Sixty-Three: Revolution

The ‘Dempire’ Strikes Back

In town, Kat loitered around with her BFFN (best friend for now) Scarlet.

She told her a wild story about her brother, who got caught in another state selling drugs.

Kat could tell her some wild stories about her own brother.

Scarlet’s voice faded. Something more interesting approached them.

“Hey, girls. Have you seen our leader lately?”

Oh, he’s cute. Kat stood there with a smile on her face, not even knowing what the guy asked.

“He’s about this tall, this wide and his name’s Pavel.”

Is he serious?

“Um, we haven’t seen him.”

God, she looks at him like she’s in love with him! I hope I don’t look as stupid!

However, another thought occurred to her…

“You look familiar. Have I seen you before?”

“That’s crazy. I was just thinking the same about you, angel face.”

Angel face?

He smiled, knowingly.

Hmm. What would it be like to be kissed by him?

“Omega!” someone shouted. “Stop dicking around! We have work to do!”

The cute Dempire jolted.

“Catch you girls later… especially you, angel face.”


But she had a distinct feeling she’d never see him again. At least not for a long, long time.

And what about Pavel’s body? She hoped they’d never find it. If they did, it’d spell the end for her father and Hunter.

Her worst fears were realized eleven months later…

It was an obvious grave site. The dirt was sunken in, among other evidence.

Like a skull.

Something else glimmered in the moonlight. A tiny object. What could it be?

One of them crouched down to get a closer look.

A ring.

He plucked it from the dirt, scrutinized it.

“Pavel’s ring.”

More of them lingered in the mist. They couldn’t wait to start some delicious bloodshed.

Their wait was now over.

Kat finished her millionth exam by Hunter. Her mother no longer accompanied her to the clinic since Kat was no longer a child.

It’d been a week since her seventeenth birthday, and she was disappointed because Hunter didn’t get her anything. She’d never forget the pink rose he gave her for her sweet sixteenth.

Kat obsessed over his potential reasons for forgetting her last birthday. Maybe she was reading too much into it. Maybe his mind was on other things.

He went over to the sink and washed his hands.

Somewhere outside the room, someone screamed. Masculine voices bellowed.

Kat froze.

“Hunter? What was that?” Her voice trembled, her throat tightened.

“I don’t know, but don’t panic. Yet.”

He left the room. Kat tentatively followed.

He looked out into the waiting area.

Kat also peered out.

This can’t be good.

Hunter glared at her.

“Why did you leave the other room? You shouldn’t be out here.”

“What are we going to do?”

“C’mon,” he whispered. “There’s a safe place we can stay until they leave.”

She trailed him down the hallway, then another hallway and into a room.

The door was locked. He pulled out a jingling ring of keys.

Once they entered, he locked the door behind them.

Not that the shitty lock would really keep out the Dempires.

Hunter headed down a twisted stairwell.

I don’t like the looks of this. At. All.

“Hurry up, Kat!”

Finally, she descended the steps into the dark pit of purgatory. Silent Hill much?

How the hell long will we have to stay down here??

He paused, staring at something on the ground.

Ugh! A snake!

Like the one from her dream two years earlier. Only then, it was a bunch of snakes.

“Eww. It’s nasty! Kill it, Hunter!”

He stomped its head. That was even grosser.

“That’s it! Die, mother fucker!”

Okay... ?

After obliterating the snake, he vanished around the corner.

She ran after him.

The next passage was long. Stone enclosed all around.

Somewhat camouflaged, a door stood at the end. Apparently the room beyond would be their sanctuary.

“This is it,” he said. “We should stay pretty safe in here.”

She stepped inside. The door closed.

Hunter gazed at her.

“This sucks,” she said.

“It’s better than the Dempires getting us.”

“They wouldn’t hurt me. They like me.”

“I wouldn’t count on that, Kat. They hate me, they hate Vaclav, and you’re Vaclav’s daughter. It’s guilt by association.”

Kat sighed. It was very boring in Purgatory.

Until Hunter got up, started unbuttoning his lab coat.

He folded it up neatly and set it on the floor.

Then he removed his red tie, stuffed it between the wall and his coat.

I guess the tie wasn’t as important to him as his lab coat.

She hoped he’d take off the rest of his clothes, but no dice.

