*Most Dramatic Pics From Bloodlust*

Here is a summary of some of the most dramatic snapshots taken from my Bloodlust story. This page will be updated as the chapters progress.

Enjoy! ☺

Caution: some pics contain nudity and sexual themes. Also, if you’re just beginning the story, the following pics contain spoilers.

(I just put that picture here as a joke) ^

I’m sorry, guys, but I need to delete the comments on this page because they don’t really go with the pics anymore, since I’m always updating this page. I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone who thinks the last pic is cute, when that last pic is now a make-out scene or something. :p


8 Responses to “*Most Dramatic Pics From Bloodlust*”

  1. This was the first page I found that had comments enabled xD

    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in second grade. At first the meds did nothing (that’s because the meds weren’t actually doing what they were supposed to be doing). But then in like seventh grade I finally started Aderall which actually works. I’ve also found that after four years of taking it, that when I forget to (even on school days) I find myself being able to focus, and most of the time I am completely unaware of the fact that I didn’t take my pill that day since I am so focused. So I guess after a while the ability to focus is stronger or something.
    There’s so many people with ADHD and while some people think that it is only a curse, I think it is sort of a blessing in disguise because 1) it gives me my creativity 2) it makes me positive, I guess that is partly because of the hyperactivity part of ADHD
    I bet that one reason you are such a great writer is because of your ADHD, while yes, it might distract you a bit, it probably gives you your creativity (or at least some of it) :3

    • Hey there! Yeah, sorry about that. I really need to dedicate a page on here to nothing but comments/questions/etc. LOL. I’d disabled them on a lot of pages last year because I was going through a ‘grumpy’ time due to personal stuff going on.

      So you have the ADHD blessing/curse? Haha. I know I had it way back then too, but they didn’t know about such a thing until the late 80’s/early 90’s or something like that (I’m 37). I could could not focus on what my teachers were explaining (most of the time) and I’d get so bored out of my skull, and have to entertain myself either by writing little stories or drawing. As an adult that never changed, the boredom thing. Finally I looked up ‘chronic boredom adhd’ on the ‘net, because I finally started suspecting I had adult ADHD, and one of the first things that popped up was ADHD and chronic boredom was one of the symptoms. I had all the symptoms but one or two. Then I scored really high on another on-line test. I wished I would’ve known that was my problem all those years. GAH!! A shrink had misdiagnosed me with bipolar when I was 19 (bipolar and ADHD have similar symptoms).

      I got sick of having once-a-month or so fights over the internet with total strangers. It was getting ridiculous. Finally after my last rage fest, I knew I had to do something. There was something wrong with me (yes ME) in the way I was coping with stuff. It was getting out of control. My mom had died earlier this year (back in Jan) and that made my symptoms worse, somehow. But now I know that if anyone starts anything with me, I’ll either ignore it and not think anything of it, or just laugh about it. >.< I won't throw a fit like a 2-yr-old.

      Well, now I'm no longer bored. Sucks that it took me so many years to figure out what my real problem was. Also I'm calmer and don't have rage fits anymore since starting meds. I'm on Vyanse, but I've also heard of the Aderall. Both are stims, and I wouldn't want any other type of med. I was afraid my Dr. would prescribe Strattera, and it's non-stim, and I seriously doubt it'd work as well. :/ lol listen to me ramble… πŸ˜› I see I still do that, no matter what.

      The medications makes it so much easier to make plans/keep plans, if you know what I mean. Before my thoughts were all over the place and now it's easier to focus. Like I plan to finish up chapter 140 of Bloodlust ( I do these chapters weeks ahead of time) and then afterward I'm going to do some chapters on Platinum, and I know I won't change my mind about it, or get bored trying to think of what to write on Plat.

      Anyhow, sorry to go on so much about myself (bad habit). Why didn't the first batch of meds you took in 2nd grade work? Was it the wrong type of medicine?

