Sixty-Six: Discretion

Warning: contains heavy sexual innuendos.

“I miss Shadowvale,” Kat groaned.

“I don’t like this house.”

“I know. I miss our old home too.” Aubrey shrugged. “But there’s nothing we can do about it.”

I miss Dad… I even miss Reznik. This sucks.

Deeply inside she feared something aside from never returning home.

Even though Hunter said he loved her, a small part of her wondered if he also still loved her mother.

Was he just using her? To fill an empty spot in his heart? An empty spot, that at one time only her mother could fill?

Later, Kat washed her hands at the kitchen sink.

Hunter sneaked up behind her and tickled her armpit. She jumped, he laughed.

Then his hand migrated to her breast.

“You don’t want to have sex with me, but you want to touch my boob and rub up against my ass,” she said.

“Sorry.” His hand slid away and he left.


That evening, Kat joined Hunter and Aubrey in the living room.

She glanced at Hunter. He didn’t look too happy.

“I’m sorry I’ve been in a bad mood lately. I’m just a little homesick.”

Suddenly Hunter came alive, his red eyes lit up.

“Aubrey, I have to go to the hospital to get a few supplies,” he said. She nodded.

“Do you want to come with me?” he asked Kat.


Thump thump thump thump thump.

“We’ll be back in a little bit,” he said.

Aubrey’s lips twitched.

Hunter’s eyes locked with Kat’s. She quickly looked away before her mother could notice.

“Don’t be too long.”

Before heading out, she and Hunter waited for the sun to dip below the landscape.

Several minutes passed. Kat and Hunter climbed a steep hill.

Pausing, she asked him exactly where they were going.

“To the top,” he said. “I want to show you this amazing area I found yesterday.”

She smiled and they continued on.

She looked back, almost feeling dizzy from the height.

“Wow. This is really beautiful,” Kat said.

“Yeah. I told you it was amazing.”

And it reminds me of a dream I once had…

They watched as the sky transitioned from pink to pale blue.

Hunter faced Kat, and scooted close to her until her legs overlapped his.

His hands glided up and down her waistline, his lips brushed hers.

“Why aren’t you wearing the crucifix necklace?” he asked, fingering her throat.

“I feel guilty wearing it anymore, so I took it off.” Dad gave it to me. If he knew I was seeing you, he’d die.

“So what is there to love besides screwing your brains out?” She grinned.

“This,” he said stroking her face.

Hunter returned her smile, then gently lowered her to the ground.

Kat’s heart drummed, her pulse pounding in her ears.

He laid on top of her.

Nearby crickets chirped as Hunter trailed kisses all over her face. Her heart accelerated tenfold.

An owl hooted.

“Kat,” he said beaming. “I thought you were pissed off at me.”

“Sorry.” She chuckled.

Using one finger, he traced the area from her cheek down to her lips.

Then he rose up and took off his shirt.

He ground against her. Then he abruptly stopped and apologized, mumbling something about the ‘animal’ within him.

No worries.

Awkwardly, he ascended as if trying to keep his genitals as far away from hers as possible. Yet he kept kissing her, licking her neck, and running his hands up her waist and right breast.

Hunter moaned, wedged tightly to her body. Soon he was grinding just like before.

She gazed up. The moon and stars clustered around one another.

Down below, something hard pressed against her.

“Smell so good,” he exhaled. Then he moved down…

Farther down, and then back up again.

He made her entire body tingle, grow warm.

Jesus. How am I going to keep away from you until you’re eighteen…”

He rubbed her left breast, crumpling the fabric of her shirt, plunging the neckline with his fingers.

“Hunter, it feels so good,” she cried, raising her legs upward and wrapping them around his waist.

His movements came at a furious pace, like her heartbeat.

Hunter dipped and kissed her.

Time stood still. Everything was like a dream, none of it seemed real.

At some point he got up, rushed off to a patch of trees and stayed there for a few minutes.

When he returned, his face was flushed.

They scanned the stars in the night sky before heading back home.

Hunter brazenly kissed her only yards away from the house.

Inside, Aubrey waited for them.

Where have you two been all night?”

“We got side-tracked on the way to the hospital. Sorry,” Hunter said.

“Seriously? You got side-tracked? ALL FUCKING NIGHT?”

