Sixteen: Till Death…

Two weeks passed.

Aubrey and Shawn’s wedding was held on an overcast evening.

Aubrey was ecstatic when he proposed just a week earlier, even though she knew their wedding wouldn’t be a real one. They had no preacher to conduct the ceremony, and no marriage license. However, it was nice to know they’d be married in their hearts and a ceremony was a nice touch.

“I vow to love you for eternity,” they said in unison.  

 Riley was their only guest. Aubrey did not expect Lucius, or especially Vaclav to attend.

All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo played on the stereo. It was Aubrey’s all-time favorite song.

(song link:

“Thank you for forgiving me,” Shawn said. “You won’t regret it, I promise.”

Hand-in-hand, they turned.

Aubrey froze when she saw Vaclav.

Then she gazed at him with pity.

His expression wasn’t so easy to read. His eyes were wide, he almost looked annoyed and his ‘smile’ seemed forced. 

Either way, she became lost in the music.


She looked at Vaclav for the second time, the music resounding in her ears… their eyes met, but something odd happened. Aubrey felt it deeply within her bones.

Aubrey shoved that feeling aside, burying it.

That night, she joined Vaclav in the piano room.

“Are you okay with this?” she asked. “It’s not as though I really need your permission or anything to marry Shawn, but I can’t help but feel guilty.”

Instead of answering, he continued to play a tune she didn’t recognize.



His fingers slammed against the keys, creating a god-awful sound.

Aubrey jolted.

Vaclav jumped to his feet, stood within inches from her.

His face softened as he said, “sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Really? she thought.

“I just want to know if you’re okay with this,” she repeated.

“But like you said, you don’t need my permission.”

“I want to know that you’re okay with this!” she snapped.

“I’ll always have feelings for you; but yes, I’m okay with this,” he said with a little too much confidence.

He leaned over and whispered: “Perhaps a small part of me will grow within you, and you won’t forget me so easily.”

She didn’t see the grin on his face.


A few hours later, Shawn and Aubrey fixed up a bedroom in the basement. Then they relaxed in bed.

“I know about you and Vaclav,” Shawn mentioned.

“What? You do?”

“Yeah. I see it in the way he looks at you. Vaclav was your angel, right?”

She nodded.

“Don’t worry. I’m not mad or anything; at least not at you. But I think Vaclav’s a prick for using me to lure you here,” he said.

“You knew about that too?”

“Let’s just say the vampirism sharpens perception, and hearing as well. After I came here to live, he talked over his plans with one of the others. I could hear them way up on the second level from here in the basement. Clear as day.”

“So… you’re not even jealous of Vaclav?”

“Hell yeah I am,” he chuckled. “But what can I do? Kill him?”

“He’s the leader of this world,” Shawn continued. “I can’t touch him and he knows it. It would be a good way to lose my head.”

“But that’s okay. I have you, and he doesn’t.”

“Right?” he asked after a moment’s silence.

She smiled and said, “right.” Then she questioned: “can you read minds?”

“No. I think only Riley can do that. Why?”

“No reason,” she replied.

The next evening, Aubrey left the basement and headed for the dining area.

Her appetite returning with a vengeance, Aubrey ate straight out of the ice cream carton.

She ate until it was half-way empty. Even the adjacent glass of blood didn’t hamper her appetite.

Riley sauntered into the room.

“Vaclav is upstairs. He wants to talk to you,” she said.

Puzzled, Aubrey nodded and rose from the table.

Quietly, Aubrey entered the room. Vaclav sat in a chair staring out the window.

“Um… I’m here,” she said, her heart racing.

She watched him as he stood, his back to her. Then he turned around.

His face and eyes looked eerie in the dimness. For an eternity, he stared at her.

Suddenly, he bent over to retrieve something from the floor.

The object looked like a tiny drawstring bag, and he carried it over to her.

“I want you to wear this necklace,” he said opening the bag. A golden chain emerged between his fingers. “Turn around,” he added. “I’ll put it on you.”

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“The amulet will protect you from vampires,” he replied.

“It’s been in my family for over a hundred years. My brother was an alchemist, and he fashioned it to work against rogues and those of the Shadow Clan. This was the only one made, since my brother died from pneumonia not long afterward.”

He brushed her hair to the side and draped the chain around her neck.

“Now you’ll be safe; no matter where you go. Just make sure you always wear it,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said gazing down at the shimmering talisman.

Back in her bedroom, however, Aubrey couldn’t chance Shawn seeing it. She gingerly placed it in a jewelry box.

She was afraid of what Shawn may think; yet felt guilty for hiding it after Vaclav entrusted it to her.

Over the next few days, Aubrey awoke feeling sick.