He returned to the stool.

Why was he staring at her? It was annoying.

“Got too hot in your blazer?”

“A little bit.”

“Did you know my birthday was last week?” she hinted. “I turned seventeen.”

“Happy belated birthday.”

That’s IT? That’s all I get?

Well fuck you too. And stop staring at me!

Kat jumped to her feet. She knew his eyes were drilling into her.

Turning around, she saw Hunter coming up behind her.

“Kat, I have to ask you for a favor. I’m afraid I’m going to get hungry soon. I haven’t had my injection tonight.”

Um… what are you asking?

“Why should I let you feed from me? You didn’t even remember my birthday.”

“I’m sorry about that. But you don’t want me to turn into a monster, do you?”

“I guess not.”

“Okay then.” He paused. “Neck or wrist?”

“This… isn’t going to hurt is it?”

“I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

She smiled back, involuntarily.

“Neck or wrist?” he asked again.

“Maybe… neck?”

“Just don’t hurt me,” she added.

“I’ll do my best, but we have to hurry. Once I get a pang I start shifting right away.”

“Okay.” Her heart thundered. It was a mixture of excitement and anxiety.

Goosebumps erupted on her neck when he touched her. Hopefully he didn’t notice.

Fingertips palpated the skin around the area of her jugular.

Hunter’s breath on her skin, and his hand clutching her shoulder caused another batch of goose bumps.

Then he bit down.

More goose bumps, entangled with an agony she never knew existed. An emotional and physical agony.

She felt enormous pressure as he sucked her blood.

Her knees became weak. Her heartbeat slowed.

The room started going dark… darker…

He withdrew, then wiped the blood from his lips.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take so much,” he said.

The room stopped spinning.

He hugged her. His body radiated a new warmth. That warmth originated from Kat’s blood.

Before she realized, Hunter’s mouth was on hers.

What the…

Okay. What’s the catch?

Either way, his lips were still warm from her blood.

Her heart’s rhythm accelerated. She was afraid he could feel it pounding against his chest.

Thump thump thump thump thump.

“What… are you doing?” She asked, her voice muffled from his mouth.

“Sorry. You just smell so good… taste so good.”

Her pulse raced. Faster, faster. It made her dizzy again.

“Just don’t tell your father.”

No worries.

I think we’re alone now. The beating of our hearts is the only sound. I think we’re alone now…



Thanks for reading. ^^


38 Responses to “Sixty-Three…”

  1. Kat got her wish. How would others react, especially Ashton and Aubrey?

    The blonde Dempire and Kat seemed to recognize each other from the time that he took Kat out of her bed one night in the earlier chapters. Will anything happen between them or no?

    • Hell yeah she got her wish! XD I imagine that neither Aubrey nor Ash would be thrilled with it.

      As for Kat and Omega, you’ll just have to wait n’ see. >_> sorry to be vague!

      Thanks for commenting again. <3333 😉

  2. O.o OMG! Hunter and Kat! Yay! I wanted that to happen so much 🙂

    And the Dempires are stupid I hope that all the other Vampires kill them so that they dont die 😡 I wonder who that Dempire it could be the one who took her from her bed but he was older so Im guessing that maybe he’s its son?

    Also again Kat and Hunter, they are the perfect match 🙂 And I hope they’re okay I know Hunter will look after her and protect her the best he can.

    Anyway awsome update 😀 Cant wait for more 🙂

    • Yay for me too, I’ve been waiting to write this romantic shit since chapter 50. LOL.

      You’ll just have to find out if the Haas Clan kills all the Dempires! :p As for the Dempire flirting with Kat, yeah he’s the exact same one who took her from her bed that one time. There’s a tiny part of her memory that recognizes him. Well, obviously.

      You’re right. Hunter will look after Kat and help protect her. ^^

      Thank you James!! BTW I don’t know why WordPress changed my avatar. I know I didn’t change it. >.< Now it's purple! I guess it looks better than the green one, though. 😛

      • Yeh its was great some romance at last 🙂 lol!