Woah. She’s pissed. This isn’t good, Kat thought.

“Yes. All night. We decided to do some sight-seeing, then we got lost on the way to the hospital. Again, I’m sorry.”

“So you didn’t get the supplies you needed?” Aubrey asked.

“No. By the time we got there, it was too late. We had to start heading back before sunrise.”

“Both of you listen to me. If you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, it stops right here. Right now.”

“We’re not—” Hunter began.

“I mean it. It stops.” Aubrey glowered at them.

“Ashton is here with your grandson, Hunter. She’s been waiting here for three hours.”

“So you have a nice little visit with your daughter, while you remember to leave my daughter the hell alone.”

“I’ll be watching the two of you. Closely.” She stormed out but then halted. “By the way, I’m switching bedrooms with you, Hunter.”

Aubrey continued into the kitchen.

Kat and Hunter entered the living room, looked at each other.

“Hi Ash.”

Ash glanced at her, then at her father.

“This is Cody,” she said nodding at the toddler. He cooed.

Now Kat knew where Ashton and her nephew moved to. Misty Peaks.


Parts of next week’s chapter will take place in Shadowvale. So for those who miss Reznik, you’ll have your chance to see him soon. ^^

TY for reading!


43 Responses to “Sixty-Six…”

  1. Haha, I was laughing at the faces Aubrey was making when they came back…she was pissed, probably because she thinks they were doing stuff that she misses herself..

    • lol yeah, she was pretty pissed off. XD And you could be right about the reasons why she was so mad. Well, that could be part of the reason at least.

      <3333 😀 thanks for commenting again!

  2. LOL this reminded me of Twilight;) Although better, hehe;D
    I actually love this story – it looks like you spend so much time on it! Everyone really appreciates the work you put into this story(:
    Yay, Reznik in the next chapter:D We will have the pleasure of seeing a bit of Vaclav, too? ^-^

    • squeeee I take that as a massive compliment. You don’t have to say this is better, though, LOL. Dirtier, yes. XD So was there an actual part in Twilight like this? Was it the make out scene?? I haven’t read Twilight, although I recently tried the first few pages and thought it was good thus far.

      Aww thank you Emma. I know everyone appreciates it, and I wish I knew of a way to repay people for being so awesome. Seriously. I know once in a while I whine about my views (but only twice in a whole year I’ve done that lol) but that’s only because I’m an idiot sometimes. 😛

      Yeah, if you miss Rez, you’ll enjoy the next chapter. He uses his magic in it. 😀 haha, I think V. is in the next chapter too, but he won’t show up in the way you’re expecting! XD


  3. Lol, how is Hunter going to manage until she’s 18?

    OMG Aubrey was Pissed! Those faces were absolutely perfect. Looks like mommy finally knows that something is going on – if she only knew how much 😀

    Awwwww zOMG Cody is adorable!!! Hunter will be such a wonderful grandfather… and Kat a great Aunt. Hahaha, well if that doesn’t show an age difference between the two nothing will.

    • Exactly! Mwahahahaha! Makes one wonder if he’ll really be able to manage…

      She was furious! 😆 poor Kat and Hunter. At least Hunter made up a good lie, even if Aubrey didn’t believe it. 😆 I think for Aubrey’ s reaction I just used the insane trait’s ‘talk to self’, lol. Sometimes I’m too lazy to mess with the animator thingy. And the ‘argue’ interaction sucks, IMO. Well eventually Aubrey will figure out exactly ‘how much’ has been going on.

      Seriously! Cody must be the best looking toddler I’ve had in the game!! And I didn’t even edit him in CAS or anything! O_O LOL great aunt and grandfather. That REALLY makes it sound weird, doesn’t it? I thought the grandfather thing was… IDK. Just sounds so perverted since Kat is 17. Makes Hunter sound so old! But yeah, Hunter was always good around kids.


      • Perhaps there’s a happy medium for the two? ‘Cause I’m sure once Kat gets a taste of the wolf, she won’t be able to control herself either.

        Yeah, the lie wasn’t bad, and at least he stuck with it, so that was good. Plus, not getting the supplies allows for another walk. … If they can go without Aubrey, which is highly doubtful atm. She’d need a good distraction. Ahhhh well that’s good to know if I ever need to use those faces!

