Eighty-Four: Broken

~While some pieces can be put back together, others cannot.~

The ‘Wendy, I’m home’ is a reference to the movie The Shining.

It was time to regain control over his own life.

Starting… now.

Reznik gazed at Ashton’s cozy home. He knew his son was somewhere inside.

He peered in. His son was playing on the floor.

“Cody, come to Daddy.” Reznik lightly tapped on the door.

Cody toddled to the threshold.


“Hold on, Cody.” He tried the door handle. It was unlocked.

Stupid Ash. Always such a stupid cunt. But at least I didn’t have to use any magic to open the doors.

He stood at the gaping doorway.

“Wendy? I’m HOME.”

“Heya Cody.”

“Daddy. I wuv you Daddy.”

Reznik tightly hugged his son. Then the bedroom doors flew open as Ash walked in.


“What are you doing with Cody?”

“It’s my turn to be with him now, Ashton. He’s been with you for almost three years.”

She only stared at him. Maybe she was feeling a bit… numb?

Reznik started to turn and leave.

“Wait!” Cody bellowed. “Iskers! Iskers!”


Oh. A stupid cat.

“Is that your cat under there? Whiskers?” Rez asked Cody.


“You want me to take him too?”


He headed for the chair.

The damn thing tried to escape. Reznik switched arms, and almost dropped his son trying to catch the cat.

Whiskers hissed.

“Reznik, stop!” Ash yelled.

Come here, you furry piece of shit! Reznik grabbed the cat. Hmm. I’ll probably have to keep you far away from Hunter. He might chase you up the nearest tree.

Before leaving, he looked back at Ash.

“No! Please don’t take Whiskers!”

“Um, bye, Ash.”

A couple of days expired.

4 a.m. Time to return home from the nightclub. Sleep in a separate bed from Reznik, as always. Xeri and Rez hadn’t been getting along for the last six months. Practically since getting married.

So she avoided him as much as possible.

She stifled a yawn, strode to the mansion.

Xeri turned the knob. It was locked.

She knocked. No sounds from the other side. Nothing but crickets in the distance. An owl hooted.

Keys jangled as she picked out the correct one and tried to unlock the door.

It didn’t work. White hot fury rose from within.

“You changed the fucking locks! You bastard! Open the door!” Xeri started punching and kicking.


Damn you, Reznik!

All was quiet for the next few days. Except in the Logan household.


Tristan’s cries rose to a scream. His brother whimpered in the next swing.

Don’t panic. They’re just sleepy.

She picked Tristan up first and carried him to the nursery. “Mommy,” he said. He played with her hair, cooing.

She lowered Tristan into his crib and kissed him.

Kat repeated the ritual with Justin.

Then she put away some toys.

Hunter shuffled into the room.

“Can you take care of the laundry tonight? I have to go to the clinic.”


“I have to work more hours to pay off the twins’ medical bills. You know this.”

“I’ve already been doing everything by myself. The boys are always crying and I can’t take much more. I need help.”

“Then I’ll have my daughter help you out with the kids. Especially considering she lost Cody to your brother.”

“I don’t want Ashton anywhere near my boys. She never even wanted me to have the twins because of their heritage.”

Hunter laughed, infuriating her.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“That’s bullshit. Ash doesn’t care about our sons’ heritage. She loves those kids.”

“Really? Since when? And as for Reznik getting custody of his son, he’d make a better parent anyway.”

Hunter laughed harder.

“You’re one to talk about parenting!”

“Don’t you even give a shit about what I just went through with Gavin? I even saw my half-brother pork my best friend! And now she’s with Reznik! I just need some time away from… my responsibilities. I’m too stressed right now to deal with all this!”

“I think… I also need some time away from you. I’m sick of fighting.”

“Fuck it then! I’ll just leave and take the boys with me!”

“I hope you’ll enjoy your break from real life, sweetheart, because I’m sick of fighting too.”

“Fine! Leave! Go!”

“And you can have this back too.” She jerked off her engagement ring.


It landed right in Hunter’s palm. He clutched it, then placed it on his pinkie.

“I just killed Gavin to keep you safe. I love you. SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST FUCKING GROW UP?”

Hunter rushed past her toward the nursery.

Kat stood still, shock and numbness sweeping throughout her body and mind.

“I’ll take the boys and go to Ashton’s for now. We’ll figure out what to do about our living situation later,” he said. Kat didn’t hear him.

She laid down upstairs but couldn’t sleep. Kat stared at the roses Hunter had recently given her.

And the necklace strewn behind it. The one Hunter had given her for her seventeenth birthday, the one broken by her father, and then fixed by her father.

She’d taken it off shortly after Jakub saved her from Gavin. Because of the argument she’d had with Hunter right before being taken, Kat swore she’d never wear the necklace again.

She’d also never wear Hunter’s wedding ring.

πŸ˜† Below is the clip from the movie The Shining where Jack Nicholson says that one line:


49 Responses to “Eighty-Four…”

  1. Damn. Is there any hope of Kat getting back with Hunter or no? I can understand her point, not having the chance to experience many things since she had to grow up fast, was in the hospital for her illness, and etc. But Hunter have a point, that with kids comes responsibilities.

    Rez, you better be good to Whiskers!

    • hehe, I can’t tell you the answer to that… πŸ˜› True, they both have good points, yet both are also being selfish. :/ Kind of a sad situation, really. Kat’s been through a lot, like you said but she still has a house and children to take care of. Both should’ve thought twice before trying to have kids.

      haha, he will. I thought about doing a scene where Vaclav hugs the cat after pretending to be annoyed by it, but alas never did. At least not yet!

  2. As a mother I can definitely relate to needing a break. I does seem like she is always handling the twins on her own and to be fair, she is very new at this and needs help. Something crawl up Hunter’s cute little ass because he is less understanding than you’d expect.

    Ash really told him not to take the cat -_- but didn’t say “Don’t take Cody!”?
    Remind me again why I have not wished death upon her?

