Fifty-Eight: Unlocking the Truth

Contains language and sexual content.

Aubrey looked inside the den, where Ash and Reznik were.

There’s something very weird about these two, Aubrey reflected.

Ash glared at Reznik. He quietly smirked at her.

Could her son and Ash be lovers? Or ex-lovers? Nah. Ash seemed too sensible to hook up with Reznik. Also they couldn’t get along for two seconds, let alone long enough to tangle in bed.

Reznik wasn’t getting much school work done lately because he and Ash didn’t mesh. So Aubrey considered hiring another home school teacher.

On the other hand, he would soon be finished with school entirely. Kat still had two more years to go. Thankfully, she seemed to get along fine with Ashton.

As for Reznik’s little ‘problem’ with sex, Aubrey talked Vaclav into getting their son therapy.

At first his therapist was going to be Dr. Thomas, but Dr. Thomas was a woman.Β  A young, pretty woman. That was nipped in the bud.

His new therapist was a man. Since Rez was bisexual, he might still put the moves on the shrink… but at least he couldn’t knock him up.

Aubrey and Vaclav lingered in the piano room, and listened to Kat belt out a few tunes.

Aubrey worried about Kat. The day before, she’d asked her why she drank the blood. Kat didn’t say why, but swore she’d never do it again. She seemed sincere about it, but Aubrey still worried. She debated on calling a therapist for Kat. Then both her daughter and son would be undergoing therapy.

Jesus. Vaclav and I must really be shitty parents. She tried shoving those awful thoughts from her mind.

Ash shuffled into the room.

“Dr. Logan called.”

“He said he needs to talk to you, Aubrey. About Kat.”

“Can I go?”

Vaclav glared at her. “No.”

“Fine,” she huffed.

Hunter needs to talk to me? About Kat? I hope it’s nothing bad.

She rose from the sofa.

“You’re not going out in those clothes are you?” Vaclav asked.

She peered down.

What? What’s wrong with my clothes?

“Your skirt’s too short,” he said.

“No. I’m not changing my clothes.” And nice try at controlling me, Mr. Big Hotshot Vampire.

He stared at her. God only knew what he was thinking… but she didn’t really care.

Then Aubrey thought she heard Ash snickering about something.

Aubrey headed into the clinic.

“Aubrey?” Hunter said.

“I was just getting ready to leave.” He looked a little confused.

“But Ashton said she talked to you. She said you needed to speak to me about Kat.”

“Oh, yeah.” He laughed. “I almost forgot. I’m so sorry. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately and it’s fucking up my memory.”

Um. Okay.

“It’s nothing serious, is it? Kat’s blood work turned out okay?”

“Yes, her blood work’s fine.”

Thank goodness. Aubrey sighed in relief.

“Then what did you want to talk about?”

“Just come with me back to my office,” he said.

“Okay.” Aubrey shrugged.

She followed him into the next corridor.

“Nice office,” she said looking around.

“Thanks.” He motioned to the sofa.

The following minutes were very quiet, very uncomfortable. Aubrey cleared her throat.

What did you want to talk about already? she wanted to ask. Spit it out!

“Kat’s made an amazing recovery from the I-DAS,” he finally said. “Since she’s improved so much, she doesn’t have hypotension any longer. Her liver’s functioning great, and her last EKG was normal.”

“As you know, we were concerned because of her heart arrhythmia.”

“So… everything looks really good?”


Aubrey was happy to hear all the good news. But why didn’t he just tell her over the phone? Instead of having her see him?

Aubrey relaxed, spreading her legs wide. Then she realized what she was doing and closed her thighs together. Tightly.

“You know, it’s so weird seeing you as a vampire. You’re one of us now.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“Yeah. Vaclav did it. He saved my life.”

“I heard about that.”

Really? she wondered. How did you hear about it?

“Remember all the crazy shit we used to do? When I was hiding out at your place?”

Do I ever…

She didn’t want it to, but her mind cranked out a naughty flashback…

How he plowed into her good that first night. Doggy-style FTW.