        Yes, both Aubrey and Vaclav! At that point they’ll be fighting each other for who gets to kill Hunter first. Lol.

        It does, but Rez and Ash are young for their kid and so is Hunter… for the most part, so it’s all good… well… better then how it sounds 😛

      • haha, Kat already can’t control herself when she’s around him. They’re both pretty horny, basically. XD

        Oh yeah, Aubrey won’t leave them alone now. :p This Thursday’s chapter will have a little surprise in it, btw. Yeah, the insane trait helps. Like I said, I hate the argue interaction. The sim only makes a horrible face, basically, then it’s finished. *eyeroll*

        The ‘scold’ interaction is decent too. But I have to use the debug enabler to do that, and I think only teens can get scolded or whatever. 😦

        LOL, pretty much! No matter what they do to Hunter, they can’t kill him. That would only make them crazier. XD

        True. And it also helps that Hunter hasn’t aged since about 20-something. I’m not even sure how old he’s supposed to be, rofl. Maybe 25? 26? Somewhere around there… still a little too old for Kat, but yeah. 😛

      • Hmmm a surprise?? I wonder…. but you said, not until chapter 69… hmmmm……

        Lol, true. Plus if they ever did anything to Hunter they’d have to deal with Kat, who I’m sure would do something drastic.

        Lol, 25 / 26 isn’t tooooo bad. Not old enough to be her dad so that’s good!

      • Yep, there’ll be a surprise in Thursday’s chapter. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. XD It’s not that big of a deal, though. Just a little surprising. I think your character shows up in 69, or chapter 70. I just came up with an awesome storyline for her. Hehe. It’ll be quite unexpected! 😀 (don’t worry, I won’t kill her off or anything).

        Oh hell yeah. Kat would commit parenticide (ugh, not sure why my spell checker sez that’s spelled wrong, I looked it up).

        Good point, at least he’s not old enough to be her dad! I’ve read books/seen movies before where the girl is the same age or even younger, and she hooks up with a guy even older than that! O_O The book/movie that always comes to mind is White Oleander…. the girl is a foster child and starts sleeping with her foster father (doesn’t show it on the movie though). I think she’s only like 15 too. O_O

      • Hmm… now that REALLY threw me off! Lol, I’m sure I will see it come Thursday. Holy shit that’s tomorrow!

        Oooo yay for awesome storyline and double yay for not being killed off! Although, you can if you need to, I won’t take it personally 😛

        Lol, parentcide.

        Ewwwwww that’s SO wrong!!! 15 and sleeping with her foster dad. See, Hunter and Kat’s relationship doesn’t seem so bad any more does it? 😀

      • And now tomorrow is today! LOL. I’ll get it pubbed probably somewhere between 6 pm and midnight. Of course that’s TX time, not sure what time that’d be where you are. But like I said, it’s not that much of a big surprise, just a little.

        haha, of course! It’ll be a nice twist, mwahahaha. Nope, definitely wouldn’t kill her off this soon, if ever. That’s probably too many hints.
        haha, THANK you for not taking it personally if it ever came down to that. Seriously. 😀

        Yes, parenticide!

        I got to rambling a little much in my last reply to you, btw. LOL, it’s such a bad habit.

        I think it’s kinda perverse too. Not that my stories aren’t. But I’ve read parts of the book, and it describes some things… actually that girl might’ve been as young as 14, I’m not even sure. :/ If she was only 14 though, I can’t see how any publisher/editor would’ve taken the book. I could only imagine if I tried to get a book like that published. I can’t even get one pubbed that’s NOT perverted, LOL. Well, I had one editor complain about the gore and violence in Blood Legacy. *eyeroll* To me, the more violence, the better. 😀 So yeah…

        rambling again.

        Nope, Kat and Hunter’s relationship isn’t nearly that bad. 😛

      • Lol, yes, but I was asleep when it had been posted 😛 Aww well seeing V was great!

        Seriously, it’s nothing. She’s just a character, although it’s nice to know that you have life-time plans for her ^_^ (Slight hint – but all is well)

        It’s an awesome habit!

        Pffft, violence is awesome.

