Fifty-Four: The Good Son

This chapter is naughty (mainly the dialogue more than anything else). Also contains partial nudity, including a ‘questionable’ poster in Rez’s bedroom.

Rez is 17, btw. NOT that it makes his behavior okay, I’m just sayin’. XD

First scene will be told from Rez’s POV.

Tia left once Reznik finished with his magic lessons. Next up was homeschooling, something he dreaded even more than learning how to properly use his magic.

Ashton struggled to explain the concept of Pythagorean equations to Reznik.

Reznik despised Geometry. Regular Math wasn’t so bad. He excelled in it. But English was another subject he sucked at.

He quickly erased an equation and blew the resultant dust off his notebook.

“C is the length of the hypotenuse, while a and b—”

Muffled cries came from deep within the basement, interrupting Ashton.

“What was that?

“That? Oh, that’s nothing. Just my mom and dad fucking their brains out.”

“Oh. Wow.”

“Vaclav! Yes, yes, yes!” Aubrey yelled.

“Do you ever do that?” Reznik asked, blowing on remnants of eraser dust.

“Do what?”

“Scream during sex?”

Ashton stroked her chin. “To be honest, it’s been so long that I don’t remember.”

“That’s easy enough to fix, isn’t it?”

Her eyes shifted from his. “What are you trying to say?”

“I think you know.” He smiled.

Feeling very bold, he placed his notebook and pencil on the floor. Then he wrapped one arm around Ashton. She didn’t pull away.

Desire flashed in her eyes as she returned his affection, moving her fingers to his neck.

They leaned inward. Closer, closer…

Feeling better but growing bored from spending so much time in her room, Kat ventured into the next corridor.

The door to Dr. Hunter Logan’s office was ajar.

Curiosity could’ve killed the Kat. But once she saw Hunter, she thought she’d died and gone to heaven.

For some reason, he stood in there taking off his clothes. She had a nice, unobscured view of his ass.

And oh, what a nice ass it was.

She snickered but tried to keep quiet.

She could not tear her eyes away from his body. He reminded her of a model from a men’s fashion magazine… without the clothes.

Even more strange was the syringe he held. What did it contain?

He removed the needle cap.

He reached back and injected his hip with the substance.

A moment later he took out the needle.

A giggle escaped.

She scurried off to her room before he could see her.

Then she laid down and pretended to be miserable again.

Hunter entered a few minutes afterward.

Startled, Kat sat up. Her mind exploded with horrible thoughts: did he see me? Does he know I was looking?

Then her heart pulsated, as she suddenly felt lost in his crimson eyes.

Thump thump thump went her heart.

Oh, yeah, she thought. He’s beyond gorgeous.

Thump thump thump.

She looked away, not wanting to give away her feelings.

Thump thump thump… skip… thump.

“I’m going to do a quick examination of your stomach,” he said washing his hands. “See if your pain is any better.”

“Dr. Logan, what is a French kiss?”

He washed his hands more vigorously, seeming to take a lot longer than the last time he washed them.

“Why are you asking me this?” he asked.

“Because Mom said you were a great kisser, but you were the best at French kisses.”

“You need to lay down so I can examine you.”

I will, after you tell me what a French kiss is.”

He chuckled and said, “it’s when you kiss… and err—touch tongues… now lay down so I can get this over with and you can get some sleep.”

He pressed the area all around her stomach, laughing and shaking his head.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Nothing.” He resumed the examination.

“Does this hurt?” he asked, kneading another part of her abdomen.



“So what is a French kiss like?” she prodded.

“Kat, I already told you. I’m not going to talk about this any more.”

He seemed to be getting angry, or embarrassed, or both.

He pushed on a spot near her liver. “Does this hurt?”


“You’re doing much better. Glad to know the injections are starting to work.”

He started for the door. “Good night, Kat.”


“What is it now?”

“Will you show me what it’s like? To French kiss someone?”

“I am absolutely, unequivocally NOT going to show you what a French kiss is. So drop it.”

He headed for the door but then paused. He threw a look back at her.

“This was a very inappropriate conversation,” he began.

“But maybe you could ask me again when you’re a little older.”

He left.


She thought she might pass out from sheer excitement. Her heart raced as if propelled by a turbo engine.

Meanwhile at the Haas manor, Ashton lingered in the piano room nursing a goblet of blood.

