I do, then I’m addicted to it all over again and forget about everything else.

        Oh, no! No wonder you cringed. I bet those kids really got on your nerves (not that they’re all bad or anything, but there’s always those few). When I was in the 8th grade, almost every kid in class tortured the poor teacher. O_O He quit the following year…. >_> The college kids probably were there basically to socialize, lol. Haha, I bet you felt like banging your head on the desk all the time. Sounds like they had a major sense of entitlement. How annoying.

        She’s always been good at the reading/writing thing. She was tested in the 4th or 5th grade, and those were the results, that she was above grade level 12 on her reading/writing, lol. Now math is a different story altogether. I suck at it. My kids are better at it, so I’m not exactly qualified to teach them much in that area, but that’s what my hubby’s for.

        Oh no I don’t edit every shot. Just some. Yeah, I’ve used blurs for dreams and memories, and sepia for memories, etc. I don’t play with the game settings, if that’s what you mean, but I do with the pic editing settings at times. Sometimes I make the pics darker, with more contrast.

        Well you’ll have that. sometimes main characters must take a backseat while focusing on others. LOL. Wow! A whole notebook full? Sounds like you have everything outlined for maybe the next 10 to 20 chapters. Makes it easier, doesn’t it? Right now I know exactly what to do in chapter 78, maybe 79. Basically 77 and 78 will be climactic. Hehe I know what you mean about doing sparring and fight scenes. Those are SO much fun. Of course they’re a pain in the ass most of the time, but once it’s finished, it’s awesome.

        Yeah. Shit, I could’ve made more flipping hamburgers at a fast food joint. πŸ˜› But at least I made enough to get my short story formatted for Smashwords (I’m also going to make it free, forever, that way more people will see it, and maybe be more likely to find my ‘priced’ book). I get sick of always having to ask my hubby for $. Makes me feel like some kid. I like to make my own, whenever I can….

        And thank you for the ‘congrats’, Jed. *huggles* I just hope the sales rank keeps getting higher and higher…. although the ‘lower’ it is, the better. Ugh, it’s hard to explain!

        bye for now! πŸ˜€ ^_^

  10. lol Well, Kat blurted out a few surprises there! Wonder which one surprises Aubrey more – her son is a father or her daughter is pregnant. Big surprise to see that Xeri is the leader of the Dempires. Reznik healed her, but I hope it wasn’t a mistake to do so. He’s sure powerful! Great job with the effects of the warehouse scene. But there was one Dempire left other than Xeri. I wonder what they’ll do with Gavin…time for chapter 74! I’m getting there!

    • haha, she sure did! Sheesh, it’s hard to tell. All that info would be so overwhelming, I couldn’t imagine it. Yeah, crazy how Xeri turned out to be their new leader. But cool at the same time, since she’s female. Well, maybe it wasn’t a mistake to heal her. Indeed Rez’s powers are getting stronger, and he’s able to control them better. πŸ™‚ Aww, thank you so much about the effects I used in the pics. ^^ Yup, one Dempire survived. Of course there’s still a few other survivors as well, ones who weren’t at the warehouse. LOL you’ll find out about Gavin!

  11. I was thinking it would be crazy if she turned out to be the leader and whata know lol

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