  4. Nice chapter!

    For a moment I was like shit! Aubrey knows ahhhh what will we do BUT I was glad she hadnt got the full story 😀

    Ash’s baby (forgot name) is really cute ! 🙂 And OMG! How old is Kat, I thought she was pretty close to 18, but I guess not 😕

    • Thanks James! 😀

      Nope, doesn’t have the full story yet!

      lol, yeah Cody is cute. ^_^ Kat’s a little over the age of 17, not sure exactly how much. I hate keeping track of stuff like that. My pacing in this part of the storyline is going so slowly, it doesn’t seem like she’ll ever make it to 18. :p

      Thanks for commenting as always!! 🙂

      • Lol! Cant wait too see when she does !! 🙂

        He is yeah !! 😀 Oooo! I didnt know that well he hasnt got too long then, I mean I thought it would be longer 😀

        No probs 😛

      • You probably won’t have to wait too long. 😀

        IKR. Yep, Kat turned 17 not long ago. Maybe a couple months ago? lol. Yeah she has less than another year (if they can truly wait that long).

        *huggles*!! 🙂

      • *huggles* 🙂

        I know lol! I dont think Hunter will be able to, and Kat will just go along with it knowing that she wanted to already 😀 I think …

        Another year thats not so bad….I was expecting longer 😆

        And if Hunter & Kat marry and say she’s 20 she’ll be a 20 year old grandmother 😯 Cause of Ash’s baby hahahaaha 😆 Poor Kat 😕

      • Aww! 😀

        You could be right about that… I think it’ll be interesting once all of that unfolds. ’nuff said!

        True! Also it wouldn’t seem so long if I sped up the story some. LOL

        haha, that’s a crazy thought isn’t it? A grandmother at 20?? Like I said, my story is like a soap opera! 😆

      • Yeah, hmmm guessing that could happen or you wont go into details which is good 😆

        Yeah….we’ll have to see 🙂

        I know, I laughed when I relised. How bad is that…poor Kat she and her parents would be grandparents haahahah 😀 And yesh it is sometimes 😆

      • hehe our chat is getting long again. 🙂

        Nope, don’t wanna go into details. You’ll find out details soon enough, hehe.

        Yup, we will. XD

        That is sooo crazy. I guess that’s what can happen if you hook up with a vampire, since they don’t age! Shit, I wish I was a vampire just so I wouldn’t age. 😛 LOL

      • Same, if I ever find a vampire I’ll tell you 🙂

        And yesh! our chats normally do 😀

        Oooooh! Cant wait then… 😀

        Yeah that would be wierd, “oh hello Im a vampire that looks 20 but Im a great grandparent” 😕 Thats just wierd but cool! 🙂

      • OK, thanks! 😛

        It’s hilarious, I laugh as I scroll all the way to the top for my first post to you, then hit ‘reply’. 😆 Seems like I have to scroll up forever! I would just put a chat box on here, but a lot of times I’m not on enough to use it.

        Good! 😀

        Very weird! But cool indeedie!

  5. WOOAH. i wouldn’t wanna piss aubrey off

  6. Yeah, there’s a chapter like this in Twilight – where Bella and Edward go to a meadow filled with flowers or whatever:L They don’t make out a lot though, they sort of just..lie there.
    Tehe, you’re right – yours is much dirtier!>xD

    • Really? OMG, lol I swear I didn’t know. Sounds sexy though. 😀 Ugh, they just lie there? What fun is that?!!


      Mine is TONS dirtier. I know that’s bad, but dang… if it were real life, Kat and Hunter would’ve already went after it! O_O 😛

  7. tehe! that was awsome lol, haha omg Aubrey’s face was priceless haha, it was very scary i was like oh shiiit! lol haha settle Hunter be patient 😛

    • Aww, thank you Alyssa! 😀 Yeah, she had some pretty hateful facial expressions! But priceless nevertheless 😆

      If I was Kat I would’ve been scared shitless. At least Hunter stayed calm. :p

      Hunter’s trying to control himself. He’s doing very well considering. >_>

      Thanks for commenting!! <3333

  8. Ah… very nice! And YES for Aubrey chiming in and being totally mad at them two. One comment already pointed out that Aubrey probably misses being ‘hunted’ herself XD
    Whose Cody’s father? I forget…*am not the youngest crayon in the box anymore* Am so thrilled to read where you are taking this. How are V and the rest?