    HAR…Hot ass Rez wanting his son made me smile! He wasn’t happy or concerned about the pregnancy and now he is the cutest Daddy! Swoons.

    LOL wonder how Hunter and Whiskers would get along!

    I hope Kat and Hunter can be fixed like that necklace. They both just need an understanding and an agreement.

    • I can too. πŸ™‚ You make a lot of good points too. I mean, twins would be a HUGE job, seriously. And Kat’s only 18. She needs a break, especially since she’s went through a lot of drama with Gavin. The thing that crawled up cute Hunter’s ass (haha) was that he wanted to take up for stupid Ash, his stupid daughter. Well, at least partly that was the issue.

      LOL @ Ash telling Rez not to take Whiskers. XD hahahahaha, I hear you. Ash does need to die! The biotch!! Seriously though, that is pretty bad that she cares more about the silly cat than Cody. πŸ˜›

      HAR, I will remember that next time!! Ah, of course Rez wants his son! He’s much more grown up than he used to be (thank goodness). Hehe, I’ll swoon right along with you.

      Well, like Rez said, Hunter just MIGHT chase Whiskers up a nearby tree! hehe.

      Hmm. Only time will tell. No comment here. :p Like you said, they need an understand, agreement, and maybe a compromise.

  3. Oooo! Very good chapter, interesting and upsetting a bit :L I hope Kat and Hunter start getting on again, and can be…happy. I really hope they doo!

    And just one point, Rez is really cute haha, I just had to sorry, but he is. Im always reading and now and then theres just a couple of pics of him I think make him look so cute. I wish he was real, I would be right in there πŸ˜‰ Hahah!

    Anyway, good chapter Im glad all is going well for Rez but then its not for Kat which is upsetting. But it seems like things go well for him and not for her, and then sometimes its the opposite xD πŸ˜•

    • Thank you James! πŸ˜€ glad you found it interesting, even if it were a bit upsetting. Like I always say, only time will tell if they’ll be okay again.

      haha, Rez is a cutie pie! Trust me you’re not the only one who thinks that. πŸ™‚ I also like how he’s not a jerk like he once was. I definitely did not want him to be all flaws like Jakub!! -____- lol, I wish he was real too. πŸ˜› I’d be right in there too. Reminds me of TRON, my hubby just watched it with my daughter last night. Ah, if we could only be sucked into vid games… πŸ˜›

      hehe. I see you’re using smileys again! πŸ˜€ I’m glad. I was kinda worried about you for a while, you seemed depressed or something… sorry to be dramatic. :/ but you know what I mean.

      Thanks again! Yeah, Kat’s life is turned upside down/inside out. 😦 True. You know my stories, always drama-filled.

      • Yes, I did find it interesting! It was really good.

        Yeah, he is some of the faces Im sat there like “Awwwwwwww Rez!”, hehehe πŸ™‚ Good, I like Rez how he is sweet, cute, funny and Rezzy πŸ˜‰ See a new word ;D

        I love that film πŸ™‚ Yes, I would be so happy πŸ™‚

        Yeah, I kind of have been, I have been going through a tough time, but Im just trying to keep plowing on. I have been a little depressed…so you werent being too dramatic…trust me. But I should be okay, sometime in the future. But dw, about me.

        Yeah it is, poor her, well she can join my club…

      • Aww, thank you again. ^^

        I know what you mean. Rezzy (haha) is one of my fave characters, even though it’s my own story. 😳 I know there for a little while I didn’t have him in the story much, but at least that’s changing.

        haha you like TRON? I love the idea of being sucked into a video game!! Hence my ‘About’ page where I had my simself smooch all the heroes in this story. :p yup, I’m crazy.

        I’m really sorry you’ve been going through a tough time. I could tell there was something wrong but didn’t want to really pry or anything. But I hope you’re feeling better and hope you keep getting better.


        I hear ya. Well again I hope everything’s okay and hope you keep feeling better. Whatever it is, it’ll pass. Drama always does.

      • Yeah, I have had my favourites in my own stories too, but mehh..what can you do, some are just better than others. And Rez, seems to be coming out on top πŸ˜‰

        Yeah, I like the film…well…depends which one it is, the old one is okay, I like the newer one more..
        Oh I have done that plenty of times, pop my simself in, and he’s got a million lovers, all my either my favourite sims or just the hot guys and girls I can find πŸ™‚

        Yeah…I should be okay soon, Im just trying to keep going. I’ve just had alot on my plate, alot of bad stuff, its not alright yet, but it should be soon. I hope anyway, I cant take much more tbh. I have apparently got depression according to my friend who had it, but I dont want to find out for sure tbh, because I think it would make me feel worse knowing that I had that. I am a bit neurotic sometimes. But thanks, I should be fine, time will tell.

        Yeah, ooo, I do love Drama

      • sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. >.< Yeah, not all characters can be as likable as others. πŸ˜› Rez used to be a jerk, but he's so much better now. So I know what you mean. πŸ™‚

        Yeah, I don't remember watching the old one. I can see why the new one would be a lot better, because of better special effect, etc. so that makes sense.

        tehee. I hear you. It's awesome doing that. I haven't had my simself 'do things' with the story characters in my game (except for those pics I took for my About page) but yeah, she did some naughty things with one of the neighbors in my game. πŸ˜† But that was only once. πŸ˜›

        Aww, well if you're depressed it's nothing to be ashamed of, a lot of people have that. I've had it tons of times when I was a teen and an adult. Sounds like you have it due to whatever other issues are going on, and that's how I am too. It's just a reaction to chronic stress. But if you can't take it much more you need to tell someone (not to be preachy) but you might need medication to feel better. There's nothing wrong with taking medication either. Don't let it get to a really bad point. Trust me getting help/medication/whatever is soooooo much better than being miserable! Like I said, don't let it get to the point where you hit rock bottom. 😦

        But yes, fictional drama is good, just not real life drama… hope you keep getting better.

      • Aww, dont worry.