“I thought about you a lot after I left.”

“I dreamed about you every night. I couldn’t get your beautiful face out of my mind.”

She gazed over at him, her heart breaking, that night fresh in her memory.

“Hunter, that was a long time ago.”

“I still think about you.”

Yet another flashback… and another…

Aubrey didn’t know what to say. The silence was unbearable.

Hovering near the pavilion’s entry, Ash watched Vaclav as he prepared to feed.

Women just followed him home like lovesick puppies. Fans of the vampire mystique, they couldn’t wait to give him their blood.

He was becoming gluttonous, using it to his advantage.

He drank. She whimpered and cried out, like they always do.

Why do these women do that to themselves? Then again, if they didn’t, they’d be plundered for their blood anyway.

She started down the steps.

Ash circled to the other side, waiting until the woman left.

Then she headed back toward Vaclav.

“Seems like Aubrey should’ve been back by now,” she goaded.


She looked at the cascading pool water. “Maybe you should go down there and see what’s up.”

“Perhaps,” he said.

She dove into the pool. Vaclav turned and headed for the pavilion.

So far, the plan is working. Now hopefully my little secret doesn’t get out... actually, more than one secret.

There came a soft tapping at the door to Hunter’s office.

The door swung open. Vaclav stood there.

“My Essence, it’s time to come home.”

Aubrey got up and joined her husband.

She tossed a glance back at Hunter, then left.

The next night, Kat decided to ask her father about the tiny key she’d found.

“Daddy, a few days ago something fell out of the carousel you gave me.”

She went up to him.

“Do you know what this key goes to?” she asked.

“It looks like a key to a diary,” he said. “That carousel belonged to Ashton. When she moved in, she didn’t want the carousel so I bought it from her.”

Re-gifting, huh Dad?

“The key must be hers. You should return it to her,” he added.

“Mm-hm,” she mumbled in agreement.

But a few hours later, she headed straight to Ash’s bedroom.

She surveyed the books on the floor. Could any of them be the coveted diary?

Probably not.

She turned to the dresser. She had to hurry. Ash was in the house, and could come down into the basement at any time.

Where is it? I know it’s got to be in here somewhere!

And there it was. Behind the oodles of lacy lingerie.

Kat had a weird feeling. A feeling that told her something astounding would be revealed in the diary.


TY for reading! ^^

AND because I was bored earlier, here’s some nice shots of V. (I finally updated the Debug Enabler, but there were no longer any animations available on it, so I downloaded the Animator by Twallan).


Hahahahaha, I know I’m weird (and my taste in music is just as weird) but I LOVE this freakin’ song!! πŸ˜› it’s called Twilight Time, and it would make such an awesome vampire love song!Β  (and yeah, aside from the obvious Twilight love story). DISCLAIMER: this song might be old, but no I’m not that old. >_>


32 Responses to “Fifty-Eight…”

  1. Did Hunter say he had a sister? Even if he did and she was turned too, she’d be a full vampire wouldn’t she? Ashton is one strange character and I really really have a bad feeling about her! My other thought, the old babysitter that was pregnant by Jakub around the time he was trying to giggity with Aubrey. If that’s the case then she’d be Reznik’s niece…wow! nevermind lol

    Aubrey certainly has willpower because I would have mauled Dr. Stud!

    Lol Reznik is the youngest king of seduction huh? Poor victims! lol

    Vaclav’s green is showing with Aubrey. Her skirt wasn’t short enough!

    I can’t wait to see what Kat finds! Hopefully something she can use to blackmail Ashton! I really don’t like her!

    • A sister? I hope I didn’t mention anything like that… I don’t think I did. Yes she’d be full vamp too if she’d been turned (I think I know what you’re thinking lol). Agh, it’s all confusing isn’t it? And hard to keep all that shit straight! My the tangled shit that I weave! Now you’re confusing me! πŸ˜› You mean you think Tia might be Hunter’s sister? O.O Confucious & Confuzzled as they say!