      That Aderall sounds really good. If/when my Vyanse quits working, I'll ask my shrink about Aderall. That's amazing that it works even when you forget to take it. I've heard that Vyanse sometimes stops working after a few months and you have to keep upping the dosage. I don't want to end up taking too much of it. Also the only bad thing about these kinds of meds is that they cut back your appetite. I've lost another 3 or 4 lbs. in only a week or so since starting Vyanse. I'm now afraid of getting too skinny… O_O I don't look good being too thin, esp. at my age.

      Could be the reason why I'm creative, I've thought of that as well since learning I had ADHD. Like I've mentioned before, I've always been creative, always wrote stories, drew pictures, etc. LOL. ADHD can be genetic too. My middle daughter is autistic, and her doctor had also diagnosed her with ADHD when she was 4. I think some of my family members have it too, particularly one of my sisters.

      ADHD never made me positive, I think it made me too negative. However the medication now makes me tons more positive, and I'm not as pessimistic as I once was. It's awesome. I also get along with people so much better. I agree though, I think ADHD does make us more creative. Thank God I haven't lost that with taking the meds. If anything, I think it helps me make my story better (my plot lines aren't all over the place, and the storyline is more 'organized' or whatever, which won't really show until maybe the 141st. chapter). Yesterday I did an outline for the next several chapters of BL (after chapter 140) and it was so much easier to wrap the whole storyline together, and close up any plot holes, etc. << that doesn't mean the story's ending, only that portion. Then I'll go on to do Lance's story (like a legacy).

      Haha, OK I'm not yapping now… πŸ˜› <333

      • The meds I was on in second grade didn’t change my behavior at all, I still had random outbursts and such. While Aderall is amazing with how it keeps me focused and under control, there’s a huge downside. When I first took it, I was 11 and weighed 65 pounds. While my appetite is still strong, and I eat like a pig and everything, I didn’t gain a single pound while on Aderall. By eight grade I finally gained a few pounds and weighed 70 pounds, I was 14. Now, as a sophomore in high school, I weigh 85 pounds. On my first day of high school I was only worried about people thinking I had an eating disorder or something because my arms look like an anorexic’s arms…I don’t know if the Aderall changes how your body takes in protein or something but trust me, I eat so much stuff every day but never gain weight and it makes no sense :/ and it doesn’t help that I live in a world where no one wants to gain weight, everyone wants to lose weight.

      • Hmm, I wonder why? I was just curious is all. About Aderall: that’s what I worry about too. Either way, I’ve lost a few lbs. and afraid I’m going to lose more weight. >.< You know the reason why you don't gain weight on the stimulant meds? They're the same (sort of) as speed, or amphetamines, and they make you do more (physical stuff) instead of just sitting around all day. I used to sit around a lot, but not anymore. Just doing stuff makes you burn calories, and doesn't amphetamines speed up your metabolism too? Anyhow, OMG you were 14 and only weighed 70 lbs.?? My 11-yr-old weighs about 85 lbs. O_O And when I was 12, I weighed about 90 or more. Right now my scale weighs me at 119, but a size 7 is now too big for me. I don't want to get any smaller. Anyhow, I get what you mean. All anyone wants to do is lose weight. I've been on the other side of it too, though. I was a size 14 for a few years, then just started losing weight without trying (that doesn't sound good, does it? lol). Then steadily kept losing a few lbs. over the course of a year or so. Now I'm REALLY losing weight and want to stop.

        I'm like: ok, that's enough now. I'm at my right weight and don't want to get any thinner, lol. D:

        I actually did have an eating disorder in high school, from about the age of 16 to 18. My lowest weight back then was 89 to 91 lbs.

        I've always had weight issues… blah, blah, blah. I'm always either too darn skinny or overweight!

  2. ….I translated chapter 137 gizoogle and it changes everything into slang and shit and just XD

    • ____________________________________________________

      ^^ hahaha, that couldn’t be any funnier! I seriously lol’d my ass off! And am STILL laughing…

      Thanks for the links!!

      How the hell did you find that site???


      ahahaha! “Dope Dogg, Lucifer”!!! πŸ˜†

      Hey is it OK if I link to that site? It’s funnier than hell. I want to put a link on my home page! πŸ˜€ I’ll give credit to you
      for finding it!

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