Was it possibly withdrawal again? She doubted it. Maybe it had to do with the magical talisman Vaclav gave her.

Whatever it is, it sucks.

Aubrey vomited in the toilet. Afterward, she puked again.

I’m going to kill Vaclav if it’s that talisman! she thought.



She leaned against the wall and tried to catch her breath.

It was time to look. Did she pass the test?


“Oh, my God.”

So it wasn’t the talisman, nor rebound withdrawal. It was a baby.

Shame overcame her, like a gust of bitter wind.

After having sex with two vampires over two weeks earlier, she had no clue who the father was.


Thanks for reading! ♥ Chapter 17 coming in just a couple days. 🙂   Also, in essence, Aubrey’s baby DID come from a ‘talisman’. Either from Vaclav’s or Shawn’s ‘talisman’. 😛  Indeed, I’m being disgusting again… but I couldn’t resist. Oh, and Vaclav won’t be wearing the ‘Santa Claus’ suit in the next chapter, LOL. XD


27 Responses to “Sixteen…”

  1. Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey! when are you going to learn! I was wondering if she was pregnant ever since Vaclev said “Perhaps a small part of me will grow within you, and you won’t forget me so easily.” Nice subtle hint there 🙂

    I sense drama ahead, lots and lots of lovely drama.

    p.s half naked Shawn! (drool) Nothing like a little bit of SGO to start your day (it’s 8 in the morning here in England lol)

    • Hi Pixxi! 😀 Haha! I knew a few people would understand Vaclav’s little hint! 😛 lol

      hehe, I love drama as well. Mwahahaaaa….

      yep, he looked pretty nice in his jammies. Squeee indeed. Here’s something else that’s hawt: Vaclav was naked underneath his ‘Santa’ robe. LOL 😛 Meh, just couldn’t resist typing that. I’m feeling naughty for some reason…

      Thanks for commenting! I just got your comment, or just saw it, and it’s like 3 in the morning here in the US. So that’s interesting about the time over there. 🙂 I see that my wordpress is going on your time, because the posted time on my comment is around 9 am. That’s weird…

  2. OMG I gasped so loud when Vaclav said “Perhaps a small part of me will grow within you, and you won’t forget me so easily.” My other half gave me a funny look, because I was going “OMG Aubrey’s pregnant with his baby, Jen’s a genius!” lol 🙂

    Also I’m a little confused, you said at the end that Aubrey had had sex with them both in the last 24 hours, but the last time she slept with Vaclav was 2 weeks ago, did she sleep with him after marrying Shawn????

    I love reading your updates, I look forward to them so much lol 🙂

    • Oh, let me clear that up first: when I said she did the nasty with both in less than a 24 hr. period, I meant that ’24 hr. period’ 2 weeks earlier, see what I mean? It was that night at the bar with Vaclav, then with Shawn around 20 hrs. later, in the basement. Sorry that was confusing! I should have been more clear 😛

      Now, onto other goodies: haha, thanks for the amazing compliment! Pixxi quoted the very same thing, lol, about what Vaclav said. XD so I see you got that hint too! hehe

      Thank you Kim, I’m really glad you like my updates 🙂 *hugs* I certainly look forward to your new chapters as well! Like I said, your legacy just gets better with every update!! And your wishacy as well! ^.^ I just love drama, and the storyline you got on your SFL rocks. I like the teen prego drama thing, lol. Esp. if the father is older… O.O I once did a story like that on Sims 2… sorry to ramble, lol.

  3. OK, I edited the ending by elaborating a little more, LOL. It’s somewhat wordy, but at least maybe it makes better sense. I hope… 😉 😛

    GAH!!! I edited it again, this time I just left out the 24-hr. period thing entirely! XD

    • Thanks, I’ve just put the next chapter of SFL up, and it’s one of my best yet, well I think so anyway 😀 I get what you meant now, I totally forgot about that, I blame you, putting all these half naked vamps in a story is bound to make a girl forget 😛
      I’m guessing the baby is Vaclav, he seems pretty smug about it, but then does he know she also slept with Shawn too that night?

      • hi again 😀 you’re welcome, they just get better every time! I’ll read that update ASAP, right after this I have to get some sleep lol. I’m an insomniac like 2 weeks out of the month, and it sucks sometimes. 😛
        haha, that’s true, all that hotness would make someone forget…

        well, you know Vaclav. He HOPES the baby is his. >.> yeah, he knows that she slept with Shawn, that was when his heart got REALLY broken. Poor guy, lol.

  4. Hey new here but I’ve been lurking for every chapter lol.
    No no no! Not Vaclav’s baby D: Poor Shawn … Heh welll atleast we’ll have more drama ^^

    • hi Alexandra 😀 thanks for commenting, and thanks for following the blog!!