        Yeah, its a good film (:
        Yeah lol, my simself is a bit of a man wh*re if I am totally honest xD Lol, but well, its funny πŸ˜€

        I know, Im just afraid of finding out if I am. Im not a very strong person tbh, Im pretty weak and dont cope amazing well. :L
        Yeah, theres a few issues going on, and it seems like Im almost fine and then bang another problem :L Its really tough and bloody annoying.
        I should be fine, I dont want medication, I’d feel weaker than I am. Its just how I feel, I dont mean it in a nasty way, but I do like to try and fix it all myself….There is nothing wrong with taking medication, but I would just rather steer clear of it, I’d feel stronger and better without it, otherwhys I dunno, I just wouldnt. Im a bit odd like that.
        I havent had much help (professional help. I have my friends support though…) , Im just trying my best to plow through all my problems. I wont I will try not too, I swear. I never want to be at rock bottom. But I will keep going, keep pushing on. I felt a bit happier last week, at the start, but then well, that went straight away, thanks to my so called “friend” :L

        Thanks for the adivce and help, means alot.

      • well, better late than never I suppose…

        Looked pretty cool from what I’ve seen of it. πŸ™‚

        hahahaha, nothing wrong with that. My simself is somewhat of a woman whore XD. But I haven’t played on my simified lot in forever. And it IS funny! Funny as hell. That’s the great thing about sims, it’s a nice escape from reality.

        Aww, well I’ve never coped very well either. You’re not alone in that. I guess it could be hereditary, or it could be how one is raised. Anyhow, everyone has their breaking point. Like if you’re being bullied by someone, there’s only so much a person can take of that shit. Really, you’re only human. Not saying that’s what wrong with you, I’m only giving an example.

        Well, sorry about that. All I can say is that I know how you feel. I just went through a time where I thought ‘everything I do, I fail at. I’m a failure at no matter WHAT I try’. And it’s frustrating. But sometimes I tend to focus on nothing but the bad stuff.

        Well you’re not odd. A lot of guys are raised to believe that they’re weak if they get on particular medications. Trust me. But I understand. I really hope you can fix it yourself. I just know that everyone has their breaking points, no matter how mentally ‘healthy’ they seem to be… it’s a fact of life.

        That is really great that you have your friends’ support… I hope they’re really helping. It sounds like you are actually pretty strong, and not ‘weak’ as you say, the way you describe about pushing through your problems. Really, no one is weak anyhow. Everybody has a hard time coping sometimes. The ones who act like they don’t just aren’t in touch with their true feelings, and that’s no way to be either. That’s good that you started out happier last week, but sad about your ‘friend’. Unfortunately some people pretend to be your friend but turn out to be the opposite. You just have to dump them and try to move on, and remember you have other, true friends.

        You’re welcome, James. I really hope you start feeling better asap.

      • Yeah lol.

        Yeah, sometimes, I’ll cope fine others I wont, I just break down and well cry. Yeah, I have been bullied before, for about 6 years give or take. Which sucked.

        Yeah, thats kind of how I feel. Because well nothing seems to go right no matter how hard I try, nothing imporves which is fustrating. I would try medication, but I just would feel better knowing that I did it by myself, I pulled through alone. I’d like to feel like that, it’d be nice. Yeah, I have breaking points, and met a few of them over the course of the last 6/7 weeks :L

        Yeah, most support me, my family has a bit. Not much, but thats mostly because I dont trust my parents, and when I came out as Bi. A couple of weeks ago, they didnt support me much and didnt talk to me about it as much. My dad is very racist and homophobic so that went down badly and my mum, well she kind of just kept saying I dont know Im bi etc . :L So I dont have much support at home and tbh, I dont want they’re support if they’re going to be like that…and well I just have never felt close to them anyway so.. :L
        But I have most of my friends, and my brother is supporting me, but he doesnt live at home, which dont help :L
        And then theres a whole load of other stuff :L

        And my “Friend”, I told her I liked someone, really liked someone. And that I had told this person and this person took it well, and said that they werent in the right frame of mind to think about it after splitting with there ex, which I thought was fine. Until, I found out that, this week they had begun dating :L Which annoyed me and stuff and well upset me :L

        Thanks *hugs*

      • hun you don’t deserve to be bullied. Of course no one does, but you know what I mean. There’s nothing wrong with letting it out and the best way to do that is by crying. I’ve done it, and God does it help… I never used to cry, I always tried to be ‘strong’ you know. But fuck that. It helps. So if it helps you, do it often.

        Seriously? 6 yrs people did that? What was their problem?? *sigh* you know the best way to get bullies to STFU? Laugh at them. Trust me, it works. It makes them feel like the stupid idiots that they are. One time I was bullied in the 10th grade ALL year. I told my friend about it. He said ‘they’re not worth it’, which helped me waaaaaaay more than any of the therapy that I was getting over the last several months. Seriously. So the next time the dicks called me names in the hallway, I fucking laughed at them, shaking my head. NOT a peep out of them since! See? It made them feel stupid, so they wouldn’t dare make idiots of themselves again. So just try it the next time you get bullied. I know it’s easier said than done. If anything, fake laughing, either way they’ll feel stupid. If they know what they’re doing is bothering you, they will keep doing it. Ignoring them does nothing, either. It doesn’t help, contrary to what some say.

        Medication doesn’t always work anyhow, and some of it can be addictive. I just hope your friends are helping you. I don’t know exactly what’s going on (you don’t have to tell me) but if it’s a broken heart, that is something that makes you feel like you’re dying. That’s the only way to describe it. But like everything, it passes. Just takes time. When I felt like a failure at everything, I tried to distract myself with other things. Maybe you could try that? Even playing Sims 3 helped, and diving into my story helped, worked wonders with helping my mood. And there’s just something about writing romantic stories that really helps me… Maybe you should try something like that? It’s a nice escape from reality. I also wrote a lot when I was in high school and had problems. It really helps.

