Eleven: Betrayal

Reverend Matthew Reese steered the car over a bridge.

Like a snake, trepidation curled around Aubrey’s heart and tightened its grip.

Of course, they had to leave the abandoned hotel at nighttime, the time when it was least safe. Vampires don’t normally roam around during the day, as legend had it. Apparently the legend was right.

Aubrey still couldn’t fathom it.

“I’m scared,” she muttered.

“I know, but I’m sure they won’t harm you as long as you stay close to me.”

 ‘I’m sure they won’t harm you as long as you stay close to me.’ How comforting, she sarcastically thought.

She asked him where they were going, and he told her to the creatures’ hang out. Her heart felt like it would implode.


“I think this is it,” he said pulling onto the next street.

Aubrey squeezed her eyes shut, willing it all to be a dream… then again, she would certainly be happy to see Shawn again, if indeed this were all true.

The night club peaked over the desolate landscape.

The moment of truth was imminent.

Slowly, they approached the structure.

As she stared up at the spire, a feeling of dread enveloped her.

Swallowing her fear, Aubrey followed Reverend Reese to the entrance…

Once inside, he spoke to one of them. Aubrey wasn’t sure if he was a bouncer or what. Either way, she stayed as far away as possible… trying not to look at any of them.

Muffled voices swept across the room. Aubrey couldn’t understand what they said.

Oddly, a familiar song played: Hail Mary by Tupac Shakur.

Finally, Reverend Reese turned and motioned for Aubrey to follow. The ‘bouncer’ moved to the side.

As she rushed by, Aubrey caught herself glancing at the vampire.

He watched her as she slipped by.

The pulse throbbed in her throat, and she knew they could smell her fear… her blood… her essence.

Suddenly it seemed all vampiric eyes were on her, ravenous for her.

“He said it was down here.” Reverend Reese looked down. There was no fear in his eyes.

He descended the steps into the deepest pit of hell.

Reluctantly, she followed; torn between her desire to find Shawn and her terror of the unknown.

A well shimmered below. Candles lit up the substance inside; a liquid the color of blood.

Aubrey felt like turning around and running for her life. But didn’t.

“I can’t believe we’re actually here,” Reverend Reese stated. His voice conveyed awe, as if he were fascinated with being inside their lair.

She began to worry about his sanity, and his underlying motives. Nevertheless, she pushed forward.

Avoiding the well of blood, Aubrey walked toward the obscured entrance to the next room.

Nah, she thought. It’s not blood anyway. It’s just the lighting in this area.

She refused to acknowledge the nearby skeleton.

Reverend Reese ran his hands across the wall, searching for the trigger.

Moments later, a huge slab shook and lowered with a thunderous roar.

Debris rose into the air.


“Here we are.”

There it was again. That ‘awe’ in his tone.

A wrought iron gate greeted them.

He stepped forward and swung open the doors. A shrill groaning followed.

Aubrey hovered behind. The acrid smell of a burning fireplace drifted to her nostrils.

Reverend Reese looked around; then said, “we’re here.” As if the vampires had been expecting them.



One of them stood, glancing toward the hooded figure at the end of the table.

What was happening?

The reverend ushered Aubrey further into the room. Again, she struggled not to make eye contact with any of the creatures.

Reese nudged Aubrey forward. Her arm jutted behind him, fighting to back away.

“I’ve done everything you’ve asked. Now turn me into one of you,” Reese commanded. “I want to live and breathe in darkness forever. I’m ready to forsake my God.”

Aubrey’s heart stopped. “What are you doing?” she cried.

She writhed against him. “Stop it! Let me go!”

“I’m sorry it had to be this way,” he softly said, not looking at her.

“I can’t believe you set me up!” she said, trying to wriggle free from his grasp. “You sonofabitch! I’ll kill you!”

Terror mingled with rage.

Reese’s grip loosened.

He strolled across the room to the hooded figure. Meanwhile, a vampire jumped up and stood behind Aubrey before she could escape.

“What do you want with me?” she asked, her eyes roving around the roomful of immortals.

The vampire’s hand rested on her back. Aubrey nearly jumped out of her skin.

“We only want to suck your blood,” he droned; then laughed.

“Reverend Reese,” she begged, “help me!”

He said nothing.

The creature enclosed his arms around her waist. His hands glided up to her breasts; slowly, seductively.

Then his grip tightened.

A female glared at Aubrey, as though she were jealous.

“Please!” Aubrey lunged forward, trying to get away.

It was fruitless. The vampire possessed the strength of twenty mortals.

He released her for a second, drawing back as his fangs elongated.

It happened so fast…

“ENOUGH!” the hooded figure demanded.

The other vampire halted his attack.

“You’ve lucked out… for now,” he warned.

Aubrey looked down, beyond exhausted from her ordeal.

And it wasn’t over yet.

“Get away from her,” he ordered in a low, threatening tone.

The vampire moved from Aubrey’s side.

Aubrey gazed at her savior, not knowing what to think; whether to trust him, kill him or to try to escape.

He got up and walked toward her.

He lingered mere inches before her. His fingers were pale and skeletal. Perhaps he hadn’t fed in quite some time.

So he was very hungry. How comforting.

“There’s nothing to fear,” he said. “You weren’t brought here to be harmed, I assure you. You were brought here to fulfill a purpose.”

“I came here to find Shawn Taylor,” she replied. “I was told he was still alive. Is this true?”

Please God. Let it be true. Please don’t let that be a lie as well.

“Come with me. I’ll take you to Shawn.”