Vaclav emerged. He looked annoyed.

“We drink our blood in the dining room, not the piano room.”

She looked at him; but then rose the glass to her lips.

“So why don’t you kill me, like you did all the other Shadows?”

She sipped the blood, enjoying her moment of playing with him. And then a random, fleeting thought occurred to her: how good he must be in bed, as evidenced earlier by Aubrey’s cries… but he’s still creepy.

Vaclav rolled his eyes.

He turned and left the room without further word.

After he was gone, Ash fought off waves of nausea.

Reznik played an arcade game in his basement bedroom.

His frustration mounting, he pounded the buttons and jerked the sticks to and fro.

Whimsical beeping noises flowed from the machine.

“Come on,” he complained.

Once he died, he kicked the machine and left a small dent.

He started to play another game.

Gradually, he began to realize the true source of his frustration.


That kiss they shared earlier, those alluring red lips on his, and something attached to his body pointing north. He couldn’t do anything with that attachment earlier, but now that it was getting late…

He left the arcade on.

“Ash,” he whispered tapping on the door. “Ash!”

Hurry up! I’m going crazy here!

The door creaked open and revealed the object of his wildest fantasy.

His jaw dropped.

She moved to allow him in, and then…

“Oh, yeah. You look so damn good,” he groaned, his eyes taking in every firm inch of her body.

“You too.”

His hands slid up and down her waistline.

Their lips joined, tongues followed.

Mmmm,” he moaned.

Ash laid back onto the bed, gazing at him with those scarlet eyes, tempting him… seducing him.

She raised her arm, motioned for him to get on top.

He’d soon be on her… like a dog who knows it’s his last night to procreate before getting his balls clipped.


Don’t blame Reznik too much, blame his teacher. XD

Thanks to cmomoney for the amazing Pose Player. Also thanks to those who’ve made the custom poses. Sorry but I can’t remember where those romantic poses came from (the poses I used for Ash and Rez).

Thanks for reading. ^.^


22 Responses to “Fifty-Four…”

  1. Ooo first comment. i thought it was pretty funny that kat was asking hunter to frenchy with her lol. And rez! the randy little so and so. I think those vamps have all been taking viagra because they all wanna hump each other XD

    • lol yeah it was pretty silly. Like he’d be stupid enough to do that! haha he’s definitely randy! It gets worse in the next chapters too… O.O hehe, maybe Pfizer makes vampiric Viagra? O.o there’s a story idea! XD hahahaha

      xxxxxxxxx <3333

      • LOL the image in my head after reading your comment about vampiric viagra was a picture. I can just imagine them all walking about with hard ons XD it would be hilarious. can i just ask were you get all your poses from? not just like that ones you have mensioned.

      • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh hell yeah. If that were true I’d DEFINITELY want to be there!! It would be funny, yet… WOW.

        For some poses I’ve been using Twallan’s Debug Enabler. As for the pose box, I have those romantic poses, and the ‘Depressed’ poses from MTS made by Simul8rReviews. I used some of the depressed poses to get Kat to lay down on the hospital bed, etc.

        I think I’ve used some other poses, but not exactly sure who made them, LOL. I have so many now…

        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <33333

  2. OMIGOD.
    He hasn’t got her pregnant has he?!
    I laughed so hard when Aubrey screamed xDD Literally shaking with laughter.
    Oh those two – still at it just as much as they’ve gotten older. xD
    Hmm, looks as though Kat’s liking Hunter. Although he’s acting a little creepy. Oh Hunter! But he’s still MINEE, so Kat had better keep her hands off him >;D

    • nah, she’s not pregnant. Can’t say what’ll happen down the road, though.

      haha I’m glad. I was hoping some might find that part humorous! Aubrey and V. always were good for each other (sex-wise). 😛 basically just like you said. Some people just don’t lose their desires for one another! XD

      Yes it certainly appears that way (Kat liking Hunter)! Hunter creepy? Nah. XD LOL poor Kat! She thinks she’s going to make him HERS! At least someday… >.>

      <3333 😉

  3. OMG I would have died if I was Kat and he said that to me! The next day I’d be waiting in my panties “I’m a day older Doctor!”
    She got to see his hot buns!!! What a beautiful sight!!

    Aston, I don’t trust her! She is seducing Reznik but I have a feeling it’s Vaclav she’s after.