    • Thank you Jed! 😀 Yeah, seriously, if I was Aubrey I’d have to bitch at them too. But yeah, a part of Aubrey does miss being ‘hunted’ as you put it, LOLzers. I’ll have to remember that one… hehe

      Cody’s father is Reznik. Remember when Ash was Rez’s home school teacher? That’s when he porked her. LOL @ ‘am not the youngest crayon in the box anymore* hahahaha. Thanks, glad you like the story so far. ^^ V. is doing pretty well, along with Rez. They shall be in the next chapter. 😀


  9. Hey, I just wanted to let you know there’s a new sex pose pack out. When I saw I thought of you.

    Here’s the link to it:

    • hehe, oh yes thank you! I’ve been looking for decent sex poses for a while now (and the pose thingy came out last April!). I’m surprised they hadn’t came out with such poses until now. Well, I know they’ve have some ‘racy’ ones, but still.

      anyhow, thank you again!! Much appreciated. 🙂


      edit: might be a while before I utilize these in the story, but I will.

      edit #2: WOW they’re all doggy style! Perfect for Hunter! *shit eating grin* 😀

  10. OMG Cody is a cutie!!!!!!

    Aubrey angry is a strange sight! She has matured so much! She’s funny though because just like she couldn’t stop seeing Hunter after she was told to stop banging, Kat won’t be able to until they at least start banging!

    Aubrey still has no clue that Cody is her grandson too! LOL can’t wait for that one! Some reason, I don’t see Vaclav being all that upset.

    Hunter is going to lose his mind soon. 18 is so close but so far away! Hell I say go for it!! Secrets are the best!

    • Hehe. Yes Cody is adorable!

      Oh, btw hope everything’s going great with you. It’s now August and I remembered something important was happening to you this month. Hope it went well.

      Yeah, it does look pretty weird her being that angry. she’s been pissed before, but wow. LOL. haha, funny! You’re right, Kat won’t be able to stay away from him until they start, and then after that as well! 😛

      Yeah, she’s pretty stupid. She and V. will find out before much longer though… I should’ve wrote in some chapter where Aubrey mentions how much Cody reminds her of Rez. XD Good point about V. not being all that upset. >_> He’d probably just shrug.

      True. If it were real life, he would lose it. Then again, if it were RL they’d already be doing the nasty. :p Indeed, lol, secrets really ARE the best!


      • *Sigh* My class is actually longer than they expected so the completion date is now Nov 1 and the graduation isn’t until March! Blown for life! Ah well, last class so I don’t give a damn about the grades anymore!!

        Vaclav seems like the type of Dad that would be proud of his son but would kill any guy thinking about kissing his daughter! I really can’t wait to see how they take to it!!

        I don’t blame Kat! I’d go nuts after one taste of Hunter!!

      • hey there again. Ugh! Nov. 1?? Sorry about that. 😦 but good luck! And that’s good it’s your last class. ^^

        Yeah, I think you’re right about that. The only thing V. would care about is the fact Cody is part Shadow. He wouldn’t be thrilled with that, at least not at first. And yeah, he’d definitely want to kill any guy messing with Kat. XD haha, maybe you won’t have to wait long!

        I hear you. 😛 I would too…

  11. I knew Aubrey would suspect something! lol Poor Hunter and Kat, they’re going to get sexually frustrated at this rate. 😀 When Kat turns 18, I bet she’ll still get in big trouble if her parents find out. Cody is so cute!!! I wonder if he has special powers like his dad. And more interesting sex poses…I’m going to have to start looking them up. haha Time for 67!

    • Oh yeah, Aubrey’s not entirely stupid. 😆 haha, so true. Especially Hunter, since he’s already ‘experienced’. But yeah, Kat will surely get a little frustrated as well. 😳 Yeah, likely she’d still get into trouble. V. wouldn’t approve. >_> Oh yes, Cody is adorable. Can’t wait till he gets a little older in the story, and it won’t be long now. 😀 Hmmm, never really thought of that. The only powers I was going to have Cody have is maybe astral projection later. 😛 And he might inherit his grandfather’s lycan curse. Hehe.

      Yeah, there’s a ton of poses everywhere! Plenty to choose from. 🙂

  12. Aww… Cody’s so cute!

  13. Cody looks like Reznik, but with his mother’s feature’s obviously.

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