Hesitantly, Aubrey grasped his hand.

The creature began walking. Aubrey didn’t move; not yet.

“Wait. Where exactly are you taking me?” she asked. Suddenly it seemed too good to be true; particularly after what she went through with Reese.


Chapter 12 coming next week (and will be written using the EP!! woot). Thanks for reading! ♥   And those who thought Rev. Reese was up to no good, were obviously correct!!  😛


18 Responses to “Eleven…”

  1. OMG is the leader Shawn??? I knew something was wrong with the reverend, such a creep trading in Aubrey for eternal life :S I can’t wait to see what you do with the EP!!!

    • 😛 nah, Shawn’s not the leader. Actually, the leader is the hooded dude, the ‘Reaper’. His true identity will be revealed later… 🙂 that would’ve been cool, though, to have Shawn be the leader. Would’ve been a neat twist. 😀 EDIT: I forgot, back in July when I first got the idea to do a vamp series, I planned to make Shawn the leader! but changed my mind since…

      Yep, the reverend was indeed a creep, y’all were right about that. >.>

      Thanks for reading! *hugs*!

  2. OMG this must have been the best chpter of all of them, but wait they all get better every time. Awesome and amazing like always

  3. LOVED IT. ;o
    for a moment there I too thought the leader was Shawn, but obviously not. I can’t wait for the next chapter…. or for the EP to come out! The first thing I’m gonna do is get a vampire… lol.
    btw, before i forget, I’ve always wondered how you do things. Like, idk, in Riverview when they fall from the plane? do you use photoshop or something to get good shots and positions for the sims? or moveobjects or what?
    it always confused me 🙂
    but it looks amazing 😀
    great chapter as always, i had a feeling the reverend was eevill!

    • Thanks Emma!
      Like I said above, at one point I was going to have Shawn be the leader, but changed my mind. >.> I know I can’t wait for the EP, I can’t believe it’s only 6 days now!!! When I first started this blog, it was still 2 months away!! Well, that’s the first thing I’m going to do too. I have to change all my vamps (in the story) into REAL vamps, so it’s gonna be tough ’cause I heard it takes TWO sim days for them to transform! D:

      About the unusual shots: when I did the airplane shots, I had Nick and Lila hug and then I cut and pasted them onto another picture (so it looks like they’re falling), I had to rotate them to look horizontal. Really, I just used paint to do that part. For the other fancier stuff, I use GIMP. 🙂 Other times I use moveobjects. I use just about every technique to try and get a good shot. 🙂

      LOL, you were right about the reverend. @_@

  4. ..I knew it 😛 Ok a little bit still wanted to beleive he was good…but what a creep 😛

    I’d probably be scared if in her position, but most of those vamps look fine to me :p Hope she finds Shawn soon 😀

    • Hi Rachel! 😀 hehe, y’all were right. I knew it the whole time but couldn’t say anything, or every little thing I said might’ve given it away. <.< XD I'm sorry he turned out to be a creep. Just look at it this way: Reese really is a decent person, he just got carried away with his desire to be immortal, and it kinda made him crazy, lol.

      I agree, most of the vampires are hawt. 😛 I would be scared in a way, but in another, not so much. haha.

      You'll find out soon about Shawn! Like next week!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! *hugs*!

  5. O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMFG

  6. All caught up now!

    OMG! The effects and the colors and the posing and the CC – how do you do all that? It’s wonderful!

    I love the leader – the Red Death, haha! 🙂

    Absolutely wonderful story, and am very much looking forward to seeing what you do with the EP.


    • Awww, hi Medleymisty! wow, thanks for the awesome compliments! O.O I mostly use GIMP for the lighting effects (like the vamps’ eyes). As for posing, I just use certain interactions, then use move objects to move the sims around. If their arms get screwy looking, then I edit in paint or GIMP. 🙂

      Hehe, good point. I was glad the game allowed me to edit the reaper outfit in CAS. 😉 that way it didn’t look so… reaper-ish. lol.

      Thanks so much again, such kind words. 🙂 I just can’t thank you enough, or all the other readers/friends. ^.^ Y’all are the BEST.

      As for the EP, it will be GREAT to have REAL vampires, and not have to edit their eyes anymore, etc. Plus, there will be the new city, clubs, interactions, everything. EEK, I can’t wait…

      *hugs back* !! ❤

    Why hasred death got green eyes I wonder, and why would he be under a cloak. Poor guy I bet he got soo teased at school! 😛 good chapter as always. Lol I love the arc de triumph at the entrance to the nightclub. Good touch. AND EVIL REESE I am soo angry at him!

    • hi Pixxi! 😀 well, see he’s not actually the Reaper in this story, he’s also a vampire, he just hasn’t fed in a while. LOL he is supposed to be the leader. 😛

      Thanks! Glad you liked it again 🙂 I hear ya. Reese is an a**hole, lol. 😛

      Thanks for reading!! 😉

  8. Yikes! I had a feeling Reese had other plans…the nerve! Nice job using the Grim Reaper as the leader, I’m off to read chapter 12 now!

    • lol you and everyone else had that feeling! I know, he claims religion but then acts like a total ass. Thanks! The Grim Reaper is pretty cool… 😛

      Thanks TW!! <3333

  9. Something tells me the guy in the hood is Vaclav…..CANT. STOP. READING.

    • Hey there! Glad ya made it to Vaclav’s story! 😛 I can’t believe you read this whole thing in just 3 days! Crazzzzy. 😛

      On the other hand, I’m happy you enjoyed it, of course! 😀 ♥

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