        I hope they do I dont like them 🙂 And yay! I compared their pics to see if its was the one from earlier and I guess my skills of comparing we right 😀

        I hope he does and I hope Hunter and Kat are safe 🙂

        Lol! I love its a nice Purple 😛

      • I hear you. I can’t get enough of writing that cheesy stuff. XD

        The Dempires aren’t nice, definitely. But they’re pretty cool looking though. 😛 Cool! Yeah, it’s him. I forgot to mention that I’d changed his looks some (got rid of the facial hair. He looks cuter without it IMO).

        Well, maybe they’ll stay safe down there. Only time will tell! 😀

        Yeah, it’s better than plain green. I’m still wondering on how it got changed. I must’ve done it without realizing, or by accident. :/ Either that, or someone hacked into this account and changed it. 😆

      • Lol! Yeah they are mean 😡

        And I hope they are 🙂

        Also it looks nice anyway 😀

      • lol maybe all the dems will get finished off. Eventually. >_>

        Thank you!! 😀 ^^

  3. great chapter,loved the little turn or events at the end 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thanks Carlie! This was one of my favorite chapters to write. ^.^

      <3333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hehe

  4. Wonder what happens after they finish making out…

    • lol, you mean are they gonna do the ‘nasty’? Haha, not yet. :p Likely not for a looooooooooong time. XD

      Thanks for commenting again! btw I’ll add your legacy to my blog, if I haven’t already…


  5. WELLLLLLLL Happy Belated Kat! That was one hell of a gift! I’d take it!!
    My God you’ve awakened the inner perv even further!! In my mind I’m thinking, “Hunter couldn’t get enough of Aubrey but Kat is Aubrey with a touch of Vaclav!” We all know what his sex drive is all about and boy do I see and addiction for Hunter! Yeah…still seventeen *palms face*

    Omega!!! What a charming cutie!! He made me forget about Hunter for a second but you brought me right back in with that kiss!

    • Loooooooooooooool I knew you’d love this chapter, Qui!! I almost feel like I made it especially for you! 😛 You’ll really like what happens in a few more chapters… mwahahaha.

      rofl @ the inner ‘perv’! Don’t feel bad. Right now I’m writing a story dedicated to my inner perv ( 16 yr old in love with 22-yr old) but I guess that could be worse. The girl could be in love with some 40 YO guy. 😆
      I don’t think it’s too perverted, because I was in love with older guys all the time when I was a teen, starting from the time I was 13!! @.@

      Anyhow… yeah Hunter does have a high sex drive. Actually most of the vampires do, lol. But just because he and Kat won’t ‘go all the way’ doesn’t mean they won’t do other things (and I’ve tried to make certain scenes as UN-explicit as possible to be politically correct), but yeah. You know what I mean.

      Omega is a charming cutie pie. You’ll really like him in the next chapter… oh yeah, Hunter is my fave whenever it comes to a potential lover for Kat!!

      <3333 😀

  6. Oh btw, if you add my legacy, don’t add my wordpress one, you can do either this:
    or this:

    • OK, lol, I think I added the right ones. :p Hopefully you’ll get more readers, but seems like not too many peeps click my links… I guess because it’s near the bottom of the page? :/ But anyhow, hopefully it helps. 🙂

  7. Oh and this is the account for my first one btw!

  8. *shock*
    Wasn’t expecting that…
    I swear Kat has a crush on everyone lol 🙂
    If Aubrey found out…how wierd would that be for her?
    Good chapter, as always ^_^

    • Hey there Tiny!
      Glad you wasn’t expecting it! Means I might be doing something right…

      In a way, she does have a crush on everyone. :p At least on Hunter and Omega!

      It would be very weird indeed. Ya never know, she might even get a little jealous or sumthin’. 😮

      Aww, thank you. Glad you still like my story. 🙂

  9. My avi is from my dead legacy (cruz legacy) Gravatar won’t let me change it :/

  10. kat got her wish and now i can’t wait to find out how this kat/hunter tiny room situation plays out after they kiss

    love the chapter like always

  11. I Lol’d so hard at the Star Wars reference. It made me smile for like, the first quarter of the chapter…. ok, only until Omega arrived (boy is cuter than I remember!)

    Interesting chapter. I still think Kat and Omega have some sort of destiny awaiting them, although what I’m not entirely sure. I’m sure we’ll find out though 😉

    The whole Hunter killing the snake and the “Die MF die!” seemed very uncharacteristic. Although it did make me laugh. As for Kat and the dempires, I wonder what he’s got himself into. He’s either in more trouble, or possibly less… no… wait… more. Yup more. If Vaclav doesn’t torture him, Omega will.