        I’m sorry James. I’ve heard that fathers have the toughest time dealing with their sons coming out as gay/bi. I once knew someone in the same boat as you, but he was too afraid to come out to his parents. Don’t know if he ever did or not. My sister is gay, but it’s not as much of a stigma as it is for men. Although it was more of a stigma at the time she came out, which was around the late 70’s (she’s my oldest sister). I just wish parents could be more supportive, I mean times have changed. Though I don’t know how it is where you live, by your writing you must live in the UK or something. Maybe it’s more of a stigma over there than it is in the US. Anyway, it sounds like your mom isn’t being very supportive either. I understand what you mean, and I don’t blame you for not wanting their support if they’re going to act like jerks about it. I know a little bit about what you mean, because I was never really close to my parents either. I was alone a lot as a teen, and grew up with an unstable mother. I could not wait to GTFO out of house. It was the only thing I’d lived for back then. But that’s great that your brother supports you. Does he live too far away?

        So your frenemy fucked you over. Lovely. Dude, that’s the worst kind of betrayal, really it is. Which I’m sure you realize that. If I were you, I’d want to go home and punch something. And it goes along with having a broken heart, right? No wonder you’re so upset. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. I guess just what I said before: it gets better with time and it will stop hurting. I promise. You’ll move on, get crushes on other people. Some day you will find someone who’ll return it. You seem like a great person, and whomever you liked will realize that, and realize that the person he’s dating right now is a bitch. Then he’ll dump her. And if he doesn’t realize she’s a bitch, then he must be a bitch himself. Make sense? It sounds like neither one of them are worth your time. There are other better people out there. Trust me, you’ll find someone worth your time. It’s true that the best things are worth waiting for, and yeah I’m speaking from personal experience.


      • Wow, big comment πŸ˜• Haha.

        Yeah, tbh it doesnt bother me as much anymore and it barely happens now Im in college. So if someone does say something, I just laugh anyway and say “wow that great, nice and observant arent you” or “do I look, like I give, a fuck?” and laugh more (: I was bullied when I was younger, and when I was younger, I didnt cope best with it and became a bit of a push over :LLL

        Yeah, people are idiots and twats, but thats the way life is, theres good and bad people :L

        Yeah, thats why I thought steering clear would be the best option and I plan to keep away from it. My friends, have been amazing, (most of them) and they are the reason I have kept going, they do so much for me and can always make me smile, even when I dont feel like it.

        Yeah. Fathers dont take it well, but nor do most guys, they automatically think that if a guy is gay or bi, he fancies all guys and that they must all avoid him because it of it, which imo is stupid. But my friend set that right he said, “just because a guys gay, or bi, doesnt mean he fancies everyone…he just likes guys, nothing wrong with that, doesnt change him” which really made me smile.
        I wish mine were supportive, but they’re not, and I havent really tbh always had a strong relationship with them, and never felt that close anyway. Plus me and my dad, are the complete opposite, completely, so that mostly why we dont get on and tbh, it doesnt bother me, he can just leave me alone, I can do it all without him and my mum.
        My brother lives miles away :L Which sucks but he comes down now and then.

        Yeah, she fucked me over big time. And I always thought out of all people, it would never be her to do that, but well, shows that you cant trust people and that the quiet and nice ones, do have nasty sides :L Yeah, Im quite upset, but I dont show it much, well, not all the time. I just try and keep going.
        Yeah, I know, it will get better in time, I just hope it hurries up and gets better!!
        It makes alot of sense, dont worry, I get it, and yeah, I dont think he’ll be breaking up with her anytime soon :L

        Thankyou so much *hugs*

      • I know it was huge. Sorry about that, it’s a bad habit sometimes!

        Bwahahahaha, sounds like you handle yourself well then. So you already knew the ‘laughing’ thing worked! Yay. And glad they don’t bug you so much now that you’re in college! πŸ˜€ Aw, well I’m sorry you were bullied when you were younger. *sigh* kids are so mean. Still, usually if they act like that as teens, they never outgrow it. Not entirely. I know of 30-something year old cunts who are bullies. ‘Nuff said.

        You are so right. There’s both good people and twat people, and that’s just life, sadly. 😦

        Well thank goodness for friends, eh? They can really help. Sounds like you found some good ones. Maybe it’s a UK (or wherever you live) thing, because seems like in the US friends usually have ulterior motives, or are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. When I was in school I don’t think I ever had a decent friend. LOL! Every time I thought they were, they just ended up fucking me over. *shrug* Guys were usually nicer though, so I had a lot of guy buddies. πŸ˜† Women are simply too catty, in my experience. They get jealous, etc. Not to say they’re all like that of course.

        Yes it seems like straight guys are really, really paranoid about that shit. But the way that some of them act is just ridiculous. :/ It’s not like women who like guys go after every cutie they see. Like you said, that’s just stupid. Again, your friends sound really awesome. I’m glad you have them to talk to. πŸ™‚ ^^

        I’m sorry they’re not supportive. I know how you feel, I mean because I was never really close to my parents. Now I kinda regret it and feel guilty since finding out my mom has cancer that has spread. She might die in 6 months or even less. That’s why I’m going back home to Ohio for a week, to spend time with her and my dad. Anyhow, that’s another story and sorry to derail this.

        Sometimes there’s comes a point where you HAVE to separate yourself from your parents, or it can become a toxic situation. Not sure if that’s how it’d be with you. Just saying sometimes it’s for the best, you know. Ugh, so your brother lives pretty far away? That does suck. 😦 That’s good that he comes down every so often though.

        Seriously? Your friend didn’t seem the type who’d do that? Just goes to prove (basically like you said) that you can never fully trust someone. *shakes head in amazement* Also proves that you never truly know a person, I guess. Then again people change. Maybe she just changed for the worse? Who knows why people do the fucked up things that they do. It’s pretty sad, isn’t it? And of course the quiet ones have nasty sides. I’m quiet. And lol, I do have a nasty side, but my nasty side (as far as I know) only comes out when I’m treated badly. I’ve even been in physical fights (rarely) before, lol, and verbal altercations. But that’s because I have anger issues, among other things. >.>

        It will get better James, shit like that always does. It just takes time. After my divorce I was an alcoholic (I was before the divorce too) but slowly it got better. One week passed, it got better. Then by the time four weeks passed, I think I’d cried about it for the last time, and was finally ready to move on. It was a GREAT feeling, really it was. I felt soooo much better, and had fully realized what a loser my ex truly was. Took me 9 months to find the right guy to spend my life with afterward, but it happened. And if I would’ve found someone too soon after my divorce, it would’ve ended up being a (rebound) disaster. I tried to find someone ASAP, though, to help me kill the pain, but luckily it never worked out.

