Seventeen: Two Daddies

Poor Aubrey…

note: the beginning dream sequence is written in first person POV. Afterward, it reverts to third person POV, as normal. 🙂

That night, I dreamt I was a child again. I sat with Grandma Cooper in the church.

Strange how it was empty. No preacher preached at the pulpit, no parishioners sat listening, nor falling asleep during the service.

“Gramma, where’s all the people?” I asked.

“The angels have chased them all away,” she said; then gazed ahead and pointed at the pulpit. “Look, Aubrey. There’s an angel.”

I looked.

The angel wore a long, dark coat.

He stood with his back to us.

Why won’t he turn around?

“Go on, Aubrey. Go and see the angel,” Grandma Cooper said.

I started to get up.

Slowly, I walked toward him.

He was quiet and still, just like a statue.

Sculpted angels sat nearby with graceful hands strumming at harps. Magically, their fingers seemed to move as divine music permeated the church.

“Are you really an angel?” I asked, my voice filled with awe, my heart leaping with excitement.

Then he turned around…

“Aubrey,” he whispered. “I’m your grandfather.”

He offered his hand.

Instead of taking it, I wanted to run. Run as far and as fast as I could.

What monsters have I come from? I wondered.

Then I awakened… 

to the nightmare of my reality.

The next several days came and went.

Aubrey told Shawn about the pregnancy.

Naturally, he was very excited and scooped her up in his arms. He swung her to and fro as though she weighed nothing.

Temptation led her to the telephone, where she wanted to tell her parents the news.

Fear told her not to, reminding her of what happened during Aubrey’s first pregnancy. Maybe her horrible father would try to steal the baby, give him or her to the Shadows like he did her first child.

She backed away from the phone.

“Aubrey’s pregnant,” Shawn announced the following evening. He looked straight at Vaclav when he said it.

“Is that so?” he said. “Congratulations. I hope it’s healthy.”

Aubrey gaped at him; then said: “thank you, Vaclav.” She prayed that Shawn didn’t notice her slightly trembling voice, or that Riley wasn’t reading her mind. She tried to block all thoughts.

“Congrats Aubrey,” Riley said.

“Thanks,” Aubrey muttered without looking at her.

Vaclav got up and shoved the chair in.

“If you’ll all excuse me, I have to go to the city. I must get a bite to eat,” he said.

“I hope you enjoy your murderous rampage,” Shawn said.

“Oh, I think I will,” he returned just as sarcastically. Then he left the room.

Over the next few days, Aubrey spent her mornings throwing up and her nights slipping into exhausted sleep… when she could sleep. Sometimes she laid awake, worrying about who fathered her baby.

Dates and hours crossed her mind, down to the exact time she and Vaclav made love at the nightclub, and the exact hour she and Shawn made love in the basement. Then she struggled to remember when her fertile cycle began. Was it closer to the time at the nightclub?

Aubrey nearly drove herself insane just thinking about it.

 One particular night, she dozed off while obsessing over those dates and times.

Shawn wasn’t sleeping next to her…

yet she wasn’t alone.  

“Aubrey,” a feminine voice hissed.

 Startled, Aubrey sat upright.

“Come with me. I want to show you something,” Riley said.  

“Uh—okay. I guess,” she said getting up.  

 Aubrey followed her to the main house; then up to the second level.

 “It’s in here,” Riley said grasping the knob.

 The door swung open, and they entered.

 Aubrey looked around in amazement. It was a nursery.

Riley turned to her.

“Lucius told me that Vaclav once had a little girl,” she revealed. “This was her room.”  

“What happened to her?”

“She died of TB when Vaclav moved here from Czechoslovakia in the 1800’s,” she said. “Vaclav was already a vampire, but his daughter was a dhampir and not immortal.”

“Why couldn’t he save her? Why didn’t he try to… transition her into a vampire?”

“That hadn’t ever been done before, so he was afraid to. He was afraid it would kill her faster than the TB. So he just let her die.”

“That’s terrible. I feel awful for him, what he must’ve went through.” Actually, she knew a little bit about losing a child.

“I’ve been reading his mind, and he thinks the baby you’re carrying is his. He wants to be the father so badly,” she said.

Aubrey stared at her, disbelieving every word she’d spoken.

“But don’t worry,” Riley continued. “I won’t tell Shawn.”

“Th—thank you,” Aubrey stammered. She could hear the pounding of her own heart.

Flustered, she paced a few steps away from Riley.

Aubrey peered into the empty crib. It looked so desolate, depressing. She felt badly for Vaclav, and creeped out by Riley at the same time.

The next evening, Aubrey went out to dinner with Shawn.

She ate nachos, while he sat and gazed at her. It made her feel uncomfortable.