    Reznik has a nice body too!! I need him to grow up so I can gawk!!

    • I would’ve died too, even at that age! I had crushes all the time on older guys when I was 15 (and YOUNGER). Seriously! Bwahahhahaha, you come up with the funniest stuff! ‘I’m a day older’! 😆
      Oh yeah! Something else I would’ve loved to see at that age, IRL…. 😛 what am I talking about? I want to see that NOW IRL….. *big grin*

      Oh, can’t say anything about that! @.@

      haha, you’re as perverted as I am! 😀 I will have Rez age up within the next few chapters. A 17 year old guy looks a little more mature that that… >_>

      <3333 ^^

      • You know what, Ashton reminds me of that witch the Shadows were using. I wonder…
        I have so many theories about her it isn’t even funny!
        I bet Reznik would see it too if he wasn’t trying so hard to bite her cookie!

        Could she be trying to get to Vaclav to get that baby they wanted for the Shadows? Then again, Jakub is not dead and could provide them with a baby. Maybe turn Reznik toward joining the Shadows?

        LOL I have a crush on a older man right now! 😉 So you know I understand!
        Yeah I’m a perv! LOL Reznik has my eyes on him! When he ages up I will go into FULL details about what my prevy brain is screaming!

      • LOL she reminds me of that witch too. I bet you are wondering if it’s the same person, but it’s not. They do look alike though.
        Hmmm, I wonder if any of your other theories could be correct? >_>
        Yep, Rez just wants to get a piece, he doesn’t care about anything else! XD
        Wow, you DO have a ton of ideas. O.O hehe, you still haven’t guessed it yet though… thankfully! 😛

        Oh, that’s cool. I think I know who you’re talking about too. 😀 Nothin’ wrong with being a perv. Makes life more fun that way… O.o like I said, I think Rez is pretty hot too. But at least he’s supposed to be 17 in the story, so it’s not like we’re totally perverted!! >.<

  4. Ahhh bless my fast pounding human heart! I have a sim crush on Reznik.

    He may out-sexify Vaclav when he becomes a young adult…

  5. Oh dear, innappropriate behaviour! lol
    Tut tut Kat, tut tut Reznik XP

  6. oh Hunter… still being the hot godly creature he is.. *fangirl moment* xD oh and … i still love Reznik xD

    • Don’t feel bad, I think I’m as much of a fangirl of Hunter as you are. 😆 I still love Rez too. Apparently so does his teacher. ~.^


  7. Lol such inappropriate behavior from Reznik xD! He’s growing up hot though, can’t wait to see what he looks like as an adult lol!
    Ashton seems sort of strange towards V.. Wonder what’s going on with her. And yay for seeing Hunter naked again xD!

    • Don’t forget his teacher! It’s her fault too! 😛 😮 Yeah, I think he’ll look better as an adult anyhow. Why does EA think that teens have pudgy faces? >_> they’re not babies…

      Hard to tell what’s going on in her mysterious mind, hehe. Yay indeed (about Hunter’s nakedness)! Need moar of that, eh?!! 😛 😛 😛


  8. Oh baby! Reznik is like his daddy when it comes to seduction! lol Tsk tsk, he’s not old enough for that yet! He isn’t 18! :p Yeah, it’s the teacher’s fault for seducing him. It’s also Vaclav’s and Aubrey’s fault for screaming while getting it on while they were trying to study (though I share Rez’s opinion of geometry). The dialog between Kat and Hunter was hilarious. French kiss, hahahahaha! Great chapter, off to the next one!

    • yes he is! haha. And you’re right, he’s really not old enough for that… but you know how 17 yr old boys can be. 😛 LOL yep, it’s her fault anyhow. She’s the adult in the situation, so she needs to act like it. Actually, I think she’s only one year older, but still. Bwhahahahaha, about Aubrey and V screaming while getting it on in the other room! Yep, it’s their fault too! 😆
      Shit, I don’t even know anything about geometry, really. On that same note, although kinda random, I think Geography is boring as hell. -___- I fell asleep in that class yrs ago, almost every day. :p

      Yeah, that was pretty funny. Poor Hunter, he was soooooo uncomfortable with that conversation!

      Thanks!! 😀

  9. OMG Hunter!!!! lol! And I don’t think Rez’s new teacher is to be trusted.

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