        It really is true that things happen for a reason. I promise you. So keep your chin up.

        Well if he don’t break up with her, fuck him. You know? He’s not worth it anyhow, and neither is she. She sounds like a twat.

        *sigh* I won’t be back on here to reply for a week if you comment again. Not sure if you read the home page of my blog, but I’ll be in Ohio from the 14th to around the 22nd. Till then, you keep going on. Things will get better. *hugs*

        If you ever need to talk: rlm7575@gmail.com I’d deleted my email before because somehow people were finding my blog using my email, and it freaked me out. But it hasn’t happened in a while so there it is. Feel free to ‘talk’ to me anytime.

      • This is going to have to be sweet and simple. But I agree completely with all you said, and it has helped amazingly! πŸ™‚ You’ve been an amazing help and have really showed me some good points and stuff, so thankyoooooooooooooooooo πŸ˜€

        If I need ya, I’ll message, and I’ll keep you updated and stuff πŸ™‚

        But things seem to be getting better again, slowly, but they are πŸ™‚

    • Aww, thank you James! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was in Ohio for over a week. Just got back last night (at around 4:30 am).

      OK, sounds good. I hope you keep on feeling better! That’s how it goes, it always gets better. Sometimes it gets shitty again, but it’ll get better again too. That’s life, a vicious cycle! πŸ˜›

      Again, I’m glad it’s better! πŸ˜€ *huggles*

  4. i laughed when Ash said “Please don’t take Whiskers!” but said nothing of Cody…parent of the year award..and poor Kat…and well not so poor Hunter who is the one who actually needs tto grow up. And he needs to let Kat stop and smell the roses in life, she hasn’t really gotten to do just that in a long time.

    • Hey Ali! I was hoping some might find that part comical. I probaly LMAO while writing that… XD Like you said, ‘parent of the year award’ hahaha. Wow, you think Hunter needs to grow up? Probably true as well. I’m always interested in the difference of opinions on here. I figured a lot of people thought Kat was being idiotic, which she is somewhat. Then again every parent deserves a break! Especially if you have twins O_O You have a lot of good points, and yes Hunter was being an ass. πŸ˜›

  5. This is so sad. They both make good points, and yet they are both being stubborn. Hunter should be way more understanding but Kat really does need to grow up a little. This can’t be the end of them! Maybe Kat can explore a little? He is the only guy she’s been with, she deserves to have some fun, kind of like her mommy did!

    • I totally agree. Like I told Ali, it’s interesting to see all the different opinions on this. I can see it from both sides; like you said, Hunter should be more understanding but Kat also needs to grow up some. >_> Yet another good point, about Hunter being the only one Kat has ever been with (aside from Omega, but very briefly). Yeah, she does deserve to have a little bit of fun. Maybe that’s coming her way… O_O haha, ‘like her mommy did’ indeed!!

  6. *Sniff, sniff* Sad face! I started crying when I got to the end!

    • hey Katie! Awww, sorry. I was pretty sad 😦 … and thank you for your comment, glad the chapter made you emotional, err… sorry it did. >.<

      Either way, thank you for the comment!

  7. Nooo!!! Not Kat and Hunter!!! Oh man I hope they get that sorted out, what a mess! And how sad that she isn’t going to wear his ring. 😦 I hope they’re able to patch things up, at least for the boys’ sake. Cody is a cutie, I love his Monsters Inc. shirt! The cat is also cute, though Ash was more concerned about Reznik taking him than their son. Good grief. Kat needs a break from Hunter? I don’t know, maybe Hunter’s right – maybe she does need to grow up. He did just save her life. But then again she’s only, what, 18 or so? She got pregnant at 17, and half the girls who get pregnant at that age aren’t mature enough to handle kids yet. It seems Kat is no exception, so this story is very accurate. :p Can’t wait to read more! Oh, and lol @ The Shining! HERE’S JOHNNY!!! More like HERE’S REZNIK!!! πŸ˜€

    • Hi TW! Meh, sorry about that. But if you know me/my stories, I always have to include drama crap. πŸ˜† Maybe they’ll get it sorted out, or maybe they’ll fall in love with other people. 😯 True, they need to work it out for the boys’ sake. Haha, I downloaded the Monsters Inc. shirt a looong time ago, but forget from where. :/ haha, I like that cat too. XD That was pretty crappy of Ash to care more about the cat…. 😦 I think Kat does need to grow up a little, but she had some good points as well. It’s just… crazy, lol. BabyMamaDramaz. XD And like you said, at least half the girls who get pregnant at such a young age aren’t ready for children, let alone twins. :/ Oh, and thank you. I try to make my story as accurate to RL as possible. I mean, IRL I had my first at 18. I was ready, but still… I could not imagine having TWO of them at 18. There’s just no way I could’ve handled that.

      Bwhahahaha, yes ‘here’s Johnny’ and ‘here’s Rez’ indeed! πŸ˜› That movie is awesome, btw, even though it’s a little… old, haha.

  8. Well, fuck. Screwed it like a bitch this time, Kitty.

    And is it weird that I was just watching the Shining? Family tradition to watch it at least ten times during the cold months. Sigh…Stephen King.


    You grimy bastard :’D

    I love you.

    And, speaking of which, why does Kat hate Ash so much? I mean, not necessarily hate her…just not like her. I mean, they’ve clashed heads before, but Ash never was a direct bitch to her.