      Well, it may not be Vaclav’s baby. He hopes it is, though, and he’s smug enough to believe it IS his. But time will tell… 😛

  5. Oh and another question, Vaclav said “Perhaps” a small part of me will grow within you, and you won’t forget me so easily. Does this mean it still might be Shawn’s baby? Which I probably doubt..

  6. OMG i think its vaclav’s baby. But like i say f0r every chapter awes0me this is just keep getting better and better. U make me s0 happy when u p0st st0ries. 🙂 sniff sniff -crys cause i’m happy-

    • Hi Tami! 😀 Vaclav agrees with you. He thinks it’s his baby too. But he might be getting a little too arrogant in his beliefs. 😛

      Awwwwwwww, you’re so sweet!! Thank you Tami!! I love writing for people who like/love my stories. Truly. ^.^ 🙂 *sniff sniff too*

  7. O.O OH MY GOODNESS, I GOT THE HINT 🙂 Hehe, so proud of myself lol….

    Didn’t see a baby coming though, that’s not going to help things 😛 In a way I REALLY hope it’s Shawn, but I do prefere him lo!

    P.S Sorry if there is spelling mistakes, still getting used to mu laptop lol

    Loved it as always

    • Hi Rachel! 😀 I figured you’d get it too, lol. I tried to make it a little mysterious, and then at one point I thought about not putting that part in at all, but it was so smexy the way he was going to say it, I just HAD to do it. 😛

      Glad you didn’t see that coming! After having her do ‘it’ with Vaclav, and then with Shawn only a day later, I couldn’t resist a ‘WHO’S YOUR DADDY’ scenario!! haha. Well, I’ll probably reveal who’s it is within a few more chapters or so. I would say something else, but don’t want to give away any hints….

      No, don’t worry about any spelling mistakes. If there’s one thing I HATE, it’s grammar Nazis and I definitely don’t want to be one of them. My spelling/grammar isn’t perfect anyhow. So write away and don’t worry about it! ^.^

      Thank you so much, Rachel! ❤

      • Im flattered you knew I’d knew, bit of a bof when it comes to vamps 😉

        Random thought I had, wonder how vamp kids age according to you 😛 I mean Vaclav doesn’t, so who knows how there baby looks 😛 If they reach a certain age they won’t be thrilled by a ‘replacement’ :3 My mind is so dark 😛

        Anyways, cant believe they got married forgot to mention that :3 Loved it 😀

      • Hi Rachel!! You sound like my daughter, lol. XD

        Haven’t really thought of that, but I’ll have to soon. 😛 I think I’ll make Aubrey’s pregnancy only about 7 months though. If I make it much shorter than that, it’ll sound too much like Twilight. 😦 anyhow, nothing wrong with a dark mind. Shit, I think mine is really dark, hence the last chapter where I had Vaclav saw off some other vamp’s head, LOL.

        Well thanks for commenting again, and glad ya liked the marriage thingy!! 😀 ❤

  8. O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SUCH a good chapter, I didn’t see that coming until Vaclav said about a small part of him inside of her. I was like “OMG she’s pregnant!”. LOL.
    Is the father definitely Vaclav, or is Shawn a possible father?!
    Wowowow, I can’t wait until the next chapter.

    • Hi Emma!! 😀 thanks!! I thought throwing a new baby into the mix would be quite entertaining. 😛

      lol, I think everyone got that little hint, hehe. >.> that’s why I wasn’t going to put that in there at first, but just had to. Vaclav is such a smex god.

      Shawn could definitely be the father. Aubrey did the nasty with both, in the space of about 20 hrs. 😛

      Thank you Emma. ❤ ^_^ won't have to wait long for the next one, it'll be out tomorrow! 🙂

  10. OMG 0_0
    Woah! Shoulda expected it tho 😉
    Tut tut Aubrey! XP
    Good chapter 😀

  11. Sorry I haven’t been back here in a while, been super busy! And I see you’ve got more chapters out! I better catch up! 😀 Great chapter once again, and that’s a pretty talisman. 🙂 Uh oh, Aubrey’s pregnant again! And she doesn’t know who the father is…I smell drama! Can’t wait to find out what happens!

    • That’s OK, no problem at all! Yeah, LOL, I pubb’d two chapters last week. I got way ahead of myself and ended up doing too many chapters. I’ve slowed down now, though.

      Thanks! Yeah, I forget where I actually got that necklace. O_O I don’t think I ever credited whoever made it. D: lol yeah, she’s preggers again! Yep, major drama’s in the air! XD

      Thanks TenderWolf! And just read/comment whenever you feel like. 🙂

  12. its obviously Vaclav’s baby, cuz of what he said

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