    Now if I’m remembering her dream correctly, the basement isn’t exactly safe. So… here’s hoping they get enough of each other before they’re discovered.

    • lol, I couldn’t resist putting that phrase in there somewhere… I hear you about Omega. I think he looks better without the facial hair, more boyish or something!

      Thanks! And yeah, you’ll def find out! 😀

      lol, yeah normally Hunter doesn’t behave in that manner. :p But the expression on his face as he did that, I just had to write something to match it! 😆 hahahaha, good point. One way or another poor Hunter is going to get it. O_O Or then again, maybe it’ll end up being the other way around, and either V. or Omega will get it from Hunter!

      Hmmm. 🙂 The next chapter shall tell whether or not that area was truly safe.

      Thanks for commenting, as always! <3333 😀

      • Hahahahaha, I can tell that you’re pleased with your next chapter. You’re not giving away ANY hints!
        Hmm… true, he does have both vamp and wolf in him, so he could give out the beating for sure!
        Hee hee, can’t wait for next chapter.

    • hehe, I am pleased with it. On the other hand, some might consider it a little ‘inappropriate’, even though Kat and H. don’t hump. O.o

      Yes he could! Plus Hunter has always been a fighter! 😛

      Thanks Cinnamon! It’s almost here now. The past week has gone super fast, seems like.

  12. Yay! They finally hooked up! Lol she got a nice belated birthday gift xD! That’s great that they hooked up, but I wonder how V. will react when he finds out eventually… or how Aubrey reacts when she finds out that her old boy toy is her daughter’s lover lol xD! Great chapter as always; can’t wait until the next one!

    And lol @ Hunter killing the snake; his expression was priceless!

    • I’ll second that ‘yay’, lol. I’ve been waiting to write their romance in the story since chapter 50. :p I’d say she got a nice late b-day gift! XD As for V eventually finding out, he can’t do much to Hunter as punishment. 😀 Aubrey will also probably get pissed off, haha.

      Thanks Mike. ^_^

      Oh yeah, that part was crazy. I used that pose player, it’s cool how some of the EA ‘poses’ are actually full animations. Need more of those.

      Anyhow thanks for commmenting!! 😀

  13. i havn’t read up to here yet so i covered the pics as i scrolled down haha i’m at about forty-nine i just wanted to know if i could have Vaclav and Hunter for my game pretttyyy pleeeeeeeeeeease 😀

    • LOL, hi there. :p Vaclav isn’t really mine, someone else made him. I just tweaked him to death. But I’d hate to upload him in case the creator gets ticked. lol. Some people are really sensitive about that shit. Although I’ve uploaded Jakub before… anyhow, I can definitely upload Hunter. Will that be good enough?

      😀 <<that's Hunter

  14. eeeeeeeeee!!! thank you lol damn…that’s oki though yeah some Creators are picky about that, do you know who still made him so that i could maybe ask permission for you? lol, not that hunter isn’t good enough because he certainly is, it never hurts to try hahahaha THANK YOU SOOO MUCH BY THE WAY!!! i super appreciate it!

  15. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you!!!! lol, i’ve always been a very patience person, and of course i understand lol 😛 thank you soooo much!!!!

  16. lol! I think we’re alone now! 😀 Darn it, they found Pavel’s body! Hide! Glad Hunter is protecting Kat, but now he’s going to end up seducing her I bet. haha I bet Vaclav will just love that! And Aubrey too for that matter. The Dempire Strikes Back indeed! I recognize that one from Kat’s dream – wonder what his story is. On to chapter 64!

    • haha, I like that song. 😛 Tiffany’s version of the song, not the really older one. I hear ya, the sh*t’s going to hit the fan. XD Maybe Hunter will seduce Kat, maybe he won’t. Mwahahahaha. Or maybe she’ll seduce him? 😛

      lol, I hear your sarcasm. Vaclav will not love that at all. You’re probably right about Aubrey too. Yeah, I couldn’t resist writing the ‘Dempire Strikes back’. :p It was a perfect opportunity. 😀

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