    PS, have you been watching the 90s Are All That on Teennick? All I can say is…nineties, come back DDD:

    • πŸ˜† yup kitty pissed off the dog, basically.

      haha I remembered a while back that you mentioned you’d watched The Shining. I HAD to include a reference to that movie at some point. It’s one of my faves. Anyhow, nah it’s not weird, but a little crazy that you’d just watched it! O_O LOL, at least TEN times during the cold months?!! Then again, that sounds like my family… Stephen King’s an asshole, btw. I just read the first 2 chapters of Pet Sematary online (after not reading it since I was a teen) and there were like a million adverbs in it. THIS after he writes a book telling nOOb writers NOT to use adverbs (or that many) in their books… that dickhead. Not to mention that SK mentioned about all the adverbs that JK Rowling used, and said that SM’s writing sucked (in so many words…). Dickhead. Sorry to go off on a mini-rant. D:

      πŸ˜† LMAO @ “REZNIK YOU FUCKING TOOK HER CAT AND HER SON”. LOL so funny! Hmm, well Kat doesn’t like Ash for a few reasons. Mainly because Ash told her not to let Hunter get her knocked up. πŸ˜› But I get what you’re saying. Both just never really got along that well.

      No I sure haven’t watched that, but now I’m intrigued. ^^ I know a few shows from the 90’s that are awesome. Friends is one of them, but me and hubby have been watching those on Netflix DVD. I love that freakin’ show!! So hilarious.

  9. Hah, after all that about ‘I’ll love you forever’ and stuff, when they start living together, they realise its not quite as fun as they thought XD I feel sorry for the twins though πŸ™‚

    • So true. And seriously, they should’ve thought a little longer before trying to have kids. As for Rez and Xeri’s break up, well that was inevitable… πŸ˜†

      Yeah, I hear you about the twins. Poor babies. 😦

  10. darn you WP for not telling me there is a Bloodlust update!

    First off, big LOL on Xeri being locked out. Don’t know why but that made me laugh. Well, seriously, what’s she’s up in the clubs anyway. She reminds me of those snooty housewives on reality TV. *rolls eyes*.

    Now, Kat and Hunter having a spat…. Oooohhhh…V’s kitty cat will beat up the big bad wolf, eh? Hehehe. Well, he kinda treats her like a little girl. Sure, she has a lot on her plate, and not much support. Her mom is still peeved at her for going doggie….ahem… and her friend got to “pork” LOL her older brother in front of her. Yeah, I’d be weirded out, too. Plus, wasn’t it Hunter’s idea to get Kat pregnant in the first place? Yeah, that’s a great idea to keep someone in the relationship.

    Rez finally got his son. And a cat. LOL… Ash seemed more ticked off that he took lil ‘ishkers than her son. Never really liked Ash. She’s too shady for my taste.

    Well, maybe the cat and the dog will need that time apart. Geesh, Kat goes from one overbearing relationship (under her dad) to another (Hunter)…She should have gone with Omega! πŸ˜€

    • hey Jed! πŸ˜€ Aww, sorry. Wonder why it didn’t tell you?? 😯 Then again, nothing surprises me about stupid WordPress. This is kinda OT, but can you believe I’ve used over 2 gigs on my WP account, on this blog alone?? I’ll have to upgrade soon to get more space… also, when the heck are you going to update Spellbound?? Okay, I know you’re busy. I’ll shut up now… 😳

      It’s pretty funny isn’t it? Rez changed the locks when Xeri wasn’t looking, hehe. I can understand why it made you laugh, and you mentioning it is making me LMAO. Your comments are always highly entertaining, and as for the snooty housewives on reality TV, lol @ that. I used to watch Desperate Housewives of Orange County (or something like that) years ago. Then they had all these spin offs and it got old. Anyhow, Xeri does act like them (at least in this chapter). Sometimes Kat and Aubrey act like those snooty housewives too, I hate to say…

      V’s kitty cat. πŸ˜› lol, lol, and lol. Hmm, now that’s just not nice, saying that little cat could beat up poor Hunter. XD That would be one hilarious spoof of a chapter! ROFL at Aubrey still being peeved about the doggy style adventures her daughter had!! And yes, ‘pork’ indeed. :p Like you said, Kat has a LOT of issues and Hunter is kinda being insensitive… :/ True, it was Hunter’s idea to get Kat preggo with his pups. lol, she didn’t argue with the idea of it, but he should’ve been the adult about it.

      Haha yep, Rez got his son and a cat. Yay! :p As for Ash, she is indeed shady. Like someone else on here mentioned, she’s definitely not ‘mother of the year’ material. Really, none of my female characters are.

      πŸ˜† @ ‘the cat and the dog’. I think you’re right, they do need time apart. Plus it gives me the chance to work in a possible love triangle. Maybe. >.>

      True, Hunter is somewhat overbearing like V. Even if Kat had gone with Omega, probably at some point Hunter would’ve killed the poor dude.

      btw how did my comment end up so long?!!

    • You know… your pictures all look like you are using some special lighting thingy. Maybe it’s just because your backgrounds tend to be dark, and the key players vamps with that pale skin tone…. O_O I’m always thinking, is she editing the pictures to get that light somehow????

      XD I saw a postcard in Hot Topic years ago… where it said “My cat can beat up your dog” I just thought it was awesome.

      And if I may direct your attention to moi page… you will see an update. πŸ™‚ Wow, 2 GBs already???? I really don’t want to know what I will have in a year. For updates, I’m just using Live Writer. It’s easier for me to update a chapter. Anyways… ooohhhh you’re plotting things again, eh? *grabs popcorn*

      • nah, no special lighting. I’ve thought about using something like that before, but chickened out. πŸ˜† I do edit some pictures, but usually only pics used in dream sequences or whatever. Like you said, could just seem that way because the backgrounds are usually dark and I have vamps in the story. Do you only notice the odd lighting whenever a vampire is in the picture? Their skin gives off that weird glow…

        hahaha, that is too funny. Reminds me of those LOLcats, in a way. Maybe Kat could also beat up Hunter if she wanted to. XD That would be funny to do in a chapter.