“Your boobs look totally amazing,” he said. “I can tell they’ve gotten bigger.”

Aubrey snickered, taking a bite of her food.

“I don’t know whether to thank you, or slap you,” she said.

After dinner, they played a quick game of shuffleboard.

Aubrey won.

Shawn led her out by the pool, where they kissed.


His mouth invaded hers; then his lips inched down to her neck…

At first he sucked on the flesh, running his tongue over the skin. Effortlessly, he was turning her on.

But then she winced in pain. His fangs penetrated her neck, like tiny blades slicing into her. It was agonizing.

For the next few minutes, he hungrily suckled the area. She heard him swallowing her blood.

“Shawn,” she weakly said. “Stop.”

He withdrew from her, smiling with satisfaction.

Suddenly her nausea returned. Aubrey ran off to the restroom.

She dashed to the nearest stall.

Up went the nachos from earlier.

When Aubrey was finished, she headed to the mirror to check the wound. She brushed her hair aside.

I can’t believe that fucking parasite just fed off me!

At that moment, she wanted to leave the Haas manor and go back home to the valley. Wanted it… so very badly… but knew she couldn’t because Vaclav promised to find her son. She felt like a hostage, trapped in the shadows of Shadowvale, trapped by her desire to find her son, and a prisoner of the hatred she felt for her own family.  


Thanks for reading! ♥ Chapter 18 coming on Friday, Nov. 19.

Um, sorry about that bit of violence toward the end. Shawn warned Aubrey that since he was new at the vampirism, he had trouble controlling his urges. 😛


21 Responses to “Seventeen…”

  1. I can’t decide whether to be angry at Shawn, or understanding! (Hint: ANGRY!)

    If Aubrey doesn’t fall back in love with Vaclav soon, I’m going to lose it. 😛 Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • Hi August 🙂 I don’t blame you for being angry at Shawn. Aubrey is quite ticked at him as well. 😛

      Lol, I’d say something in reply to that, but don’t want to give away hints. I’ve already given away enough of those. XD But I will say that I hope you don’t lose it. 😛

      Thanks for commenting!! Glad ya like the story so far. 🙂 ^_^

  2. My heart is so torn for Vaclav, he’s been through so much, losing his little girl like that, having to watch her die knowing he could have done something but daren’t must have been agonizing to do. I have my fingers crossed so tightly that it’s his baby Aubrey is carrying, of course you know I always fall for the more dangerous, dark ones 😛 lol
    Shawn would have gotten a serious slap if he’d have bit me without permission!! I’m not sure if he’s just using Aubrey to get back at Vaclav, it seems that way to me. 😀

    • hi Kim! 🙂 You sound like me, I always like the bad ones too. LOL. I hate to keep y’all in suspense about who the father is, but don’t have much choice. A lot is going to be happening in the story (aside from the ‘who’s your daddy’ scenario XD) and I’ll have to focus on that for a bit. But Aubrey will find out soon enough. >.> Anyhow, yes that was a sad part I put in there about his daughter. 😦 Poor Vaclav has been through so much (most likely because he’s lived so long) and it isn’t any wonder he can be a grump. 😛

      Yeah, me too. I would’ve smacked the crap outta him. Of course, if I were Aubrey, I guess I’d be in shock at first, and not realize what he was doing until it was practically over. Then I’d slap him. >:) Well, Shawn loves Aubrey, he’s just very immature. 😛 and maybe a small part of him does get satisfaction out of being Aubrey’s ‘man’, lol.

      Thanks for commenting! And reading!! 😀 ❤

  3. I don’t like Shawn. I didn’t like him when he was still human and now that he’s a vampire, my dislike for him is growing bigger. Aubrey should really reconsider!! 😀

    Loving your story so far. Keep it up!

    • Hi Sfe 🙂 thank you for reading/commenting! hehe, I don’t care for Shawn either, but I guess in some ways he can be charming… he’s just immature and whiny, LOL. Indeed, the very same personality he had as a human, but now he’s somewhat worse because he’s a blood-sucking creature.