      I would’ve mauled his hot ass too. No lie! But I couldn’t have her do that because of the infidelity thing. That would be baaaad and would’ve pissed off some readers! Poor V. has suffered enough anyhow! :p

      ahahahahaha! I hear ya!

      LOL I know. Just like how a jealous (and possessive) hubby would act. >_>

      LOL it’s a good possibility she’ll be able to use the info to blackmail Ash… you and everyone else hates Ash! :p

      Thanks for commenting, Qui! <333

      • LOL sorry for the confusion! I think I’m just so caught up in trying to figure out Ash’s angle!

        Yeah she can’t cheat on V now because that little “promise” he made in jail not to kill Hunter has long since expired!
        Kat on the other hand…*evil grin* Yeah and extremely 100% pro Kat & Hunter!
        She isn’t Aubrey but she is beautiful and probably won’t accidentally fall into the doggie style position! LOL that still makes me laugh!

      • haha, that’s OK! At least Ash’s angle-agenda-plans will come out in tonight’s chapter! >_> it should be quite interesting!

        LOL, lol, lol that’s true! That expired forever and a day ago. But now he still can’t kill him because of Kat! Since Hunter’s the only one with the expertise in Kat’s condition, that is. πŸ˜› There’s not too many doctors who specialize in vampire/dhampir illnesses. πŸ˜†
        Kat is beautiful like you said, and not so clumsy, lol. Can’t promise anything, but maybe she and Hunter will hook up in a couple of years or so in the story. ^^ LOL about falling into the doggy style position. :p So clumsy, funny, yet sexy how Hunter said he’d just ‘take her’ like that. Basically. πŸ˜€

  2. thank you for the rather delectable pictures of V. i loved how hunter had a stud vest on hehe he certainly is a stud. when i was reading and i saw the vest i could just imagine Aubrey dressed as sandy from grease saying ” tell me about it stud.” sad aren’t i. anyway great chapter as usual can’t wait for next weeks. πŸ˜€ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • hi Carlie! You’re welcome about the pics! Vaclav is still yummy as ever. ^^ LOL, yeah I came across that shirt when planning the outfit and couldn’t resist putting it on him. Hehe. Bwhahahahahaha, and no you aren’t sad. LOL. I remember watching Grease as a kid. (not sure when it came out, actually). My hubby loves that movie. Crazy. πŸ˜›
      Awwwwwww thank you Carlie as always. ^_^

      <3333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hey,

    Great Update, each time I seem to hate Ash more and more 😑
    I really hope Kat finds alot of dirty secrets about Ash in her diary and I hope she wont get caught, Rez needs to stop being an ass and well as for Hunter leave Aubrey alone she is married to V!
    Anyway cant wait for your next update, and I hope Kat uses the secrets she finds to stop Ash!
    Thanks for the awsome update πŸ™‚ Playermttjms πŸ˜€

    • Hi there! And thanks so much! I don’t blame you for hating her. Her behavior keeps getting worse. I don’t think anything could redeem her now. Well, Kat will find at least one dirty secret (aside from the pregnancy). Maybe Ash won’t catch her in time! lol, maybe the therapy will help Rez. Though it’s a LONG shot… yes Hunter needs to leave Aubrey alone. She might get to the point where temptation is too strong…. but I can’t see myself making her screw around on V. again in the story.

      Aww thanks! Most likely it’ll stop Ash in her tracks! As long as she doesn’t get caught before reading any juicy details! :p

      Aw, well thank you for reading it, and thank you for giving the story a chance. ^^ Glad it turned out you liked it. πŸ˜€

      *Hugs*! <3333

      • Lol! Yeh glad I found the story πŸ™‚ *hugs πŸ™‚

      • Aww! by the way I looked you up on Boolprop (yes I’m a stalker) and I found you also have a story, so I posted a link in my faves! (not that it’ll help much with views, but hey).

        *Glomps* πŸ˜€

      • Aww Thankyou so much πŸ˜€
        I’m going to add the link of your story on the page of mine, Hopefully you’ll have some new readers πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome! πŸ˜€ Thank you too! You didn’t have to add mine, but I do appreciate it. ^_^

      • No problem πŸ™‚
        Cant wait for the next update, I hope Ash gets whats coming to her!!