        You did an update? I swear I just checked… you sneak. 😯 😳 hehehehehe. And yeah, can you believe that?? I guess it kinda makes sense since this story is over a year old now, but still. Maybe if I clear out all the old pics in the media library it would help. LOL. Anyway, you use Live Writer? I haven’t heard of that, so I looked it up and got confused, but that’s only because I’m a pathetic nOOb. Shit, I’m always plotting for this story. As for the popcorn, can I act like the people on the S3 forums and ask you for some? :p

        This is OT, but I cringe when I go and look back on the earlier chapters of this story, before I had mods… UGH. Plus my writing sometimes sucked too. *headdesk*

      • Ahhh… could be the skin tone of the vamps. I just thought you edit the pictures so they look all a bit darker and you make the lighting softer…It’s not odd, I can always tell it’s your pictures XD

        I’m afraid to clear out older pictures… I don’t want to have some reader going… eh nice story but weren’t there suppose to be pictures??? Don’t worry, many ppl don’t get LW. I just use it because WP is such a pain at times. Live Writer is kind of like Word, you can write and insert pictures, and then publish your chapter. For me it works and I don’t have to deal with WP πŸ™‚

        Eh.. I stopped posting anything on the S3 forum. Thank goodness! I’m very happy at home with the simmers society. πŸ™‚
        LOL, when I look at my other blog, the beginning is also.. O_o…I’m thinking I found THAT funny??? Oh well. πŸ˜‰

      • I guess that’s what it is. Or maybe my graphics card is going out… I’m paranoid about that shit. Can’t get another lappy until our credit cards are paid down. Ugh.

        Oh, okay, that explains a lot. I try not to use much lighting in my scenes, makes it look too harsh IMO. I try to make it darker, maybe it’s because I’ve watched Interview with the Vampire too many times, because I prefer my pictures to look ‘dark’ like the scenes in that movie. >_> The softness could come from the vampires like you said. I went through some of the earlier chapters, and whenever the lighting was bright (either because it was daytime or whatever) I didn’t like the pictures. I know, I’m crazy.

        LMAO, that is EXACTLY what I’m afraid of too, Jed! That’s why I cannot bring myself to delete the pics from the library! πŸ˜† Glad I’m not the only one! As for WP being a pain, all I can say to that: IKR. I hate WP. But to me, Blogger is even worse. Anyhow, I’m intrigued about Live Writer now. Actually it sounds pretty amazing. Whenever I get the time, I’m tempted to try that out. Thank you for mentioning it. πŸ™‚

        hehe. I despise those S3 forums. I swear there are people on there so fucking stuck up it’s not funny. πŸ™„ Unless you’re a popular poster, most won’t give you the time of day on there. *shrugs* sorry to vent. Edit: I deleted some of my rant for certain reasons.

        Anyhow, yes the folks at TSS are so much better and nicer.

        Oh wow, I hate looking back on my stories, only to discover the writing or something sucks. So frustrating! I changed some of the first few chapters, but again WP sucks ass along with Firefox because now I cannot center asterisks. So at the end of every chapter I edit, if there was an asterisk before, the asterisk is no longer centered and it looks… off. I guess I have a touch of OCD or something. It just really irks me for some reason. >.>

  11. Whoa, lots to comment on in this chapter. Not that I’m complaining… πŸ˜‰
    I understand Rez wanting Cody back, but it’s the whole taking the cat issue that caught me by surprise. When Ash was chill about Rez taking Cody, but when he moved in on the cat she was like, “No! Not Wiskers!” I had a definate WTF moment. I could definately see her saying, “Keep Cody, but I want my damn cat back.” I mostly disagree because after that “Iskers!” line Cody had my heart.<33 He's definatley my favorite little Haas tot. πŸ˜€
    Haha on Rex locking out Xeri. I never liked her anyway.
    Tristan and Cody came close to stealing my heart aswell with their adorable little haircuts, but if I were Kat, I Spanish cusses would be flying out of my mouth with all that damn crying.
    I do think that Kat's decision was a bit rash, especially after the hell that she and Hunter went through just to be together. Although I'll admit that I wanted to pimp slap Hunter with all that talk about her being a bad mom. I think role-switching would work nicely for them. I can see it now: Kat at the hospital messing up patients because she's too busy being turned on by all the doctors(because we all know how hot she is for a man with a stethoscope) while Hunter is going mentally insane at home with their boys screaming all over the place and just about ready to shift into a sexy wolfman and get the hell out of there. Although, if Hunter and Kat had more sexy time maybe they wouldn't be so uptight all the damn time…
    But that could have also been the problem to begin with for those two as they did get right down to it mightily quickly(not that I blame her). Well, it wasn't so much the screwing each other's brains out that ruined it, but more all the rubber-less giggidy giggidy(excuse the excessive slang, I'm on a Biggie, Tupac, and Wayne jam atm). Ok, my rant about Kat and Hunter's failed attempt of a relationship is now done.
    I know I'm awfully late, but I missed Jakub sooo much..<
    Sorry for the delay between comments, hun. I only just realized that I came out of lurking back in Chapter 79, and that's an awful lot. D: Gah, sorry for my terrible procrastinating.

    • HOLY SHIT, your comment was loooooooooooooooong. 😯

      I will get to a reply later, I promise… right now I’m going back through all the chapters (yes I’m crazy) and trying to edit my writing/pictures a little more to make this story better from the beginning. O_o

      edit: I read your last sentence, and it’s okay, really. Just comment whenever you feel like it. πŸ™‚ I only gripe about lack of comments every once in a long, long while. I get moody sometimes but it doesn’t mean anything. πŸ˜›

    • Okay, now I can reply. πŸ˜› Bwahahahaha, true it probably would’ve made better sense for her to tell Rez ‘give me my cat back!’ That part was kind of… a pain, actually. Anyhow, I agree with you. Cody is certainly a cutie, and now that he’s old enough to talk it makes him even more cute.

      LOL you’re like the millionth one who mentioned they didn’t like Xeri. Kinda sad but she just didn’t really fit in. I feel bad in a way for the creator, but sometimes I also still get pissed off at her for not reading/commenting anymore after I made Xeri the secret leader of the Dempires. πŸ™„ Oh, well.