      I hate to say too many bad things about him, because I know there’s a few people who’d rather Aubrey stay with him than with Vaclav. 😛

      Oh, Aubrey’s definitely reconsidering, but she feels trapped…

      Thanks so much, and glad you love it so far!! ^.^


  4. W0w tht was s0 awesum but i just d0nt kn0w wat i want the baby’s gender t0 be maybe. I want a girl. 🙂 awes0mly g8 chpater l0ved every minute 0f it. And i laughed when shawn said t0 aubrey that her boobs are getting bigger. l0l

    • hi Tami, 😀 thanks! LOL, I already know what the baby will be, but won’t say. 😛 I’ll drop a hint in chapter 18, though. 🙂

      So glad ya enjoyed this chapter, thanks so much. ^)^ 😀

      hehe, I thought that part was funneh too, about her boobs. O.O

  5. O.O Amazingly I must be the only one who still doesn’t hate Shawn lol, guess it must be as Im one for vamps and understand how hard it can be ;3 Ok now I sound like a nut,

    But serious, that story was so sad for Vaclac 😦 In a way I hope it’s Shawn’s but Vaclav won’t care and care for them anyway, though somehow I doudt that 😛

    • Hi Rachel! ^.^ Oh, I’m sorry about that. Well Shawn isn’t ALL bad, like I said he’s just a little immature and having a hard time dealing with the vampirism. 😦 NO you don’t sound like a nut, LOL. I totally understand what you’re saying! That’s why I also have to make Vaclav at least a LITTLE evil, just ’cause he’s a vamp and that’s their nature to behave like that.

      Well, I’ve debated the last couple days on who would be the father. It was set in stone, but then I wasn’t sure… :/

      Anyhow, thanks for commenting/reading again! 🙂

  6. “Your boobs look totally amazing” BEST LINE EVER! lol I always go for the immature ones, they’re more fun 😛 (thats why I was always always team Jacob!) I’m slightly annoyed at Shawn, only slightly, he’s still my fave. I think I’ll get over the fact that he bit Aubrey since he is very very new vampire and it’s not like Aubrey ever said “Nooo don’t bite me!” Shawn FTW!

    Shame cause I know Aubrey will eventually be with Vaclav, but maybe Vaclav will do something awesome to make me change my mind.

    p.s I have a feeling Aubrey is going to be pregnant for a looong time. I was curious how Lila sayed pregnant for sooo long in the tale of two worlds. Care to divulge?
    *hugs* xxx

    • Hi Pixxi 😀 haha, glad you liked that part too. I enjoyed writing that in, ’cause I know it’s def something a young dude would say! XD True, Shawn is fun, Vaclav is a little too mature for his own good, in some ways at least. 😛 I feel sorry for Aubrey ’cause I know Shawn’s bite would hurt, but in a way it’s smexy. Yes, I’m a little sick. Plus perverted. O.o

      Indeed, Shawn FTW! lol 🙂

      hehe, maybe Vaclav WILL do something awesome laterz….

      Well, I did have Lila preggers for half the story of Riverview, but won’t do that this time. It’ll slow down the storyline too much on Bloodlust. But anyhow, I saved Lila to the sim bin while she was showing, and used her over and over by moving in a new one whenever the old one got too big. LOL. hehe. Now you know. 😀

      *hugs*! xxx ❤

  7. Hi Teeteekay! Awww, thank you for doing a story with Isabella, you’re sweet. 🙂 I will check it out ASAP, thanks for the link!


  8. Np shes married already had a kid named Emma-lee already in Elementary school shes master cooking wanted to be celebrated five star chef completed that wish shes doing really good:D

    • She also looks alot like Lilia O.O know whats weird the daughter was born with Lila’s hair xD

      • Oh wow. She sounds a lot like Lila. Also, her mom is a five star chef?? She must’ve inherited that from her grandma, since Audrey (Lila’s mom) was ALSO a 5-star chef 🙂 Anyhow, that’s interesting stuff. I’ll have to sign up for FB so I can write on your wall. XD edit: lol, nevermind. I already had an account I forgot about. 😛

        ❤ 😉

  9. Haha her daughter looks just like her mom

  10. amazing :O
    I hope the baby is Vaclav’s… I don’t know why but I just don’t like Shawn. I feel sorry for Vaclav – he really loves Aubrey… she better love him back!!
    But Vaclav did say he might have ‘left a part of him inside her’ or whatever, and earlier on he said he knew about their son the moment he was concieved (sp?)…
    I’m sooo excited for the next chapter now, this story is like a drug! I was sad when this chapter ended 😡

    • Hey Emma 🙂 thank you very much!!

      hehe, you’ll find out soon… can’t say much more than that.

      True. I’ve already written the 19th chapter (have to ‘polish’ it though) and I bring that very thing up in chap 19. So that is a very good point.

      Glad you like it so much, Emma. ^.^ Well, me writing this is like a drug to me, lolzers!! 😛 sorry you were sad when this ended. Chapter 18 will be up in just a couple days now! It’s already written too, lol, but I always go over each one several times to make sure I didn’t mess anything up. 😛 sometimes I still mess things up though. >.>

      Anyhow, thanks for reading and commenting! ❤ 😀 Oh, and by the way, chapter 19 has over 90 pics/text, so it'll be a loooong one.

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