The Other Vampire Clan…

Here’s the rival vampire clan, up against the more ‘angelic’ looking clan. (edit 11-1-12: this clan doesn’t have vampire characteristics because the pic was taken before Late Night came out).

The two sims at the right end are adult children of Lila and Nick, characters from my first story ‘Riverview’. I couldn’t resist adding them to the rival clan. The rest of the vampires are just random stud muffins I created in CAS.

The Shadow Clan is currently co-existing ‘peacefully’ with the Angel Clan. How long will that last?

The Shadow Clan’s ancestors founded Shadowvale over a hundred years ago. Not long afterward, the other clan settled in the area. Wars have been fought between the clans ever since, with intermittent peaceful periods. The ultimate goal: control over Shadowvale and its immediate suburbs, along with the long-suffering residents. At the moment, Shadowvale is ruled by the Angel Clan since winning the last war, but that could change at any time.


6 Responses to “The Other Vampire Clan…”

  1. *picks chin up from floor* wow they are some hot vampires and being bad boys makes them even yummier 🙂

  2. Hi there… I’m still roaming around your blog. XD So much to read and your stuff can’t be read in just one sitting. This is a freaking library you got here. Love it! You created a pretty unique vampire universe, hats off! And I’m so glad you didn’t go the twilight sparkle route. *wheew* And all your vampire stud muffins are gorgeous and drool worthy!

    • LOL I see that! :p Aww, well thank you for all those kind and awesome comments. *blushes* I did try to make a good, unique vampire world, but also wanted to include some of the old folklore stuff like coffins. Oh, no, definitely don’t want sparkly vamps. Not that there’s anything wrong with Twilight (I finally got around to reading the first pages of Twilight, and was surprised to find I was drawn in by SM’s writing. A lot of people say she sucks at writing). But yeah. Thanks again! Hunter was the very first sim I made from scratch, and turned out well. 😀

  3. Oh, mind if I added you to my blogroll? I’ll put an *mature* sign on it, I promise. -Jed

    • Of course I don’t mind! Please do, and I’ll return the favor right away!

      btw sorry it took me a little while to reply to your comments.

      😀 <3333

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