      IKR about Tristan, Justin and those haircuts!! I got those from the Sim store, and it was only maybe the second time that I really loved a hairstyle from there. Haha @ “Spanish cusses would be flying out of my mouth with all that damn crying”. Maybe they inherited their whining from Kat and Aubrey πŸ˜†

      True, Kat’s decision was very rash and very impulsive (kinda like my own personality lol). Like when I was 18, I was constantly breaking up with my BF at the time… for all kinds of reasons. *shakes head* I guess I can see my crazy personality in some of my characters. I try not to make the female characters like me but it can be hard. :/ Sorry to ramble. You have a good point about Hunter as well. He had no right to tell Kat (in so many words) that she was a bad mom. That is pretty shitty…

      LOL so funny about Kat having the hots for guys with stethoscopes! πŸ˜† So true though! And yeah, Kat and Hunter need more time to themselves without the kids. Sexy time, as you say. πŸ™‚ They did it all the time before the boys were born. πŸ˜› Haha, the ‘rubber-less giggidy giggidy (hope I spelled that right)! And your slang is fine! XD And finally someone besides me (and someone else on here) who likes rap music!!! I really like some of Tupac’s stuff. ❀

      Aww, you missed Jakub? Well glad I put him back in the story, at least for now.

      It's no problem about commenting. But thank you for commenting on this chapter! Really all that matters is that you keep reading, and continue to be interested in the story. ❀

      • Haha, I type as I read, so if my comments are extra long (like the one above) that’s why.xD You don’t have to reply soon, take as much time as you need. πŸ˜€
        Eeep, I can’t wait until Cody grows up. I bet he’ll only get more cute. ❀
        I don't have anything against her creator or personality whatsoever, I'm just pissed that she stole away my Rezzie.
        Haha, they definatley got their Grandma's whinning habit. Let's hope they're better decision-makers(I only say that because I personally would have jumped on Hunter).
        Whoop! I was hesitant to post that because most of the simmers I met don't like rap much at all, but I couldn't resist the over use of slang right there, and that in a way needed to be explained.xD Tupac is my personal favorite aswell. πŸ˜‰
        Mygosh, Jakub is freaking adoreable, how could I not miss him? His son(who I still didn't take the time to learn the name of) just makes him that much hotter, honestly.

      • Ah, okay. That makes sense. I do the same thing with comments. Aww, well thank you. πŸ™‚ I didn’t have time earlier to reply because my game was lagging, and I was trying to fix the dang thing. So frustrating sometime.

        You and me both. Seriously. I have it all planned out about the boys growing up, hehe. A new plot will be wrapped around Cody, the twins and Xander. πŸ˜€ But that will come a lot later. LOL, I can understand that (about Xeri). But now someone else has stolen Rez away! 😯

        Hmm, I have to agree with you on that as well. Aubrey shouldn’t have driven off Hunter those years ago… but if you know my characters, you’ll know that they totally suck at decision-making! Maybe they won’t keep whining like Aubrey, though. πŸ˜†

        I wonder why they don’t like rap? I’ve loved rap since I was about 12! Tupac rocks, lol. As for the slang, it actually made sense. So I can definitely understand your use of it!

        I know it. Jakub is a cutie. *swoon* I think it makes him hotter too, the fact he has a son now. He’s actually a pretty decent father. O_O Just a miserable excuse for a human (err vampire).

  12. I also haven’t commented for awhile. I really should get into the habit. I just have to let you know that I look forward to your updates every Thursday. I’ll be wasting my time on the computer and it’ll turn 12 then I’ll proceed to go, “HOLY SHIT BALLS! BLOODLUST SHOULD BE UPDATED TODAY! HUZZAH!” (Well, something like that.) Then I’ll come on here be disappointed that it’s not been updated yet and return later. It’s a vicious cycle that you’ve created. But don’t feel bad because it’s a good thing! Honest!

    Oh man, I almost forgot to add this link:

    More sexy poses! Just thought I’d let you know about them just in case you hadn’t heard of them.

    • hey there, I think I remember you. πŸ™‚ I know your name definitely sounds familiar! Really though, like I said it’s okay, just comment whenever you feel like. And I’m glad you really look forward to the updates! Haha, I know last Thurs. I was kinda late in updating, but that was because my sleeping schedule was messed up. O_O Wow, I really must’ve updated late if it was midnight (wherever you are) and it didn’t show up yet. Then again I think I didn’t publish it until 1 in the morning or something. πŸ˜› hehe, again I’m glad you like the story!! Thanks for the awesome comments! And heck yes I know that’s a good thing (about you always looking for updates)! :p

      Oooooh thank you for that link. Haven’t checked in a while to see if there’s been any new smex poses! πŸ˜€

  13. Okay in chapter 88 where did you get Kats hair? I love it! And in chapter 85 Jakub’s hair? πŸ˜€ I remember Hunter wearing it before too. It’s really awesome.

    Thankies ❀

  14. HI ^_^! Just wanted to say, can’t wait for a new chapter..you turned me into a naughty sims story reader -blush- :-3 and read all 125 chapters over labor day weekend XD. I also like your Platinum story, I’ll probably check out all your other stories, I love reading…everything! And saw you’re from Texas πŸ˜€ me too!! Okay crazy all over comment -LOL-

    • Hey there! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. Then tonight my stupid internet went out for an hour. I was actually surprised it came back on.

      Thank you Briana! I appreciate the nice comments! πŸ˜€ Oh, wow, did you really? All 125 chapters?? haha, that makes me feel good. πŸ˜› Thank you! I’m glad you’re liking it. I’m trying to keep it interesting. Hopefully I can continue doing a decent job on it.

      That is totally awesome that you’re also from TX! πŸ˜€ I was actually born/raised up in boring OH., and didn’t move down here till 2004. But I got the southern twang down right. XD


  15. Hey there, thank you again. I’m really glad you’re still enjoying the story! πŸ˜€ And yeah, TX is pretty awesome. πŸ˜› hehe

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