      • Well at least you don’t have long to wait now. Hehe! She might get what’s coming to her, but she won’t get beat up or anything like that… :p LOL

  4. Hehe, I loved this!<3
    'Doggy-Style FTW' made me laugh out loud. Aubrey and Hunter really did get up to some dirty stuff, ahahaa.
    I'm guessing that Kat will find out about Reznik and Ash? And I hope that Aubrey doesn't go back to Hunter..that could never be good.

    • Hey Emma, thanks! Glad you liked it. ^^

      Of course I couldn’t resist mentioning that in this chapter. After all, they WERE reminiscing! :p and yeah, TONS of dirty stuff!

      She will likely find out about that, and a few other thing. Hehe. Nah, I don’t think I’ll have Aubrey go back to Hunter. Poor V. has suffered enough in the past (even though he’s not perfect either)! πŸ™‚
      *hugs* <3333

  5. Very interesting chapter. I can’t wait to see what happens when Rez goes to the shrink.

    Oh Ash, I can’t wait to see all your plans backfire in your face.

    Go Kat for finding the diary and reading it. Yay for not allowing a girl her privacy! Especially Ash.

    As for Hunter and Aubrey. He shouldn’t have said that. Any of that. He knows she’s married. He knows she’ll always choose Vaclav over him. He’s only hurting himself.

    • Thanks Cinnamon! πŸ˜€ Yeah, about the shrink, I’m thinking about doing a scene where Rez is talking to the psychologist. Might be a combination of funny/interesting.

      And there’s a very good chance it will all, indeed, backfire. LOL

      Hahaha, good point. If I would’ve thought, I would’ve done a scene where Kat dreamed about the diary or sumthin’. :/ since she has ‘psychic’ dreams sometimes.

      True true. I guess he’ll only finally forget about her once he falls for someone else. O_O

      Hunter is a very sentimental, sensitive character. LOL. :p

      <3333 ^_^

      • *Shrug* I think it works without the dream.
        Well, so long as it’s not Kat. I can’t see him forgetting about Aubrey while he dates / fucks her daughter.
        Yes he is, which is why I’ve always liked him.

        P.S. If you ever needed someone for Hunter here’s my sim self:

        You know… just in case…. πŸ˜€ The only thing is she’s not a vamp… yet…

        That is all.

      • Cool. ^^ Those dream sequences get old anyhow.

        Hmmm. Because Kat looks like Aubrey? Or because he’ll still be really close to Aubrey if he dates Kat? lol. In either case, indeed it would be next to impossible to forget about Aubrey. >_> Hunter just needs to snap outta it. XD

        I like him too. I like the bad ones, but wow the nice ones can be just as sexy. O_O

        Oh cool! Thanks! I’ll check her out. ^^ Can’t make any guarantees though about Hunter’s future mate! :p

        <333 πŸ˜€

        EDIT: I’ve downloaded your sim and she is awesome! In case you don’t see my other comment, I also rec’d her, and added you as a buddy on the sims 3 site. ^^

      • Mostly because he’ll always be around Aubrey and always have her in his life.

        Indeed they can. Although I do know what you mean about drooling over bad guys πŸ˜€

        Lol, I know, but I am glad you like her!

      • That’s true. He’d def always be around Aubrey. :p

        I lurve the bad ones! My heroes in books always have some bad in them.

        Yes she’s very pretty! Great job! Maybe I’ll turn her into one of the dempires! Especially since right now, I only have male ones.


      • Ooooo that’d be cool! She’s not bad per se… but she’s definitely full of wit and sarcasm. A LOT of sarcasm. Yup ^_^ She is also good at glaring and getting the desired shrinking away in fear reaction. It’s all up to you, of course, just letting you know a little about her πŸ˜€


      • I just thought of what do use her for. She’ll be a dempire, like I said, but she won’t have wings or horns lol (I’ll make it so the females don’t have those) XD and she’ll come into the story as another character’s significant other. Later. Can’t say it’ll be Hunter, though, but it’ll be another important character. I saw her name’s Xeri, so is it OK if I stick with that name? It’s a cool name. ^^ It might be a few chapters before I get her in there though. I’ll try to remember sarcasm and wit is in her personality. :p And glaring, recoiling, all that will make it easier on me. Hopefully I don’t fuck up her personality (or your personality XD).

