One Hundred and Sixteen…

One Hundred and Sixteen: Playing With Fire

“Here she is.” Cody’s grip tightened around Mila as she struggled to break free.

“This is the last time. I’m finished being your delivery boy. As for that witch, she’s a joke.”

“What do you mean by that?” Brent asked.

Lucifer listened and watched.

Please don’t hear my heart pounding. He knew vampires could smell fear.

“It means the witch is a moron.”

“How so? Have you done something to her?” Brent’s eyes narrowed.

“No,” Cody said.

He shoved Mila toward Brent. “Take her. I’m outta here.”

Mila shrieked as Brent’s arms snaked around her.

“If you’ve done anything to Esha, I’ll find out,” Brent warned Cody.

Cody turned, then stuck up his middle finger.

He headed for the door.

Brent backed Mila to the wall.

“Don’t be afraid,” he whispered. “I promise it’ll only hurt for a second.”

She screamed in pain. Lucifer’s hands flew to his ears.

He could not block out Mila’s mournful cries for help. Those cries echoed through every dark crevice.

Lucifer sank to the floor. The entire place was like a house of horrors.

I can’t help you yet, Mila. I have to wait… until dawn.

The morning sun surfaced. Finally.

And finally he’d get to see Mila up close and personal.

“It’s okay,” he quietly said.

“I’m going to set you free.” Lucifer brushed his fingers across her skin. It was soft, like touching a rose petal.

Her eyes were wide, terrified.

He got behind her and began undoing the straps.

“I’ve seen you before,” she said. “You’re one of the Haases.”

“Uh, yeah. I’m Lucifer.” He shot a look at Brent.

Still sleeping.

Need to work faster.

Mila was freed from the wooden stake. However, her wrists were still tied together.

“Lucifer. As in the devil,” Mila reflected. “So you’re related to Cody?”

Shit. How can I answer that? Since Cody was the one who killed her mother, AND brought Mila here?

Lucifer didn’t answer her question.

Growing flustered about the view of Mila’s (beautiful) ass, he fumbled with the ties around her wrists.

Another look at Brent…

Mila rubbed her wrists. “Thank you for helping me.”

“You’re welcome.”

Outside, Mila rushed off.

Lucifer caught up and grabbed her arm.

She wrestled away from him.

“Mila, where are you going? You have to come home with me.”

“What? No.”

“You have to. It’s the only way you’ll stay safe. Even if Cody doesn’t come back for you, Brent will.”

“Don’t you get it?” she said. “I can’t go anywhere with you. You’re… one of them.”

Lucifer felt as if he spiraled into a deep, dark pit. His heart crushed, trashed just like those piles of junk behind the factory.

Mila, why do I have to love you so much? Even though at this moment I hate you? I despise you?

You ungrateful bitch. I saved your life. Now all I want to do is end my own.

Reznik drove to Little Rock, Arkansas.

It was nearly 500 miles away from Shadowvale.

After parking the car, he got out and observed the local FBI office.

Cool beans.

Rez strode to the entrance.

It was around 9 at night. He wondered if Agent Garland would be working late tonight.

Stealing into the corridor of the second floor, Rez found the correct office.

He turned the knob.

“May I… help you?” Agent Garland asked.


Reznik froze Agent Garland.

That way he could nosy around the office.

He studied various odd items; including a tiny replica of a cemetery. Apparently Agent Garland was a fan of the supernatural. Just like his son.

“You really are a fucking freak, aren’t you?”

Rez went to the fire alarm, disabled it.

Domestic terrorism? Organized crime? Really? You think our family belongs to some sorta mafia shit? Reznik laughed.

I’ll show you how much terrorism I can unleash…

Fire engulfed Garland’s office.

Yup. There’ll be nothing left of this office. Nothing left of your BS files.

Nothing left of you.

Reznik watched as Agent Garland’s skin melted away.

Hurry up. Die already.

Okay. You’re dead.

Well… that was easy.

America… land of the free. Home of the brave, where the undead rule.

And he was on his merry way back to Shadowvale.

Azura sat awaiting Chase’s arrival.

Her daddy had left hours ago, heading to Little Rock to kill Chase’s father and destroy evidence.

“Hey,” Chase said. “You look upset. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” She lunged from the bench to greet him.

“I have an idea. Why don’t I show you my house? You haven’t even seen it yet.”

Chase shrugged. “Sure.”

She led him up the path toward the Haas Estate.

Azura paused.

Chase’s arms slid around her waist. He turned her for a kiss.

Weakness swept over Azura as her heart split into two.

Why did you use me? Why hurt me like that? All I ever did was love you.

I did everything I could to make you love me

But yeah… you used me, Chase. Now I’m going to use YOU.

Vaclav yanked Chase away.

“Oh shit,” Chase droned.

“Hi Grandpa!”

Grandpa sunk his huge fangs into Chase’s neck.

Chase was drained until he passed out.

Then he awakened.

What the blue fuck is this? he thought.

A small wound near his throat pulsated. Sharp and jagged objects poked into his backside. Those objects were… bones.

He groaned, his body twisting.

Jesus. Karma has arrived.

“This is what you get for USING me, you asshole!”

Chase wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

He cried.