        & thanks! <333

      • Oooo how exciting! Also yay for significant other to an important character ^_^

        Lol, yes you can stick with that name. It’s the combined name of my two cats. Xero and Malli (Xero because of the ghost dog in Nitemare before Christmas, but with an X cause that’s way cooler. Malli is short for Malevolent which spurned from Maleficent who was the black dragon in Sleeping beauty. She was also a trouble maker as a kitten. Not so bad any more) So, yes use the name!

        Take your time using her. I wouldn’t want the story rushed to see my character. Besides, it’ll be ten times cooler not knowing she’s coming up and then.. ‘Hey! There’s Xeri!’ *nods*

        Lol, thanks. ❀

      • lol! Glad you’re excited! πŸ˜€

        OK, that is such a cool name and would fit the story just perfect. Oh! So that’s how you came up with that! I wasn’t sure if it was your real name or what! Oh, totally cool. So you like that movie too, eh? I like almost all of Tim Burton’s movies. :p Anyhow, awesome pet names as well!

        Sounds good. ^^ I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see her. I’ll try to keep her hair the same, but I’ll have to give her some freaky yellow eyes, lol.

        You’re welcome! I’m happy to use her! <333

      • Lol, I’m glad you like how I created her name, and that you approve of my cat’s names, lol.
        You can change her hair, mine often changes, though I do like to keep it short. Lol you mean awesome golden eyes!

      • LOL, of course! Xeri is an awesome name and shall fit right in with mah story. :p BTW, Xeri should be showing up in the story in chapter 67! πŸ˜€

        That’s fine. I’ll try to keep it short or whatever, if I change it at all. ^^
        True! They are awesome! Thank goodness for Mod the Sims!


        Forgot to say, I’ll give credit to you either at the beginning of chapter 67, or at the end. πŸ™‚

  6. Responding to this way late, sorry! BTW I need to talk to you about something on gmail. It’s nothing major I just sort of need advice on something.

    Damn! That Ash is one shady character! I get an awful feeling about her, and I hope Kat finds something bad about her. Or at least something that’ll kick her out, she’s just trouble!

    Lol Aubrey has a lot of self control to not make out with Hunter! Great ch. as always! And those pics of V. are hot xD!

    • Hey Mike! It’s ok, I just figured you’re busy. No worries! ^^ Oh, OK. I haven’t been on the ‘net since yesterday afternoon because my fucking internet was out until just now. The only way I was able to publish chapter 59 was by using Jason’s phone, and I HATE using it for that. It takes literally an hour because the screen is so small….

      lol you’ll find out how bad Ash is in the next chapter (actually you’ve already found out by now). >_> it’s pretty obvious in the next chapter how much trouble Ash is…

      True, true. TONS of self control… Anyhow, thanks! And yeah, those V. pics are awesomely hot! πŸ˜›


  7. Ash does have some sort of plan! I knew it! The question is, what is it? And will she manage to get Vaclav into bed with her? lol I wonder what Kat will find in the diary. Nice flashback pics of Aubrey and Hunter, as well as the sexy Vaclav poses at the end! πŸ˜€ Will read more ASAP!

    • yup, she sure does. Ash is a baddie. πŸ˜› hehe, you’ll find out her plans soon enough. You might be surprised in more ways than one. πŸ˜€ Not sure if V. would screw around on Aubrey… >_> he might love her too much, even though he’s a jackass at times.

      Thank you! I like doing flashback pics, lol. Oh yes, V. is such a hottie, I had to take pics of him doing that. πŸ˜†

      Thank you TenderWolf! Won’t be long till you’re totally caught up. πŸ™‚

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